Fixing Problems That Shouldn’t Have Been There

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After a disastrous launch which saw a vast majority of PC sim racers completely unable to dive into what Milestone’s Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo had to offer, the team over in Italy have proceeded to push forward and announce the first of many post release patches – albeit for the Playstation 4 version of the title. Intended to fix the intrusive input lag, lack of support for multiple USB devices, and allegedly improving the shader model to increase the overall framerate, Milestone intends patch #2 for Rally Evo to rectify glaring issues in a rally sim that on-paper had the potential to be absolutely glorious.

SLRE Patch

Those already satisfied with the gameplay experience in Rally Evo will obviously be pleased to learn that the handling model will be refined to an extent on-par with PC sims, but in my opinion the extremely small list of patch notes raises more questions than it does answers. Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo was delayed for nearly a year due to quality concerns,  and through these patch notes, Milestone have essentially admitted the game shipped with crippling performance issues, controller functionality problems, and a handling model suffering from tangible input lag. Through numerous trailers, press events, and other miscellaneous previews, Milestone had been willingly pushing a broken game on the already small audience of sim racing enthusiasts, who spent 2015 dealing with half-finished tripe such as Project CARS and Assetto Corsa. On the Steam Community forums – basically the only place to discuss Rally Evo online – even the diehard fanboys who once defended Milestone were quickly forced to change their tune due to how awful the release of Rally Evo ended up being.

Loki D

The Steam Forums are filled to the brim with glitch reports encompassing all aspects of Rally Evo, backing up our review of the title where we mentioned the constant array of technical issues overshadowed what appeared to be a surprisingly good rally simulator underneath. From the game failing to save progress, to brand-new toy steering wheels simply not being recognized by the executable, a whole bunch of people bought Rally Evo and basically couldn’t play the game. Others have written off Milestone’s future involvement in the game’s post-release lifespan altogether.


It’s beyond frustrating to see a team like Milestone – who somehow acquired the rights to Sebastien Loeb’s likeness – promote and then eventually release a game where key elements didn’t work as advertised. The problems in Rally Evo didn’t boil down to Loeb’s Citroen Xsara being the wrong shade of red, and sim racers aren’t slamming this game because they feel it’s a threat to the legacy of SCi’s Richard Burns Rally; Milestone sold a game that demonstrably needed more time in development than the extra year provided, and then admitted through patch notes that it was still broken once it hit the shelves.

If you’re fixing input lag, adding support for multiple USB inputs, and chasing framerate problems after some of us have shelled out $100 on what we expected to be a functional product, you really fucked up. These are problems that shouldn’t have been there once consumers got their hands on the title, and Milestone had all the time in the world to rectify these nagging issues. Yet somehow, an entire game development studio didn’t seem to think input lag in a racing game would be a problem until message boards ignited with complaints, nor did they think the shoddy framerate would affect gameplay until literally everyone who bought the game voiced their widespread dismay. It’s absolutely shocking that any sort of large company would be this detached from reality, and owners of Rally Evo have every right to be upset over the product they’ve received.

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16 thoughts on “Fixing Problems That Shouldn’t Have Been There

  1. people will defend anything because “we should be happy we even got it”. Just got look at Koei Tecmo games, go look at Tales of symphonia. How can you defend a dev that fucked up when a modder fixed half the damn issues in 5 minutes.


  2. And there’s a reason I use the word “disappointing” instead of something like “bad”, “awful”, or “garbage.” The truth is that Milestone built an absolutely phenomenal rally simulator, one which blows away both Richard Burns Rally, as well as the more recent DiRT Rally in terms of both driving physics and content, but the entire experience is plagued by absurd technical problems that make the game tread dangerously close to unplayable territory.


    1. Perhaps you’re right, but it’s hard to believe they were able to implement Best in Class driving physics, which seems like quite a challenge, but dropped the ball regarding the (very important) details.


  3. Whoever posted in the Steam forums about Milestone’s track record deserves an award.

    Look at the track record of Milestone post SBK 2001 on PC:

    World Superbike releases ports of console versions with no graphical upgrades. Milestone famous for releasing one patch before moving on without a trace. The final SBK game – SBK Generations – was little more than a combo of previous releases in a single package. Devs were so lazy they couldn’t be arsed to update the lower categories with the newest teams & riders.

    MotoGP series has been a disaster. Milestone make MotoGP 08 which is little more than a reskinned SBK game. A shitshow with tonnes of bugs and glitches. Track records up to 10 seconds faster than the real world times.

    Capcom get MotoGP licence and get Monumental Games to ship a 60fps with 4xMSAA sim-lite release on console that has dynamic weather and career mode from Grid with MotoGP 09/10 and MotoGP 10/11. Conversely MotoGP 08 runs at just 30fps and looks like a baboons arse.

    Track records in MotoGP 10/11 less than 2 seconds faster than real world times.

    Eventually Milestone get back the MotoGP licence and remake MotoGP 08 with Yebis post processing and call it MotoGP 13. Game on PC rums like arse because it’s a console port with no care or attention. Best part is multiplayer doesn’t work and requires an email account to register player for this mode.

    After one patch which makes no difference except fucks the frame rate completely, Milestone move on to MotoGP 14….

    …which has the exact same issues. As does MotoGP 15.

    Ride is also released in 2015 and if you guessed it was all kinds of fucked, you’d be right! Ride runs like a two legged dog, ships with a career save deletion bug and a laughable ‘season pass’ in which a few bikes are released before Milestone once again disappear. They mange to support their game with one patch.

    The same pattern can be seen with WRC 1-4, MXGP and whatever else Milestone shit out between 2002 to now.

    When you buy Milestone, you get a broken, ugly looking game with half baked physics, even worse control options and dubious support largely consisting of one patch only. Loeb Rally has sort of broken the trend as their game engine no longer looks like a prolapsed arse but one can bet support will last about 5 minutes before milestone fuck their customers yet again.

    As for the Valentino Rossi game, it will resemble Vale’s Ducati years – lots of hype with little to show for 2 years of work and largely forgotten about by both rider, his fans and the manufacturer.


  4. every game launched now is a pile of steaming shit.

    Wait for it to get fixed and pick it up on sale is the best option.

    All you are telling the devs is it is ok to keep fucking my ass without lube

    and you like it. Over and Over and Over again with a smile and 100 bucks in your hand.


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