$120 Worth of DLC for a Game That Doesn’t Work


For the uninformed sim racers who may or may not remember the stellar line of MX vs. ATV titles pushed out by Rainbow Studios on the Playstation 2 and original Xbox, the series is still alive – albeit under the guidance of relatively unknown developer Nordic Games.

Well, sort of.

119 dollars

After a lukewarm reception to the console release in late 2014, MX vs. ATV Supercross was ported first to next generation consoles, and eventually saw a PC release through Steam’s Early Access platform. Despite graduating from the program in a released state, and featuring $120 CDN of downloadable content – that’s nearly four times the cost of the base package –  MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore is unplayable. This has nothing to do with a KTM 450 SX-F being the wrong shade of orange; virtual motocross enthusiast That White Guy has uploaded a video of  Encore literally shitting itself.

As That White Guy has written in the description of the video – and I’ve edited this for readability – this game is an utter travesty. Encore is demonstrably broken and in no way should be up for sale on the Steam marketplace:

Nordic Games are pushing more DLC out for a game that is broken and does not run. This DLC totals $116.95.

This is a problem they have made no real indication that any work is being done to fix it, other than essentially saying “yeah there are problems, we will fix that later, here’s some more stuff to buy.”

If you don’t already know, the game has been available to play on PC for a little over a year, and in that time they have done absolutely nothing to optimize the game so that it is playable.This type of behavior is toxic for the industry and really needs to stop, broken games are too common today. I would love to be wrong about this, but as I just said, this has gone on for around a year with no changes.


They apparently do not listen to the community when we use our voice, so use your wallet instead. If they keep getting money for a broken pile of garbage, like they seem to be, the game will never get fixed. Buy no DLC, if you bought the game get a refund if you can, and if you do not already have the game, DO NOT BUY IT! If you need a motocross game, you are better off waiting for MXGP 2 than buying this broken piece of trash. Thanks to anyone that actually read through this, you deserve a seriously larger than normal description cookie, and with a large amount of luck, like supernova size large, the company/game might change in the future.

That White Guy‘s video today is not the first time he has criticized Supercross Encore at length; the popular YouTube personality uploaded an identical video on New Years Eve 2015 regarding the absurdly bad optimization plaguing the Nordic Games release on PC.

Across twelve minutes of gameplay footage, the title struggles to hit a framerate above 20 FPS, yet Nordic Games have no problem asking customers to shell out nearly $120 CDN for additional DLC packs featuring licensed bikes not available in the vanilla list of content. If you’re looking for the most prominent example of game developers simply not giving a shit and blatantly fucking with their customers, this is it.


3 thoughts on “$120 Worth of DLC for a Game That Doesn’t Work

  1. This “MX vs. ATV SuperCross Encore” game is a good representation of what is wrong with the gaming industry today.

    I just wish someone could make a “Windows 7 / 8 / 10” fix for MOTOCROSS MADNESS 2 (aka MCM2).
    There have been other good and not so good MX titles, but that’s still the best motocross game to ever grace the PC platform, even without the gazillion of great mods done for it.


  2. Yeah, I checked out the old mx vs. atv game per your recommendation. Very impressive title, especially considering when it was released.

    Damned shame they have gone backwards.


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