Reader Submission #85 – One Free Game Too Many?

AMS 2016-03-06 12-56-58-60.jpg

On this beautiful Thursday afternoon here in Western Canuckistan, I get to play the role of Customer Service Rep for another Reader Submission here at – and boy it isn’t pretty. This time, as always, I’m siding with the customer, as the issue is pretty clear-cut. Longtime Reiza Studios supporter Roman K. obtained a digital download copy of Automobilista thanks to the promotion Reiza held through Valve’s popular Steam platform. Any user who owned Reiza’s previous title, Stock Car Extreme, prior to January 6th 2016 was gifted a copy of Automobilista upon the title’s release. However, as he also participated in the Reiza Studios IndieGoGo campaign last summer, Roman was entitled to an extra copy of Automobilista due to his financial backer level.

That’s where things get interesting.

AMS 2016-03-03 17-30-42-81.jpg

Hey This may or may not interest you.

I’ve owned Stock Car Extreme for quite some time, more than enough time to qualify for the free copy of Automobilista that Reiza were giving out during that promotion. And I got that, which is fine. But I also contributed to the IndieGoGo campaign at a high enough level to warrant a Steam Key for Automobilista. This would leave me with two copies of Automobilista; one for myself, and one for a friend. I hope you follow.

However, there appears to have been a catch. Because I bought Stock Car Extreme with the same Steam Account and Email as I used to sign up for the crowdfunding campaign, Reiza Studios claim I’m only entitled to one copy of the game. What the hell? I paid for two copies of Automobilista, yet I only have the right to one copy? What is this?


I don’t want to harm Reiza, but there are rules and everybody should follow them. I love their work, but I don’t like situations such as this one. I have already contacted IndieGoGo, but the response I got was the same one IndieGoGo gave you guys when you Emailed them earlier this year.

I think this whole concept Reiza have going on with the free copy of Automobilista is really strange. For example, if you buy a Volkswagen Golf, and then go to a different Volkswagen dealer and try to buy another Golf, they don’t say “oh sorry, you already have a Golf. You’re only allowed one. Here’s your money back.” But that is what’s happening here.


I’m very curious to know if this has happened to other users. If someone already owned Stock Car Extreme – and therefore Automobilista – prior to the crowdfunding campaign, did they receive a spare copy of Automobilista through their crowdfunding contribution as they should have? Or did the receive nothing and merely forgot that they were entitled to two copies of the game? If that is the case, IndieGoGo should close their account for good. That is a clear breach in the rules.

On a side note, I think it would be interesting to see what would have happened if Automobilista was released as a “new” game, and not as a free gift for those who bought Stock Car Extreme last year. Would reception still be as positive? I think not. This studio is dead to me.

AMS 2016-03-03 17-24-57-21.jpg

Aside from the end comment, I believe you’re in the right on this issue. Congratulations, I guess?

Anyways, I’ll break this one down for our readers in the event that they’re struggling to see what’s going on. It happens from time to time.

I was a damn fool, bought Grid Autosport something like a month before release because I fell for the pre-order bullshit like a true pleb, and was inevitably disappointed by it. That one’s on me. Something like a year later, Green Man Gaming had the complete Grid Autosport bundle – including all DLC – for the crazy price of like $20 CDN. Even though the game isn’t much of a simulator, it was an insanely good deal that was too hard to pass up, and it cut the price of the sizable DLC selection in half. Obviously, the spare Steam key didn’t evaporate into mid-air; I gave it to our boy Maple, because what else are you going to do with an extra copy of Grid Autosport? Hell, I did the same with Forza Motorsport 2 back in the day. I bought the Platinum Edition that came with the extra disc full of all previously released DLC, discovered I had an unopened copy of Forza 2 shoved away in some closet, and gave it to my bro down the street so we could race online together. There was also a time where I had far too much disposable income for a teenager, and I bought my bros a bunch of copies of Test Drive Unlimited 2 – which resulted in many great Xbox Live moments that only kids fresh out of High School will understand.

What I’m getting at, is that this is a totally normal thing to do. Neither Turn 10, Atari, nor Codemasters showed up at my door to take back the extra copy of their game. Yet when Roman tried to do the same thing, he was told he couldn’t. In fact, they actually gave him his money back from the crowdfunding campaign, and booted him from the private beta forums, which is almost nonsensical for the studio to do at this point. Roman wasn’t being an asshole, he was merely entitled to two copies of the game through various means.

Free.jpgnext game.jpg

  • Roman owned Stock Car Extreme on Steam prior to January 6th, 2016, which meant he was entitled to one free copy of Automobilista.
  • Roman contributed to the Reiza Studios IndieGoGo campaign, which meant he was entitled to one free copy of Automobilista.
  • In theory, Roman should have two copies of Automobilista; one from the Customer Appreciation promo, and one for being a financial backer.

Yet, we’re sitting here both dumbfounded by this. Roman didn’t even do anything wrong, and Reiza drew the line by saying “nope, that’s one free game too many.” Are the boys from Brazil finally starting to realize that you can’t just give away video games for free because from a business perspective it sort of hurts your company, and this is how they’re enforcing it?

I mean, maybe I’m just “that guy” who always sides with the shit disturber, but I can’t figure out what Roman did wrong here. The guy is entitled to two free copies of a game thanks to following extremely simple instructions, and the developer responded by refunding him and booting him from the private forums. Please tell me I’m missing something.




40 thoughts on “Reader Submission #85 – One Free Game Too Many?

  1. “Roman contributed to the Reiza Studios IndieGoGo campaign, which meant he was entitled to one free copy of Automobilista.”

    WRONG. He´s entitled to the BETA of Automobilista, and, probably (depends of how much he contributed) a free copy of Reiza 2017.

    There were a lot of options for backers. Some gave you a copy of SCE (that will turn into Automobilista), other gave you a copy of Reiza 2017.

    Most part of backer didn´t choose the option of a copy of SCE because we already had it, so we choose Reiza 2017.

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    1. So why was he given a code for the full version of AMS, and then it was taken away and Reiza told him he couldn’t have it because he already had a copy?


      1. Not sure what happened there.

        Probably he choose a free copy of Reiza 2017, at the time, next Reiza´s game. Maybe he thinks Automobilista is the game he´s entitled to.

        When crowdfunding happened, Automobilista what´s not in the plans. If he chose a copy of SCE, he should have two copies of SCE that would turn in two copies of Automobilista.

        But my best guess is that he has right to a free copy of Reiza 2017, something much better than an extra copy of Automobilista.


        1. IndieGoGo page says he’s entitled to a Steam copy “for our next game” at level 4 or above. Not a beta, no weird catch, just that he’s getting a copy of their next game.

          Alright, so Automobilista ended up being the “next game.” Whatever.

          So why the fuck did they refund him and say he can’t have it?


      2. No, it did not end up being the next game.

        Do you really believe reiza just decided to give away the new game?

        Is this the same kid that fed you little scraps of information from the beta forum? Either he’s a dense fuck or playing you, again…

        Use your brain, James. Neither you nor the submitter seems to be capable of understanding that AMS is NOT the new game. We already went over this last time you got trolled.


      3. No, not really man. It’s like saying madden DLC wrapped into something like ‘madden complete GOTY’ with improvements is not a new game. AMS is clearly not a brand new game.

        Imagine if Reiza had told everyone ‘AMS is what you’re getting instead of the dx12 title’….This guy bought into a perk level for the dx12 game OR GSCE + ftruck (now AMS), not two AMS licenses. You had to tell Reiza specifically what you wanted out of those two options through e-mail. He apparently chose the dx12 title.

        I don’t think January 5th 2016 is an unreasonable cutoff point at all and if you weren’t playing devil’s advocate, you would probably agree.


        1. The Reiza defense force has arrived, I see.

          I love how when the game is discussed in a positive light, people praise it like it’s a new game, but when the game is discussed in a negative light, the fanboys are quick to point out “well, it’s not really a new game.”

          Objectively, Automobilista is a new game. New menus, new cars, new tracks, and a revised physics engine. Is it a stop gap title that wasn’t originally planned? Yes. But pretending it isn’t a new game… Come on now.

          The confusion surrounding this whole thing results in the adjustments made to the perks – basically everyone was supposed to have been given a copy of Automobilista as a perk for contributing. In this case, Roman “beat the system” and found out how to get two copies. I don’t see why the guy shouldn’t get two copies.


      4. Yeah, no.

        No one (or at least hardly anyone) would have been okay with AMS suddenly replacing the dx12 title. That’s not what people backed the campaign for.

        Reiza defined what to expect from their new title and AMS is not it. Does it have new features that other developers would expect you to pay for without a free upgrade period? Probably.

        I got a fresh AMS license and a free upgrade for existing GSCE license because I know how to ‘game the system’ without expecting steam to grant free upgrades on the same account twice. That’s not how the GSCE>AMS upgrade license was designed, nor would I ever work that way in steam until the new title was on the system.

        latest terms:
        “Level 1 – $10 USD

        •Reiza51 forum access.
        •AMS & ALL DLCs

        He received exactly that. He was not owed a fresh license at any point.

        There was a way to game the system. He got fucked up by it because he’s a steam bitch. Some of us didn’t. Until you show me terms that granted him a free COPY of AMS for $10 USD backing tier, you’re pissing into the wind.

        I’m 99% confident this is the same fool that fed you little snippets of selective information from the closed dev forum. Prove me wrong.

        As I’ve said many times, I like what you do here and I will let you know what I think about the topics. In this case, I disagree. That’s not a problem and doesn’t mean I want you to stop going with what you’re given in terms of information.

        For the record, no license key was taken away, he redeemed his singular license for AMS and failed to game or even understand the system. That’s really all there is to it.


    2. It’s really obvious that “our next game” in the crowdfunding is referring to Reiza2017. The info about Automobilista came after the crowdfunding ended, so no one chose a “Steam key for our next game” expecting to get Automobilista. BUT if Roman chose the option of a free SCE + FT copy then he should get that, no strings attached. So he is either entitled to SCE + Formula Truck or their next game in 2017 – NOT Automobilista.

      Also, I don’t see why you would want a spare copy of Automobilista when you instead can get their next DX12 game for free. To each their own I guess.

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    3. Not even that – the guy paid the lower level ($10) which had access to the forum but not the beta. This was all at the time of the campaign (keep in mind AMS wasnt part of the deal then, level1 granted only forum access). At the time of his contribution, no game or key was at stake at all.

      Of course as AMS came to be, that was added to the perk along with all its eventual DLCs, with this guy would have the right to – he would never have a right to an “extra” copy of AMS, nor was that ever suggested.

      In sum – this is guy being an asshole, and the site runners being assholes along with him, as per usual.


  2. Well they got their money, let him have the other free copy. Maybe they’re being stingy because no one plays this game.


    1. Reiztards being Reiztards I guess. Dey be smellin’ dat cash, yo.

      Who the fuck gives away games for free anyway? I mean, unless it’s just a total rehash of a previous game with little to no real improvements at all.

      Oh wait..


  3. I received 2 copies of Automobilista because I already had SCE on a Steam account, and then installed Automobilista Beta on another Steam account by virtue of being a backer. As far as Reiza knows, it’s 2 entirely different customers…


    1. Same here (level 6).

      I even forgot to activate 2nd copy until January 6 to become AMS, but from my point of view, Reiza did everythig right what they needed to do.


  4. well it says you get GSC so you can get your one copy AMS for free later OR one copy of AMS … so one copy af AMS for everybody … not very well writen by Reiza but clearly one copy of AMS (next game) for everyone


  5. Next game is Reiza 2017.
    I thought you were on to something here, but when I read the wording of the perk I understood it easily.


      1. Updated/consolidated GSCE for Reiza to release content and physics work through while work is done on the next rendering engine for the new game…

        It’s pretty fucking simple, GSCE is now Automobilista… Why the fuck do you think they are giving it away for free to those that simply owned GSCE?


      2. But it’s still sold as a brand new game for those that didn’t have SCE. So it’s technically their “next game”.

        Whatever they’ll release in 2017 will always be the game after the next game.

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      3. Or more correctly. It’s a rename of an existing game. Re-Relase or whatever you call it.

        Also – you need to know the timeline here. When the funding stopped, there was only SCE and Reiza 2017. The new game are referring to Reiza 2017.
        The rest is just trying to stir up some bull for the sake of it.


      4. It doesn’t matter if it’s rF1 rebranded or SCE rebranded. If they added some cars and tracks and changed the name, it doesn’t even count as a dlc. Technically, it’s a brand new game. Period. How much new, it’s of course another matter.

        That guy that mailed the reader submission is in the right. He had the rights to claim a free copy of their next game because their next game became AMS. R2017 automatically became the next-next game the moment AMS got announced (And released).

        Reiza (=Aka Renato) just got away with it because they exploited their own crowdfunding promotion by abusing a loop in their phrasing of the crowdfunding privileges. They also don’t count AMS as a new game, just like you’re doing, but if I was the reader submission guy and if I had a lot of money to waste, I’d take them to court and win just for the sake of it.

        It’s a dick move by them? Yes. Is there anything that can be done about it? No.

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      5. False.

        Level 1 – $10 USD

        •Reiza51 forum access.
        •AMS & ALL DLCs

        Those are the latest updated terms. He received his AMS license. If he’s too stupid to realize that steam considered all licenses to be GSCE upgrades at the time, how is that anyone else’s fault?

        There’s no terminology involved that should lead you to believe that you can upgrade an existing GSCE license and get a free additional AMS license. It wasn’t even possible at the time unless you backed a specific tier and specifically requested a copy of gsce/gsce+ftruck, GSCE and AMS weren’t separate entities on steam at that time.

        He received AMS for free and a key for it. He had already upgraded his GSCE key and been provided with his AMS copy. If he hadn’t redeemed his GSCE upgrade (OR decided not to be a steam bitch and request the independent launcher key), the AMS key would have worked just fine.

        Take your bullshit up with a court of law. He received exactly what he was owed and then received customer support above and beyond the T&C (refund beyond the legal obligations of Reiza).


      6. ‘The next game’ is only a placeholder for their 2017 title, it’s not “anything that Reiza produces, whatever gets released first you get a copy”. Imagine the butthurt if they built a flappy bird clone with rallyx cars and gave that to the backers for free instead of a new sim…


  6. Don’t know what happened with this dude but in my case I got an extra SCE copy which I gave to a friend long ago and was later upgraded to AMS for free – we both have AMD and SCE now! This guy might have cherry picked conversation and James was eager to be spoonfed bullshit that would add to a new article.. Another good day for James, another bad day for journalism..


  7. Automobilista launch was total disaster from commercial point of view and didn’t attract any new players like Reiza had hoped with new rebranding and now Renato is starting to lose his shit Hahahaahha!


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