Saying What Needs To Be Said: Episode II

GSC 2016-02-21 14-27-01-29.jpg

For those who make daily stops to our neck of the woods, it’s no secret that the comments section of some articles can get extremely out of hand. With a consistent stream of articles reporting on the controversial and sometimes dark side of sim racing, as well as virtually no moderation to speak of, it’s no surprise that on any given day, a portion of sim racers are using our comments section as a virtual boxing ring. Some believe this website only serves to tear the sim racing community apart, but the reality is that is an extremely simple operation, and I do not feel the need to dedicate any of my free time to censoring people’s comments. George Orwell’s 1984 was intended to be a work of fiction, not a detailed instruction manual. If certain sim racers feel like behaving in a retarded manner towards their fellow hobbyists and virtual competitors, I have merely provided them with a platform to do so.

rFactor2 2016-02-20 17-50-07-64.jpg

At some point last summer, I sat down and crafted a fairly lengthy article detailing my experiences with the #Gamergate fiasco from a sim racer’s perspective. To bring y’all up to speed in as concise of a manner as I possibly can, the #Gamergate scandal originally spawned from an emotionally abused ex-boyfriend leaking the private details of an intimate relationship with an indie game developer. Sometimes, this is what abuse victims do. Inside the numerous Facebook screenshots detailing the couple’s toxic relationship, the author made several hints that this female game developer slept around with various journalists, in exchange for certain websites to promote her game. Some wondered how deep this rabbit hole went, and it turns out that basically every major website was corrupt or accepting bribes from developers in some fashion. Third party marketing at its finest.

As a sim racer, I was all too familiar with these kinds of relationships forming inside our own little sub-genre. InsideSimRacing, what was once an extremely informative YouTube show, essentially turned into a lengthy weekly advertisement for iRacing – complete with the hosts sporting iRacing polo shirts each episode. was straight-up bought by Slightly Mad Studios, resulting in a flurry of thinly-disguised Project CARS advertisements. During my time writing articles for RaceDepartment, both Codemasters and iRacing sent site owner Bram Hengeveld several interesting emails essentially stating their feelings had been hurt because I dared to criticize the lackluster elements of their video game. Bram will most likely be pissed that I still keep one of these emails saved, but in this instance it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that certain game developers are every bit as shady as the rumors would lead you to believe.

email cap.jpg

The article generated a predictable amount of anal devastation. From what I recall, reaction from the KotakuInAction SubReddit was mostly positive, but hardcore sim racers – our intended audience – viewed the story as a piece that caused an unnecessary amount of controversy. Nobody really wanted to face the fact that all of these fantastic review sites and news outlets going through great effort to keep us updated on the world of sim racing were little more than third party marketing excursions; the authors manipulated into praising any title or individual piece of content they received as a gift from the developers themselves. Thankfully, this behavior doesn’t extent to all sim racing developers, as Sector 3 Studios have continued to provide us with press access to Race Room Racing Experience despite many negative articles, but unfortunately they are the rare exception as opposed to the norm.

Of course, with no restrictions on who is allowed to leave a comment here at, and little in the way of dirty and/or banned words, we received this gem of a paragraph from an anonymous user:

Gangi 1

The anonymous user attacks several portions of our #Gamergate article, first by claiming I’m slandering the various elements of the sim racing world that covers (hint: slander is spoken, libel is written), followed by the extremely generic argument stating that I’m just “jealous” of their success, and lastly this user tells me to “get the fuck out” of Sim Racing altogether. For bonus points, the user labels me a “miserable fuck” – one step down from the title of “lying manipulative cunt” I’d been given a few years prior – but we won’t get into that. Regardless, it appears we are dealing with a reader of no more mature than a teenage girl throwing insults at her former fling on Instagram.

And thanks to the administrative controls that WordPress supplies us with, I can determine exactly who this teenage girl is. By clicking on a single comment’s Internet Protocol address, WordPress takes me to a screen where I can see all other comments left by this user – regardless of the alias they choose to post under.


That’s no teenage girl, it’s merely Darin Gangi. Leaving a comment on another article regarding a hypothetical online featuring well-known sim racing media contributors has allowed us to confirm the angry anonymous tirade belongs to none other than the voice of Inside Sim Racing. With no less than three public outbursts to his name, including jabs at Ben Cornett, Matt Orr, and a completely random competitor in an iRacing endurance race, the host of Inside Sim Racing can now add to his list of targets.

Bildschirmfoto-2014-01-24-um-07.40.16Gangi’s not-so-anonymous tirade falls directly in line with the behavior of more mainstream video game journalists who have had the ethics of their content called into question. Upon the #Gamergate controversy blowing up to levels never seen in modern entertainment, and a very real backlash from enthusiasts all over the world, writers across the internet promptly turned on their own audience and loudly proclaimed “gamers are dead” – a feeble attempt to shift the blame onto people who simply called them on their shit. Was questioning why a lesbian walking simulator received Game of the Year awards really bad enough to warrant an entire shipment of articles telling us we’re angry nerds who hate women? Apparently, yes.

co-op-ed-gamers-are-deadThe behavior displayed by Gangi above highlights a problem in Sim Racing that keeps the rather small community from growing into something meaningful. When even the elder statesmen and website owners of this little genre are acting like teenage girls – hiding behind anonymous posts in order to take shots at anyone who dares to question why their YouTube show is hard-coding iRacing commercials into their videos and forcing the hosts to wear iRacing polo shirts – it is a sign that something is deeply wrong with how this ecosystem operates.

I have my bucket of popcorn. Do you?

rFactor2 2016-02-13 18-46-06-14


87 thoughts on “Saying What Needs To Be Said: Episode II

  1. About a year ago, Darin was a different man. Didn’t he break up with Shaune Cole around that period? But since the reinvent of ISR channel and the addition of John, things have been very good.

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      1. I like Darin, John and the show and maybe he Darin had just a bad time like everybody once or possibly more often in a lifetime. People get drunken and wrote some shit they couln´t delete with the hangover. Happend to me once in a while…

        They have to live from this videos what doesn´t make ISR neutral at all regarding iRacing, Thrustmaster & co, but they make it decent, funny and very enjoyable and who doesn´t bent a bit when it comes to life essential subjects.


      2. They don’t have to ‘live’ from this shit. I mean Christ, how fucking useless are they?

        They can try to live from it… Becoming a dishonest shill so you can pursue a better (or preferred)
        lifestyle is not respectable.

        I shouldn’t need to explain this.


  2. Part of me thinks it really isn’t shocking that grown men who obsess over race car video games act tend to like 12 year olds on the Internet. I mean fine, play the games, enjoy them, have good or bad opinions, encourage discussions, but why the need to take things so seriously, so personally, and with such immaturity? This kind of vitriolic behavior is just so bizarre to me; I cannot understand it. I mean…it’s just a game. It isn’t real. Relax and get some perspective. It makes me wonder what people do with their lives where they have this much time to get so worked up over a bunch of pixels on a screen.

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    1. you think that just because people moved from being a kid, a teen, and now an adult, they are free from drama? Drama happens from interaction with other people, and is no age restricted. Even when you think you’re secure of your own mind and with grown up mentality, there are always opportunities to start drama with others even when you don’t want to.
      You can’t use “it’s just a game” argument, because is never about the game. Is always down to the clashing of personalities between people and the things they think are defending.

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  3. Now that’s just unprofessional.

    I think people need to stop getting obsessed overy buying the BEST simring out there, stop fighting over what sim is the very BEST out there and just get in there, race and have the BEST damned time. When Grand Prix 4 was launched it said in the Readme or FAQ that running a network game with 22 players is intended for future hardware, because of the very high requirements. Now I see races sporting over 20 cars online. We should be glad and having a very good time, not throwing insults at eachother.

    Also, we should be reporting the problems we find so that developers may fix them, not just go about saying “oh my favorite sim is PERFECT the way it is!”. Even the old and proven rFactor isn’t perfect.




  4. Well that certainly made me chuckle. Anyone who thinks that they can post “anonymously” and have their identify forever hidden is a fcking idiot.

    He kind of has a point though – you might have more fun if you spent some time enjoying playing racing games instead of just worrying about all the shady goings-on and getting angry about it all. There’s some fun to be had once you wind your neck in.

    Still, hahaha, well done 🙂


    1. >Well that certainly made me chuckle. Anyone who thinks that they can post “anonymously” and have >their identify forever hidden is a fcking idiot.

      Had he used a VPN or Tor, nobody would have ever known.\

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  5. Hi
    I never comment your articles nor read comments about it, for the same reason you don’t moderate them : I’ve got better things to do.
    But I’d like to thank you, as a new sim racing addict, for letting me know how fucked up this whole business is, and how corrupt assholes these webmasters are.
    Keep pissing them off, it proves you’re hitting a soft spot.
    And sorry for my english.

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    1. aslo don`t believe everything you read … PCR is tabloid jurnalism but just as every tabloid it is about sensation and selecting suitable informations for the cause of the article .. usually if you care to follow the sources you realize that it is not exactly how it is described, things are out of context, etc …


      1. You’re right, and this is worth saying.
        I also believe PRC authors should play more and try to enjoy sims as I do.
        But their work is really needed when the most populars blogs are under influence of, or paid by those they’re supposed to report about.


      2. 33 starts, 12 wins, and 2500 miles on Race2Play in 3 months.

        291 hours in Assetto Corsa. 170+ in Stock Car Extreme. 2 iRacing championships. 4th in a major RaceDeparrltment league. 60+ hours in Dirt Rally.

        What’s this about needing to play more?


      3. I own my PC since 13 months:
        631 hours AC
        319 hours R3E
        267 hours pCars
        124 hours DR
        120 hours rF2
        and some others
        Not often winning, but countless podiums with a full grid online.


      4. And James, AC has beautiful physics since their latest updates. On the flipside you need an Accuforce running full telemetry-based FFB to get beyond the (just for me broken) ingame-FFB, which is made to satisfy (more or less) to many people with with dozens of possible wheels and countless configurations.

        For example i used to love raceroom till one update in spring came out which changed the default FFB-configuration. I started hating Raceroom because i couldn´t have this great experience before anymore. And i hated this artificial FFB-effects making no sense and posted it – and they fixed it. Now i know, i used to love this steering rack force everybody say put it on 0%, which is bullshit. 30% is perfect and 0% is numb. But to late, i have similar forces in every sim now and don´t need Raceroom anymore for workout.

        In the moment it´s the first time i can say, i love the FFB/physics in every “big” title thanks to the possibilities in Sim Commander 4 allowing me to dial in the FFB for my wheel and taste. People complain about Dirt Rally, but i´ve a perfect FFB with this title, but no ingame-FFB as well.

        You complain about sims, but the progress in this business was quite impressive regarding the past year. Even iRacing is much better now even i still hate the ingame-FFB.


      5. AC logged the least number of hours for me, but does that mean anything? no

        just wonder how people can stand the fucking physic and the fucking AI with that fucking title, in term of graphics, pcars is mile ahead, in term of physics, this one is a bit ahead to what pcars has


  6. You may find this hard to believe, but just because someone wears an iRacing polo on their videos and gets given free shit to test doesn’t mean they can’t still be truthful about things – I watched and re-watched InsideSimRacing’s videos on a couple of pieces of hardware I was thinking about buying. Lo and behold, I bought them, and my experiences matched up with their reviews. Doesn’t matter if he shitposts comment sections or takes free handouts, his channel was and is still helpful and legit in some ways.


  7. Let’s pretend this idiot doesn’t exist and start asking the real questions instead.

    Why iRacing doesn’t have a proper offline mode? Why people can’t play with what they rented whenever they feel like to? I’ve seen people arguing about this on NoGrip yesterday (Alongside another interesting NoGrip topic about people who bash the latest tire update and fanboys whom defend it).

    Why if I invest $800 in renting cars and tracks, I can’t play with them offline whenever I want? Why do I have to be forced to go online? That’s retarded. iRacing is retarded.

    As a bonus question that as a modder bothers me to no end, who the fuck modelled the collision files for 90% of the cars in that garbage? Some cars such as the Skip Barber trash feels like they’re one of those little boats built inside glass bottles. It literally feels like the collision file is just a giant cilinder, there is no way in hell a car can interact with other cars like that and start spinning around like a drunk opera ballerina whenever it starts rolling. And they sell that for realistic? Are their buyers (Ops, I mean renters) mentally retarded for falling for that crap?

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    1. Because if you buy a race car or kart irl, you’ll need to pay to use the track every time. There, I explained iracing for you. Iracing follows the ultra realism of amateur and professional motorsport.


      1. You may have a point, but while you may need to go to your local track to drive your race car or kart, you can still drive it in your private propriety if you own one.

        I own a small land with 2 access roads and a quite “vast” parking lot, not suited for a lot of things, but perfect for learning to drive a road car or have fun with a kart. My kart (125cc) is not road legal for obvious reasons, but I can still race with it in my own private propriety because the laws of my country say so. I don’t need to travel 80km to the nearest kart track in another city if I don’t want to because my small land is only 6km from my home.

        Still, I can still enjoy my own race car (Although a kart it’s a mini race car) if I want to.

        With iRacing, it should be the same thing with my private propriety being the “offline mode” and my 125cc kart being the “digital content I pay for”.

        If you own something (Even if technically you just rent stuff from them) or pay for a very specific service, you should be able to have access to it at any time without any restrictions.

        I hope it’s clear enough, if not I’ll just assume whoever doesn’t understand it is retarded.


      2. Of course it does,that’s why you can drive thru cars on pit road and can stall the car.
        Dude,open your bedroom window and let some air in.




    2. Because that’s iRacing business model and guess what? One of the things that makes Capitalism the best system is that you aren’t forced to use the said sim, you have choices. It’s not like they are pointing you a gun to force you to drive there.
      As for myself? Never even tried a demo if there is one. I only drive online but I’m just not interested in iRacing model. I’m not complaining because people can’t drive it offline.


    3. Because iRacing is an online service. That’s it’s point, that’s what the subscription is for.
      An offline section is apparently planned but that won’t come until after the major UI overhaul.


  8. prc is fucking epic,its a breath of fresh air compared to the nose up ass attitude of every other fucking website sim related.
    iracing is a fucking shambles,just today i have seen veterans post about the appalling driving that you get in the worlds premium online simulator.
    what did they say to those who said the saftey and irating system dont achieve squat.
    all accidents are avoidable,sure if you want to not race and let everyone pass,or start from the pits just so you can finish a fucking race.
    or theres the just race leagues comments,so again totally negating the whole point of iracing.
    it seems like the only difference iracing has over the others is,you pay shit loads of cash,own nothing.
    why do you think the forums are locked to non members,its because they dont want potential customers to see they only offer different cars to other sims,the actually racing you will experience is the same standard of any public sever,that with the fact that they have fucked things up for 100s of folks and just left them for 3months to deal with it.
    ive said it before and i will say it again,im not putting anither penny into iracing,once my sub runs out thats it,i will just join and isi based league and get the same quality of racing for a fraction of the cost and not have to put up with the briefcase mongs that rules there forum.
    and that brings me onto another point about simracing,its all need based,so its no shock to see the gangis doing there nergasms.
    just look how poor iracing looks to the console sims,its pathetic,i wouldnt mind if the physics where good but they are borked,along with the tire model,all i see is pathetic leg humping when the devs spout there bs why its the way it is.
    the tire model isnt realtime,do 10 mlaps full pelt and 10 laps crawling,you will have the exact same where and grip levels.its a joke.
    keep up the good work prc

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    1. every other website is reporting news of the games and modding. prc is speculating about racing games drama, and people’s drama as well.


      1. No prc calls it how it is,if there’s a bug,or lack of dev effort,underhanded marketing/pricing he’s says it.
        I love referencing prc on racing’s forum,the fanboys get all hot and sweaty,some of the stuff they come out with to try and justify things is pure amazballs.


      2. he can say it, but is his truth, not everyone’s truth. Not every one agrees with what things he considers issue or unplayable.

        If you and him think games marketing and announcements are for tricking customers and brainwashing, this blog is generally the mirror image of that as well.

        Everyone has their agenda, be it standing on the marketing side or on the antagonist side, both are trying to convince people and make them think like them.

        The real deal is customers thinking and deciding for themselves, or at least trying so.

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  9. Geez, you’d think this guy would have learned his lesson after the last time, with EmptyBox.

    Posting that crap while logged in as “anonymous” is excessively lame. And, honestly, I don’t even have a problem with what he said if that’s what he truly believes. He’s entitled to his opinion, like the rest of us. But, damn, if that’s what you believe then put your name on it, man the eff up and stand by it.

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    1. Darin wrote this ” What’s PRC ? I haven’t read or seen any reviews on SLRE and would never base my opinion on another persons review.” after a comment made on there site about a review of Sebastien Loeb Rally. PRC looked into see if Darin ever commented on the site and he did. Once logged into his facebook and once without trying to hide himself from his typical private message rants and comments in races where he runs his mouth like hes 12.

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      1. Yeah pretty much this. Darin claimed he’d never heard of PRC, yet I remembered him commenting on our Sim Media Showdown article. Clicked his IP to check if he left anything else, and he sure did!


      1. I don’t understand how anyone can tolerate Empty Box’s idiotic ramblings. People seem to portray him as some sort of pillar of insight, yet he has the worst case of verbal diarrhea ever. No wonder he makes videos on YouTube, it’s probably the only way he can talk for more than five seconds without being told to shut the fuck up already. Dude gets far too much credit for so very little substance.

        At least Gangi’s antics can make me laugh.


  10. “If certain sim racers feel like behaving in a retarded manner towards their fellow hobbyists and virtual competitors, I have merely provided them with a platform to do so.”

    Hard to take anything you say seriously when you yourself engage in the kind of language your claiming to only provide a platform for..


  11. Aw man. Almost an entire article about how you legitimately got fucked by #Gamergate journalism fails without blaming it on women, and boom, there’s the whining about women, right there at the end.

    At least you’re consistent.


  12. And yet again Austin stoops to a new low. Isn’t doxing illegal in Canada? I suppose it doesn’t count because this isn’t a ‘reputable’ news outlet, rather it’s just a kids blog. We shouldn’t expect anything less from a kid who had a disturbing childhood.
    I don’t particularly like Darin either. His show used to be fun but now it is boring.
    But at least I can agree with him on one thing; you are a cunt.

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  13. Perhaps it’s time to remove ALL your articles on CENSORSHIP since the folks here at PRC are now REMOVING people’s posts and whole exchanges of comments.

    That would be HYPOCRITICAL to not do so. Perhaps even a disclaimer that you have now joined the ranks of ALL the ‘so called’ others


      1. Several comments/exchanges have been removed on the iRacing Season 2, 2016 Post including 2 of mine.

        Nothing was said that would be out of line. At least I don’t think so. There were no accusations, no foul language or anything like that. Fairly neutral.


      2. Have you lost track of which article you’ve commented on? You’re right in that you’ve made several comments on iRacing-related articles in the past, but none on the 2016 review.


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