Race2Play Handing Out Free Copies of Race 07 This Week

Race_Steam 2016-01-23 15-08-22-30

Sim Racers looking to add yet another fantastic racing sim to their library are in luck this week, as online racing hub Race2Play has introduced a special promotion which will gift a free copy of SimBin’s Race07 to all new members of the website. While the online racing community residing on the service itself has moved on from Race 07 and into more modern offerings such as rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, and Race Room Racing Experience, the classic SimBin title is still a worthy addition to any sim racer’s collection.


Race2Play as a website functions in a similar manner to the popular structured online racing service of iRacing.com, yet the core experience is centered around many recent isiMotor titles. Statistics and overall driver rankings are tracked in an equally detailed manner, but events happen on a less frequent basis, and users must manually join the private server through the in-game server browser of their preferred title. Despite the lack of popularity compared to iRacing.com, races featuring popular car & track combinations routinely manage to fill the list of available grid slots, and all major PC racing sims are supported. The site offers several tiers of memberships, each with their own unique level of benefits, though there is no financial barrier just to participate in races and have your statistics tracked.

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10 thoughts on “Race2Play Handing Out Free Copies of Race 07 This Week

  1. lol nice one, respect for calling out the mod for what it is even if you can use it to your advantage.

    Also, free race07…no one can complain about that.


  2. Good deal,I reinstalled 07 and add ons after the last write up. I like the look to apex feature. Think it would be a nice addition to Raceroom. Hopefully Race2play has some weekend events. Would like to try 07 online. Thanks for the heads up. This is my favorite site to read on the shitter.


  3. The shilling for R2P is so strong lately… But I guess that just means if James actually likes something that much it must be good…. Right?

    I remember trying R2P a few years ago when it had started up but I never kept up with it as I was time limited for online racing. Now that I have time now maybe I should give it a go again.


      1. Yeah I had 3 nice MP pickup races in rf2 yesterday… in a ROW.

        No first corner crashes (hardly any nudges even for the whole grid), everyone running was paying attention.

        It was rather excellent. Larger grids would be more fun of course, but 10+ is okay in my book for pickup.


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