Internal Troubles at Reiza Studios?


Occasionally, combing through the comments sections on popular sim racing news articles warrants a story more interesting than the original piece itself. recently posted a hefty amount of Automobilista screenshots and videos to showcase the upcoming 2016 racing sim by Reiza Studios, though it appears an interesting fight has broken out among users within the comments section. Complete with deleted posts and accusations that produce more questions than they do answers, the Red Corner sees Reiza Studios developer Renato Simioni, while the Blue Corner features beta tester for Reiza Studios Gui Cramer.

The argument begins when a user on suggests that the rallycross portion of Automobilista has the potential to be a more realistic overall experience than Codemasters’ own DiRT Rally, a title we considered to be the best racing sim released in the 2015 calendar year. Gui states that Automobilista is no match for DiRT Rally, though he blames Renato Simioni of Reiza Studios for not allowing Automobilista to reach its full potential.

Renato Knows It

Simioni steps in and pours gasoline on the fire, accusing Cramer of playing an old build of Automobilista, and then hinting that Cramer was removed from the Automobilista beta program for not having a positive attitude towards the project.

No You Did Not

Gui fires back, and pulls no punches. At first, Cramer alludes to an interesting workplace environment at Reiza Studios, before mentioning a lack of depth compared to other modern racing sims. However, Cramer brings up a little-known fact about another Reiza Studios release, Formula Truck, to strengthen his argument. Cramer claims that Renato promised an update to Formula Truck, but “never delivered”, and then removed all of his own posts mentioning the upcoming update. Gui ends his post by once again mentioning “there are talented artists and developers who try to make the most of what there is, despite you running the company” – implying Renato is simply another sim developer with attitude problems.


It’s all a very ugly situation, and a handful of posts appear to have been deleted; ones that we can’t exactly go and retrieve given that uses Disqus as a commenting platform and old comments are not archived by the Wayback Machine. Regardless, it appears that Cramer may have gotten the upper hand in this argument, continuing to mention the abandonment of Formula Truck as just one of many examples that Reiza Studios may suffer from the same problems plaguing other notorious developers such as Slightly Mad Studios and Kunos Simulazioni.

formula truck

Outbursts like this are reasons to keep your eyes peeled on the comments section of some articles, as the sim racing community is small enough, you never know for sure who might show up prepared for a boxing match. As for Gui Cramer’s comments about how Reiza Studios is run behind the scenes by Renato Simioni, we’ve learned far too often here on that when there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

GSC 2015-04-19 04-51-32-53


33 thoughts on “Internal Troubles at Reiza Studios?

  1. Who the fuck is Gui?, and who the fuck cares?

    We all remember who Renato is from past ‘articles’ (and namely their corrective comments), but if Gui’s only notable claim-to-fame is being a ‘friend’ of EmptyBox, that doesn’t carry much weight.


      1. Beta tester doesn’t mean shit, look at all the ‘beta testing’ Project CARS saw over 4+ years, didn’t mean shit for the game in the end.

        Reiza will still do what they set out to do, release AMS and then shift to Reiza2017, regardless of whoever bitches and moans.


      2. Meh I was a beta tester for some MMORPG and thought they were crap, once released they had their success despite beta bugs still present. That means nothing…


  2. Sometimes there’s not even smoke, let alone fire. Sometimes someone makes the smoke by randomly rubbing two sticks together. And then see if it suits their agenda.


  3. Look, you’d have to be an idiot to think Reiza are somehow different than the other studios. I’m sure plenty of nasty stuff goes on behind the scenes and it’s always amusing to see grown men act like 8 year old children arguing on the internet. A common and hilarious theme in sim racing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I got directed to this. Sorry but I’ll not say any details or things not already public in some place on the Internet. I like not having claim to fame , thanks to a certain game over a decade ago i got to be around a few people and got into this world.

    I don’t drive much right now for a few reasons although i still try to bring support for these games. By the way, please don’t bring in other people’s names … Matt has nothing to do with anything.


    1. “Matt has nothing to do with anything.”

      except that Matt and Gui is tight as fuck, and Mat has been shilling stock cars Extreme on the tube like crazy since it came out. gui also openly admitted to actively shilling stock Car extreme and reiza while being an betatester. it looks like some coordinated fucking bullshit shilling has been going on, until Gui lost his temper on renato yesterday on VirtualR.


      1. “Proof?”

        Matt n’ Gui goes back more than 10 years. Matt has been obviosuly shilling stocks car extreme on his channel since it came out. just because ur not a paid shill doesn’t mean you’re not a shill mr Box.


  5. “Matt has nothing to do with anything”

    Truer words have never been spoken about emptybox.

    Also who knows what went on here. All we know is that two people had a falling out or disagreement. It doesn’t really reflect all that much of either side on the whole. It’ll probably be good, there is no need to pour fuel on every fire you see. Ever considered playing in traffic?


  6. Renato got exposed for what a fucktard he really is. I would show a little more respect in his shoes to people who helped fund his game and devote time beta test it for free.


  7. Beta-Testers for GSC doesn’t have any impacts when I see this fun-breaking bugs in the game. First I had no AA when booting it up with all on max and looks like the worst graphics I saw in the past 10 years (with 1080p on 55″). I had to open the Nvidia control penal, find it in the list of all games (because it’s not recognized as installed) and put some action options to it. It’s not great, but much better now. Then the FFB had horrible much friction with the AF because i set it to medium (which means total crap). On low it’s like exchanging the old b&w-CRT for a modern display. I don’t know how many wheels have the same issue, but I assume the AF isn’t the only one and force settings on low sounds more like made for skinny teenagers. Certainly some buyers asked for a refund just because one issue like that came up after the first start.

    And why Reiza never at least exchanged this ultra-low quality car previews in the menu against some better screenshots? Should be two hours work maximum to do that and designing a more modern looking menu isn’t magic too. Could both be done by the community as well if they have asked them. But at least this should be a non issue with this “new” title:)


    1. You fucking idiot talk the same shit on 10 websites. Go cry me a fucking river because it doesn’t look like your fucked up AC childs game with Ferraris. Having to change ONE FUCKING PARAMETER more when mapping your controls is indeed a reason to shit your panties too.

      It’s not a fucking issue you moron, medium works great on G27’s. Another point that perfectly illustrates how much of a retard you are is the fact that “Low” does not change the overall forces, it just gets rid of canned effects.
      So what you REALLY experienced as low force made for “skinny teenagers” was probably just your fat idiot slow brain feeding you wrong information, once again.


      1. Oi fuck head, how many times have I told pussy arse anons that are scared to have a username, if I post ill post with my name, unless its that other idiot using my name, I have no reason to not log in, and I swear alot better than just adding random fucks everywhere dipshit.


  8. I remember them teasing smokey exhausts and some other tweaks for Formula Truck but those never eventuated and the game seems abandoned, sadly.


    1. oh yeah I remember that, seen that awhile back and sure the update was supposed to be “just around the corner”, FT great game for learning setups, as every adjustment has a huge diff on a 5tonne truck adn its tyres.


  9. Automobilista will be sub par at best. May as well been made 10 years ago. Clearly a blatant clone of rFactor 1. No wonder PC sim racing has become so niche when crap like this passes as a quality racing sim. Waste of money.


    1. Automobilista will feel, look and drive like a modded rF1, just like GSCE 2012, GSCE 2013 and SCE. Oh and that silly truck game. Waste of money. You can mod (and people have) rF1 to look and drive the same, free mods, so why would anyone dish out cash for this?


  10. Renato is finally getting called out on his bullshit. Reiza’s games are basically glorified rFactor mods, and without ISI, they wouldn’t even exist. I bet their “revamped” 2017 title will leech off of rFactor2 instead of the first one.


    1. “I bet their “revamped” 2017 title will leech off of rFactor2 instead of the first one.”

      I’m sure it be yet another release of rF1, maybe with slightly better looking shaders and more generic fictional cars. For how many more years are Reiza going to pull this stunt? How many more titles of the same ol’ same ol’?

      People are stuck in the past.


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