Automobilista Returns to Steam! *UPDATE*

AMS 2016-04-12 03-57-01-44.jpgAfter a two week hiatus which saw Reiza Studios’ newest title Automobilista pulled from the Steam Online Marketplace due to a copyright claim most likely filed by Formula One Management, the racing simulator with a small yet loyal following is once again available for sale to the general public.

UPDATE: Reiza have just pushed out a 760 MB patch onto Steam’s servers, replacing many of their knock-off Formula One liveries with brand new fictional creations or palette swaps. Widespread changes have been made to all six Grand Prix Seasons, indicating the copyright claim was indeed filed by Formula One Management as many have speculated. Some of the biggest changes can be seen below – with all Williams Martini knock-off entries having been completely removed from the game:

AMS 2016-04-12 03-56-15-40

Reiza’s lack of consistency may be a cause for concern, as not every individual fantasy team has been given the proper treatment which prevent them from dealing with another copyright claim. The developer has tried to remain uniform across each of their fictional Grand Prix Series, with the same handful of fictional teams used to represent their respective real-world counterparts. Scuderia Maranello, for example, is clearly Ferrari, but only the modern Scuderia Maranello entry has been granted a brand new blue livery – whereas some of the older cars have been completely unchanged. However, as seen in the title screenshot, other cars from the same class have received substantial livery changes – such as Ayrton Senna’s totally not Mclaren MP4/4 being painted in a shade of baby piss yellow.

AMS 2016-04-12 03-56-43-62

As a result, Formula One Management could very well file yet another copyright claim on Reiza Studios, and be completely justified in doing so. There doesn’t appear to be any real pattern to the adjustments, indicating sloppy instructions on FOM’s part, or a sense of urgency for Reiza Studios to get the game back on Steam’s store as soon as possible.

AMS 2016-04-12 04-10-05-58

Regardless, there are cars inside Automobilista which still infringe on FOM’s copyrights, and it will be only a matter of time before Bernie’s boys find out. Again.


Does this mean Reiza is in the clear for all future activities? Not entirely. Even managing to clear things up with Formula One, Reiza can still face an onslaught of copyright claims from auto racing series such as V8 Supercars, Speed Energy Formula Off-Road, and even the automaker Porsche, as Reiza Studios have included unlicensed knock-offs of the aforementioned vehicles within Automobilista, or plan to do so in the future. One reader claims to have actually notified V8 Supercars of the potential copyright infringement, but it remains to be seen whether the Australians will take that Email seriously.

As Automobilista fans rejoice, studio spokesperson Renato Simioni has remained strangely silent on the game’s official forums – slightly odd given how many will see this as a victory for sim racing now that the dust appears to have settled.


88 thoughts on “Automobilista Returns to Steam! *UPDATE*

  1. Hang on a sec, I’m just gunna laugh at everybody who was saying that Reiza will be bankrupt because of them being “sued”.

    Haahaahahaaaaaa! Hahahaaaaaa! Hahahaaaaa…


    1. Better double down on the speculation that they actually did something wrong, and ignore the evidence that Steam agreed to let them back on (which implies whoever lodged the complaint was proven wrong)


  2. This is an absolute travesty. Reiza is gonna get away with selling games that contains cars that are ripped off from F1 and V8 Supercars. This battle won’t end here. I will send a highly detailed and extensive report to FOM about how Reiza is infringing on their trademarks, complete with screenshots showing the similarities between the real F1 cars, and the fake ones in AMS and SCE.

    Reiza will fall, and Reiza will burn in hell.

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    1. You are the kind of person sim racing needs – a total and utter wanker who’ll stir shit for the sake of it.

      Do you own shares in the FOM? If not, why care about the so-called interests of a few ultra rich and decrepit old white men who don’t realise the internet exists or that they are ruining the sport of F1. The best thing to happen to F1 is Reiza modelling a few of their cars

      Get outside or better still, get a life.

      PS: Herbetus Hermann needs to get outside with you as he seems to like every anti-Reiza post.


      1. “A few ultra rich and decrepit old white men”

        What does it matter if they are white? I haven’t checked, but it could be that they are mostly Jews. Would it be OK in that case, you butthurt mongrel?


  3. Reiza’s products infringes on so many intellectual property (ip) rights that they might get another takedown notice any day now and I look forward to the drama that will unfold.

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  4. Reiza just released a 759.3MB update. Most of the F1 related skins have been replaced by fictional skins. The tire compound of the V10 is now called medium.

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    1. It’s odd that they had to change the name of the tyre compound from 2002F1 to something else. Other games – AC, iRacing, GT5 among others – get away with throwing the F1 name around in car descriptions as much as they like despite not having the F1 license from FOM.


  5. So you actually encourage your arsonist commentators by quoting them in your articles?

    Its one thing to reference how crazy your comment section gets, its quite another to approve their activities by taking them seriously enough to mention them.

    You actually took an anonymous comment as worthy. Its fantastically retarded stuff you’re doing, fantastic. Why not give them gold stars for trolling.

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    1. He is doing the right thing. I’m sure that V8 Supercar rightholders are intrigued to find out that somebody is making money by ripping of their intellectual property and selling it on the largest digital video game distribution platform.

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  6. Reiza decided to reprofile the dashboard and display to better represent the real life counterparts… in e.g F.Extreme…

    FOM? 😛


  7. Thanks to whoever made the complaint. It ended up being nothing (the author even removed the complaint as time was expiring) and it ended up making the F Extreme extremely beautiful 😀


  8. Blue Ferrari? Are you supposed to drive it with a limp wrist?

    Well, I suppose good for them to work around the issues. Judging by the half-ass patch released, good ole Jaime was right about FOM threatening to shove big black dong’s up their cornholes. All the hysterical hatred foaming from here and yonder (RD). Dumbasses just couldn’t handle PRC hitting a bullseye.

    As for Renato & The Gang … just move the fuck on from this shit. Who really cares about another rF1 mod anyways? Put your time & energy (and OPP crowdfunded $$) into the next shit. Stop hatin’ on PRC and make some good shit happen. Stop living in the rF1-era past … and finally give us some good shit.

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  9. “… You actually took an anonymous comment as worthy. Its fantastically retarded stuff you’re doing, fantastic. Why not give them gold stars for trolling.”
    – P*Funk

    @P*Fuck … Troll much? Alright then, gold star for you, buddy. Seriously, pal. Look in the mother fucking mirror, bitch. You got fucking issues, and it’s goddamn obvious you need to go whack off and release some tension. Just because you type in some fictitious name and spew your venom in every fucking comment section here … don’t make you hot shit. Speak your mind, I suppose. It’s ‘Merica afterall.

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  10. So to anyone in the comment section encouraging sending emails to FOM or V8 Supercars management or whoever, I can assure that behavior is unnecessary. These are businesses and they have their own lawyers on the lookout for this stuff. They’re big boys, and they are better at doing their jobs than you are. Trying to stir stuff up like that is ridiculous. You want to talk about substantive issues with the game, fine. I am no fan of Reiza or this game. I think it looks like absolute shit and I’ve had about enough of the rFactor engine. But sending in copyright claims is just a dick move and reflects poorly on those of us in the comment section who actually try to add something thoughtful to discussions. Find a better use of your time. These are only video games; don’t you people have jobs or school or real life things to worry about?


      1. Austin, I’m not saying that Reiza isn’t in the wrong on this one. They breached copyright, someone found out, they face the consequences. I’m good with that. I think F1 probably found out about this violation without the “assistance” of the community. But don’t pretend like the guys spamming “hey report them to FOM!” are on some kind of crusade to do the right thing in the name of corporate justice. You’re smarter than that.


        They have huge amounts of money, so they can CONTROL licensing and have all the official content, but if a small player wants in, the cost burden is too much, of course, this is the STRATEGY that the megacorps employ to keep the bulk of the market to themselves.


      3. Why are you so angry against the Sim Community? Is there a reason? Or did you just wake up in the middle of the night to bash everyone?

        I really don’t see your goal – if you where interested to bring some titles to a better way, than you just have to participate to the forums and help the guys to do it better.


        PS: you have a 2 paths to choose – do it right (or let it be – like the beatles where singing)

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  11. The reach is real.

    I normally don’t mind the negative bent on PRC. You have to know what it is and just accept it for what it is.

    But this recent mini-fiasco has edged slowly closer and closer to “I sure do hope Reiza gets sued” as the series of articles have gone on.


  12. Funniest thing about this silly website is that all those annoying spam-troll comments about AC or Reiza, are made by James himself. It´s just his way to support his idiotic opinions


      1. Obviously.

        You just need to disconnect for a few min to get new ip.. And then you can jump around with your enhanced comment ip stat.


    1. Reiza is planning to release $50 USD of additional content that will most likely feature even more unlicensed cars and tracks, this needs to stop.


      1. Fuck ya filthy fucking nark bitch, I never knew boasting on net that you are a little bitch was a cool thing to do, but no worries “herbertus”, we get it, you a very lonely individual, good news is, since you a nark bitch, there’s plenty of ppl in this world happy to fuck a little nark bitch in the arse, especially some weird little yank, that just adds to the fun.


      2. “Hash, stop embarrassing yourself for once and shut your mouth.”

        Fuck up you nark bitch, Narks have no rights whatsoever, especially addressing me,narks give up their rights as humans, bitch.


  13. A plain red car is not distinct enough to be any kind of intellectual property issue (or else all the Italians would have to be suing each other), only the new Ferrari has anything even resembling an actual unique paint scheme.


  14. Let’s take down all the modders, all the games with unlicensed lookalike cars, all the games with inadequate programming or AI, let’s kill off all racing sims, all racing games. Hooray. No one seems to enjoy, buy or play them anymore, anyway. :-p


  15. Many stupid assholes in this thread. For example Raceroom gets many licence-shit for free because of cross-promotion. They don´t pay a dime for GT-Masters or DTM, because it´s a win-win-situation for both. Spectator and viewer quotes goes down in the hole motorsport industry like in F1 and games are the bait to get more fans of the younger folks. And to screw this few people enjoying Automobilista is very stupid. I think if somebody have a reason to go after this game it´s Codemasters, not F1.


    1. Speak to Sonat or J-F about the cost of licences before you next post. Sector 3 pay for each and every non-fictional car in R3E.


  16. I just realized. The Japanese and US versions of GT3 A-spec had 6 unlicensed F1 cars hidden in the game, available as you win endurance races. (The PAL version cut them to just two, one higher nose ver. of the F094 car and the other is F688/S with more color options to compensate). Take a look at them: (colors closest to original cars have been deliberately selected):

    (By the way, the F687/S is also available in JPS colors, foreshadowing the officially licensed, Senna tie-in Lotus 97T in GT6, while the F090/S is also available in Tyrrell, Leyton House March, and Andrea Moda colors)

    Moreover, a hidden McLaren MP4/13, complete with West sponsorship (except for a super thin disguise in the side where it said Test instead) has been found hidden inside the game files by the people of GTPlanet and The Cutting Room Floor wiki:

    So my question is, for you thugs who keep tattling legal threats against Reiza: would you tattle Polyphony Digital for doing nearly similar thing back in 2001? Would you do a retroactive act or take a time machine just to do this?


    1. The gaming industry today is a lot different than in the past. Case in point: PD doesn’t pull this shit today because they know it wouldn’t fly.


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