Too Little, Too Late

As I mentioned during my review of Milestone’s Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo over the weekend, despite labeling DiRT Rally as the best racing simulator released in 2015, I stopped playing the sleeper Codemasters hit altogether. With only twelve stages and not much to do aside from grind the repetitive Career Mode, Dirt Rally’s biggest flaw was that the thrill ride ended too quickly. Today, Codemasters revealed their plans to inject an additional batch of content into the game prior to the Playstation 4 release, bringing seven new cars to the popular off-road rally title.

Too little, too late? I believe so. The seven cars do little to fill the few holes in the otherwise stellar car roster, instead introducing two minor league rallycross series into the sim alongside miscellaneous entries in existing classes. What appears to be a free content bundle also includes a full gravel variant of Pikes Peak, an addition that is somewhat underwhelming given the fact that it’s merely an alternate surface for the first half of the iconic hill climb DiRT Rally players have already mastered. I find it hard to get excited over this upcoming content, as there isn’t a single car that grabs my attention. More than anything, it reminds me of the optional content packs for the massive RSRBR community mod built for Richard Burns Rally.


10 thoughts on “Too Little, Too Late

  1. It’s still a pretty fucking solid game. The fact that you memorized each stage that well (which I kinda doubt..) doesn’t change that. There’s more than enough content for the average simracer.

    I think Codies will learn from this and follow it up with an even more impressive title. Personally, I really hope this kind of support and dedication to improve bleeds into their other series.


  2. So I see you feel you’ve decided to try and piss people off by all of a sudden deciding you hate Dirt Rally. I don’t know man, it’s a very good game. I think your criticisms are pretty niggling and it seems like you’re just saying shit to be “controversial.” No it is not a perfect title but I think Dirt Rally was really something this community could be excited about, a welcome turn of optimism in what has been a pretty poor couple of years for this kind of game. I have no problem with the car list or the number of stages (by the way, there’s more than 12), and I’m sure many others would agree. I look forward to this new content as well.


    1. Two stages per country. Six countries. Twelve stages.

      Monte Carlo has the one with the switchbacks, and the one with less switchbacks.

      Greece has the one with the switchbacks, and then the one along the cliff.

      England has the fast one where you can go wide open through the first sector, and then the benchmark stage that ends at Sweet lamb.

      Finland has the one with the big jumps, and the one with the rhythm section.

      Sweden has the fast narrow one, and the technical skinny one.

      Germany has two tarmac stages: the fast one, and the technical one with blind corners over crests.

      Then Pikes Peak.

      The end.


      1. Called the piss-poor amount and length of stages being a problem basically since the first alpha release (when it was only Monte Carlo/Greece/Wales)

        “oh but it’s still early access, they will fix it/add more”, everyone said


  3. I know you love complete series, but on balance, they’re likely to get more new buyers by adding cars in unrepresented classes than by adding more to sets the game already contains.


  4. Well, this is the negative side of taking part in an EA program. Once the game is released you have already seen and done it all. More or less.

    But remember, DR has been a bit of an experiment to test the waters.


  5. James stopped playing Dirt Rally weeks ago so now he hates it and everything the developers do is bad

    There definitely isn’t a pattern here


  6. Looking forward for this one when it is released on PS4 just in time for my b-day, in the meantime, I’ve already found my favourite rally game.Dang it is good)


  7. It will be enough for them to make a return on the console releases.

    I was really hoping for more physics polish, particularly on pavement.

    I’m hoping they will continue tweaking things (the console release gives this title a longer life and perhaps more attention than it would otherwise get from continued development).

    I really don’t expect much to change. There’s still a lot left on the table in terms of driving experience, I will be said if isn’t realized.


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