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Despite only being available for download on Steam’s Early Access platform for a mere three hours, the hardcore sim racers among us have already managed to run into several problems trying to turn laps in Automobilista. The highly anticipated multi-discipline auto racing simulation by Brazilian developer Reiza Studios was set to take the genre by storm in 2016 with a rejuvenated isiMotor engine, but almost immediately the discovery of huge game-breaking performance issues has served to frustrate early adopters of the title.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people. While seamlessly integrating my previous controller configurations, graphical settings, and car setups from Stock Car Extreme into the brand new sim, venturing out onto the track nearly crashes my game. The framerate drops to a level that’s completely unplayable – we’re talking less than a single frame per second. As Automobilista and Stock Car Extreme are fundamentally the same game with roughly the same system requirements, it’s extremely confusing for my PC to nearly stop running the game completely when I click the Drive button. To add to the confusion, the game performs fine in Replay mode.

And I don’t appear to be the only one having this issue. Within the past hour, others are also reporting that Automobilista is virtually unplayable. Some believe the problem is connected to the game’s Force Feedback setting, though I was unable to rectify the bizarre framerate drop in this manner. These guys have PC builds that are far superior to anything I could ever hope to assemble, and they too report that they straight up can’t even pull the car out of the garage. It’s that bad.


Lastly, both the game itself, as well as the configuration executable, crash at random. A couple of us on Teamspeak noted that Automobilista crashed to the desktop upon merely trying to Escape back to the garage menu after a few laps of driving for those who could get the game to work, and the external graphics configuration menu crashes every single time you leave the application. I’d like to use the excuse of “it’s Early Access”, but let’s be real here – this is Stock Car Extreme with a few more cars and tracks. This is not the same thing as making the jump from Grand Prix Legends to Assetto Corsa.

Reiza will probably get this fixed – Automobilista is so fundamentally similar to their previous release, there’s no reason these issues should exist for more than a day or two, but for those who risked staying up late for the Monday night release within the North American timezone, we’ll be heading back to the message boards until someone gives us the thumbs up that these problems have been fixed.


87 thoughts on “It’s A Slideshow

  1. “this is Stock Car Extreme with a few more cars and tracks.”

    And engine updates, you say it’s not like going from GPL to AC, but it is like going from GPL to NR2003.


    1. I find it hard to believe there has been engine update by watching above screenshot that look just like I remember GSCE looking, all I see see is little sharper textures


      1. Physics engine, not graphics engine. And it’s mostly a matter of bumping up physics frequencies so it’ll definitely be harder on the CPU than gsce.


      1. The problem with Forza 6 is that its tied to an underpowered single-use system with barely an redeeming values, so they had to focus on a successful launch.

        Until they release it for Windows 10 where they will lock it and gimp it to the point where nobody will care about it of course.

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    1. you mean early access testing phase launch ? 🙂 for me everything works fine .. 150-200FPS with maxed settings on fairly archaic PC


      1. Real sim racers play real sims. Kiddie racers play the new psedo sims with fancy graphics but garbage physics and FFB because the are shit drivers that can’t keep the car on a track in real sims. Enjoy your graphics, slow loser.


  2. 8 people have post about this issue in the Steam forums..

    That said, Reiza are well aware of the situation in their Race Department development forums.


    1. I’ll create and upload a torrent to this dated pile of cow shit called rfactor1, repackaged as a new game during the weekend, honestly how can anyone get excited over rfactor all over again, its the most outdated pile of shit in the history of simracing, ever tried stale baked beans well this is it.
      No wonder the sim racing genre is niche, so embarrassed to move on from a dated shit engine by a dev ISI that cant progress, no wonder their lead programmer left the team, to venture into something much better.


      1. Wow, did ISI touch your special parts?(sounds like someone did), is this because anybody with any major skill at sim racing chooses isi based sims or iracing and not the crop of half arse “sims” the demented xbone generation manboys that cum all over their tighty whiteys over?

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      2. While I agree that sim racing has barely advanced from the mid-2000’s it appears your off-colour comment stems from some underlying sexual abuse.


    2. Retard isn’t supported by the game though, half a brain is min requirement,says so on box, leaves you shit outta luck, maybe dad will buy ya one for xmas.


    3. If you don’t know how to find your own torrent then your are way too stupid to download, un-rar and install it by yourself. I hope you have velcro on your sneakers instead of laces.


    1. new tracks are for Rally Cross and variations of existing tracks for SuperTrucks … there will be one track comming (VIR I think) .. so far it makes 32 tracks with 87 layouts/variations +Nurburgring GP as mod


    1. we back to nintendo f1 boys

      Seriously, hope the problem gets fixed. I don’t have any of it though, works well here so far.


    2. Lower your FFB update rate.

      These are platform-specific problems. It runs excellently for me with relatively equivalent input latency to GSCE (and more precise/variable feeling FFB).


  3. “AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience! ”

    Quote from Renato Simioni… Fuckin Laughable for rFactor 1 really.
    FPS is worse than GSCE. So much hype for nothing. I wouldn’t waste the 11gb Downloading this.

    I have a GTX970 and I was getting graphic Lag in this during the Beta test and Gave up. They said its would be well and truely done by Release !!!! More BS from Reiza. Yet Battlefield i can run Ultra no problems. Too many clowns at Reiza Promising the ” Next Gen game” FFS what a goose.


    1. give them time, they are still testing .. not full release yet .. on 750ti with max settings I have 150-200FPS .. there is something causing it for some users .. most reports were tied to DD wheels …they will figure it out ..


      1. Hope they sort it for everyone,just tried, I appear to be lucky one , and farout this is one crisp looking sim man,I was simply looking forward to some dirt action added to GSC, but this is damn fine,totally worth the zero bucks I had to pay for it.

        some major issues I found in my 30min play though…

        I want to take my awesome new v10 on ramp tracks, is this possible, i miss something?, otherwise totally unrealistic.

        FFb on dirt is pissing me missus off, no sexy time for hash tonight.

        Its late and steam took all day to DL.

        Im disappointed i haven’t got cartoon graphics like all the plebs promised, the fuck? false adverts by shills again,shit looks all natural and stuff, da fuck is this.

        Its late and steam took all fucking day to DL

        I didn’t have to setup FFB, the fuck is this shit, i expect at least 20 hours in game to sort FFB, for a “new gen” sim, clearly dumbed down FFB.

        I got work tomorrow, and steam took all fucking day to DL.

        No dubstep or lady voice over, da fuck is this shit, reiza needs to sort that for 2017, or im gonna shit meself.

        Reiza sort ya shit out.

        No really hope the stuttering is sorted for ppl, just seen a 200mb patch come down, maybe thats it, cause apart from my important issues, AM fucking rocks, looking forward to some MP, checking Race2play now.


      2. @Hash you need to select ALL CARS AND TRACKS instead of V10 class .. that way you can drive every car on every track .. also mixed class racing ..

        For dirt FFB try increase SmoothingLevel to 3 – 5 of whatever you`ll like .. in RealFeel.ini .. car is EVOD


      3. Cheers bud, was a little of a piss take, i’ve found no real issues so far, except missus but im not numbing me FFB for her, she gonna have to live with it, but im most definitely gonna send some things over those ramps, thanks for that.


  4. They somehow managed to break the rip of their own previous “game”. You have to be really retarded to do such a thing. If they fail miserably with this and it’s their own game, they can’t be trusted with the 2017 game/engine.


    1. Just what I wanted to say. They clearly stated that it’s imperative to make a new profile and configs.

      350 fps here on a GTX970. Rallycross is totally awesome. Tracks are more detailed. Some cars have quirks in their handling, but it’s an Early Access after all.


      1. Yeah, there are clearly some optimization issues right now. Even so, re-gen your config from scratch, it should at least be playable.


  5. They release the same game again, with 2005 graphics and a 2005 engine, but somehow it has a lot more bugs lol. How pathetic Reiza.


  6. AMS has SweetFX packaged with it, but the settings are pretty lame. It’s much better than the blurry mess in GSCE, but it could be so much better (with better settings). Graphically, SweetFX + some improved textures (esp. tarmac details and tire tracks). The bonus cars are definitely welcome and fun to drive.

    Aside from that though, AMS doesn’t run anywhere as smooth as GSCE did. We are living in strange times.

    Also, the .hdv files seem to be conspicuously missing in the vehicle folders. Going to assume they’ve tucked those tweaks elsewhere. Hopefully those vehicle specs are still tweakable – ie. eventually adds new life to the game once the same-old-same-old no longer produces wood (so to speak).


      1. …False. If you think sweetfx is the only shader, you’re highly confused about realtime rendering engines in general…


  7. Not sure why you imported over your SCE profile, as it’s a different game. Common sense would be to start over fresh. I haven’t had any issues with it so far, framerate wise.


      1. Nah crowd is just mad because some fool is sitting on the grid still with his brakes on. Stewards getting ready to present the black flag 😉


    1. Yepz, because they know the people will dishing out the cash for it. My guess?? reiza will remove even more stock content and sell it as dlc further down the time, along with any new content car or track.

      Let’s go all greedy and fragment the community even more. Nice one, reiztards.


  8. “AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience! ”


    Just a Rehash of GSCE, few graphic improvements on a 10yr old Game engine. 2 new Cars and sum tracks. rFactor 1.5.


  9. For people with performance / FFB related issues (IMPORTANT!)
    It appears some wheels/system combos can’t keep up with our increased force feedback update rate, reducing framerates significantly. It does not seem to affect every wheel or every spec specifically or equally. We are still investigating this issue.

    In the meantime, two things you can try which will almost certainly fix the problem while still giving you much more detailed feedback than before is:

    1) Set the FFB to ‘low’ instead of medium / high / full (“Low” is in fact the recommended setting in any case for pure steering rack forces);

    2) If that doesn’t fix it:
    – Go to Userdata\yourname and open up controller.ini
    – Find the line near the bottom of the file:

    FFB Skip Updates=”1″ // Some drivers can’t handle a quick FFB update rate so use this parameter to skip the given number of updates (0=full, 1=half, 2=one-third, 3=one-quarter, etc.)

    – Increase this number one at a time so first try 2, then 3, then 4 etc.

    Verify how these increments improve on your issue, and then please post here your exact system specs, wheel, windows version, sim hardware etc so we can try reproduce and isolate the issue.

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  10. “AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience! ”

    You shouldn’t have to go in any ini file to fix the Reiza Rehashed garbage. as one said above. just the 3rd rendition of GSCE.

    Waiting for the outcry when their DLC starts. Rumoured to be April/May.

    Hope someone coverts all the stuff to AC. LOL


      1. “AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience! ”


        8th Rehashed version


    1. Have you even tried it yet? It drives significantly different to GSCE. I would rather have AC’s stuff ported over to AMS and rFactor 2. AC is useless.


      1. I was part of the Beta.
        Don’t matter what topping gets coated on this its the 3rd/4th version of rFactor.

        Theres no difference to GSCE, FFB is the same as it uses the identical pickup


      2. “Theres no difference to GSCE, FFB is the same as it uses the identical pickup”

        Whoops. Sampling method ~= sampling rate. You should realize that by now. The FFB obviously feels better. Perhaps you’re broken, rather than the game?


  11. Yeah I’m having problems as well. The standalone graphics config crashes for me as well. Also, 50% of the time I exit the track to go back to the pits, all 3 of my screens turn black with the HUD glitching out in an all white color. Alt-tabbing to the desktop sometimes fixes it but I often have to terminate the application and start all over again. The racing is enjoyable, when it works.


  12. Well, IMO its a significant upgrade to SCE. List of things, somewhat in order of importance:

    1.You dont have to scroll 5 mins through cars to get to the one you want.
    2.Delta bar in hud.
    3.Other useful data in hud you dont have to scroll through.
    4.Changing track.
    5.Tyre pickup, and tyres also look significantly better than before.
    6. Overall it looks abit better. I didnt mind the look in SCE neither, its kinda more immersive and calming, more consistent than in Assetto Corsa.
    7. Drifting! Also significantly easier and intuitive than Assetto Corsa, atleast for me.
    8. Separate assists for cars in the setup menu.
    9. FFB seems abit more helpful, but I’m not sure in which way.
    10. Cars dont snap out of control so easily.

    The point about selling us just another Rfactor 1 is kinda stupid Imo. Race 07 is rfactor 1, GTR 2 is another rfactor 1. Yeah, you might be able to get Rfactor 1 to (almost) the state of Automobilista… If you take 2 weeks off work to install and setup all the mods and then reinstall everything about 10 times to get it to work together.


    1. Agreed, just tested it out for the first time. Basically all of my problems with GSCE are gone and now there’s basically unmatched loose surface thrown in as well…


  13. Well, I’ve now tested it out for about 10 min. with the lancer rallyx…

    It completely destroys dirty rally and SLR, it really feels like proper loose surface… Then you transition to the tarmac and you feel the tyres gradually gain traction as you slide forward, it’s very ‘complete’. The FFB all around feels better.

    I’m very, very pleased with how well this is working so far.

    For the record, flawless performance at 2160p, didn’t see a single framedrop. Crossfire just works right out of the box too.


    1. +1 s2173&e123

      Yep sure does, the hate in comments is unreal, this is a top class sim, and how a sim should drive and feel,the mhz uprate blows it away, for me rf2 is ultimate in physics category, but with rf1 engine AM has come very very very close,the feel of rubber on the slip angles feels beautiful, brings a tear to me eyes,dirt pick up on wheels looks shit hot, proper flatspotting (not just a feature printed on box), the dirt sections are just amazing,id happily help fund a rally game from reiza.

      Anyone who claims they love sim racing (not the scene girls we have in comments) should own this without a doubt, really looking forward with what they come up with in next title.


      1. Yeah man!

        It really closed the gap with rf2 in several critical ways all at once. Like you, I think rf2 still has more dynamic road physics (due to tyre model and chassis flex I guess), but Automobilista is a very decent second in my book. Add in the loose surface and it’s actually a very unique and worthwhile package.

        Reiza rally title… that would be fing great. I wonder how easily they can stream a longer stage right now? Wondering if they could integrate rally pretty easily as-is and maybe it’s mostly a matter of creating the maps?

        I think Automobilista will start attracting a reasonable MP player base, similar to rf2. Yeah, might be hard to get into a populated pickup race whenever you want, but hopefully we will end up with a good 12+ hours of daily MP action (like rf2).

        So far, it feels pretty nice moving between Automobilista and rf2. More complimentary rather than harmful to pace and technique.


  14. “AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience! ”

    $40 , 11.4gb for another rFactor version that’s broken,
    They can’t continue to sit there and say its theres when its rFactor on a more modded scale.

    Hope to see some of this stuff in AC.


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