A New Sherrif in Town

AMS 2016-03-02 16-21-52-91.jpg

Released in late September of 1998 by the team now currently known as iRacing.com, rumor has it that Sir Jackie Stewart himself claimed that the 1967 Formula One entries featured in Grand Prix Legends were somehow more difficult to drive on a computer screen than their real life counterparts. Amassing a reputation for its unforgiving difficulty and bizarre yet oh-so-satisfying handling characteristics, the landmark Papyrus title firmly cemented itself as the most difficult auto racing simulator ever conceived in the three dimensional era of video games. Not only did the 1960’s-era bias ply tires lack the abundance of grip seen with all modern racing slicks, certain aspects of the default car setups bundled with the vanilla product turned the already unstable cars into fiery rolling coffins. As the entry for the game on Wikipedia states:

The default setups in Grand Prix Legends combined uncharacteristically low ride heights with short bump stops, which resulted in cars whose suspension frequently “bottomed out” and oscillated abruptly between the expected spring rates and much higher bump stop spring rates. This caused the cars to behave erratically over curbs, bumps and any significant application of acceleration or braking, with only the highly skilled able to fully exploit these “low rider” or “go-kart” setups.

The problem was further complicated by the lack of audible feedback when the cars hit the bump stops, leaving many drivers scratching their heads at the erratic handling of the early setups.

Papyrus were aware that there would be difficulties for the novice even before the simulator was released. On the very first page of the manual, it cautions, “You will spin and crash, because everyone who tries the simulation spins and crashes the first time out. And the second time out. And the third.

Since GPL burst onto the scene and left us all shouting obscenities at our monitors, racing simulators have evolved into modern technological marvels. Home computers are now more than capable of running advanced physics engines which simulate elaborate concepts such as dynamic track surfaces and complex tire models, with titles like X-Plane or NASCAR Racing 2003 Season going the extra mile and treating airflow as a proper fluid. While we still may lack the seat-of-the-pants feel from having our asses strapped to a bucket seat by a maze of Simpson racing belts, it’s now also easier than ever to sit in front of a screen and turn competitive laps. Seventeen years after the release of Grand Prix Legends, a plethora of developers have revisited some of the cars featured in the now-historic Papyrus sim in an effort to see how far we’ve come. At the time, we truly believed GPL was realistic, and the drivers of yesteryear were divine entities for simply surviving, but as the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20.

No longer a death sentence, the Lotus 49 in Assetto Corsa provides a tangible trip back to the 1967 Formula One season, while the Brabham BT20 in rFactor 2 is an equally enticing offering for those unwilling to brave iRacing’s steep pricing model. In both cases, the immense learning curve once intimidating new drivers back when Grand Prix Legends was a hot item has now been completely eradicated, and while not everyone will be able to bust out laps that would make Jim Clark proud, the car isn’t trying to kill them.

Yet even though Grand Prix Legends has been more or less retired from the rotation of many virtual drivers, and our understanding of how both historic and modern race cars perform under competitive circumstances has changed, sim racers are still looking for the next GPL.

AMS 2016-03-02 16-22-26-82.jpg

Released only a few short days ago, Automobilista is the first attempt by Brazilian developer Reiza Studios at messing around with the isiMotor engine itself. Designed as a pseudo-sequel to the cult hit Stock Car Extreme, Automobilista includes several under-the-hood physics engine changes, as well as a host of new content intended to draw in sim racers who aren’t entirely familiar with the major South American auto racing series. I’ve been digging through the title over the past few days, and despite a few nagging FPS issues that are clearly the result of the game’s Early Access state, this is a pretty worthy addition to any sim racer’s collection. It may look like rFactor with a few community shader model upgrades, but the game sure doesn’t drive like it. We’ll obviously have a full review in the coming weeks up here on PRC.net, but here’s a quick spoiler if you can’t wait: To my surprise, it’s much more than just a re-packaged version of rFactor.

Among the list of content is a vehicle most traditional sim racers won’t be familiar with. Former NASCAR driver and American Off-Road Legend Robby Gordon has spent the past few years of his professional career reviving the Mickey Thompson Off-Road series of the 1980’s and 1990’s, with the financial backing of SPEED Energy Drinks. Dubbed Stadium Super Trucks, Gordon and his team of Mechanics have built a fleet of relatively small rear-wheel drive trucks that send 800 horsepower to the rear wheels. These trucks are a far cry from the stereotypical touring cars and open wheel offerings seen in pretty much every mainstream racing sim over the past decade, but the real life series has some serious credentials. Six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, as well as Ivan Stewart of Super Off-Road fame, both used this series as their stomping grounds.

If you thought Grand Prix Legends was hard, you ain’t seen shit. The Stadium Super Trucks as seen in Automobilista are the most difficult cars to drive in any racing simulator, ever. These brand-less pickup trucks combine the power of a NASCAR Sprint Cup car with the body roll of a Sport Utility Vehicle from Grand Theft Auto IV, and the off-road tires will simply never stick properly to the asphalt racing surface. And just when you think you’ve found out how to tame these beasts, there are giant steel ramps all over the track.

AMS 2016-03-01 19-31-00-84

The man responsible for bringing these trucks to life himself, Niels Heusinkveld, struggled to complete consistently quick laps during his demonstration of the vehicle a few weeks ago. This is not due to physics errors or the perceived shortcomings of the isiMotor engine – very few people will ever be able to tame this truck. And this has become more and more apparent as I’ve ventured into a few online servers – there has never been something quite like this in a racing simulator before. Sure, Group B rally cars from the mid 1980’s generate a ridiculous amount of power for such narrow roads, and the turbocharged Formula One machines Ayrton Senna drove during the height of his career are typically reserved for the more advanced sim racers among us, but the insanity of those cars could be dialed out to an extent in the garage menu. Not here.

AMS 2016-03-02 16-26-58-77.jpg

So to ensure that readers of PRC.net don’t shit their pants at the sight of these trucks, rush out to buy Automobilista, and put the game down after ten minutes because “I literally can’t stop wrecking to save my life”, we’re going to run through an extremely short tutorial in how to drive these things without killing yourself. Not only is the Stadium Super Truck the most difficult vehicle ever released for a consumer auto racing simulator, it’s also the most rewarding to drive.

Super Truck.jpg


So if you’ve run a few laps in a test session by yourself, you’ll notice these things don’t turn very well under any circumstances. If you don’t understeer off the track on entry, you’ll either spin out on exit, or apply the throttle at such a horrible time that the truck literally rolls over on you. Your first 30 minutes in this truck, you’ll honestly complete maybe one or two laps at a speed that’s anywhere from five to eight seconds off pace. It will hurt your brain at how much you have to think about what you’re doing each lap, but surprisingly enough, this truck can be driven successfully by slowing the fuck down and being gentle.

Brake 100 feet early for every corner. I’m serious. Is there a giant 150 feet board at a certain track that you routinely use during your touring car endeavors? Yeah, that won’t cut it. Sorry. You’re in a truck on extremely shitty tires for the type of surface you’re running on. Get on the brake pedal hard enough so the nose points firmly towards the ground, but then immediately start to lift. As you near the entry of the corner, steadily reduce your braking input to absolutely nothing, while gently steering the car truck to the apex. If you can’t settle the car truck onto the bottom of the corner, your entry speed is too high.

When you’ve got to absolute zero input on your brake pedal, resist the temptation to get on the gas. Coast through the corner. Look around at the scenery. Contemplate life. Ask yourself if you still know the words to some of those FreeCreditReport.com commercials. And when the anticipation becomes unbearable, begin center the steering wheel while applying like, 20% throttle. If you fucked this process up, you’ll have hit the wall by now.

When the truck is pointed straight, slam the pedal down and hold on. Online races will be won and lost by who has the biggest set of balls to apply full power at the earliest possible moment.

AMS 2016-03-01 19-33-49-19


There are anywhere between three and five giant metal ramps all over the track, and they will fuck your shit up if you’re not careful. Thanfkully, the process of getting massive airtime is significantly easier than cornering. These trucks have an insane amount of torque, and you can use this to your advantage with some quick pedal work. In his video talking about the truck, Niels himself explained that something you can do to ensure a smooth flight is to blip the brake and then jam on the gas right as you approach the ramp. The torque from pointing the nose forward and then sending all the weight to the rear of the vehicle under acceleration lowers the rear end by a significant margin, and allows the truck to leave the ramp with a natural arc projection.

Under race conditions, nobody wants to intentionally jab the brakes.

So the alternative method is a bit sketchier, but this results in retaining your speed rather than losing it. Lift off the throttle half a truck length before the jump, and then mat the throttle as the front tires hit the ramp. The first few times you do this, the truck will nose the fuck over and you’ll shit your pants. It’s cool, we’re only halfway there. To ensure a safe landing, you need to tap into a technique Supercross riders and Monster Truck drivers use on a regular basis – the gyroscopic effect.

Applying the brakes while in the air pitches the nose towards the ground. Applying the throttle while in the air pitches the nose towards the sky. Why? Physics.If the truck is rotating too quickly and your screen is full of tarmac, blip the throttle a few times and it should at least partially rectify the situation. If not, hold your breath and prepare to steer out of it.

Now if you’re somehow given the opportunity to drive one of these trucks in real life and don’t want to piss off your crew members with lengthy repair projects, ideally you want to blip the throttle a few times in the air to keep the rear wheels spinning at a rate relative to the speed the truck is traveling, but staying on the throttle right as the vehicle lands can fuck up the differential in all sorts of interesting ways. If you’ve ever been to a major stadium Monster Jam event and wonder why so many drivers blip the throttle like crazy during massive jumps, it’s not to make pointless loud noises for the children in the audience – it’s to save equipment.

These trucks are a handful and completely unlike anything ever featured in a major sim racing release since we’ve moved into the 3D generation. While these tips won’t make you magically click off laps competitive enough to compete for the win among real people, being able to make it around the track a few times under near-complete control is a lot more fun than spinning out every other corner and wondering what you did wrong. There is basically nothing you can do in the garage area for these trucks that isn’t personal preference – the best way to get quicker is to simply think about what you’re doing and invest the long grueling laps into refining the basics. It’s fucking brilliant when it all comes together, I promise.

AMS 2016-03-02 16-18-47-99


102 thoughts on “A New Sherrif in Town

  1. I bet you’ve never been more happy to eat your own words as far as the “OMG rFactor Community Edition” thing goes.


      1. Really fuckin’ looking forward to Reiza 17 now, seeing as this is only a few months of engine development, I can’t wait to see what they can do with a year.


      2. Formula Armaroli
        Formula Truck 2013
        Game Stock Car 2011
        Game Stock Car 2012
        Game Stock Car 2013
        Game Stock Car Extreme
        Copa Petrobras de Marcas

        Reiza Studios has released EIGHT FUCKING rFactor 1-based titles.


      3. >Formula Armaroli
        >Formula Truck 2013
        >Game Stock Car 2011
        >Game Stock Car 2012
        >Game Stock Car 2013
        >Game Stock Car Extreme
        >Copa Petrobras de Marcas

        >Reiza Studios has released EIGHT FUCKING rFactor 1-based titles.

        I suppose the 17 games Valve has developed and the 25 by other developers that were developed under the Source Engine (not Source 2) are all the same game, now?


    1. “Reiza Studios has released EIGHT FUCKING rFactor 1-based titles.”

      Hummm….not exactly.

      Amaroli was a mod for Rf1.
      GSC12 was an evolution from 2011 and free
      Formula Truck is an independant game (that eventually gonna be in Automobilista for free)
      Automobilista is free for anyone that previously had GSC Extreme.

      I only have paid for the first GSC 2011 and GSC 2013, 20 and 16€, ridicolous prices for the amount of hours and fun.

      It’s fun to still read “it’s Rf1”, i really feel sorry for those who can’t enjoy the sim because of the motor that is based on…


      1. The point is that they continuously rehased and re-release content. That is a fact. And yes, still rFactor 1 with plug-ins.


  2. I love the Formula V10 to death, but the Super Truck is the shit. I still can’t drive the fucking thing to save my life, but taking jumps in this thing satisfies my inner redneck.


  3. Surprisingly, I have taken to the SuperTruck like a fat girl to a cupcake. It took only about 20 minutes before I was Qualifying on the pole and taking wins. You definitely have to drive it like the tank it is and I love jumping it.

    I use the off throttle, split second touch of the brake right before the lip of the ramp and then stab the throttle to get level flight and if the nose is too low, an up shift while at full throttle will rotate the nose up and then downshift right before or at landing to keep the engine in the peak of the torque curve.

    Thanks Reiza, this truck is the most fun I have had in sim racing in a long time.


  4. Automobilista really is a pathetic gaming experience with their ancient graphics engine and ps2 visuals. Not even worth torrenting.


    1. No need to hate just because you struggle to come in last place in PCars or AC with the AI strength at 70%. Some people weren’t meant to be good drivers. Just enjoy the graphics at a leisurely pace your motor skills can handle.


    1. Apparently it happens if you try to transfer your profile and other settings from GSCE/rFactor. You need to have a completely clean install, otherwise you encounter issues like this.

      At least that’s what I read.


      1. Don’t bother. This is our resident troll that hates real sims.

        Melanie/Samantha/Quf……..is that you out there, honey?


      2. All 2 or 3 of those people are simcade/GFX douchebags anyway so what does it matter if the anon douchebags here are not those particular douchebags I mentioned. A douchebag is a douchebag.


      3. Can you give some concrete examples when talking of those people? Is too easy to say they like this and that, and don’t care about physics, but where have you seen examples? Just don’t talk if you’re just gonna make stuff up.


  5. Can’t wait for Forza 6 Apex, this what a racing title released in 2016 should look like, one car in Apex has more polygons than all cars in automobilista combined.


    1. sure. because graphics are all that matters, right? you should see Project Cars. But be aware. Like I said, SEE, not PLAY, because you won’t be able to.


    2. The fact that it’s going to be rather thin on content at release is a bit of a kick in the teeth, but it’ll be nice to finally have a Forza game on PC, I’ll give it that.


    3. One car in Automobilista probably has more technical data and physics accuracy than all those in Forza combined. Depends what you want from a racing game in the end.


  6. “To my surprise, it’s much more than just a re-packaged version of rFactor.”
    And kids, that’s why you should never spit upwards.


  7. I wonder if all those graphics comments are the same person, or people who know each other? I wouldn’t be surprised…


      1. not necessarily, remember the simcade lovers outnumber the real men, so it’s probably 20 girlymen for every real sim player.


  8. Just did some screenshotting in Automobilista to see if Reiza’s pr talks of new shaders and improved visuals had any substance to them and results were quite shocking, also took took screenshots from PC racing heavy-hitters AC and Pcars for comparison.


      1. Wow, Kunos and SMS has done such a good job with the visuals, so glad that not every dev decide to recycle over a decade old crap.


      2. Oh well, great comparison that really is multi generational gap in graphical fidelity and puts things in perspective, it’s like comparing Playstation 2 title to Playstation 4 one.


      3. rFactor 1 (2005) can still look good. This game was released 11 years ago, but it can still keep up with 2016. Go shill your graphics somewhere else, dipshit.


    1. Yeah “shocking”? do you even sim brah? nothing of what you posted, or the other “graphics” comments have anything to do with sim racing really,its bottom of the list, head on over to IGN or some shit like that and post your findings, I thought this was a sim racing blog, for ppl interested in sim racing,

      The AM screen looks good, some new skins for the cars will do wonders, but who gives a fuck here, when AM is so far ahead of both pcars and AC in drive,physics,ai,race features and just about anything else relevant to simming, why the fuck would anybody serious about sim racing take either AC or Pcars seriously, teh setup screens alone are a fucking joke let alone the effects, adn hows that so called flat spotting in those titles, oh yeah non existent because the plebs rioted adn their little gurly hands didnt like the vibration,and didn’t have a clue how to avoid it,or even what it really was, just one small example of why “casual gamers” shouldn’t be dictating what sims do, like I say head on over to IGN, they will all agree with you and you will be amongst ppl like yourself, better yet do one of those retarded “comparison” videos, they love that shallow shit.

      The amount of time bitching by the “graphics” crowd could of been better spent learning how to actually competitively drive and learning how to setup cars, something they clearly lack and won’t learn using broken and dumbed down setup options of pcars or AC.


      1. hash, you don’t really want to say the things you say, you’re only saying them out of vengeance because someone is talking bad about ams or rf.


      2. “hash, you don’t really want to say the things you say, you’re only saying them out of vengeance because someone is talking bad about ams or rf.”

        erm ok “vengeance”?,your replys getting weirda, you not even trying, at least be a smart arse cunt other wise this game is boring, nobody’s talking “bad” about AM, just some fucking weirdos that seem to of got lost on the way to IGN, dont forgot your dual shock controller.

        Im starting to see a retardness pattern in these graphics comments, fairly sure its one person, that dirk weirdo maybe?or maybe a few insecure teens?,either way I hope you guys are young otherwise you are really fucking weird cunts, no offence meant.

        Come back when you wanna sim brah, instead of taking pretty pictures,AC and Pcars are racing photographer simulators, where you can live your dream on standing trackside taking pictures, because failing at sim racing sucks, and you cant spin out taking pictures, unless drugs are involved.


      3. Hash, is insulting and swearing supposed to help you prove a point? Or does it come with the older you are? Or you’re just talking so nasty because this isn’t virtualr, bsimracing, game forums, and can’t get banned..

        “Come back when you wanna sim brah, instead of taking pretty pictures,AC and Pcars are racing photographer simulators, where you can live your dream on standing trackside taking pictures, because failing at sim racing sucks, and you cant spin out taking pictures, unless drugs are involved.”

        This right here just shows your vengeance mode and hatred.


      4. oh stop being precious little cunts ffs, resentful? dumb fucking trolling inspires my words, look at the some of the morons on this comments section…

        “is this video real? Automobilista really looks like a playstation 1 game hahahaha”

        “Automobilista really is a pathetic gaming experience with their ancient graphics engine and ps2 visuals. Not even worth torrenting.”

        “Reiza Studios has released EIGHT FUCKING rFactor 1-based titles.”

        “Shut the fuck up I would beat manchild like you in any racing sim with with a bare keyboard as controller.”

        etc etc, yet you single ME out lol,that shit is bottom feeder BS, if james wanna change rules I’ll Play by em, if I hurt your vagina with “swear” words, boo fucking whoooo, don’t emigrate to a commonwealth country or enter a working class pub what eva you do,you’ll have a heart attack, im not being nasty, just a smart arse cunt, that enjoys tackling young dumb cunts and trolls,untwist ya knickers, play the game or dont, my points are clear, and if you ever meet me online which im on regulery on many titles, you’ll find me just as fun as on the comments section, or not, who gives a fuck really.

        “This right here just shows your vengeance mode and hatred.”

        Oh man, I think you’re projecting or live a very sheltered life.


      5. Hash was obviously physically, sexually and mentally abused during childhood LMAOOOO

        ps: Reiza Studios has rehashed (get it???) rFactor 1 EIGHT FUCKING times!


      6. Lol, hitting some nerves am I? little insecure boys, learning their little pretty games are designed for lil bitches.

        “You seem to live a life of abuse”

        Boy I sure do buddy, missus 2 kids is enough,and on top that rugby season started last week, ppl dont know shit about abuse till you chased around a field by a nutty 220 pound irish-maori coach..

        “Hey Hash did you liked it when daddy fucked ur asshole?”

        Haha,”did i Liked it”? I dont have a donkey hole,and me father certainly didnt fuck it ya inbred yank cunt, your daddys “arsehole” tastes good though, hes a little bitch too, I see where you get it from.

        Try harder fellers you sound desperate..


      7. Hash you seriously need some help. All of this anger that you are directing to strangers on the internet is very unhealthy for you.


    2. Yeah, heavy hitters in the graphics department but lightweights in the physics and racing simulation departments. Everyone already knows the graphics are better in the simcade garbage like Forza, Pcars, Gran Turismo and AC. Get back on your X-Bone and play the little racing games you love with your thumb button controller and leave the real sims to the grownups that know how to drive.


      1. “leave the real sims to the grownups that know how to drive.”

        That’s funny, you don’t remember that PRC article where the grownups didn’t want to race the SuperV8s anymore? Too hard.. lets go back to GT or Stock cars. I have absolutely nothing against people driving any type of car, but just don’t come here insulting people that this sim is for the “real men” and that sim is for kiddies. GT and Stock Cars are still difficult to race, because that’s the nature of everything, even a simple and easy thing becomes difficult once there’s competition in the middle.

        Reality check, all sims and all racing games can be for all type of skilled drivers. Not many can be excellent drivers with all cars, especially the more difficult one, but there’s no need to start judging the character of people who prefer to race a more approachable car, and much less judging someone’s masculinity. Are you that insecure that you need to classify yourself as “real man”, as “grownup”?


      2. yea yea but at least the kids play more their games than grownups who only like to tell others how much superior their preferred game is, and tell kids they are kids and they are real men.

        But then some of those grownups don’t race much in their preferred sim, just here now and then, don’t race in the rain because is too hard and doesn’t look good, like to race more the flat6 mod than anything else, some race in their superior sim with keyboard and steering assist.


      3. AC isn’t much of a looker, really. Even if it tries hard. Mediocre physics, mediocre FFB, mediocre visuals and sounds.




    1. Just because certain people care too much about graphics and they play a certain sim you don’t like, that is not a valid argument to say this or that sim is bad in case they are good looking.

      Stop stereotyping and having prejudiced thoughts only because someone annoys you.


      1. “Stop stereotyping and having prejudiced thoughts only because someone annoys you.”

        Why? verbally kicking the shit out of silly young annoying cunts is fun, is it not?


      2. WTF….I’m saying too many people JUDGE a game based on GFX, and care next to nothing about the physics fidelity.
        I’m promoting the notion of looking beyond the GFX and driving the sim.



      This is extremely stereotypical and prejudiced. You are the one not looking beyond when talking and judging people too quickly.

      If there are two equivalent realistic sims and ones looks better, has content that I prefer more, I won’t pick the one that doesn’t tell me much, just because there are people preaching everywhere how their preferred game is so much superior.

      And maybe there appears another sim that is also equivalently realistic and has different content than both sims from my last paragraph, but still looks acceptably good, I have no problem picking it up.


      1. But that’s not the case. rFactor 1, never mind AMS, is decidedly better in terms of physics than Assetto Corsa or Project CARS. I like pCARS. I really do. But it’s not as accurate. Grip levels are off the charts.

        So it’s a bit disingenuous to pretend that it’s two equally realistic sims and people are just being elitist about bad-graphics games.

        Obviously, if two games are completely equal, except that one has better graphics, you play the *obviously better* one. But if graphics are a tradeoff for a bunch of other problems, then it’s totally fair to say “graphics don’t mean shit.” It’s a valid opinion, same as the opposite, that graphics mean a heck of a lot.


  10. Anyone who is more bothered about graphics than how the thing handles should not be using these Sims,go play driveclub


      1. yes, but good GFX costs money, and the little sim devs usually don’t have it, so don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or expect AAA GFX from small devs that still manage to produce AAA physics.


      2. Yes fidelity is a factor, but again the young,the dumb and the uniformed get graphical fidelity and aesthetics mixed up, there’s a difference, and sims like AM have a graphical fidelity that works fine, when doing your 200th lap at 300kph with your 20th setup adjustment in a car with a motec output almost exactly the same as the real thing, trying to get a setup locked down, it looks great, im not counting pixels when I plant a supertruck nose first into the track surface either,at that point I have bigger concerns,like my driving ability.


      3. And that’s exactly the problem: you aren’t bothered about both at the same time. At least that’s not how it reads in all the posts…
        Plus it’s a sim, if how it drives don’t come first then you aren’t really looking for a sim.


      4. I am bothered on how realistic it is. I don’t pick a sim because it looks good or very good. I pick a sim that backs up its looks with realistic driving-racing.

        “yes, but good GFX costs money, and the little sim devs usually don’t have it”

        From all sims I’ve seen yet, only pcars seems to that good expensive gfx, with all its good looking day and night lighting and illumination, and rain visuals, and shadows on environment/cars.


      5. “””From all sims I’ve seen yet, only pcars”””

        LOL, that turd isn’t a sim, you think one physics programmer is doing 125 cars???


  11. With TCS on low this trucks are not so hard to drive. Don´t they use TCS in RL?
    I´m used to early breaking because of loving the LaFerrari and (even much more ridiculous) Bugatti Veyron Mod in AC. At least the Bugatti is far more difficult to drive on pace. Breaking distances are like in the GT3-class multiply with 2.5. Fast like an airplane on straights, but slow as a Volkswagen in corners. But love the trucks as well and the Superkarts (so much better than the pCars bullshit).


  12. The game does look bad in my opinion. Not sure why they went with such a goofy, cartoonish art style when the engine is likely capable of better. But how does it drive? Not sure, haven’t had the chance to try it yet. I honestly can’t say that the new content is must play stuff for me but I’m sure Reiza’s done a fine job with their physics although I doubt it’s the revelation some seem to think.


  13. If you are sensible, within the very first three laps of driving the trucks, you can be competing for the top 3 vs the AI at 102-105%. Play with the throttle, make small corrections with pedals, and behave. Literally on my 3rd lap on the tracks I tried, I was battling for the top times. Same with rally.

    GPL or rF2’s version of the BT20 are more difficult to push push push. The Lotus 98T and horrible Sauber C9 in AC are much more difficult to push push push.


  14. Sometimes I think James just writes these articles to stir up the neckbeards and man-children then sits back with a commercial size bowl of popcorn.


  15. “with titles like X-Plane or NASCAR Racing 2003 Season going the extra mile and treating airflow as a proper fluid”
    What about titles like DCS World and rFactor 2?


    1. This comment section is real, unfiltered and un-censored. The only bad thing about the comments is all the anonymous posts.


      1. “You don’t think guys like Hash have stooped down to the level of the anons?”

        What eva maggot,says teh fucking anon, I address proper comments normally, my very first one was a request for a PRC champ with supertrucks, dick heads with little one liners like “OMG dis suck graphics , fuck reiza in the bum”, gets my full poetic response, bitch tits, nothing says i’m a scared little boy like hiding behind a proxy like some kind of kiddy fiddler , posting as “anonymous”.


      2. You wont find a clean, moderated discussion here like would over at RaceDepartment or Virtual R. This site is where not only sim racing goes to die, but the dignity of fully grown adults.


      3. Trimaz, VirtualR and RD are where you find watered down versions of the same conversations you see here. People are too scared of the ban hammer of FIRacer douche or Bram so they PG13 all their posts when what they really want to do is what they do here. I am all for brutal honesty in thoughts and language. Censorship is for pussies and cowards.


      4. “This comment section is real, unfiltered and un-censored. The only bad thing about the comments is all the anonymous posts.”

        And all too often, unreadable.


  16. Plenty of posts in this comment section aren’t made of brutal honesty, because honesty isn’t anger and offenses towards people and game companies. Most of those are unrationalized thoughts.
    In fact those people are too angry with themselves and with some life situation, and are putting it out onto others because they can’t deal with stuff so get angry at other people who might also be struggling with some stuff, instead of first dealing with themselves.
    I won’t name names, but Hash. Plus all those spammers where each keeps trying to denigrate a game they don’t like. At least Hash thinks a bit about the things he says, but with those spammers we can’t even have a conversation.


  17. “AUTOMOBILISTA puts you in the driving seat of one of the most advanced racing simulators and delivers a uniquely diverse motorsports experience! ”


    They started this back in July 2015. They had the New cars allready done as they were posted in the Campaign so to say that its BETA and will have issues, how long do they need to work on it. GSCE still has issues today.

    Its just a rehash of GSCE, no matter how much topping and sprinkles go on top.


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