Getting Hyped to Buy rFactor Again


The onslaught of Automobilista press coverage has begun, marking the end of Reiza Studio’s Stock Car Extreme era, and ushering in the next phase of the Brazilian developer’s sim racing efforts. Set to be released within the first quarter of 2016, Automobilista is a natural continuation of the Game Stock Car series that turned Reiza Studios into a household name within the sim racing community, though the upcoming title will offer a more diverse roster of vehicles and locations. Many sim racers – myself included – are looking forward to Automobilista due to the quality of Reiza’s previous efforts, and the fact that many of us will receive the game free of charge thanks to a special promotion, but the elephant in the room is now proceeding to knock around the chairs. We’re getting excited to buy rFactor, all over again.


As other video game genres advance into new territory to take advantage of recent technological innovations, sim racing has remained incredibly stagnant. Image Space Incorporated have no issues licensing their critically acclaimed isiMotor engine to any developer that can write a six-figure check, and as a result many hardcore racing sims look, drive, and feel the same. While many developer teams attempt to revitalize the isiMotor engine in their own unique ways, Reiza Studios have released three identical titles in Game Stock Car, Formula Truck, and Game Stock Car 2012 2013 Extreme. After a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $100,000, most sim racers didn’t want the same exact sim to be sold to them a fourth time. And despite the near-unanimous praise Stock Car Extreme receives on various sim racing message boards, virtually nobody is playing it compared to other modern driving games.


Unfortunately, private message board screenshots confirm that Reiza’s upcoming sim, Automobilista, will push more of the same on the already small sim racing community. When asked about the behavior of the Artificial Intelligence – an aspect of isiMotor titles that is commonly cited as an area that needs drastic improvements – Reiza Studios developer Renato Simioni has stated that the AI code has not been touched beyond the extent required for new features. In this case, he’s referencing the dynamic track surface. The AI needs to accommodate both lower and higher grip levels, but owners of Automobilista will still be subjected to the same basic AI problems that have plagued isiMotor sims since 2005.



Reputable sim racing content creator Patrik Marekwhose cars have been featured under the fictional Marek prototype team in Project CARS – has chimed in on a recent VirtualR article regarding the graphics of the upcoming release. Marek is not impressed, as even though he praises the physics, he notes that both Reiza releases look similar aside from minor texture details on the racing surface. Some of these texture improvements, which are primarily centered around the racing line, won’t even be noticed by your average sim racer at speed.


Virtual auto racing enthusiasts over at BSimRacing also echo these sentiments, with some pushing the discussion past the visual quality of the title, and slamming Reiza’s previous release, Stock Car Extreme, for feeling “last gen” and “like an rFactor 1 mod”.


I’ll put that comment to the test, and the readers of will be free to draw their own conclusions. First up is a video with some clever editing featuring three Formula One greats in a qualifying battle at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Next is a video of a Suzuka demo race using the CTDP 2005 F1 mod to demonstrate what the current build of Stock Car Extreme looks like under normal gameplay.

Lastly, we’ve got the official preview video from Reiza Studios, showcasing their unlicensed 2005 Formula One entry making solo laps around a version of Suzuka revamped for Automobilista.

It’s truly staggering to see how little the world of sim racing has progressed since 2005. As a disclaimer, I’m sure I will enjoy Automobilista and dedicate many of my weekends to competitive online league racing in Reiza’s new platform, but I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with buying the exact same game over and over again since middle school. Maybe there just aren’t enough “old guys” around from the mid-2000’s to remember when all of this stuff was brand new and just starting to gain traction, but as someone who’s been around the block so many times he knows the only parking spot that’s free, this is extremely disappointing. A six-figure crowdfunding campaign warranted a game that’s virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor, and even the developers are slowly beginning to leak information that they didn’t even bother polishing the parts that needed polishing.


76 thoughts on “Getting Hyped to Buy rFactor Again

  1. We need to let the ISI engine just die already. It’s a sad reflection on the state of this genre that it hasn’t been deemed obsolete and abandoned. Although no one has built a worthy successor, that doesn’t mean we should be content with this old tech. The way you push things forward is new development. Reiza’s stuff is good, but I’m not really interested in this ancient technology anymore. It’s time to move on.


    1. Stupid comment, unless your talking specifically about RF1 build, you have a deep misunderstanding on how game engines are built, thats like saying we should let Unreal engine die as it has code from previous Unreal engines,you can replace “unreal engine” in my example with practically every “next gen” engine available, they are all continuous builds of the same engine, with the main difference that the plebs notice and make them think “cool brah a completely new engine” being mainly API’s, but apart from that your average game engine hasn’t changed much in last 10-15 years,give you an idea if someone started a new engine for sim racing today, we MAY be looking at an alpha maybe if lucky 3-5 years from now, and that’s being generous IMO

      I just started jamming fallout 4,that engine outside of some graphics and basic features added, its basically hasn’t changed since oblivion,and thats almost a 100bux, again can apply this example to almost every single “aaa” game I can think off.

      COD (wolfenstein, Rage, same shit, different set of textures)
      Far cry (starting with 2, all the same)
      Crysis ( there’s many that think the original; is still superior its changed so little)
      Bioshock (and every other UE3 engined FPS, plebs may be fooled but they all the same)
      FSX ( how long has this engine been serving us, and still produces graphics that are superior to most games released today)
      Bethesda games (elder scrolls, fallout, all the same, just diff content)
      Euro truck sim ( the new yank one essentially re skinned euro truck with a new map)
      The sims (again same game since about 2nd one,nothing really changed but some basic “features”)
      Arma (This one my faves, but I can still use same scripts on Arma 3 as from opflashpoint 15 years ago)

      Can go on a long time with this, point is I agree to a point with article,especially it being from same dev with very little content changes between “versions”, at least we dont have to rebuy though, like every second “aaa” charging a hundred bux every year for essentially new content, but this line threw me a bit

      “As other video game genres advance into new territory to take advantage of recent technological innovations”

      They really aren’t, its been stagnant for 15 years odd and outside of the indy scene and niche sims, we are still playing the same games as 15 years ago with new APIs and graphics and physics plugins like Havoc and physx, considering how niche sim racing is, I believe its advanced not too badly, at least when compared to rest of the gaming world.

      I just hope this new rebrand wont delay the new game, they have 2017 for that, thats not long to get this out and sort out a new game, i wish em luck, still the best 20 bux I’ve spent in awhile.

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      1. Fallout 4 is shit and Bethesda is shit though.

        Infinity Ward did a total engine rewrite a few years ago and it was heavily updated again for new consoles.
        Crysis is still a contender for prettiest Cry Engine game because they worked mostly on making it scale down to weaker hardware rather than up to double titans.
        ARMA still using the same scripting system says absolutely nothing about the rest of the game.

        UE3 is still around but there aren’t many games that look like GoW and UT3 with different character models anymore like there was several years ago, they’ve done a lot more with it than Reiza has with theirs so far.


      2. “Fallout 4 is shit and Bethesda is shit though.”
        Erm so you agree with that one?

        “Infinity Ward did a total engine rewrite a few years ago and it was heavily updated again for new consoles.”

        Lol you cal bethesda on its BS, then you swallow that marketing shit, every example I gave has teh devs “totally rewrite” BS line, COD is probably teh most guilty of this out of them all.
        Read between lines, its nothing but some eye candy added to already existing engine (Id tech)same fucking game as the very first COD

        “Crysis is still a contender for prettiest Cry Engine game because they worked mostly on making it scale down to weaker hardware rather than up to double titans.”

        Yep, inline with my comment about simply adding new API and a few graphics plugins mainly dev’ed by Nvidia.

        “ARMA still using the same scripting system says absolutely nothing about the rest of the game.”

        No it doesnt, and arma slightly different, as its features and scale are far superior to its predecessors, but the engine is 100 per cent a evolution not a complete new engine, I even have experience with the commercial version VBS, which has completely new devs, yet the engine is essentially same bone structure as all RV sims, goes far deeper than the script system, I know this engine better than any.

        “UE3 is still around but there aren’t many games that look like GoW and UT3 with different character models anymore like there was several years ago, they’ve done a lot more with it than Reiza has with theirs so far.”

        Yeah good point,(xcom looks to be latest UE3 based game) some devs have done amazing things with UE3, however for most part, especially the FPS AAA studios, its barely changed (except of course your graphics and not by much), with devs with 100x more resources than reiza.

        Like I say I dont necessary disagree with sentiment, however unlike those examples reiza aint reselling to me,I only bought it once, and i simply see one game being improved, by a tiny dev, if already own the game, ignore the name changes adn just look at it as it is, some nice updates, teh ppl winging most about were probably never gonna buy anyway.

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      3. You can argue that 99% of the development work is relevant to the next title. The potential of the dx12 title is directly dependent on the work their doing right now. A new rendering path alone isn’t going to provide FFB sampling rate increases or track rubbering.

        Personally, I’m glad they are focusing on the simulation aspect instead of pushing dx12 and shiny graphics first. Frankly, the dx12 software stack isn’t completely ready yet, it’s wise for them to wait a while.


  2. A non story for most.

    Those of who gave money did so for the next Reiza sim, the DX12 sim due for release in 2017. The fact I’m getting AMS for free is fine and anyone else who owns SCE likely thinks the same way. AMS is a long way from vanilla rFactor given the upgrades and additions which were ingnored; listing the new features isn’t what PRC is about.

    As for the cherry picked quotes, who the fuck cares. Doesn’t strengthen your argument as I can find 100+ positive posts on Reiza’s Area 51 forum.

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  3. In Brazil we have the following expression: to look for hair on the egg. That’s exactly what I feel this article is about. The author completely ignores the big picture and tries to find something to rant on.

    Let’s try to get some facts straight:
    – The CrowdFunding’s objetive was to raise money in order to improve SCE and only SCE (and with that, building momentum for their next gen sim);
    – These improvements relate to content (unprecedented variety), physics (processing-wise and new concepts) and graphics (just a bit in game and a whole new UI). All that meticulously explained at the CF page, which by themselves already grants the sim is very far from rF1 (also it isn’t isiMotor 2.0 anymore, just like R3E or other titles aren’t as well);
    – A good opportunity/idea to repack the sim came to light. This would free the devs from some ties (e.g. the previous name – SCE) and also build even more momentum for their next gen title;
    – This repack (AMS) is FREE for every SCE owner, as it is an improvement into SCE granted by the CF.

    Summarizing, you won’t get hyped to buy rFactor again because it isn’t rFactor and you won’t need to buy it!

    Now, being a bit of a douchebag, I’ll say that I’m a Mechanical/Motorsport Engineer who is used to run Vehicle Dynamics Simulations. And I say that all this “it is dated”, “get rid of it” or “it’s obsolete” for isiMotor is plain bulls**t. It does a pretty good job (with correct data, of course – and that’s Reiza’s strength) simulating vehicles behaviour, and you can’t get much better than that even with 2x, 4x or 10x the effort. From that on all you can do is polish, which probably won’t even be felt by the average simracer.

    The bottom line is that this scepticism towards AMS comes pretty much from the graphics side of the sim. Yes, it’s far from being the best, but nobody said it would be close to the best. That’s what’s promised for the next gen title. And the most relevant feature for sim racing is top notch. So why do you dis-encourage people to enjoy AMS? Why do you say sim racing had little progress last 10 years? Why do you keep on looking for a hair on the egg?

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    1. how the hell will PRC have any articles if not by misinterpreting and over interpreting the stuff that happen in racing games.
      Then we always need to come down to the comments and explain.

      It just became a boring repeated cycle.


  4. “A six-figure crowdfunding campaign warranted a game that’s virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor, and even the developers are slowly beginning to leak information that they didn’t even bother polishing the parts that needed polishing.”

    For the umpteenth time, the “six figure crowdfunding campaign” was not for the next gen sim with the DX12 graphics. It was to create an update to SCE with some new content and a few new features to tide us over until the release of their 2017 release..

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    1. I would have referred to her as the biggest cunt but since we don’t know if that idiot is actually a female, asshole or cunt will suffice.


    2. That fat lesbian Patrik is not much better either, spreading cancer with every single comment he makes. Constantly talking about gfx and hyping ridiculous kids games while fucking crying over the graphics of ISI products.

      Reputable my fucking ass, maybe for the Pcars kids. PRC go home, you’re drunk.

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  5. The only gMotor-based game that had potential was SimRaceWay. But sadly, despite the budget, the very well done 3D models for cars and especially tracks, it died out because nobody played it. Its content looks great in rFactor 1, though.


  6. Automobilista shaders and lighting looks exactly like rFactor back in 2005, only textures and car 3D models are better and of course higher resolution and anti-aliasing what was possible back in 2005.


  7. More like Austin repeating the same thing for the fourth time. Fucking stupid ‘article’.

    AMS is free for the vast majority of users. Virtually nobody will be buying rFactor for the fourth time. It’s purpose is to condense all Reiza titles into one while adding a few neat new features at the same time. Underlining the series so far, if you like.

    The real deal is next year’s ‘Reiza 17’ title which promises to be a more significant evolution, and given Reiza’s track record thus far I think it’s worth getting excited about.

    But anyway, Austin knows all this and is just posting repetitive, agenda-ridden bullshit as usual.

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    1. “Vast majority” are buyers of previous Reiza titles. So in other words, they are getting another reincarnation/rehash of rFactor for the fourth time.

      And it’s still the same thing.


  8. Automobilista is SIM and has SIMULATION VALUE.

    Rieza should just stop fucking around pretending to be game devlopers, they should divide the 100k up and port all there shit over to rfactor 2, or be the content arm of ISI. They could crowdfund every year and keep building quality content for rf2 that could rival all the top plebcade racing games. Better this , than them wasting there time fucking about trying to figure out Ai code or making a better graphics engine everyone keep noting as 2005 looking and what not.

    And fuck that nut hugger on reddit that said gsce ffb was dated, clearly that nigger is using a controller.


      1. If rF2 would have the same cars as pcars or assetto corsa or r3e it would be the king of racing game.
        The physics is accurate and you can play it even with a keyboard because the engine is that good.


      2. you can play with keyboard, but is not worth unless you activate the steering assists, maybe the brake assists, and maybe certain assists like tc, abs.


  9. Kinda nice how you like to let the good comments and arguments out of your posts if they won’t be helping you to troll. I see that AC fanboy and worshiper melani in the article and it just makes me laugh xD


    1. because not everyone wants to play the game rfactor1. Other people want to play the game GSCE.

      You’re basically saying why should I buy this singer’s new album when I can keep listening to the previous one. Because I want to play the content in GSCE, soon to be AMS.


    2. cause there is very little mods that reaches quality of AMS content, cause there is more features (flatspot, aero flex, dynamic track, different transmision model, car asistant systems are not the same thing as game assists, solid AI, one of best sounds, modernized menu, soft road physics, new shaders, etc) … it is not modded rF – it is it is sim on moddified rF engine …


  10. Reiza will release rFactor for the fourth time and it will be major commercial failure as expected and they will be begging for more money on Indiegogo sooner than later.


  11. MelanieUk Needs kicking in her Cunt! She should fuckoff back to the kitchen with her simcade graphics whore comments shit and bring me a sandwich whilst I use proper sims.


    1. Well I will admit that I have never driven MP4/4 but MAKCorp mod seems too easy to drive from what youd expect. GSCE Formula Classic seems feels much closer representation.


  12. Some of the comments included in this article are a little delusional in terms of expected changes and seem more concerned with graphics.

    Then you see a reply, talking about using UE for sims ‘just like tiny feet are doing for GTL.’

    Oh yeah, Reiza should totally follow the lead of an unproven studio (founded 2014 with ‘1-10’ employees) and use an engine that was written off for simulation years ago.

    The article is good, some of the included comments are good….Several of them are just idiots spouting off though.

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    1. They’re not wrong about the graphics though… it’s pretty much a texture refresh (which, like AC doing the same on their older tracks, is a good thing, but not gonna change the overall look of the game)


  13. My God all the briefcase satchel carrying fanboys all find a meaning when someone speaks the truth.
    Who cares tho,we have iracing that is pushing the boundaries on every front,it’s the future.


  14. Take a look at all those Call of Duty, FIFA, Battlefield games spamming every year and terrible state at which they are released.

    Here we get polished game (most people for free) with superb content (whole package some might say). Graphics are the only problem, but for me they look quite pleasing (using SweetFX) even when not photorealistic like AC.

    I dont see any reason to complain


      1. Neither Madden or FIFA are exactly pushing the boundaries on newer engines. Sports games in general are every bit as stagnant as sim racing titles in terms of progression.

        The way I see it, the age of an engine isn’t that important if it’s a good one and the people using it can get the best from it. The end result is all that matters.


  15. New engines are overrated, especially since most “new engines” are eveolutions of old ones. Look towards the newest CoD, it’s running on an evolution of idTech3 (Quake3, late 1990s engine).
    While implementing the features that are being asked for is crucial, rewriting things that work fine is the stupidiest thing a dev could do, see here:

    That being said, the gmotor2 renderer will be good enough for Automobilista, which is really just the definitve version of GSC. You don’t switch engines for what is basically just a Gold Edition of a game, lol!

    For Reizas next game after that, on the other hand, demanding new rendering tech based on newer APIs like DX12 is very reasonable. Here the modular build of the rFactor engine comes into play, since it’s possible to use a modern render engine and still have pmotor physics, like Raceroom does. I am also looking forward to new AI behavior in that later game, whether it’s best to use the existing ISI AI code and implement additional behavior for overtaking and defending or starting from scratch I don’t know, probably the first one.

    In the meantime I am sure I will have a good time with Automobilista as I have been having with GSC, mainly using it for RD club races and leagues where it provides a stable and smooth experience with physics and FFB that feel very good to me.


  16. In Germany there´s a saying: Don´t look a gift horse in the mouth.
    Reiza is an underdog in the business and rF1-physics are still as good as in Raceroom (because of obvious reasons) plus night races plus Dirt plus better physics with open wheelers. Hope they iron out some GSC-issues with this “update” and it will look as good as Raceroom graphics for a fraction of my expenses.

    And why there is this “Assetto Corsa is SIMCADE and has NO SIMULATION VALUE” above this textfield? rF2 seems better for slicks, but tell me one sim that is even half as good when it comes to road cars. Was driving the Koenigsegg @Spa and Nordschleife today and it´s so awesome and challenging. FFB and physics seems like a creation from the car-developer and nothing can beat laserscanned tracks. The only title you can drive this billionaires cars and many others is in fucking Forza with fucked up physics, fucking input-lag, fucking wrong FOV on a fucking XBox with a fucking TX-wheel or this Fanatec-Xbox-shit that came out.

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    1. When you enter real data to rFactor 2, it works like real life, it’s not the case for Assetto Corsa, you always have to use workarounds and substitute models 🙂


      1. When there´s a way to drive my favorite cars in rF2 on laserscanned tracks with modern graphics, maybe i switch. I like rF2, but it´s just not the thing i´m looking for. I live in Europe and love cars engineered in Europe and tracks located in Europe and laserscanned. And i love road cars as well. You can´t even drift properly in rF2.


      2. Oh yeah, i forgot. One or two fucking cars in rF2 can drift plus two to three horrible looking mods. Wow, what an AC-killer. And now this oval racing shit. Half the iRacers will switch to rF2 for that at least:D


      3. Majority of cars in rF2 are race cars, correct? Why the heck would a race car setup for circuit racing on slicks with a limited lock angle be any good at holding huge drifts?

        A few cars drift fine in rF2…the nsx’s, corvette’s, panoz…etc. The road cars, mainly.


  17. Looks like the Reiza shills are out in full force. They’ve been re-releasing the same game since 2005, using the same exact engine, and hardly making any improvements on the outdated and abysmal graphics. When AMS is out, it will be the same game from 2005 with ghost town servers, since many people would rather play iRacing, rFactor2, and Asseto Corsa than a sim from 2005.


      1. and yet, with exception of dx9 graphics engine, it is still providing one of best sims out there .. existence od AMS will not influence your/mine enjoyment of other sims .. It will just gives us more options .. you don`t enjoy it or can`t live with how it looks, don`t play it .. simple as that.


      2. Yes, completely shameful of Reiza to release a free title with some new content and features while they shamefully work on implementing a more advanced engine for their 2017 successor. Oh the shame.


  18. Automobilista really will be a pathetic experience with their ancient graphics and visuals. Not worth torrenting let alone 25 British Pounds.


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