Assetto Corsa 0.5


Marketing hype can only take you so far.

That is the unfortunate lesson the folks over at Kunos Simulazioni have been learning over the past 48 hours, as the highly anticipated Version 1.5 patch for soon-to-be muti-platform racing sim Assetto Corsa has failed to impress. Succeeding at whipping the fanboys into a frenzy thanks to three separate developer diaries outlining the changes in Version 1.5 of the software, the actual release of the update yielded another launch day disaster for the Italian developer, one which ultimately did not live up to any of the advertised changes.

When we’re discussing the future of the title and possibly even franchise as a whole, this was an update Kunos really needed to nail, as this will be the last major change Assetto Corsa receives prior to the game being pushed on the unsuspecting console masses – a group of users expecting a polished product comparable to the Forza or Gran Turismo series. What Assetto Corsa looks and plays like today with the Version 1.5 patch is very close to how both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of the titles will function when gracing the shelves of Wal-Mart or Best Buy later this year. Now throughout the weeks leading up to the release of this update, Kunos had supposedly been hard at work behind the scenes, and published many long-winded blog posts outlining a much more polished experience for all to enjoy.

Yet within minutes of the update going live, a bug was discovered which saw the player’s car fall through the map at Spa-Francorchamps.

This bug was quickly rectified. Others, however, were not. Version 1.5 of Assetto Corsa, judging by message board discussions alone, was uploaded to Valve’s servers in a state that indicated this mammoth title update received little to no quality assurance testing. We here at are well aware that the community members in charge of beta testing new builds of Assetto Corsa are the typical yes men who are simply happy to say they have a video game developer on their Skype contacts list, but rarely is this lack of competence displayed in such a public manner. Last year we ripped on Project CARS quite heavily for shipping a game in such a dismal state, but with what we’re seeing from Kunos Simulazioni, it’s time to do the same for the red corner – figuratively and literally.

Scrolling through the various sub-sections on the official forums dedicated to reporting flaws in the software, this is not a pretty sight. Tracks don’t load, the executable itself crashes quite frequently, and there are many discussions regarding the game’s ever-evolving tire model.

Glitch Threads.jpg

YouTube personality GamerMuscleVideos has left a rather scathing list of negative aspects over in the comments section at, indicating what many hardcore sim racers have feared in regards to Assetto Corsa has indeed come true. The game’s physics, once praised by our boy Sev for being the most authentic handling model available for your personal computer, have been significantly simplified to prevent the console audience from becoming frustrated with the title. This was something confirmed to affiliated individuals by a well-known community beta participant many months ago, and now that Version 1.5 is finally in the hands of the public, sim racers are waking up to the fact that we weren’t fear-mongering for clicks. We told you so.


Of course, it’s more than just the tire model that’s seen a reduction in quality. Kunos Simulazioni promised a much more competent artificial intelligence in Version 1.5, yet problems previously not experienced before are now popping up. An individual trying to run an offline race with a field full of Ruf’s at the Nordschleife ran into a problem where the AI literally didn’t move off of the starting line, rendering the entire race unplayable and descending dangerously into Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing territory. The Assetto Corsa fanboys will obviously have the patience to wait something like this out until it’s fixed, but your average Playstation 4 or Xbox One owner will promptly run to Reddit and create a shitstorm in a place where the sim racing community can’t downvote him and claim he has an irrational vendetta against the game.

AI Glitch 1.jpg

The AI issues also extend to the game’s newest track, the fictional Black Cat County location based on American highways in Nevada and Arizona. This particular forum user claims that a jump featured in the long layout of the track causes the AI to crash and retire when racing in the new Chevrolet Corvette C7, while another user claims Career Mode events still suffer from a bug where AI cars will intentionally pull into the pits prematurely. Again, these are bugs that really shouldn’t be here given how long Assetto Corsa has been in a released state, how much DLC is available, and how close we are to the large-scale console release backed by 505 Games.

AC AI Glitch 2.jpg

There are many diehard Assetto Corsa players among us, and I expect several of them to raid the comment section below claiming I have no right to publish an article regarding the state of Version 1.5, as I personally haven’t had the game installed in a couple of months. Now I think it’s 100% fair game to make those comments, but Id like to turn around and ask those individuals a question instead: Why should I have this title installed?

YouTube personalities are claiming there has been a tangible reduction in the fidelity of the tire model, which is pretty much the last thing any hardcore sim racer like myself wants to hear. Many users are reporting that the software is crashing, and it’s genuinely difficult to monitor the various glitch forums in an effort to log just how many aspects of Version 1.5 are fucked up. Lastly, there are still major problems with the game’s offline artificial intelligence; something Kunos promised would be rectified for both yesterday’s patch, as well as the upcoming console release, yet it’s somehow gotten even worse.

For a supposedly finished racing simulator preparing for a major console release, their official forums currently read as if the game is still deep in Steam’s Early Access program. This whole situation is only made worse by the fact that Kunos are constantly boasting about their upcoming content licenses and DLC plans, indicating the team from Italy truly don’t care about crafting Assetto Corsa into an enjoyable experience. With the past 48 hours offering little to no genuine improvements, and only a few months until the game arrives on next-generation consoles, I struggle to see how anyone can have any faith in Assetto Corsa.



69 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa 0.5

  1. When gamermuscle likes AC, the usual haters be like “booo shill booo”. Now that gamermuscle doesn’t like AC, “you are the chosen one neo”.


    1. If a guy who traditionally likes a game, suddenly stops liking it and points out things that are out of character for him to discuss, of course it matters.


    2. GamerMuscle had about the same amount of complaints after the 1.3 update and just got used to it. Some tire-physics with slicks goes now in the opposite directions more like before the 1.3 update and he´s complaining again. He just doesn´t like when things change, but the tires are better for sure now.


  2. Lmao, this formula is getting tired dude. No one is buying it outside your little bubble.

    Console casuals wahhh! Drifting is literally unchanged compared to before the patch btw.


  3. Kunos really seem to be in the weeds at this point; I have little hope this game will be anything more than an evolving tech demo rather than a racer that functions properly and consistently. I’m sure they’ll be able to iron out most of the bugs 1.5 has brought but regardless, I’d be worried if I were them, especially with an imminent console release, this is not a great position to be in. I wonder if we’ll see a disastrous console launch? Also, I’m still irked by the fact they have the balls to call this a feature-complete title.

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  4. James, call Sev and tell him to test bmw m235i and tatuus formula abarth and ask him if “Of course, it’s more than just the tire model that’s seen a reduction in quality.”.


  5. Meh; it’s not so bad. The FFB conveys more info now, IMO, but it’s in BIG BLOCK CAPITALS, no subtlety. And if I’d wanted street cars, I would’ve bought a console game (and a console to play it on), And the Black Cat Badlands are pathetic compared to the gynormous sandbox and stunning coast roads the Evil Project C-word has given us. My biggest complaint: F8 no longer results in a snapshot.


  6. Nothing to really complain about here. Looks better, sounds better, tire model is better, aero model is better, AI is marginally better. Not really interested in more street cars and a fantasy track, but that wasn’t the selling point of 1.5 for me.

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  7. “Works on my machine”

    I haven’t tested every. last. aspect. of the update, but I’ve had literally no issues while playing v1.5.

    The tire model (and accompanying tire-app) work fine for me, aero-model changes are definitely ‘there’ in some manner, as the low-downforce ‘cheater’ setups I used before no longer stick like they used to, and visually things have been improved too from what I’ve experienced. (track surfaces, crowds, trackside objects, etc)

    Plus, 1.5 just dropped yesterday, what other major recent game has seen a large update go problem/issue free in the past couple of months?, None. This is “modern gaming”, not surprising there are going to be issues initially.

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  8. I’m glad I live in the real world, where AC 1.5 lived up to expectations by improving the game in every aspect.

    Rather unsurprisingly given the patch notes, the tire model is changed in the ways they suggested it would be – heating works a little more consistently, pressures behave more realistically, and camber problems are gone.

    And yeah, better heating makes the tires a lot easier to drive on. Holy shit, fixing a bug made the game easier to play? Call the police because we have a smooth criminal here.

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    1. matt is a ac shill. he never shows the true colors of ac in his vids. ai still fucks up at nords, barcelona, spa (aeu rouge) nurburgring, race breaking shit. ai still drives on the grass, still dont know where player is, still gets engine damage and stop on track, still other ais cant overtake stopped or slow cars. its a fucking mess.


      1. Um, yeah! I ran an AI race @ Mugello and the AI drove pretty well…until they peeled off, one by one…to make totally unnecessary pit-stops (this was a 10-lapper). If this was a RW race, I’d take a victory any way it comes, but offline, I’m PAYING these guys to race me! Get back to work!


  9. If there have been improvements to the AI, I certainly haven’t noticed them. They still crawl through T1, brake halfway through easily flat out corners and still take you out often by spinning you around. Things get a little better on lap 2 once the pack has spread out, but it’s mayhem on the first lap.

    Basically AC has seen some really odd or I could suggest dumb design choices, which you have to question –

    1, Booking servers. When AC first released its Multiplayer mode, essentially the MP was locked into the booking mode. It was only after users complained that this was changed. Even though this was adjusted, many of the inherent design choices remain, can’t choose car skin, you need to choose a car from a list of pre defined entries rather than the car you want, and so on.

    2, One single light source engine. In 2013, who ever decided this was a good idea needs their head examining. Multiple light sources have been around since like how long? 2002?

    3, in a title which is or was essentially a hot lap simulator, there is no OFFICIAL online leaderboard.

    4, in a title which is or was essentially a hot lap simulator, the hot lap ghost car is still broken.

    5, Horrible netcode. Mainly now this in an issue with car collisions, however the netcode overall is still below par. Warping is still an issue. A pre defined ping limit would go some way to fixing this, otherwise client is kicked.

    Many design choices in AC I find simply baffling, I literally have no idea what they were thinking. A lot of the misgivings fans have with AC tends to be met with the response, “it was a design choice”. I have actually lost count now how many times I’ve heard this.

    I really do worry for AC on console, I think it may well get savaged by both the press and the user base. Will they put up with the bouncy ball collisions, or not being able to pick your fav car colour in MP, or the brutally random AI?

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    1. “If there have been improvements to the AI, I certainly haven’t noticed them. They still crawl through T1, brake halfway through easily flat out corners and still take you out often by spinning you around. Things get a little better on lap 2 once the pack has spread out, but it’s mayhem on the first lap.”

      Can you record a little video and show lap 1 mayhem?


    2. “3, in a title which is or was essentially a hot lap simulator, there is no OFFICIAL online leaderboard.”

      “4, in a title which is or was essentially a hot lap simulator, the hot lap ghost car is still broken.”

      You keep calling it a hot lap simulator, yet you are proving yourself that devs don’t intend to make it a or just a hot lap simulator. Why? Because apparently the ghost issue fix is way down in the priority or just isn’t not easy to fix now, that I don’t know honestly. And no official online leaderboard. So where does your hotlap sim statement stand now? Because they aren’t focusing on hot lap features, they are improving the AI, so it means they do care for it to be a racing simulator.


      1. There is a difference between what something is designed for and “what it is good for”.

        I have every belief that they are working on the AI, and of course they aren’t going to acknowledge or admit to it being a hot lap simulator, however at the moment, that is really the most fulfilling game mode at the moment. AI still has serious issues and MP is still say below par.


  10. Fantastic update to the simulation, tyre model, aero model and AI all being further improved. Looking forward to buying more DLC content like offically licensed V8 F1 car Ferrari F138 that FOM won’t be taking down hahaha

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  11. This article is full of crap. Author didn’t even bother to play a game for few months but he saw some negative comments on VirtualR and that’s enough for him to make a butthurt article like this…

    And with all that crap that says “Assetto corsa has no simulation value” …

    Well, I work in a company that rents fully equipped motion simulator (by Simxperience) for professional drivers who uses it for training and guess what… All of them prefer AC over any other simulation. I heard some complains from them about unrealistic tire heating (which is hopefully fixed now) but they still say AC physics is the most realistic one even with all it’s flaws.

    Assetto Corsa is maybe full of bugs and annoying design flaws but it’s still the most realistic racing game today. Deal with it.

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    1. The new tyre monitor app is showing pretty good tyre Sim performance. Really like how it displays inequality in Temps across the tyres surface.

      Are people really complaining that cold tyres understeer?

      You need better sources than kids who run over inflated and can’t keep the core Temps up or simply expect to overdrive their way to fast laps. That was the old AC.


  12. Physics are better. Graphics are better. Sound is better. AI is better. MP is better. Free content is fun. I’ve experienced zero glitches or crashes.

    But bug reports on the forums + YouTube cancer who can’t drive has a negative opinion = “little to no genuine improvements” and “another launch day disaster for the Italian developer, one which ultimately did not live up to any of the advertised changes”

    I seriously wonder how you would write articles on new AC updates if the AC and RD forums were down.

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  13. The best sim physics are the physics you don’t notice. You just hop in a car and you say, yes this feels like a car. And so it did, the Mustang felt like a car.

    Those aren’t exactly my words, I heard them from someone yesterday.

    Now what does feeling like a car mean?

    We sim racers tend to nit pick a lot really. Who pushed road and race cars to their limits and beyond in real life? We tend to point flaws right and left and then forget to actually enjoy these simulators daily/weekly, on the virtual race tracks.
    In my opinion, the real ‘losers’ are those sim racers that have the glass 3/4 empty. And the problem is they often forget to even enjoy the 1/4 they do like.


    1. “In my opinion, the real ‘losers’ are those sim racers that have the glass 3/4 empty.” So, almost the whole community then?


  14. I had high hopes for AC, but:
    – The AI are still bad
    – The car- / track-list is random at best (and hardly helped by DLC)
    – most importantly of all, performance is races is abysmal: The game runs in slow motion all the time.
    – it still lacks rain & night

    For all the reasons above, I went back to GTR2.


    1. if you have a dual core cpu and 4gb ram, then you’ll have a bad time with too many opponents. And Nordschleife endurance/cup will give you 99% occupancy with less opponents than of other tracks. So lets say you can drive fine with 18 AI on imola, but nords-endurance will be much more demanding and to not get slow motion, you need 10-14 AI. Maybe for online server you can manage to get more opponents than ai.


    1. Gotta laugh a bit at that. He’s spot on about the characteristics of the car but I argue that the near necessity of trail braking, tyre pressure and camber adjustments to manage the Mustang driver – safety understeer is far from nice.

      It’s a well simulated car and fun to drive in mp, partly because it feels like a soft suv. Gradual lateral grip loss ( due to fairly low relative lateral grip overall) is good intro for people that still push too hard.


  15. Have fun with GTR2, great game, but if your AC runs in slow motion there’s something really wrong with your pc, or it’s a potato. In comparison to rF2 of Project Cars it runs very well. That’s a fact.


  16. Best update ever and better believe in unicorns than complex modern game titles without bugs. There’s a much better chance to find one.
    Did a few AI-races without issues like Lotus 25 @Spa and LaFerrari vs P1 @Zandvoort both with the most advanced tire behavior in Sim Racing at this state. After that you know why Chris Harris can drift with these cars.


  17. its interesting, the way kunos has gone with the new tire model. grip, grip, grip nothing but grip. did I mention grip? oh and more grip.

    seriously, it’s a joke at this point. kunos is all about the money, console crowd want grip, kunos gives them grip.


    1. There´s more grip because it wasn´t grippy enough before. Lap times in GT3-RL are at around 20 seconds faster before the update on 24h Nürburgring and more close with AC prior 1.3.
      And about grip: Raceroom has still much more of that.


  18. I tested the new Black Cat track yesterday. The layout and scene is most depressing thing I have driven. Any Bob’s Track Builder kid could do better job. Feels like somebody just created random spline in his favorite 3D modeling program and generated some equally random terrain around it.

    Also the gigantic UFO does not make me feel any better.

    Not sure what is the purpose of that track. Ugly to look at, boring or bad to drive with.


    1. Yeah I’m not interested in that track, don’t want to even bother with it. Some people think it’s great though apparently..


  19. it’s difficult to take GamerMuscle seriously talking about car handling “at the limit” when he can’t drive within 3 or 4 seconds of the actual limit of any car


  20. Good thing RRE only problem is pay wall or wouldnt have any racing sims to play. Between Project Cars and Assetto Corsa, Im seeing a lot of Call of Duty and Battlefield forum intelligence and manipulation in this genre of gaming. Its indeed sad but it is the internet and it is gaming but i must say the IQ in a lot of gamers has dropped down or people are really complacent with games being mediocre.


  21. “We here at are well aware that the community members in charge of beta testing new builds of Assetto Corsa are the typical yes men who are simply happy to say they have a video game developer on their Skype contacts list, but rarely is this lack of competence displayed in such a public manner.”
    Please, publish a list of the AC beta testers. If your list is correct, then you will receive a nice letter on my behalf. If you want to spread shit on people you don’t know, at least have the guts to pay for it.
    Take my IP address as signature. And note it down somewhere, maybe you will have to use it in the future.


    1. Where were you last year, when we straight up named our informant?


      – horncuck
      – p. sanders
      – Panky
      – some1
      – wardez
      – the_meco

      List is probably incomplete, missing some people, others may have only stuck around temporarily.


  22. So you prove you don’t even know who the testers are. But you call them “Yes men”.
    Really no clue at all. I know all I needed to know it seems, expect no further action. Maybe you will grow one day and people will be able to trust what you write. Good luck.


    1. We had horncuck on our Teamspeak feeding us info for 3-5 months. So either that dude was schizophrenic and having pretend conversations with Stefano on the shitter, or he was in the beta.

      And given a lot of what he told us about the development came true, I’m gonna bet the latter.


  23. Has assetto corsa finally solved that, that you can start a Alfa Romeo in 4th Gear without using a clutch? What about Engine Stalling?

    Driving this feels like glue, in this state only super sportscars with automatic transmissions are enjoyable. I don’t want to drive an Automatic Audi Quaddro or RUF…wtf

    No news about essential features even pcars got right?


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