The “Other” GT3 Mod for rFactor 2

rFactor2 2016-02-14 21-41-57-62

Spend any amount of time diving into the relatively shallow rFactor 2 modding scene, and you’ll find a fairly substantial amount of discussion surrounding the FIA GT3 mod created by the Apex Modding Team. Advertised as the must-have GT3 package for rFactor 2, the massive compilation of modern endurance racing entries is still yet to reach the Version 1.0 milestone – and despite several online leagues using the mod in a competitive setting, it’s blatantly obvious to any avid rFactor 2 user that the mod is nowhere near completion. Balance issues, physics oddities, and graphical glitches highlight the list of reasons some chose to ignore the several news items regarding the mod on sites such as

apex moddingThankfully, an alternative to this eternal science project exists; a modern GT3 mod that’s not only finished, it’s also balanced. The fellows over at have converted Version 1.25 of Simtek’s 2012 Blancpain Endurance Series mod into rFactor 2. Exhibiting some characteristics of a League Edition mod while still retaining certain key attributes of all ten individuals vehicles included in the download, the 1.1 GB package is a viable alternative for those looking for a selection of modern GT cars without forking over some cash for the URD EGT release.

rFactor2 2016-02-14 21-23-55-80

Earlier tonight, I put in some laps with this mod at both Bathurst and Circuit of the Americas, surprised at how well XF were able to get what’s most likely a rudimentary rFactor conversion up to par with the new ISI platform. This is a mod that obviously hasn’t been slaved over too much during the conversion process, but still performs to an acceptable standard while out on the track. On the positive side, managing your tires plays an integral role in your driving experience. My first few laps were much less frustrating when I intentionally drove well under maximum attack, and let the tires get up to temperature before pushing for quick lap times. As the track rubbered in, the tendency for the rear end to step out under acceleration was completely neutered, and I felt like this kind of behavior was what ISI tried and failed to accomplish with their own GT3 spec Camaro. The Sareni Camaro GT3 entry included with rFactor 2 as default content is reminiscent of iRacing’s Old Tire Model – almost as if the effects of cold tires were magnified to show off the real road technology – while XF’s Blancpain Series conversion is more in-line with real world behavior.

rFactor2 2016-02-14 21-24-34-20

There are indeed some negative aspects, however. The default setups are absolutely atrocious, slapping wet tires on in dry conditions out of the box, and giving stiffness to the car in several areas where your goal for the setup should be to make the car as soft as possible. Once I threw in a setup consisting of more familiar values, the car really didn’t drive all that different from the original rFactor version – albeit with much more dynamic tire behavior that was instantly noticeable during the technical sections at Bathurst. The Force Feedback could also use some improvements, as the basic effects probably won’t leave a lasting impression on anybody. I think serviceable is the adjective I’m looking for here. The key thing is, even when the Force Feedback is performing in an underwhelming manner, the car itself on your PC monitor is exhibiting relatively predictable behavior. There were definitely a few sections where the XF conversion McLaren 12c drove virtually the same as the McLaren 12c in RaceRoom Racing Experience. I think the XF car is a little more challenging to drive, but that’s 100% attributed to rFactor 2’s tire model being leaps and bounds ahead of everything else in terms of detail.

rFactor2 2016-02-14 21-44-27-22.jpg

If you can get past the extremely basic Force Feedback, spend some time in the garage area un-fucking the default setup, and come to terms with the fact that it’s just an original rFactor conversion at its core, the 2012 Blancpain Endurance Series for rFactor 2 was a surprisingly worthwhile download. I know the Apex Modding Team are hard at work on their own GT3 mod, but if you want one now, this is the one.

Those needing a setup to get started can find one here. Setup values appear to be uniform across all cars:

rFactor2 2016-02-14 21-45-10-61.jpg


37 thoughts on “The “Other” GT3 Mod for rFactor 2

    1. I dont know in which world you live, but I will drive 12h Bathurst next weekend with 35 Teams and 110 drivers?! There might not be a ton of public racing, but lots of leauges. In rF2 there are three big Porsche Cups (Flat6) two are already running and they have a combined total of around 200 drivers. Dont forget the VEC leauge with two grids and more than 80 cars and around 300 drivers.

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    2. So, you like trying to race in the cesspool of awful drivers that always occupy heavily populated public servers of the popular simcade boy racer games? When I did play those cute graphics games like AC and Pcars, I rarely went online due to the crashers running their noob like high FOV’s that constantly crashed in the back of me because they couldn’t see the braking points but they loved the sense of speed!

      I love that RF2 is not popular with the kiddies like yourself. I went in a public server Saturday and raced 5, 30minute races with 12-17 drivers and their was not a single first turn pile up and all the drivers knew proper race etiquette and how to actually race.

      Oh well, some like good racing while others prefer Michael Bay movie, Hollywood style graphics.


  1. I will keep my eye out for that. It sounds like a good package for competitive racing (if people know how to relax the car).

    The updated trophy is pretty fun. It’s slow, but also a damn sight better than flat6.


    1. – upgraded to specification 2012 Evo (2009 spec. still available as an upgrade) along with lots of small improvements.
      – updated to ultrachassis suspension physics, which allows chassis flex. Also slightly improved suspension geometry and motion ratios.
      – uses CPM tire physics with all the latest tech, including rain tire improvements.
      – re-calculated brake system.
      – uses new 3d model, special thanks to RMT!



      1. If not wanting to be in a pub server with simcade riff raff crashers that don’t know how or why to set a proper FOV or wanting to race with other simracers of similar skill that know how to race makes someone an Elitist, I will proudly wear that badge.

        Also, I am not awesome but I am better than average but if you want to see my autograph, check your mothers pantie drawer as I have already given her one.


      2. No way, so you are that Dave, dirty girl always wearing those panties, when I signed them I seen enougher name,non other than Dave C,heres a virtual hi five for ya.


  2. Awful article. do not create or convert any content themselves, they only host shit that is available elsewhere on the internet. Not only that, but half the cars in the download have been updated quite a bit and have been posted around.

    >The Sareni Camaro GT3 entry included with rFactor 2 as default content is reminiscent of iRacing’s Old Tire Model – almost as if the effects of cold tires were magnified to show off the real road technology – while XF’s Blancpain Series conversion is more in-line with real world behavior.

    Seriously? I haven’t downloaded it myself, but it’s very likely that the BES conversions use a default tgm that ISI makes and provides for a variety of vehicles, or just one copied from another 3rd party mod. Do you really believe that ISI with their budget and knowledge of the tools available would create a specific GT3 tire that is worse than a 3rd party mod or a one-size-fits-all tire?


      1. Ah, so that’s how it’s done…revisit the old content as some kind of marker for their current work…

        I’m sure you know that ISI said themselves that they pushed it through the first version, not like they came out and said “this is the most realistic indycar in any sim ever!”.
        More like “here it is, you can have a bit of use of it now, coming into the Indy 500, updated CPM is coming with the stockcars and it will be updated then”

        That GT3 Camaro, it is no secret that it was a pig of a race car. IIRC Reiter Engineering made a GT3 Camaro and they said it was almost done as a challenge. Can we make a race winner out of a muscle car.
        So it leaves my mind just ticking over…I would love it to grip and go like a 458 gt3, but it’s not right to expect that.


        1. Ah, that explains why GT3 drivers turn off TC in qualifying, and the use of TC is designed as a setup parameter rather than a driver assist.

          Oh wait no it doesn’t.


  3. To me, this article just proves that James doesn’t know what he is talking about. C’mon!!! This Blancpain mod is just plain bullshit. All the cars have exactly the same weight, CG, same power, same aero, etc.

    All the cars behave exactly the same, of course it is balanced, what changes for one car to another is just the 3D model. Does this happens in real life? Do you see a porsche being driven like the SLS or BMW?

    The Apex mod, may have it’s flaws, but at least they are trying to create the cars different from each other, each car has it’s own way of driving. Maybe you don’t know how to drive them James? I think that’s why you said that. Try to drive like a real driver, you are not racing in Assetto Corsa.

    This is the only GT mod using CPM and ultra chassis, and they also have access to real data and real driver to provide them with feedback. So, in the end, I have to say that the problem is not the mod, but you James who can’t drive good.


  4. This is just a repackaged early version of the petragtc blancpain mod. She has released newer models and many updates since this version. Somewhere like v1.6 on the cars now. Still buggy all the same. Actually if you count this. Pay2021. Apex. Dgtl and urd mods we have way too many already.


  5. Can’t wait for the GT3 fad to die. Most uninspiring cars to drive ever. They’re only popular because Talentless Joe can drive without binning it.


  6. What idiots. The whole bunch of you are idiots. You guys all think you are racers? and drivers? You guys sit behind a computer complaining about which tire model is better and the main point here is SIT BEHIND A COMPUTER if you guys care for such accurate simulations why don’t you just work and go race in real life like i do? then maybe all this little girl bitching will stop and i do mean all of you pathetic idiots not just the idiot i’m replying to. It’s like putting a bunch of kids in a crib and watching them fight over one toy infact even those kids are more mature than all you fags get a fucking life turn off your computer go outside breathe in the air and take a stick and learn to dig a fucking hole you wankers


    1. I have bad news for you, you aren’t mature. You think getting angry and offensive at other people is an image of a mature adult? Maybe that was valid in 1942.


  7. I may be late to the party, but thanks for the Article detailing differences between the gt3 releases.
    I brought rf2 on saturday after playing around with the demo for a week.

    FullDisclosure: I am a newbie, i own many sims, and play them nearly everyday. I started with NFS Shift(using pad), got a wheel, PCars, AC, went to older titles like GTR2, GT Legends and finally Automobilista before i arrived at RF2 this Weekend. I have not yet touched any setups except for fuel levels and steering locks in GTR2. I also don’t own a licence, car, nor have i raced a car yet.

    I initially brought it because of their soft tire model and because i heard of accelerated ffb(like AMS, ffb not fixed to FPS but instead running at 360hz). Over the past days i came to love the NSX and the howston dissenter. I am slowly getting the Historic Open Wheels around the Nordschleife (ripped laserscanned from ac, fuck copyright…) being extremely careful.

    I then got around trying a few mods and settled for ApexModding GT3, SimTeks Ferrari Mod and the Classic Cars from MAK. SimTeks Ferrari Mod was top notch, i liked the graphics, the perceived physics and FFB. It felt direct and real.
    The AMGT3 Mod wasn’t particular bad, but it felt off compared to PCars, Assetto Corsa or GSCE Mods,…the wheel was too stiff, i had to fight the wheel to turn the car, when i fought it into a corner the back would step out without any throttle…it did not make sense to me.

    Yesterday i found some strange URD T5 Demo and BES GT3 Files, downloaded and tried them. I was instantly in love. I did not look at the setups because i haven’t bothered to learn setups in any sim, as of yet….it is on my list, many bookmarks and tutorials, but driving is more fun.

    A friend who has never played rf2 in the BES Cars sat in the MP4C and pushed like a madman. He caught wheel spin on exit, he drifted around the corners while being ecstatic that it was feeling so natural to him. Today i was wondering what kind of cars i downloaded and found THIS article.

    Please post more Articles reviewing Mods for AMS and RF2 😉


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