Reader Submission #82 – Where is World of Speed?


While Slightly Mad Studios have spent the past few years hard at work on the inevitable disastrous release of Project CARS, anoter, much smaller project of theirs was quietly lurking in the shadows. A Free to Play title primarily intended for the Russian market, World of Speed was to be released alongside Project CARS as an easier offering compared to the much more difficult and detailed console simulator that brought the company back into the spotlight. While many video game journalists indeed got their hands on the title in order to pen the standard preview articles and videos regarding the game, we’re now three months into 2016 and the game is simply not here.

Thankfully, our boy Dane R. has whipped up a fantastic piece regarding the fate of World of Speed to begin the weekend here at It’s Reader Submission time!


Hi guys.

Yes, it’s arcade stuff, developed by Slightly Mad Studios, AND a free to play game – the unholy trinity of racing sims – but nevertheless I had great hopes for World of Speed. Publisher promised a lot of nice features the game should have – including a lot of cars and tracks, tuning parts, exciting multi-player challenges and a so called “real free to play system” (sorry for German website, the original one is down) where you theoretically don’t have to spend a single cent.

Of course a great part of the pledged content is from Project CARS, including cars like the Mercedes SLS AMG, Pagani Huayra or the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X as well as tracks such as Bathurst or Brands Hatch. But there were also all-new announcements, new car brands like Volkswagen with their first Golf GTI or fantastic looking road courses such as the Mountain Spiral Road.


The game is developed by Andy Tudor and his wannabe game studio, but programming a comparative arcade racer is not as difficult as a simulator so I was quite interested in this project. This was in February 2014 when the game was announced. Later in 2014 I tried the first public version of the game at Gamescom in Cologne. It felt a bit like a more arcadey version of the Shift titles, but was absolutely okay for pre-alpha stuff.

Near the end of 2014 there was plenty of news regarding new cars and so features. A closed beta was promised for the end of 2014. In February 2015, declared that this beta would take place during the second half of 2015. And that’s quite all. The last presented car was a Toyota Corolla almost one year ago. On Facebook they show some screenshots and shitty wallpapers from time to time. But as you can see under a photo posted in March of 2016, most of the people do not believe the game is coming out at all.


And with the announcement a few months ago that Slightly Mad Studios is working on a Red Bull Air Race simulator, I’m of the same opinion – the game will never come out. But I ask myself why I’m annoyed at this behavior: it’s typical of Slightly Mad Studios to act like this.


Oh boy, I get to leak some shit today! Thank you for writing to us about this, as while I’ve not really forgotten about World of Speed, I wasn’t aware anyone really cared enough about this game to update our coverage regarding it. But I guess, if Slightly Mad Studios promised something that had the potential to be a decent Free to Play racer, there would be some kind of following, right?

Anyways, I’ve heard from two or three reputable sources that World of Speed is merely part of a long list of side projects Slightly Mad Studios used to help fund the development Project CARS. Once they got paid, they fucked off and didn’t really care if they completed the game or not. Another one of these “side projects” would be the alleged opening of another division of Slightly Mad Studios in Asia, presumably for financial incentives offered by the government. I’m told by one of these informants that “it shouldn’t be hard to connect the dots” regarding how Slightly Mad Studios operates behind closed doors. Indeed, it’s no secret that the team over in London had troubles getting Project CARS out onto the shelf – cutting corners left and right in the weeks leading up to release via absurd decisions such as the omission of Q/A testing for the console edition. It wouldn’t surprise me if many shady deals were made for a couple thousand Euros here and there. That’s just how Ian Bell rolls.

This may potentially spell disaster for the Red Bull Air Race sim as well. Currently, Slightly Mad Studios are hard at work on Project CARS 2, with a few remaining staff members polishing up the original for those still playing it. They’ve obviously got a mighty task, as glitches found in Shift 2 Unleashed back in 2011 still remain in Project CARS despite something like eleven or twelve patches, but the point I’m trying to make is that the team is solely dedicated to one franchise that they still can’t really get right.

Aside from that one trailer released last summer, have we heard anything more about the Red Bull Air Race Game? Nope. We haven’t heard anything about World of Speed, either, while Bell and the boys at Slightly Mad Studios continue to claim that the team is hard at work on Project CARS 2 via various forum posts directly asking him about the subject. Are these other games coming at all? Probably not. Will the rabid WMD viral marketers still claim we’re the crazy ones? Probably.


38 thoughts on “Reader Submission #82 – Where is World of Speed?

    1. It is likely that this game will never come out, and it will be for the better if this game never gets out. A free to play racing game made by SMS only spells disaster after looking at the Shift games and PCars.


    1. I think you are forgetting iRacing here. I’m actually serious. Even though they banned me for being friends with James, I have to admit that the overall package that iRacing offers is the best you can get out there at the moment. Tire and physics model is okay-ish (even after they ruined it again a while ago), but the multiplayer aspect of the game is just absolutely incredible.

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  1. Ian Bell is the big boss and we WMD investors are very happy for the work and and profits he has made, Pcars2 will be a blazing succes even if few moaning manchildren who take $50 video games little too seriously think otherwise.


    1. I hate the game and the guy but I have to admit, I’ve made 60€ profit in the game so far, and with the release of the GOTY edition with extra DLC I can see my profit soar to 100€ in my 25€ investment. Kinda happy how that turned out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Huh, that’s strange?
        You definitely backed at the €25 “Team Member” level?

        So, you have received €60 + 25 so far = €85 ???

        I paid €25 originally and have only received €25 back, broken even.

        First i received €15.30 back in December and then €10 in March, so only €25.30 total, so a profit of only 30 CENTS lol

        So am i being screwed, is something messed up, or are people telling porkies O_O



  2. Just had a fantastic 18 lap (real world race distance in GT4) GT4 race in Project Cars, no AI issues whatsoever that everyone is always blabbering about here.

    Rainy Spa looks absolutely glorious on my 4k Ultra-HD display, took this screenshot after race 😉

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    1. Nice screenshot. Too bad inters don’t even work though, but hey, who cares about tiny details like that when you play in 4K?


      1. The only people here that are actively spreading lies are the ones pretending that SMS 1) didn’t admit that the tyre models are functionally broken and 2) also didn’t state that they have no intention of fixing it.

        1) (intrinsically broken models) and 2) (no intent of fixing) are both directly supported by statements directly from SMS.

        The reality distortion field is strong.


    2. Yeah, looks like some great racing… I can’t exactly tell what’s going on in that shot.

      Either you’re clearly ahead of the demonstrably crappy AI, or you have a decent gap to 1st. Is that an AI ahead?

      PCARS AI has atrocious exit speed, mainly due to the mildly late braking combined with early turn-in… If you haven’t picked that up yet then you’re simply off pace. That’s all there is to it.


    3. How do you set your car camber ? No need to spout stupid lie, the proper way do not work in pcars, no matter what camber, zero camber is still fastest. It’s broken and never will be fixed. Even the tire do not react realistic. So many things broken like steering ratio bug and after every patch, people have more crashes, steering wheel going nuts.



      1. Correct, camber will never be fixed and the heating model will also never be fixed (according to SMS themselves).

        Also, you’re right, a decent number of wheels have been killed by PCARS. Even some of the biggest pcars fanboys reported damage to their personal wheels while also defending PCARS in the same breath.

        Unbelievable that the WMD scammer accomplice kids still come here and accuse others of spreading ‘lies’, isn’t it?


  3. “News”… the thing is no more developed by sms (by almost one year already! both parties announced it…)… and the guy in the article found it yesterday? ahahahhaha
    Forget about that shit, we have PCARS and the next year (maybe?) PCARS2, this is what we want! vroooooooooom


    1. PCARS2, this is what i want! vroooooooooom

      Please don`t speak for me, i`d rather stick a pencil in my eyeball that ever play a SMS product again.


      1. You WILL buy it, as all the others here. And when you will press that BUY button, you will remember this words to find yourself embaracced… “that guy was right”. 🙂


      2. If one of those people who got rich off of Project CARS wants to gift me a copy on Steam I’ll try it, but I’m not paying for it.


  4. What about their road rash clone? Didn’t Shity Made Sims have a Road Rash game cooking away too?

    As for bugs, one can always check the help forums. I’d like a link to the fucked tyre modelling just because Ian Bell said that pCARS is the most advanced sim ever released!


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