So About That Indy 500 License…


It’s not uncommon for large developers to cut features or content from a game prior to the retail release, but in the case of Slightly Mad Studios, they’ve done a relatively poor job at hiding their plans. A Project CARS press release dating back to 2014 lists both the Verizon Indy Car Series and the Indianapolis 500 as default content in the controversial crowdfunded racing sim. Promising Career Mode integration, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the complete 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series field, asymmetrical car setups, all aerodynamic configurations, push-to-pass, and proper oval racing rules, the inclusion of the Verizon IndyCar Series would compliment other licensed events within the world of Project CARS, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Unfortunately, these plans appear to have been almost completely scrapped. The Dallara DW12 has instead been released as part of the “American Race Car” DLC package alongside the modern NASCAR-spec Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Corvette C7R, and Cadillac ATS-VR GT3. All oval track locations seen in WMD builds of Project CARS, such as Daytona, Bristol, Indianapolis, Dover, and Charlotte, have failed to appear in the retail release of the game. Basically, Slightly Mad Studios told us the Indy 500 would be in Project CARS, and not only is the event clearly absent, oval racing as a whole simply isn’t here either.


Meanwhile, Ian Bell has admitted on the official Project CARS forums that they are having problems implementing the very artificial intelligence and rules changes they originally advertised for the oval racing component back in 2014, and are contemplating releasing a pack of American Ovals for online use only, allowing users to call their own caution flags and execute their own pace laps. While some will be happy to learn that oval racing will be coming to Project CARS in the future in a semi-functional state, this doesn’t exactly let Slightly Mad Studios off the hook for failing to deliver on what was at the time a fairly addition to the list of content.

Bell Response

Project CARS was supposed to take things a step further and offer a more complete IndyCar field than Forza Motorsport 6, yet now the base level of content is more or less being silently shoe-horned into the title. The liveries are fictional, it’s an old model of Dallara’s DW12, and the Indianapolis 500 itself is totally absent. I don’t really wanna start throwing the words “false advertising” around, but it’s pretty blatant this time. And unfortunately, Slightly Mad Studios has done more than just leave out the Indianapolis 500.


Forum moderator Remco Van Dijk has admitted that Project CARS fans are foolish to expect major gameplay additions, as the staff at Slightly Mad Studios are spending a majority of the game’s post-release lifespan merely fixing bugs as they are found. However, owners of Project CARS have been quick to point out that many post-release improvements were indeed promised by Slightly Mad Studios, such as triple screen support, manual pitting, and sharing setups – and they too have been scrapped.


With each passing day, the saga of Project CARS becomes an ever-expanding instruction manual on how not to release and support a modern racing sim. Virtually every single move the developer team has made only serves to piss off the dwindling community supporting the crowdfunded racing sim, and it’s hard to predict how people will receive Project CARS 2 now that games like Forza Motorsport 6 and the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport are firmly in the spotlight.


19 thoughts on “So About That Indy 500 License…

    1. Actually, MORON, we do. Many do. Indy and Formula racing is a true test of one’s ability memorize a track and cut corners.


  1. For all the shit that iRacing receives, and for how much of it is deserved, it’s admirable how they’re still making major improvements to a game that is 7 years old, based on an engine that’s nearly 20 years old. And 15 years ago they had no problem shipping it with oval logic. So what the fuck is SMS’s excuse?


    1. Eh, Iracing is a subscription, so customers keep paying again and again. Pcars, and most other games, you pay for it once and you never pay for it again. Can’t you see the logic in that?


      1. No, dummy, we don’t have a problem with it. As long as your account is active you own the cars and tracks you purchase. The monthly fee for REALISTIC racing against HUMANS is very doable. The reason the Indy and Formula tracks are showing up in iRacing is because iRacing has paid the licensing fees to the respective companies. The truth here is that Project Cars didn’t want to pay the licensing fees given they weren’t sure of how many copies of the game they might sell. They shot themselves in the foot on this one.


  2. …and while the other sims are dying, pcars is the spotlight. I think they care more about the sales, rather than a blogger opinion. Next Wednesday they will pay another 40% to the wmd’ers… damn.


    1. I tend to be of the opinion that if the more casual audience for this game knew details about the protracted and messy development, the broken promises, the shambolic launch, and Ian Bell’s mental illness, they wouldn’t have bought it. And it does seem that the consensus towards Project Cars has soured considerably. It’s unfortunate that some people continue to support this mess and the maniacs responsible for it because they don’t deserve it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome to the new games era bro… πŸ™‚ The majority is always right, no matter what you think, if a game sells better than the competitors, then they did it better than those.
        You will be “shocked” about how good pcars2 will sell next year… all the people out there will be only interested about the names “ferrari, lamborghini and porsche” applied to the game box! lol


      2. Well no, the majority isn’t always right. In fact they’re frequently quite foolish. Just because something is popular does not mean it is good.


  3. pCARS financial backers don’t give a shit – dividends on their investment is more interesting. SMS lie throughout the crowd funding, lie pre release and lie post release. Remco has always been an SMS mouthpiece, so I’m not surprised about his post.

    pCARS 2 will be a success as gamers have short memories and love shiny graphics.


      1. The profit is the only thing about PCars I am happy about. I knew it would sell well because most casual racing gamers are graphics whores and wouldn’t know accurate physics or good FFB if it kick them in the nuts.

        I love the money that gets put in my PayPal account but I don’t play that garbage. Popular rarely means good. All one needs to do is look at Justin Bieber or the Ford Escort to see garbage that sold well and was popular.


  4. They cut everything from the game , hugely misleading statements from start to finish of development …… Ian Bell dropped of the forums because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about super great patches that were coming , that never happened they were all complete failures that brought more issues than they fixed……

    9 patches of crap.

    Pcars 2 will get plenty of interest


  5. Oval track racing would never work in Project CARS, no matter if they get rules and AI included. Their physics-system still sucks, especially the collision system. You would have to deal with cars sticking to the ground and flying all over the place in ovals. They are light years away from the still great NASCAR Racing Series or iRacing when it comes to the accuracy of oval racing.


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