Ferrari Cracks Down on Third Party Mods


In a move that will serve to piss off virtually every sim racer wishing to drive a classic Ferrari from the comfort of their own home, highly respected Assetto Corsa third party content team Virtua Simulazioni have revealed on the official Assetto Corsa forums that the famous Italian Supercar manufacturer have sent them a Cease and Desist notice. Garry Vale of Virtua Simulazioni writes that lawyers representing Ferrari have asked them to remove content from the Virtua Simulazioni website, resulting in the removal of the Ferrari F1 Concept, and we can only assume development has now completely stopped on the upcoming 1998 Ferrari F300.


Ferrari’s obsession with how their cars are portrayed in public is something automotive enthusiasts are all too familiar with. Back in 2011, Chris Harris penned an article for the popular automotive blog Jalopnik describing how Ferrari manipulates the media’s coverage of their most prominent cars, and last year, we posted an article indicating we had insider knowledge of Ferrari intentionally asking Kunos to alter the performance of some cars within Assetto Corsa thanks to a lengthy and complicated licensing contract.

Unfortunately, this act now frustrates many sim racers, as Virtua Simulazioni’s work is usually top notch, and has been previously used by Kunos themselvess for a portion of their official Dream Pack DLC bundles. The Ferrari F1 Concept was regarded by many as one of the better fictional cars to be released for Assetto Corsa, and the 1998 Ferrari F300 was meant to compliment the already released 1998 McLaren MP4-13. What was originally free advertising for the prestigious Italian car company has now been turned into a scenario that will harm Ferrari’s image in the eyes of avid fans.



37 thoughts on “Ferrari Cracks Down on Third Party Mods

  1. fuck Ferrari. makes noise, doesn’t do much.

    reminds me of an Italian at a pub. Huffs and puffs, makes noise, but when it’s time to get down, doesn’t deliver.


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    1. Lol yeah go to court with them, if history is anything to go by they will simply join your side if you look like you are even remotely close to winning, be sure to attempt to bribe them with whores and cash they will only respect your position more, even if they dont accept.


      1. Lol, no as a human of this world I follow politics and culture outside my own, my jokes refer to italians, not yank italians, they are a funny breed, Ive also been there.

        They have turn coated in 2 world wars, in the middle east and or india most western ppl, if they see it, condemn the actions of males very obvious “sexual” advances and even “rape” culture, in italy we seem to put it off as “oh they just Italians”, I was fucking shocked at how alot behave around the females I was with,it was sick, the politics is astonishing, fuck under age whores as the leader of a country (a leader that owns 80per cent of the media) only inderes you more to the population, find out you dealing with mafia, again ratings go up, the grip of their very lazy mafia is amazing too, entire freeways bought and paid for by tax payers just dont happen in certain parts because of mafia, entire city’s rubbish go uncollected because of the mafia,small business are at the mercy of these idiots too, yet the population does fuck all,Italy also hold the record for highest age of stay at home males, ya average italian doesnt leave home till late 20’s, you know, when they have finally replaced mum, real mamas boys.

        Why mention all this? because it ties in to how they conduct business and themselves (in my personal experience), Im not a yank mate, I dont educate myself off hollywood films, my generalization is based on experience and a interest in all politics and culture around the world.


      2. Ha I feel bad after that write up, I should add I’ve met some fantastic people in and from italy,a very passionate ppl, and both males and females very good looking specimens,but god have mercy on anybody that has to conduct business there.


      3. Like the UK doesn’t have gangsters, hooligans, mafia, men beating their wives. Or like many countries in the world don’t have that.
        Do you also think Muslims can be defined as terrorists, child and women exploiters? By your logic I guess so.


  2. Fuck off ferrari you stupid fucking cunts, they have no fucking idea these businesses, gaming and simming is now what young men grow up with, and there’s barely any “official” content to “buy” anyway fucking arseholes, ironically they also targeted a mod for one of the few games\sims with a ferrari license, Im not a fan of italian “business” practices,they have a bad history of bullshiting,insercuritys and overall questionable ethics,in the name of their products,(just look at their behavior in F1 back in the days), although to be fair Porsche and F1 are just as fucking retarded when it comes to IP’s.


      1. Please, someone screencap this reply and make it the new header for PRC. It’s fucking gold. Perfect description for this sit and the majority of its readers.


  3. A frustrating move from Ferrari, but not entirely unexpected. Any time you make a mod, you run the risk of this happening, unless you take the name off the car. Ferrari are certainly within their rights to send a C&D to these guys in an attempt to control their IP, and I can’t really blame them for doing that. However, is it a shitty thing to do in my opinion? Yeah, it is. Sure, technically these mods are illegal, but a couple of cars made for a game that isn’t exactly played by a wide audience are unlikely to do Ferrari’s brand very much harm. It’s extremely unlikely they would waste the time and money bringing suit against Virtua Simulazioni, so this is really just a scare tactic, albeit one that has worked.


  4. Ferrari didn’t say they must stop creating these mods. Only to not put ferrari cars on a website. I don’t know if this is just for their website or is also valid for websites like RD.


    1. Body designs are still copyrighted, and typoed trademarks (like some Japanese racing game developers did in the 80’s/90’s) won’t fly for some.

      I don’t know if this is an example of that (or something else, most likely), but Honda apparently asked Crave (who localized Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero from Shutokou Battle 0) to change chassis codes of their cars in TXR0 (which, like all other manufacturers in the mentioned game, are unlicensed) due to their (flip-flopping) stance against street racing.


      1. Additionally, Honda also forced Crave to redraw the front box art (recycled from TXR2 for Dreamcast) so that the front fascia looks less like their NSX (which in process makes it look like GTA SA version of Infernus). Ironically, not only the disc art was unchanged, there is a Honda car that had a chassis code unchanged: the Stepwgn (Type-RF2), a Japan-only minivan.


  5. Intellectual Property law strikes again. Take the name off the mod and problem solved. Explains why URD don’t use real names; same goes for ISI with their stock car mods having generic names.


    1. well if Ferrari, Porsche or other really wanted to bring URD down they could despite of them using different names .. wouldn`t be as straight forward as you don`t have licence, don`t do it .. but simple name change is not enough


    2. Actually what URD is doing is still illegal as companies such as BMW have patents on the shape of sections of bodywork. So you can’t just create what is clearly a BMW and call it something retarded.


  6. Is that the article that got Harris banned from Fiorano? It’s not even that bad, just goes to show how delusional big companies are, be it a car company or otherwise.


  7. Maybe its time for sim developers to start developing their own car brands – although not a pCars fan I do like the idea that Marek is a sim marque which produced pretend LMP1/LMP2 cars – would be cool to see sim developers create their own designs and cars which comply with real racing rules. Would open a world of opportunity for creativity and the like…


    1. Masturbating over brands or pretending to own something that exists in real life is the most important thing for a lot (the majority?) of people, so that would never be more than a niche, no matter how detailed and grounded on reality they made the cars.


    2. If there’s one thing rarer than physics simulation experts willing to work with videogame companies, it’s car design experts willing to work with videogame companies.


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