Corner Cutting in Forza 6 is Out of Control!

When news first broke that Turn 10’s massively popular Forza Motorsport series would be coming to the Windows 10 platform, many sim racers – myself included – were under the impression that the sim racing landscape would receive a much-needed kick in the ass. As someone who admittedly hasn’t played a Forza title since 2012’s Horizon, I assumed that a high-quality Turn 10 release would fill the void left by several eternal science projects; titles which ask their loyal audience to act as beta testers instead of sim racers. However, YouTube personality JSR Devon has uploaded a quick video today indicating that Forza Motorsport 6 suffers from its own unique set of problems.

Forza Motorsport 6 currently allows for a liberal interpretation of track limits, an issue which is comically demonstrated by vintage Can-Am entries plowing through massive tire barriers with virtually no detrimental effects to the car’s speed. JSR Devon claims the team at Turn 10 have basically ignored the community’s repeated complaints about the matter, stating that the exploits currently ruin a lot of leaderboard competitions and online races. With Turn 10 taking such an apathetic stance towards an integral part of the racing experience, it casts doubt on whether the developer will be able to appeal to the hardcore sim racers when the title eventually makes its way onto Windows 10 systems.


25 thoughts on “Corner Cutting in Forza 6 is Out of Control!

    1. 1) rF2 Fans have to convert cars from other games cause stock content is crap.
      2) Stock content is crap because devs don’t have money to create more.
      3) Devs don’t have money cause game sells like shit.
      4) One of reason game sells like shit is because graphics are bad.
      5) Graphics are bad because devs don’t have money for or don’t want to hire render programmer and art staff.
      6) In first case see 3), in second it is because community keep saying that graphics are not that important.
      7) Same community that have to steal cars from other games. -> 1)


  1. James, off-topic comment, but are you aware there seems to be a funky script causing havoc with flash on the site?
    For the past couple of weeks PRC has been crashing both Firefox and edge and causes flash to eat 2gigs of RAM. I’ve checked on other systems and had the same problem.
    It’s probably wordpress being terrible but I figure it’s worth pointing out.

    “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

    Script:…ontrol/#comments line 0 > eval:1234″


    1. Well that’s the thing – a good Forza release on PC has the potential to steal a good portion of sim racers away from the perpetual science projects currently polluting the market. Unfortunately this video displays Turn 10 might not really care either way.

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      1. I’m more interested to keep playing “science projects” than a finished simcade. So apparently James is tired of these unfinished sims. But I still doubt you will drop them and dedicate yourself to Forza7 (because forza6 is just a demo).

        The day Iracing accepts you back, the day PRC will become irrelevant. Not to us the readers, but to James.


        1. iRacing fanboys claim we’re an iRacing hate blog.

          Assetto Corsa fanboys claim we’re an Assetto Corsa hate blog.

          Project CARS fanboys claim we’re a Project CARS hate blog.

          Reiza Studios fanboys claim we’re a Reiza Studios hate blog.

          Which one is it?

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      2. All of the above? In fairness, they all deserve a kick in the ass. If you released a game in the state of any of those sims in any other genre, you’d get ripped to shreds.

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      3. Guess you haven’t heard this thing called “Early access”. Basically all the PC games in every genre now and in the future are going to be unfinished pile of mess.


  2. Ultimately, Forza mostly ends up being a sandbox. Heaps of cool cars and tracks to play with, but no real framework for proper racing. Online = wreakfest and offline = limited options.


  3. tbh most of the cuts are not that shocking, and I’d rather have slightly permissive corner cutting detection rather than the nazi WRC5 or Codemasters F1 ones.


    1. You probably haven’t seen how corner cutting detection works on some tracks in R3E. Seriously, guys, I love that the system works but it’s way too draconic. The Race07 one was great.


  4. big part of why I am giving up console racing. New PC out for delivery today! Will never go back to these CRAP MP lobbies. Its not racing.


  5. Forza 6 has a lot of issues outside of its base game, mostly to do with multiplayer and community content. Lots of features from older titles were removed when the series switched to Xbox One.

    There’s a “state of the community” thread on their forums where people have been pointing out these things since before launch, this post looks like a good summary:

    I’ve been thinking more about community features recently and how things have gone on with Forza Motorsport 6. Now that we’re almost 4 months into the game’s life cycle one can make a reasonable assumption that things are as they are and won’t change for quite a while.

    The Good:

    I like that Johniwanna and Mechberg do live streams every week and that we get to race against them. John’s fun to watch and Brian’s a good competitor in a Hopper.

    I like that the community was able to get involved in some web content for, namely the “All Cars” project. That was a good example of the community having an opportunity to “give something back” to the game.

    Although I don’t bother with them myself, I appreciate that there have been some Holiday Bash painting events.

    It’s nice to get some free cars with custom liveries each month. I don’t use many of them but sometimes there’ll be a neat paint for a car that I’ll end up using a lot, like the Halo 5 GT350R that I’ve been using in this week’s League races.

    I like that I can download a tune that somebody has used directly from the in-game Leaderboards, and that if I wanted I can grab paints and tunes I see in the Hoppers as well.

    I like the League system, it’s updated weekly and the racing has been good most nights.

    The Not-So-Good:

    Finding Liveries within the game is very cumbersome. Ever since Forza Motorsport 5 we have had to rely on a “one car” system which is quite limiting. Dan Greenawalt spoke pre-release about how Forza Motorsport 6 will “help turn painters into heroes”. It’s hard to do that when I can’t find all of a painter’s content in one simple place. Turn 10 already had the solution in place in Forza Motorsport 4 with the Storefront, I honestly don’t know why they went away form that and figured that the current solution was an improvement. With the current system, if your design is not a contest winner, it may as well not exist since it gets so few downloads.

    Tuners have it even tougher in Forza Motorsport 6, as the “Get Tunes” section only shows results in order of date created (newest first). There is no “Sort by Rating” option like you get with Liveries. You cannot specify a certain drivetrain in your search results ether, so if you’re looking for a good RWD or AWD tune on a car that’s naturally FWD, you’ll have a hard time finding one. There are no official tuning contests either (although given that that involves test driving it’s understandable) so unless your tune is the kind that’s capable of setting Top 20 leaderboard times it’s going to be forgotten within a day.

    Painters get a Weekly contest just like Photographers do, but unlike Photographers the winning designs aren’t officially showcased anywhere or shared on Social media and Forza Hub. Winning Photographs have a potential audience of over a million people due to the fact that they’re shared on the official Facebook/Twitter pages and Forza Hub. Painters don’t get that, and since may of them are aspiring graphic designers that’s a large chunk of exposure that they’re not getting. For all we know “the next Andy Blackmore” could be a Forza player but real life racing teams aren’t seeing that player’s potential. We all know that auto manufacturers pay attention to Forza; having winning designs featured could have benefits that extend beyond the game for some people.

    Winning livery designs aren’t documented anywhere officially, which when combined with the current way of “finding” liveries, makes it very hard to actually find any contest winners unless you’re active on the forums and know where to look. As such it makes it hard for the average player to discover a new painter that they might like to follow.

    League information isn’t shared officially in any capacity. There’s nothing on the official website, no weekly blog post detailing what cars and tracks feature in the next event. It seems that the community is expected to pick up the slack and do the legwork to get information out there.

    “Community Monthly” Rivals events haven’t been updated in a long time.

    There are no Drag Racing leaderboards or Rivals events. There are Drag Leaderboards, but they appear to be hidden away unless you “break your game” to find them.

    Kicking troublesome players out of a Hopper has become a lot more difficult, which in turn means that most Multiplayer races start off with big crashes.

    There are no Clubs or clublike features. I didn’t use them much but there are people out there who liked it.

    There is no way to Gift user-created content to other players. I sort of understand the reason for this but it’s still something I miss from Forza Motorsport 4.

    There is often no acknowledgement of popular issues on the forums. If a bunch of people are talking about something for a while, a simple “thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into it” would suffice. That way players know their feedback is being heard and they may provide more in the future. Most players don’t complain because they hate the game, but rather the opposite, and they’re trying in their own way to make it even better.


  6. I played over two hundred hours of Forza 5 and checked the Forza 6 demo without essential changes. It´s a good title for gamepads and sucks with wheels, so is just a SIMCADE with NO SIMULATION VALUE.


  7. Its interesting because fm4 was pretty strict on cutting. Either your car slowed greatly or you got big time penalties. I think the rushed schedule they are on to build the game back up to the size it was on 360 has caused them to skip a couple things. Cutting and the store front being the only real issues. When playing with friends cutting isn’t a problem and generally in most races the people who cut absolutely suck so it makes no difference. What sucks is people who want to be on the leader boards doing it.

    Turn 10 doesnt likely even have time to fix the issue in fm6 it will have to wait till 7. Between making a Windows 10 curated build, helping on horizon 3 and working on fm7 they have their hands insanely full


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