Tire Compound: 2002 F1

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Throughout the events of the past week, a truly mind-boggling ordeal which has seen the Formula One organization crack down on both the Sim Racing Community as well as South American developer Reiza Studios, it can be easy to let your emotions get the best of you and immediately condemn the actions of power tripping lawyers. With Formula One up for sale, and increasing pressure for the brand to be protective of its Intellectual Properties, nearly 80 mods spanning three popular racing games were removed from RaceDepartment on March 23rd, thanks to copyright claims from the Formula One World Championship. A mere handful of days later, the brand new title from Reiza Studios, Automobilista, was yanked from Steam without any warning. Like virtually everyone else, I blasted the decision by Formula One. Community car livery modifications were harmless to the brand’s international image, acted as free publicity for what is now a struggling auto racing series, and in some cases served to increase the authenticity of the game. Intentionally attacking your own hardcore fans seemed like one of the most retarded things any sports organization could possibly do.

But, as I briefly mentioned in an article that was eventually spread everywhere from Ars Technica to MSN, Formula One is technically operating completely within their boundaries.


The news hit late last night that Automobilista had been temporarily taken off of Steam’s virtual shelves, arriving through a messenger who was usually credible. We here at PRC.net ended up being Reiza Studio to the official announcement themselves, and obviously all hell broke loose. For starters, the worst part of a mod being removed from RaceDepartment are the hurt feelings suffered on the part of the content creator; a large majority of sim racers opt not to venture down the path of third party mods in the first place, and those that do, don’t keep an active inventory of what’s available. However, an entire game abruptly disappearing from the online marketplace, that’s a bit odd. It’s important to note that you can still play Automobilista provided you had the game purchased and installed prior to the removal, but this was a game that was evolving in Steam’s Early Access program alongside the 2016 calendar year. The South American racing sim was still blossoming into something of a more complete product, and a slow but steady amount of sim racers were checking out the title with each passing day. In one swift strike by Formula One lawyers, Valve responded to the copyright claim and promptly took down what was a promising racing simulator.


If you make a thing, it’s yours. This is called copyright. If you’re a massive corporate entity, you can be granted an extra layer of protection to ensure that if you’ve made something truly awesome, others can’t take your thing and profit off of it. This is called a trademark. I can’t start printing and selling Metallica t-shirts out of my garage, because I’m not Metallica. I can’t design and sell posters featuring iconic race car liveries, because I don’t own the trademark to, say, Gulf Oil. If I’m in some shitty band and we cover The Offspring’s She’s Got Issues while high as fuck in the studio, we can’t put that on a record. It ain’t ours, so we don’t get to control what’s done with it, unless we ask permission. This is called a commercial license.

You also can’t indirectly infringe on the copyright of others via the use of what are called likenesses. We can’t re-record She’s Got Issues in a different key, and call it ours. I can’t put a fictional character in my video game that bares a pretty substantial resemblance to Lindsay Lohan. If I’m making a racing simulator, I can’t include several generic top tier open wheel cars painted up to resemble a full Formula One field, with little to no effort made to mask what I’m doing. If it were that simple, everybody would be doing it. There’s a reason they aren’t – eventually, the lawyers come knocking.


Sim Racers are obviously pissed at Automobilista’s removal from Steam, though again I must point out it only affects people who have not yet purchased the game. The FBI are also not paying individual Formula One enthusiasts a visit, and taking their a bat to their PC’s as if we’re in Office Space. The collective anger stems from the fact that the entire sim racing community resides in a dimly lit corner of the internet, and a major auto racing sanctioning body took the time out of their day to unnecessarily complicate things. With only 150 sim racers on average playing Automobilista at any given time, it’s hard to compare the scene surrounding these games to the underground bootleg cassette trading scene of the early 1980’s.

renato 2.jpg

It also spells disaster for Reiza Studios. Depending on exactly what caused Automobilista to be yanked from Steam – details we’ll never know thanks to Reiza being forced to remain silent in regards to specifics – a copyright claim this severe sends a shockwave effect through the rest of the game’s development cycle. Reiza Studios simply can’t afford to acquire the rights to many of the cars featured in their racing simulators, and their development plan has been to use fictional marquees in an effort to acquire a diverse roster of cars; everything from a V8 Supercar-spec Holden Commodore, to several historic Formula One seasons, are represented by basically not calling them Holden’s or Ferrari’s. Already, their comprehensive post-release DLC plan features a Porsche GT3 entry – lovingly nicknamed the “Boxer Cup GT3”.

idk what to call this.jpg

Formula One owns the direct copyright to Grand Prix events, usage of their official logos, and certain brand markings that have become synonymous with the most expensive and prestigious racing series in the world. The Formula One Group, otherwise known as Formula One Management, comprises of individual companies which control the various rights, management, and licensing operations of the whole championship. While individual cars may be licensed out to different video game companies – for example, an older Marussia entry appears as default content in rFactor 2 – you’re typically not supposed to build an entire fleet of Formula One-looking cars with Formula One-looking liveries. This falls under the “likeness” part of copyright rules, and it’s my personal belief that this is where Reiza ran afoul. While Reiza will obviously publicly deny any connection, to anyone with a few functioning brain cells, the South American team built multiple complete Formula One seasons within Automobilista, sans the appropriate brand logos.


The official press release by the developer team in question claims that Automobilista includes a list of licensed content alongside fictional, original creations. Let’s be real here, this is little more than generic jargon spit out to cover their asses. Unless you are the type of Formula One fan who obsesses over minor aero package oddities, it’s clear as day that Reiza have included several historic and modern Formula One seasons within Automobilista without the express written permission of Formula One themselves.

You can’t do this. You would have a compelling argument if the liveries were completely fictional, or featured a design for each Sim Racing news outlet (which would be kind of cool, though we’re sure we’d be left out), but when you’re recreating entire Formula One seasons to the point where any idiot can figure it out just by putting the pictures next to each other… Yeah, that’s not gonna fly.


So while I still think it’s horrible that an extremely small community who genuinely do not intend any harm are being chased around by the biggest auto racing series in the world, this is a situation that does not favor Reiza in the present, nor in the future. Alongside all of these totally not Formula One cars included in the default package, Automobilista is a title that was designed to live off of unlicensed content baring a striking resemblance to real-world brands and race cars. Even if they resolve the ordeal with Bernie’s boys, who’s to say Porsche won’t come knocking in a few months time?



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  1. Well this is definitely a damper in Automobilista but hey at the very least i now own a exclusive game that probably wont be seen on Steam for a while lol. But this is pretty shitty…


  2. This indeed fraudulent behavior from Reiza and FOM is well within their rights to take legal action in order to prevent Reiza profiting from their trademarked brand.

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    1. Legally yes. I have to aggree that F1 had a legal right to do this. However I do find that such strong action against modders and developers is not the smartest move they could have made with their fans. They weren’t really hurting anyone, were they?


      1. modders – nope, they were not
        reiza – well yes they were, they are making money from their game and if they have content that’s considered illegal, than yes, they are hurting Formula1 and everyone else who makes F1 game and is paying for the license


    1. You cannot defend a trademark of colors and shapes to the point that the basic elements of the design are off-limits. Every single aspect of the ‘trademarked’ design is different = unique work.

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  3. Then tell those F1 assholes to produce some proper shit. Then there’d be no need for anything else to exist. Fraudulent is a bit strong. You fucking tard. Keep sucking dat FOM dick. F1 bitches could learn a lot from Reiza. All F1 cares about is $$. Fuck the sport. Fuck the fans. Fuck the sorry ass simracers. F1 fuckers don’t give a fuck.


    1. This case clearly deosn’t hold fair use legal requirements:

      1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;

      2.the nature of the copyrighted work;

      3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and

      4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

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  4. Looking at the car model comparisons, there are a huge amount of differences. I’d say it’s the liveries, in which the worst case scenario will be removing the liveries and replacing them with truely fictional ones.


    1. Agreed, the models are significantly different. It’s a slippery legal slope for F1 to work from. Once you start pointing out the differences, you establish that the content is indeed unique and original.

      Can F1 legally argue that they hold the rights to designing open-wheel pretend race cars full stop? Nope. Unless they can do that, they have little chance of proving a similar shape equals copyright infringement.

      Based on precedent, the liveries do not represent a valid copyright claim either. It takes more than similarities to make a strong case of infringement, otherwise entire swaths of car livery design principals would be off limits.


      1. And the precedent of reasonable ‘likeness’ has already been set. New precedent will need to be set for the claim to be valid.

        Reaching a similar conclusion in design is not a form copyright infringement.

        As you know, the initial DMCA claims are handled through a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ system with no real repercussions for abusing DMCA.

        Reasonable likeness is defined rather differently in law and I doubt the DMCA was filed with any intent of defending the claim of infringement in a court unless it’s for a different issue than the one we are looking at.

        I think the end-goal of the claims filer(s) has already been achieved with the (probably temporary) removal of AMS from the steam store.


    2. First off, one of my comment was used in this article, yay! Secondly, I agree, the issue is what is likeness to you or I.

      My definition of likeness had to include the original sponsor logos, or some that are near identical, which isn’t the case.

      The sponsors take away all likeness for me. That’s the issue with using a word like “likeness” for law.


      1. That’s also closer to how it’s defined by law. A loose resemblance with obvious differences in every single detail (colors, placement, geometry, text) does not constitute copyright infringement.


  5. Blimey.I did not realize that Reizla copied cars liveries that closely.I assumed pisc like these were mods.
    Reizla clearly needs to take a similar approach to Project Cars in future in regards to what is allowable.


    1. Reiza may not have any future now. If the DMCA goes through all the way to the end and they lose, they shouldn’t be allowed to sell anything else, on Steam or anywhere else. Steam loses credibility if they let them sell another game after this controversy. If they do, then it’s.. Well.. A joke.


      1. gotta love our western legal system(s).
        Now, granted, there is a time and place to claim copyright. Just for the life of me, I cannot find a substantiated reason why this march against Reiza was even considered.

        Wouldn’t be the first case were a legal department or a contracted agency would fire blind against a potential target just because it made the list of generic requirements.


  6. Fun thing that James looks like most sane person in all this drama (although he maybe started it, as epic drama at least).

    All this guys from RD or Renato or Assetto just going crazy onetime and start calling ppl idiots tells to shut up or banning ppl left and right, but al they achieve is that they look idiots themselvs.

    Guess this blog is some kind of special pill, that shows u what the real world is(simracing developers and communities) ugly and nazi. And “good” forum discussiuons are then ppl just say cool, i love devs, gogo RD. Shame on RD, Reiza , Assetoo

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    1. He likes to congratulate himself on a lot of things but he also flat out ignores the ones he gets horribly wrong. When you interrogate him about a specific factual error he throws an altogether different fact out to defend. In the RD article he actually defends his miscalculation of the number of mods removed (80 mods vs. 30 pages of mods) as if it makes no difference to the nature of the story.

      Basically he all but admitted he doesn’t much care for being fastidious about facts. He does however have graphs of his readership at hand. Those numbers are very accurate.

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  7. From Butthurt Renato: “Make no mistake: you, your blog, your lies and the toxic, destructive attitude that it keeps feeding within the group of sociopaths that has gathered over there are very much part of the problem, if not the whole source of the problem in this specific case. I´ve been just sent a screengrab of some comments from one of your articles – you should practice what you preach and start taking some precautions yourself.”

    The disinformation in this quote is major. That’s ok Reiza, all of your fraudulent activities will be reported to this email address, and the FOM will further crackdown on your infringments. dbarnes@fomltd.com

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      1. The jist I take from that is “careful with what you say, less you also be made a fool of” (rather than any legal implications), which Renato has done a few times with James, both in the comments section of PRC and over at RD

        Which comically, he never seems to address, as P*Funk mentioned.


  8. Wtf? Us “sociopaths” of course are the root of all that is wrong lately. The fuck is that fucker smokin? Man, I was all jacked up to go to bat for Reiza, and this guy shits on everyone. I get that he’s pissed at Jaime (aka James, aka Semaj, aka …), but he’s starting to pull the std SIM dev shit and try to fuck everyone up. We’re here trying to support his case, but this kinda Donald Trump off-the-cuff talk ain’t workin, bruh. You gotta THINK before you shit outta your pie hole. Wtf.

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  9. >to the point where any idiot can figure it out just by putting the pictures next to each other

    Which is especially hilarious when you consider that the V10 field is NOT the 2002 field – it’s a combination of 2001 and 2002, with a very bizarre mish-mash of helmets that sometimes don’t even match the respective drivers. Why are Alonso and Button on the same team (Renault)? Why does DC have Raikkonen’s helmet?


    1. It’s even worse with the Extreme field – there are two Vettels (look at Kvyat’s helmet relative to Vettel’s), two Kvyats (Red Bull #26, Toro Rosso #26), Vergne is in the field instead of Sainz, Button has KMag’s helmet, Bianchi and Chilton are driving for Marussia, you name it.

      Very lazy job from Reiza here.


  10. It would be interesting to see how they’d stand if they just changed the liveries to be plain colours or fictional ones (see Formula RaceRoom in Race 07).

    MiniDrivers would be another game that might be at risk, if it was noticed. Technically it could harm sales of something like F1 Race Stars, a similar cartoon version of F1… but it’s more parody than simulator.

    There have been numerous F1-like games in the past, but I think Reiza’s liveries are the main things that drew attention to the game. But as other people said, there are risks with most of the content in the game (cars and tracks) that resemble real-life vehicles (although, to be fair, 99% of cheap mobile/Steam generic racers have knock-off unlicensed Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc in them).


  11. “I´ve been just sent a screengrab of some comments from one of your articles – you should practice what you preach and start taking some precautions yourself.”

    Is this some kind of indirect threatening from Renato towards James? And he is calling us “group of sociopaths”, very immature behavior from Renato.


    1. Did you miss the comments in articles encouraging people to report them to FOM? I think there are plenty of bored sociopaths here.


      1. Legal action based on what, exactly? Running a shithole with no moderation whatsoever so that we can truly express our feelings while everywhere else you’re banned on the spot for having a weird username?

        The fact he writes articles posting screengrabs of his (Renato) own words can’t be considered illegal. On the countrary, Oggy could very much sue him for all these uncalled-for insults he’s receiving from the head of a indie-developer studio. If he doesn’t, it’s just because he knows people in Brazil are poor and he couldn’t even afford a plane ticket to Canada.

        Also, this comment section is hilarious, best thing on the internet since Trump memes.

        “We should create illegal copies of copyrighted materials owned by FOM, and have our (3 or 4) buyers/crowdfunders pay for it” -Renato 2016


      2. “Legal action based on what, exactly?”

        Exactly. I just find it strange that Renato would lash out in such a way, when there is absolutely nothing to back him up. It makes him look paranoid and delusional and it’s very unbecoming.

        FOM is scouring the web right now, looking for anything and everything they can claim and take down. Renato pointing the finger at his own community and implying one of us ratted him out is disgusting. FOM more than capable of sniffing out infringing sim content themselves.

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      1. No, likeness is subjective, that’s the issue at heart.

        I consider the logos being nothing the same as taking away the likeness.

        You may think that because the paint schemes are the same that likeness is at issue.

        That’s a very different way to look at t amongst us. That’s why these laws are bullshit, and need to be adjusted to better define those specifics.


    1. And yes, I know people are annoyed at the reuse of engines/content, etc, but think about the bigger picture. If Reiza, ISI, Slightly Mad, Kunos etc packed up shop, we’ll only have shovelware mobile ports to play, as there’s not that much money in simracing at all, really.


  12. Time to get to work on Reiza 2017 …

    Simulate & fictitious the shit out of it. Leave it to the modders to play whack-a-mole with the Fuzz1 goons. Knock the crap out of the competition (AC, pCars, Forza, rF2, etc), and maybe FOM comes knocking … for the right reasons ($$$$). Give ’em a reason to take notice other than litigious ones.

    Don’t even waste your energy on this nonsense. I have a feeling fighting FOM is kinda like fighting the IRS. Can’t win that battle. If all it takes is mucking up the liveries, then do & move the fuck on. Hopefully, it’s a simple fix.

    Enough of this old shit … take it to the next level, Reiza. Give us some magical shit.


  13. Renato already made it pretty clear it has nothing to do with F1/FOM. And he also already made clear what kind of person made this all happen.
    PRC could be a good site actually, but man… you have pleasure on making things up…
    After this (and what he said) I’m 100% sure all this issue started in this site.


      1. Renato is also trying to manipulate the community to turn on itself, implying “someone” ratted out AMS to FOM.

        I think Renato doesn’t understand that the people here, in this comment section, IS his fucking community, we are his fucking userbase, albeit with no language or opinion filter.

        PRC has praised Reiza’s titles time and time again, even ran a league using SCE. I bet PRC has helped Reiza sell more than a few copies of SCE. Yet, when the first hint of criticism strikes, PRC is called the cancer of the sim racing community. Pathetic.

        But yeah, keep it up Renato. Keep pointing the finger elsewhere, keep incriminating your own userbase. I’m not touching that 2017 title of yours with a ten foot pole.


    1. I have hard time to believe that an individual could take game down from Steam. Valve quite definitely requires trusted inquiry from attorneys or right holders themselves. It can be however that it is not FOM, but any the sponsor brand representatives. As I can see from the comparison pictures, Reiza really fucked up there with those liveries.

      The actual car models seem to be quite different and _should_ not be the problem here…


      1. “I have hard time to believe that an individual could take game down from Steam. Valve quite definitely requires trusted inquiry from attorneys or right holders themselves.”

        This. If private persons could really DMCA stuff in Steam, games would be flying off the store constantly just for the lulz. I’m pretty sure it needs to be a holder or representative of the owner of original tm/copyright to cause something like this. Or then this is the first example of something we’ve seen happening in YouTube before and AMS is just a coincidence.


    2. I don’t understand at how you people trash this site without actually taking the time to read articles here.

      This site literally had an article about the take down before the damn developers knew it happened! That’s how often James looks at Automobilista. He apparently runs it, and checks the site so often that he figured out Automobilista had been taken down before Renalto, and you want to treat this community like shit over it?

      Had it not been for PretendRacecars, I would never have bought SCE, and in turn donated to the indiegogo campaign. I wouldn’t be pushing SCE and Automobilista to all of my friends telling them how great the game is, and the amount of cool different tracks we don’t get in any other sim.


      1. I also brought GSCE and FTrucks because of this site …..and emptybox.
        I really like the sim-racing-buyers-guide on this site and the diffent tone.
        i view this site like an american might view rt without the propaganda stuff. I use this site as source of alternative information.

        i don’t like the – a user on reizas forum called this – marketing racing clubs like racedepartment for their clear name policy, their member fees and server costs. the elitism in their forums in unbearable, i would rather race with wreckers. i cant wait for reizas dedicated servers.


      2. “This site literally had an article about the take down before the damn developers knew it happened! That’s how often James looks at Automobilista. He apparently runs it, and checks the site so often that he figured out Automobilista had been taken down before Renalto, and you want to treat this community like shit over it?”

        Clearly he merely published the take down as soon as the community noticed and obvious Reiza would be notified. They simply aren’t going to stampede to get the scoop. No major points there. As for him being someone who runs the game clearly he doesn’t know jack about it because he accused Reiza of creating a 2016 McLaren F1 car. That’s a pretty strong statement to make entirely on what? Nothing because anyone who actually plays the game knows the car in question is not a 2016 McLaren (the car laps faster than a Merc lol).

        So maybe you should realize that this guy posting his articles gets more details wrong than right. If he only reported the takedown and nothing more then it would be legit reporting. Its when he starts going off on some long tangent analyzing things based entirely on speculation and the comments of a random guy here or there with no inside knowledge that you realize he’s just a tabloid reporter. He’s also unapologetic about his factual errors and when he starts getting picked up by so called legit gaming news sources that’s actually a serious issue. Now untruths get reported as truths all because he thought something that isn’t true at all.

        So good for him, he exposed you to a great sim. Now realize that he also exposes you to a lot of bullshit and has no intention of trying to avoid being wrong in the future. He apparently has no interest in fact checking.


  14. But what does this have to do with MAJOR DESINFORMATION or endless tire models?

    All in all, what a shit show. If it’s FOM or not, nothing good is going to come to the hobby from all of this. =(


  15. Reading “Tire Compound: 2002 F1”, alongside with that opening image, I’m… not sure what I was expecting – but I oddly feel disappointed.

    Videogames with some ‘likeness’ of real world properties sending legal departments into a frenzy?, this doesn’t feel like news, that’s like… a regular happening.

    Reiza can fight their battles, so let them, AC 1.5 is a-coming and soon it’ll be the ‘hot topic’ for news and we’ll all move on in one way or another.


  16. Renato needs to wake up. Reiza is in the wrong here, period. Criticism of Austin is one thing, because he’s done some stupid stuff, like that whole crowdfunding nonsense, but putting the comment section on blast is uncalled for. A lot of people here have defended Reiza’s work. Maybe now some of us won’t feel so inclined to do that. What a moron.


  17. Just to clarify:

    The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark. While both offer intellectual property protection, they protect different types of assets. Copyright is geared toward literary and artistic works, such as books and videos. A trademark protects items that help define a company brand, such as its logo.


    1. I’m pretty sure anyone in the world if he sees a white livery with blue and red stripes is gonna think of “Martini” because it’s one of the most important and known brands of liquor worldwide, or a blue livery with a yellow and red bull is gonna think of.. Well, “Red Bull” because those marketing idiots are literally everywhere. Pretty Sure I’ve seen toilets sponsored by Red Bull.

      The “fictional” liveries they made are mocking the real cars. Pretty sure if I was Red Bull and I saw someone paint a car with the exact same livery as my brand, but a giant dick instead of the bull, I would get pissed. Because someone will see that giant fictional dick and think of my own brand as a bunch of huge dicks (Which in the end is even true considering they’re the drama queens of motorsport, but still).


      1. It’s not even close to an exact replica and you cannot claim infringement because someone makes a blue, red and yellow livery with some original logos in similar areas at times.

        That’s a ridiculously broad claim. Similarly ridiculous to NVidia’s patents that got invalidated by the court a few months ago.


  18. So over on RD, Renato seems to be insinuating that it was an element of the community, probably in reference to this site, that reported the game. Is this guy insane? I can understand he’s upset but that’s quite an accusation.


    1. Probably because whoever started the case wouldn’t do it if someone didn’t go tell them about it and Renato knows he’ll either win or need to do little changes after having to wait all this time without having his game being sold.
      Any of us would be upset for sure.
      And then look at the comments here in this site, it’s just ridiculous. Some people here (probably the same guy spamming) got serious mental issues. As someone posted in the RD thread: this behavior (the stuff you see here and that unfortunately went to some official forums) was never seen before PRC.
      Can’t blame the guy for thinking that.


  19. Reiza is in deep shit, FOM won’t pull their trademark claim and Valve obviously doesn’t want to upset multibillion company like FOM.


  20. Even Reiza itself is not aware what the claim exactly constitutes apart from ‘copyright infringement’. This makes pretty much every statement in this article or in the comments guesswork.

    Copyright laws are extremely complex and it makes no sense for anyone to draw definite conclusions with regard to perceived infringement unless you are a professional in this area.

    In my personal view (‘guesswork’), if the liveries are a problem then their should be more simulator titles affected (Project Cars). Even some of the logos on this website may then constitute infringement (I’m seeing a few clearly Nascar-inspired logos in the top banner).


  21. Shitflinging aside, skirting trademarks like what Reiza did here (not only with the F1 cars, but also with the Porsche and the V8 Supercar) is nothing new. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, some Japanese racing game developers thought it was a good idea to deliberately misspell trademarks to escape the legal radar if they can’t afford the license.

    An example is Video System’s (of Aero Fighters fame) Tail to Nose, which was literally that (Video System went on making some licensed F1 games based on 1991-1993 and 1997-1998 seasons):

    And then things went ugly when Phillip Morris actually sued Sega because of “Marlbobo” logos in Super Monaco GP, although that’s primarily because to issues pertaining to marketing tobacco to young people. In response, Sega removed the offending logos and many other fake sponsors.

    Then once again you have Honda asking Crave to rename their chassis codes when localizing Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero, since Honda doesn’t like street racing (they actually have flip flopping stance about this, actually). Since the game reused the boxart from TXR2 for Dreamcast (fitting, since TXR0 is basically retelling of TXR2), the NSX on the cover also have to be redrawn to reduce similarity (which makes it looks like the GTA SA version of Infernu – I included both boxarts for comparsion):

    Phew, this was a long comment. I might have to write a reader submission regarding other racing games that tried to skirt trademarks.


    1. And there’s something I had in mind, but originally forgot to mention: BATracer.

      Following the Ferrari cease and desist that lead to birth of Team Wales (whose recent liveries actually resembled the Ferrari 312T), BATracer began skirting trademarks for every other brand. So for McLaren you had McLewis, Red Bull became Red Bell, etc.


  22. Project cars and Assetto corsa are not affected as there games are sold with liveries that show NO resemblance to any Real life livery.

    This is where the Issue lies with AMS and Reiza, their F1 liveries are way too alike to the real F1 liveries. It could be the F1 cars themselves. who knows.


    1. Read ISI’s tuttle comment to patrik, tuttle is a dumb fuck, who knows nothing about working for a proper games developer, his attitude stinks, he has no knowledge of the industry, he’s claim to fame is being a modder, who ISI had taken on to create tracks for them, because tuttle is cheap and doesn’t have the Portfolio or skill to work for a AAA developer, ISI is next with ninety eight percent of their content for rfactor 2 being copies of real world brand without license dressed as fantasy.


    1. Not really. The Reiza knockoffs are far closer to the real thing. Really they’re identical besides sponsor or team names which are replaced with their logo. Can’t do that. I’d guess the SMS liveries are sufficiently distinct on the other hand.


  23. if you play with fire, you can get burned

    Can’t understand the confusion, pretty much all of you can tell what the livery in questions is “supposed” to be, people are talking about helmets of the actual drivers too

    and we should be surprised that FOM can’t see that as well ?


    1. Let’s see what Nissan will say about a guy receiving ‘donation’ for using his cars without licensing.
      Maybe the fire spread away. And Let’s see if this same guy will laugh in every simracing site like he is doing now.


      1. Come on Patrick, I make mods for rF1 because I like that game. Others may be prettier, but they’re not rF1. It’s my little 11 years old home. Still, the fact that Reiza is in the wrong is out of the question and we all agree on that.


  24. To take a modern sample of Fmechas point, Arma 3 uses almost exact copys of real guns and vehicles, and simply changes the Names, these are multi billion dollar defence Corps they are potentially messing with, yet all is fine.

    If (and IMO looks very likely) was some disgruntled little cunt (we have a couple here)that narked reiza they deserve a fucking bullet, or a cock in the arse, jailhouse style, there’s no ppl worse on this planet then narks adn informants,except pedophiles, thats where narks sit, fucking little cock suckers.


  25. Wrong as usual James.

    Something looking a bit like an existing F1 car is not protected by copyright.

    So the fact you believe you can match up some of the liveries is neither here nor there. That doesn’t make something a copy. 2 things can look similar without breaching copyright. The law here is far more nuanced than you seem to believe.

    Similarly, you can play and release cover versions of songs without permission in many jurisdictions (you do however have to pay a royalty – and the venue you perform any live cover version needs a license )

    Similarly trademarks only really cover if you trade under that mark, i.e you using a logo outside of a trade situation wouldn’t breach a trademark. It’s only whether someone buying something from your business might be confused that your business or product was associated with the trademark owner.

    In many cases (as you can see on a plethora of websites stuff like “Doom is a trademark of ID Software”) a simple acknowledgement of the trademark and a disclaimer is all that is required.

    When it comes to things like music often times people decide “yep, they sound similar” but that is not enough. Most of the cases where someone decides their song was ripped off by someone else don’t succeed. I doubt very much whether a car that looks a bit like another one will do either.


    1. The closest that they come is “passing off.” Though, it’s worth noting that there is a certain vaguely applicable case, Waits v. Frito-Lay, 978 F. 2d 1093 (9th Cir. 1992). Frito-Lay wanted to use ‘Step Right Up’ and Tom didn’t want them using it. So they just wrote something similar and had a guy record it, and he sued. Won 2 million and change.

      Keep in mind that in that case (as well as a similar situation with Waits and Audi which went to Spanish court) they specifically went to Waits and were told not to use the song–a clear case of passing off.

      It’s not clear to me, a non-lawyer, whether or not the use in the case of, for example, FA in pCars or Formula Reiza in AMS, would be considered passing off in any court.


  26. James, why dont you provide us same compilation of ‘fictional’ cars present in other sims.
    This will be fair with the smallest but most talented studio that Reiza is. I am not a Automobilista fan boy, but if you guys know how hard is to run a business in Brazil, you’d admire more Reiza.

    But dont fool ourselves, it was with little resources and a lot of disposition that brazilian pilots dominate the F1 golden era. That could happened in simracing as well. Unfortunatelly, someone noticed and fire the gun. This is like Piquet x Mansel within a british team. Or like Senna x Jean Marie Basletre.


  27. Include the dumbass Jean Todt in that group … esp. for not relenting to the majority who wanted to revert back to the original qualifying format. That dumb tard kept the fucked up mess for another run at Bahrain. What a fucking tard. That’s right up there with Balestre Bullshit ego.


  28. FOM hated that their name/band or anything similar was associated with a dated shitty victorian crap engine like the ISI motor engine, serves reiza right hope they die and go out of business just like crappy ISI.


  29. F1 is famous because of the drivers, NOT the cars. Would be cool to see a few F1 drivers step in and support simracing.


      1. No not 95% drivers 5% cars. You obviously don’t follow F1 if you think that. A large part of the appeal is the engineering and technical aspect of the cars. And of course, there are people who are loyal to a team regardless who drives for them.


  30. My gut tells me this is worse than they’re letting on.

    What reason would Renato have to freak at the “sociopaths” of PRC if all Valve requured him to do was change a few liveries?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shouldn’t you be writing a lengthy piece on how corrupt RD are for forum banning you? That would be a funny April Fool’s, the catch being that they did ban you.


      1. I don’t frequent their site but I saw that thread, and as much as there’s a lot of nonsense and negativity that gets thrown around here, there are a lot of assholes over there too, but in a different way. And Renato”s behavior is ridiculous, another jerk developer who needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut. I love it how they get hit with a copyright claim and his reaction is to go spouting off in a public message board.

        Liked by 3 people

    2. Yeah, this makes me a bit worried about what is really going on. There might be something that has also larger impact on the scene.


      1. Well there are two scenarios.

        Renato could just be an asshole. Which isn’t uncommon in this scene.

        There’s also a chance the FOM really hit hard. You can’t just sell an unlicensed F1 sim by changing everything to a Reiza logo. Nor can you crowdfund the creation of an unlicensed F1 car.

        These things rarely get solved within a few days.

        Liked by 1 person

  31. I think people are freaking out too much on this. The complaint is limited to selling on Steam. Nothing stops Reiza from moving away from it, especially being based in Brazil (if this has anything to do with FOM)


    1. ok, let me exagerrate here a LOT

      say that’s it’s true and they indeed did something illegal and would lose at court against FormulaOne

      what you are saying is
      “it’s fine guys, they can sell their illegal game in some other ways” … that is bit sad, isn’t it ?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nah, if it is something so limited it can’t be that serious, it wouldn’t stay only on Steam.
        Plus why you man hate on a sim so much? Been seeing your comments, it’s pretty sad… go find something to do with your life lol you comment like you have pleasure on what is happening, it’s getting creepy


  32. It’s not even worth torrenting that ISI shit motor engine garbage,and the comments people are writing on that torrent seems like the usual plebs that visit this site, just to fool the sheeples that are downloading this torrent as if they are getting a good game, 1999 called and wants it game engine back.


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