The Curse of the V8 Supercars

News announcements.jpgFebruary 4th, 2016 was intended to be yet another insignificant Thursday in the world of Sim Racing, yet a surprise announcement threw an entire competitive online championship into jeopardy. Spearheaded by RaceDepartment staff member Yves Larose, the tenth season of the RaceDepartment Touring Car Championship was a massive tournament in Reiza Studios’ Stock Car Extreme which saw over 70 paying entrants sign up to battle in the V8 Supercars-spec Holden Commodore. Spread over five locations and seven rounds throughout the early months of 2016, the competition served to be RaceDepartment’s biggest league, complete with livestreams heavily advertised in the days leading up to each race.

Suddenly, Yves Larose was out as the series organizer.


Real life occasionally gets in the way of sim racing, and I can respect Larose’s decision to step down as the series organizer provided this was entirely his decision. The list of proposed changes for the series indicate the series was heavily mismanaged from the get-go, so there’s also a possibility the participants themselves were simply unhappy with the direction of officiating – something not uncommon to RaceDepartment league races. It’s obviously in the best interest of the drivers to rectify this as soon as possible, otherwise there simply won’t be any drivers at the race the following week.

However, a slightly larger problem has appeared to cause problems with the many sim racers invested into this online series. An anonymous sim racers has reached out to wondering what’s actually going on in regards to the future of the league, because RaceDepartment seem to have axed things altogether behind the scenes:

You have any more news about the latest RD league? Apparently they pulled the plug after one round when the organizer left. Just heard from one of my drivers. He received a private message about it from the admins. They also locked all the threads in that forum.

Our source isn’t kidding. The entire RaceDepartment Touring Car Championship section of the forums is completely locked – all threads are inexplicably locked and there is nothing indicating the next race set for February 13th will take place at all.


If this is indeed the end of the tenth RaceDepartment Touring Car Championship, it will be the third online V8 Supercars league for Stock Car Extreme to be cancelled in as many months. The Showcase Sim Series managed to hold just one event before folding, and our own V8 Supercars World Tour didn’t even make it through January.

Are these cars cursed? It sure seems like it.

GSC 2015-12-04 21-11-49-26


44 thoughts on “The Curse of the V8 Supercars

  1. It’s pretty easy to understand. A V8 Supercar, when properly simulated, is a bitch to drive, and not even on the limit. Everyone likes the concept of high power RWD touring cars with shit suspension of but when you actually go racing with them, it’s not all that fun. It’s like if you were in a Sprint Cup race of 300 laps with a crazy loose car, you wrestle the car more than you actually race.
    I’ll be the first to admit, I like watching the races but I almost never raced them in sims, online or offline.

    That’s why in RACE 07, the WTCC leagues were packed and in GTR2 more often you’d see the NGTs being raced rather than the GTs.

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    1. I think this is pretty much the answer here. The car is a pain in the ass to drive and people just lose patience. I don’t exactly love it either. Probably not the best vehicle to base a league around.


      1. “It is actually the best formula for online racing and leagues. People are the problem, not the car.”

        I’ve never heard something so stupid in my entire life.

        Actually, that’s not true. I once argued that base-12 is the ideal number system and we should all switch to it. I read a few papers, figured out how to count it on my hands… it’s not hard, it’s a great system, and most importantly of all, it cleanly divides by three. Something you should obviously be able to do. I can still make the case for base-12 being superior if I have to, but here’s the problem: “perfect” doesn’t matter if nobody fucking uses it, and they’re not going to use it if it’s hard or requires a massive change in the way they do things.

        You need to realize that people drive these cars. If you want to have a tiny club of 10 people who can drive them, that’s great, but it’s never going to compete with iRacing. If you want to build a huge group of people to race against, you need something people can drive.

        People might be the problem. People get frustrated and quit, when they should have patience and just get through it. That’s a problem with people, sure.

        But if they car wasn’t so fucking frustrating, maybe they would be able to stick with it, which means that it’s the car’s problem. Until you get over your own goddamn ego, you’re going to be one sad, lonely son of a bitch.


      2. I don’t get why you are so mad and need to start insulting so quickly. Why so insecure of your opinion?
        It’s not about ego, the car just has a great formula for online racing which is: no much downforce, nice top speeds, bigger braking zones than most modern cars.
        Yeah it may be frustrating to drive to some people but if they didn’t drive GT3 24/7 they’d be able to drive the Super V8 without any effort. As said in a comment bellow: 20 laps (seriously just 20 laps) in the Formula Ciassic and you see the Super V8 is a piece of cake, drive some CART or DRM and the Super V8 feels like Copa de Marcas.
        The other “perfect formula” for online racing, IMO ofc, was the Megane Throphy in GTR2: not so high top speed, decent grip and very nice draft when behind other cars, you can easily go 3 wide with them.


      1. aren’t those simracers those guys who keep pestering the devs for many features and real endurance racing.. then in the end you put a tough car in their hands and they just wanna run back to Forza.


    1. I agree, everyone says these cars are hard or difficult to drive in sim-racing, but in the time I’ve spent driving them, I’ve found the opposite.

      They’re predictable and easily raceable, lots of useable power, little aero and soft compliant suspension. Nowhere near as difficult as the Formula Extreme IMO.

      This news development is probably more political than anything.

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  2. Every organizer I know gets fed up with the whining, complaining and bitching. Sim Racers are little punks that if complained like that at their job or in IRL would get bitch slapped. Little fuckers. Thats why I stick with quiet private leagues that nobody knows about. HeHe.

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    1. There are a lot of people involved in simracing (and the internet in general) who need to learn that it works like the real world – you can’t always get what you want or have something done the way you think is right, and accepting that and handling it like an adult is just part of life. But no, it’s either my way or the highway.


  3. These cars ARE way too “peculiar” to drive, shall we say, for most simracers. Pretty much only the Aussies drive it on a consistent basis, because Aussies.

    However, regarding this league. Well classic RD right there. These guys are just useless at organising anything.


    1. Just to follow up on this and my earlier comment:

      There’s an interview with former double BTCC champ Jason Plato where he talks about his experience running the Bathurst 1000 together with then teammate Yvan Muller. IIRC the whole first practice, they were 8 seconds off the pace from the regulars.

      When you consider they are both accomplished professional racing drivers in a second works Holden, that ought to tell you something.


    2. 20 laps on Formula Classic and you’ll think the Super V8 is a piece of cake.
      The F Classic is not that hard either. But if you get used to a turbo kick driving the Super V8 is nothing. I’m not saying you’ll be fast but you sure will have a lot of fun online

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      1. You expect too much out of the average simracers, lol… V8SC aren’t hard to drive either, being alien fast is a little more difficult tho, due to the way the car works with the spool diff. But it’s perfectly doable.

        But again, the average simracer is fucking shit, so you yeah.


  4. The RDTCC should have stuck with the Copa Petrobras de Marcas cars, I feel. A more approachable car to drive and the natural progession from the Race 07 touring cars.


  5. “It’s pretty easy to understand. A V8 Supercar, when properly simulated, is a bitch to drive, and not even on the limit. Everyone likes the concept of high power RWD touring cars with shit suspension of but when you actually go racing with them, it’s not all that fun. It’s like if you were in a Sprint Cup race of 300 laps with a crazy loose car, you wrestle the car more than you actually race.
    I’ll be the first to admit, I like watching the races but I almost never raced them in sims, online or offline.

    That’s why in RACE 07, the WTCC leagues were packed and in GTR2 more often you’d see the NGTs being raced rather than the GTs.”

    Completely agree.

    Reminds me of the Lotus’ in iRacing.

    Everyone clamored for the 79 (1978 F1 car), few race it.

    A year or so later, everyone begged for the 49 (Jim Clark’s 1967 car). Even less race it.

    The former has a lot of downforce and ground effects, apparently (I haven’t driven it) requiring a unique driving style vs. something like the Skip Barber, or even the Star Mazda. You can corner much faster than intuition and experience dictate, and you brake really hard up to a point, but it’s easy to lock up the brakes as your speed drops. I imagine corner exits require quite a bit of throttle control, as well.

    The Lotus 49 has no downforce, high hp, and no grip (closer to the V8SCs, I guess), and is just hard as hell to drive.

    Of course, many are oblivious to this trend, as evidenced by the current obsession with Group C.

    Everyone wants a Sauber C9, 962, or Peugeot 905, until they actually have to race one.


    1. It’s too bad, cause 80s F1 and prototype cars are the most beautiful (imo) but those 60+psi turbo lags are insane to actually race with.


    2. I quite like driving the 60s F1 cars, but it’s not something I would necessarily do a lot in an online race where my “driver cred” is on the line. Folks crashed out of races in the 60s quite a lot.

      Now, if you had 60s F3 cars on iRacing (or anywhere other than GPL and rFactor 2)… that could be interesting. I don’t know that you’d get a lot of people racing them, because it’s certainly not going to be as glamorous as the L49, but you get a similar feeling car with a more manageable engine.


      1. “Folks crashed out of races in the 60s quite a lot.”

        Actually they didn’t, at least in dry races. And when they did it was often due to things not simulated in current sims such as oil dumped on the track, punctures or suspension collapsing.


  6. Lemme tell you, simracing will get better when people finally understand that most of them (including me) can’t drive for shit and we should just stick to road cars and low-powered spec racers, maybe GT3s with TC and ABS. Instead, people always clamor for overpowered, very difficult to drive cars, promptly crash them, and then try to blame inaccurate physics, poor controls, whatever. Not once it appears to them that only the handful of best drivers ever could race those cars, and your average simracer – a balding man with a beer belly – have absolutely no chance of bringing them anywhere close to the limit without crashing.


      1. Sorry but you’re too late. I remortgaged my home and took a little out of the kids’ savings. SMS assured me it will be put good use.


  7. People suck indeed. It’s sad seeing 90% of drivers out there unable to get within 2 seconds of the ultimate pace without binning it. What’s so hard about that?


    1. “I’m talented at my hobby, why can’t everyone else be equally talented?”
      Somebody has to lose, somebody has to finish last, and it’s a lot easier to get on a sim grid than a real grid…


      1. “To lose” is to be 2 seconds off the pace. Crashing all the time and being 5 seconds off the pace is not “losing”… it is not being there at all.


    2. There’s also the fact that just like in RL, some simracers are great in one category and not so good in another.
      For example I could run with the fastest guys in GTR2, RACE and R3E with the WTCC touring cars, classic DTM, older GT1 cars but barely be top 10 in the more aero dependent cars like various open wheelers, modern DTM and GT3.


  8. The car is fantastic to drive. I lack the skill to drive it as fast as the fastest guys out there but I still enjoy it immensely. I think the problem might lie in the fact that a lot of simracers want to be top dogs, the fastest of all, and the V8SC requires quite a lot of time, effort and setup skills to make it stable and fast at the same time. You get in the car, do about ten laps, find you’re four seconds off the pace, you push harder, spin out once, twice, three times, get discouraged, quit. Other cars are easier to push to the limit.

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  9. How can anyone who has spent a lot of time in rF2 or AC think that the super V8’s are hard to drive? The physics in GSCE are the most predictable and natural feeling of all the sims IMO. Hard to race maybe, I’ll conceded that much, but hard to drive, no.


  10. Any news on this?
    I was one of the drivers in the league but the poor organization made me withdraw from the league after the first race. I wonder what’s going on and what the secrecy is all about.

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