Automobilista Arrives February 26th

GSC 2016-02-25 16-39-11-85

It will be an exceptionally long Friday at work for the hardcore virtual road racers among us, as Reiza Studios have announced via RaceDepartment that their highly anticipated 2016 title, Automobilista, will be released on February 26th. Powered by the isiMotor engine developed by Image Space Incorporated, Automobilista serves as a stop-gap title between Stock Car Extreme and the yet-to-be-named late 2017 racing sim Reiza has yet to begin work on. While Reiza’s previous release, Stock Car Extreme, focused primarily on popular auto racing series within the South American Content, Automobilista aims to provide a more all-encompassing experience to compete with larger sims such as Project CARS and Assetto Corsa. Multiple disciplines of auto racing from all over the globe will be available for the incredibly low price of $30, and sim racers currently taking part in the closed beta program are already falling in love with the highly-detailed Stadium Super Trucks – a first for any racing sim.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Automobilista will take after the many modern racing sims before it, and initially be released at a discounted price through Steam’s Early Access platform. The controversial Steam feature allows smaller developers like Reiza to generate revenue early on in the project and receive feedback from customers on an extremely large scale, but traditionally, racing sims using the Early Access platform have suffered. No less than five recent titles have used the Early Access program as a crutch, and instead of helping to improve the game, the ability to communicate with prominent figures from each developer team have spawned legions of fanboys trying to accumulate brownie points with the various personalities, and aggressive viral marketing campaigns glossing over genuine errors found by unbiased users. With games like Wreckfest, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and DiRT Rally all gaining notoriety for the incredibly hostile message board environment prior to release, and three of the four aforementioned titles still in varying states of disarray, it’s understandable that some sim racers are skeptical of yet another title showing up in the Early Access program.

GSC 2016-02-25 16-40-35-70

However, Reiza intends to use the Early Access program for last-minute bug fixing and large-scale stress testing for certain online racing features and leaderboard integration. Renato Simioni of Reiza Studios notes that Automobilista is “90% done”, and estimates that the Early Access phase of the title will be “relatively short”, lasting anywhere from 30 to 60 days. Unlike Bugbear’s Wreckfest, which has been listed on Steam’s Early Access page since January of 2014 with no completion date in sight, Reiza has a clear vision of what they intend to use this brief period of open beta time for. It’s nice to finally see a developer understand that Early Access is not just an unregulated way to take people’s money with the minimal amount of work possible.

Those who purchased Stock Car Extreme prior to January 6th will receive this title free of charge in their library, though it remains to be seen how many took advantage of this special promotion. The entire point of Automobilista was to help Reiza Studios reach a larger audience not comfortable diving into a racing sim primarily centered around South American content, so whether Reiza benefits from this release financially is a question that will be answered over the coming days. Regardless, any serious road racer will make Automobilista a day-one purchase, and I look forward to spending my weekend exploring what the game has to offer.

GSC 2016-02-25 16-40-12-92.jpg


58 thoughts on “Automobilista Arrives February 26th

  1. Having skipped over the previous GSC games I’ll most likely take this as my entry point to this series. I have followed the other games but never pulled the trigger despite many people saying its one of the better titles for AI racing. The GSC content itself interests me the most as from what I gather it’s like Brazils mashup of V8 Supercars and DTM. (In an abstract sort of comparison).

    At the very least it should give me another title to choose from when deciding what to race.


    1. There was a huge article on these cars on some Touring Car fan blog, and it’s like, Dallara built a Chevy Sonic DTM entry and shoved a Dodge NASCAR Nationwide Series engine in it.


    2. Well yeah they decided to use a design like this to try to be appealing (to Brazilians) as DTM when they were choosing a new platform, that was kinda long ago tho.
      Wonder if they’ll change that any time soon, with our economy I don’t think they’ll risk losing cars for this


      1. I know headlight of nascar cars are like this, just didn’t know brazilian stock cars are also like this, nice found, thank mate. 🙂


  2. Codemasters official DiRT Rally forum isn’t hostile at all, it’s one of the nicest places to be! Now, Codemasters F1 forums, on the other hand… Lots of arguing and complaining!


    1. Came here to say this. Codemasters was really good during early access. It’s been a bit quiet on the western front since they claimed it was “finished.”


  3. Point of the article? Now PRC is just one more news reporting website. If you go past the emotions the writer puts in his words, this article is the same as reading the AMS announcement on rd, vr, bs.


    1. lol fools on here will lap up buying the dated rfactor all over again, claiming it has better physics than any on the market, such bullshit, I just wish ISI would hurry up and go out of business, so the simracing genre can progress


  4. GSCE may be a bit long in the tooth, but it still offers a great amount of variety & fun in one package. It may not be as pretty as AC or pCARS, but some SweetFX tweaks can at least sharpen things up a bit (esp. steering wheel & interior details). New car series aside, I’m most curious about any visual tweaks Reiza brings with AMS. It’s a wonder ISI’s engine endured this long.

    Decent mod community esp. with very high quality work from Patrick Giranthon. His latest Catalunya track is superb. Easily tweakable config files for those so inclined. Get some V10, Rally, & Super Truck action going. Gonna be good shit.

    Next … just update the graphics and driving immersion/feedback. Hopefully Reiza can deliver a high quality “next gen” platform that lives up to their GSCE cred. 2017 can’t come soon enough. For now, AMS will do.


  5. It’s like watching a 90’s videogame… you can put every single bit of “sim” into it, it will count nothing if the eyes aren’t pleased as well. It’s 2016 for god sake!


    1. The inverse is even more true. You can throw all the Hollywood graphics you can at a “sim” but if the FFB and physics suck then it’s all for nothing. One day we will get both but until that day comes, I will take substance over pretty every day of the week.


      1. You’re too focused on hollywood graphics.. well those are just camera lens graphics simulation. But hey, you can turn those effects off. I guess is just easier to spread your prejudice against sims that added such post processing effects than actually turning them off.


      2. Some people are too focused on graphics, period. Overlooking car handling in favor of modern/2016 graphics is why we have garbage like Pcars and AC, albeit AC is the better of the two handling wise.


  6. I really just can’t get over that awful, overly bright and cartoonish graphic style they’ve gone with. It just looks awful. The tech behind this game is yesterday’s news, time to move on.


    1. RE: “overly bright and cartoonish graphic style” – Something like sweetfx or reshade and your set in less than a minute.

      RE: “time to move on” – To what? The _advanced_ tech you find behind PCars, AC, or Sebastian Loeb?


      1. The only 2 engines competing with ISI powered sims is Iracings, which apprantly has pretty much the same code as there ancient nascar titles, and AC’s engine, which is still got a long long way to go to properly simulate what a lot of sim racers consider standard now (not talking features, but nuts and bolts simulation),and has many “roadblocks” that the engine seems to have hard coded in it,meanwhile, apart from a few shaders and using an older API, ISI newest engine just fucking dominates simulation and the technology behind it,it says a lot when the older ISI engine still features more simulation then either of those engines, let alone the latest ISI engine, let the plebs think otherwise, they seem to think shiny reflections and shaders are relevant tech advances in sim racing.


    1. Pcars and RRE are essentially Rfactor in every way, with a bit of tweaking, Pcars far closer to rf1 then ppl seem to relise, do you think its a coincidence pcars (and RRE)dont “support” modding, as this would go against ISI terms, more than likely, its rf1 with a new API and a few Nvidia plugins, and they fucked the FFB, if they did what GSCE did and just used real feel plugin, Pcars would be a far better title, reiza decided to concentrate on tweaking the far more important stuff.


      1. Project Cars has a completely different graphics engine from rFactor 1, it’s not just “a new API and a few Nvidia plugins,”


      2. Yep, “graphics” being the primary word here, RRE has a “brand” new graphics engine too, but they are both rf1 essentially, tweaked in different ways, but not much different at all,reiza have clearly spent their time with ISI engine improving Physics more than brand new graphic “engines”, its interesting to see the 3 different approaches on the same engine.


      3. PCARS has nothing left of the old ISI engine (neither in gfx neither in physics), not a single instance of the game. And PCARS supports modding, what it doesn’t have it’s the modding tools (they haven’t been released to the public because they weren’t polished enough for generic purposes).
        This 90’s garbage is just that… something that will be purchased by 500 hardcore chaps which dreams to be a pilot because someone told them that the physics is “better” that the other sims.
        The fun part is that those 500 chaps will purchase pcars and assetto as well, but together with other millions “kids”… and here we are again.
        I respect people opinions… but you can’t change a fact (and I’m not talking about which title is better! … I’m just talking how the sim world is rolling nowadays).


      4. “PCARS has nothing left of the old ISI engine (neither in gfx neither in physics)”

        Utter bollocks, we have someone claiming to be a insider (dev?) further down about this and he claims very little left, so what is it? none or very little?fucks sake you are a cock sucking marketer’s dream come true.

        We will never hear the full truth unless they get dragged through court, like Iracing, remember the game that shares barely nothing with NR2003 code?, oh except under oath that bounced up to 90percent of nr2003 code lol, plebs are fucking easy to trick with shiny new graphics, adn a bit of BS spin.

        I can fully feel rf1 in pcars, RRE and GSCE difference is Pcars fucked everything, RRE concentrated on a solid racing game with balance on graphics and physics, and Reiza put all there effort in physics, and LFS same thing,concentrated on physics, plebs will ALWAYS CHOOSE GRAPHICS OVER PHYSICS, but I guarantee the “500” owners of Reiz products are on average going to be far more skilled players and ppl actually interested and knowledgeable in motorsports adn simulation, past it just looking cool adn having the “sim” tag

        The entire games industry is run like this,plebs don’t have a clue how many games they play that all trace their code to a handful of engines.


    2. There is not much left from ISI engine in pCARS .. just so you know and stop spreading bullshit. Madness engine started with ISI as a base, but it is a long long ago and most things has been rewritten (and enhanced for you dumbasses who would like to say that it should better stay as it was. For example completely new SETA tire model (we can probably agree that tire model is one of most crucial componenets of simulation, right?). I’d like to bet, that most people who are dissing pCARS on this site just believed Austin (and other idiots) and actually never tried it … because it simply is currently the best sim when it comes to actual driving … it may have bugs (actually it has) in carrer, in penalizations etc. But when it comes to feel like being in real car and to car behaving as a real car, then there is nothing better than pCARS. (And Austin and other who simly does not like pCARS can’t change it)


      1. “There is not much left from ISI engine in pCARS .. just so you know and stop spreading bullshit.”

        You are a fucking mug if you believe that tripe, you clearly know fuck all about engines and how marketing buzz works, from teh rest you wrote I reckon you haven’t played a proper race sim in your life.

        “because it simply is currently the best sim when it comes to actual driving”

        And this just confirms it,You totally invalidated your opinion on sim racing with that retarded line,no really, what the actual fuck, if youve played nothing but codemasters games and NFS games you may have a point, what the actual fuck,its literally the worst driving out of all current sims, by a large margin,some big sim racing youtube personalities even refuse to feature it lol , instead pcars coverage mainly left left to those retarded loud mouth manboy channels.

        Seta is PURE marketing BS,it has zero info on it short of a little marketing page listing its “features”, you truly are a “dumbarse” if you think its a complex or even decent model,it handles like pure shit, Pcars tyres feel worse than vanilla rf1, and suffers alot of the same issues, FFB is worst on the market by a long shot, only AC beats Pcars for worst AI,netcode is average at best, career is waste of time and designed for plebs not interested in racing and require a “reason” to play, how about a simple custom champ maker, or the tools to allow ppl to do it as a plugin.

        The madness “engine” is rf1 with fancy graphics and a step backwards from rf1 physics, BS “tyre model” that again appears to suffer some of the same issues as 2005’s rf1, Reiza on the other hand managed to vastly improve on rf1 engine in every way, oh except what some like to call a “brand new graphics engine”.


      2. I won’t bother arguing with you …. what you have written is absolute bullshit. Thing is – I don’t “believe” anything about SETA … I know those things. Can you guess how I know instead of believeing? Try 😀


      3. “SETA is fucking shit. See how extreme camber and pressures changes won´t make change I-M-O temperatures.”

        Haha, a cunny funt, why yes it does have this issue, shares with AC, fancy that,at least SMS tried to fix some of their heating issues not long ago, but the fucking plebs rebelled, pitch forks and all, and they retracted the advances made on heat model made in patch,suppose can’t say SMS don’t listen to its customers, shame its teh fucking retarded ones they listen too lol its even funnier with pcars, because its awesome SETA tyre model appears to not handle many features and important simulation ( heat\wear\grip\pressures\setups affecting them) that appeared to of worked more or less fine in rf1, at least better then either AC or pcars do (rre too, but thats actually a good game), but as I found out lately and SMS, plebs don’t care or understand about any of that, so just give em more DLC.


    1. valve delayed it.

      “Sorry guys but we might not be able to get this out today as we´d planned Took us a bit longer than expected to get the build uploaded and Valve has changed their approval processes so it´s unlikely they will get it greenlit before next week (they don´t approve during or allow releases on saturday or sunday).”


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