Dirt Track Racing Is Back… (With Your Help)

Dirt racing driven by customization - this is YOUR game

Sim Racers who have been around this little hobby for over a decade will be extremely familiar with the name Ratbag Games. Pumping out a series of both licensed and unlicensed dirt oval racing sims throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, many individuals behind the extremely well-received World Of Outlaws 2002 title for Sony’s Playstation 2 are still hard at work creating the games they love, albeit under a different name. Re-branded as Big Ant Studios, the same people who brought the sim racing world Dirt Track Racing 2 and Leadfoot have produced a line of partially-licensed Sprint Car games over the past handful of years, never quite living up to the first few games of the series.

With their last release dating all the way back to 2010 with World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars for the Xbox 360 and PS3, Big Ant Studios are looking to make a comeback in the world of Sim Racing. Your opinion of crowdfunding campaigns determines how excited you are in regards to this prospect, as the team are hoping to raise $266,000 in a little less than a month to bring their vision of the ultimate dirt track racing sim to life for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

big ant 1.jpg

Promising realistic physics, a track editor, venue editor, livery editor, tons of online connectivity options, and a fully-featured Career Mode in the base goal of just over $250,000, the artist formerly known as Ratbag are essentially promising to deliver one of the most complete racing sims on the market today. And as the donation milestones increase, so do the list of features: level.jpg

While the jury is out on whether the team will be able to deliver such a robust experience, what Big Ant have on the drawing board is nothing short of impressive. Unfortunately, whether this game sees the light of the day or not is 100% in the hands of sim racers comfortable with backing a relatively obscure racing sim project on Kickstarter, and there’s a chance this entire project will be nothing more than the two minute trailer used to demonstrate it to potential investors. Dirt oval racing no longer has the following it once did during the time the World of Outlaws Series was airing on TNN in the late 1990’s, and many sim racers would find Sprint Cars far too demanding for their skill levels. It’s highly likely we’ll never actually see this game hit the shelves due to the astronomically large crowdfunding campaign goals.


12 thoughts on “Dirt Track Racing Is Back… (With Your Help)

  1. If it’s as good as DTRSC was, it’ll be very good indeed. I could take numbers off of my setup sheets and plug them into the game and the car would work.


  2. Their last game on Xbox360/PS3 was mediocre in terms of physics, graphics and sounds but the AI and career mode was decent. Most of the fans called the last release shovel-ware. Right now the best option is the Boz Sprint Car mod for Rfactor but the vanilla Rfactor AI can’t handle it and of course the track conditions don’t change as they would which is a big factor in dirt racing.


  3. Meh, not particularly interested in this one, too many unknowns.

    Also, I don’t like to see a complete lack of spec maps on promotional images.


  4. Also, those feature list goal funding levels remind me too much of project cars. They are using excessively broad terminology and simply cannot produce such a title within 5 years at an absolute best.


  5. I can´t support a game project where not even a working prototype is shown. How should I know what the goal is when I don´t even see a working gameplay-prototype?


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