The Future of Automobilista

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The past few weeks have been an extremely bumpy ride for the sim racing community. What began as Formula One Management merely flexing their muscles on unsuspecting modders resulted in a situation where an entire racing simulator was temporarily yanked from the Steam Online Marketplace over a DMCA notice sent to Valve. To make matters worse, the average sim racer lacked any concrete knowledge of copyright regulations, leading to many discussions on the matter descending into a flurry of uninformed individuals advocating on behalf of their favorite racing simulator, simply because it was a game they enjoyed playing. In the end, the game eventually did re-appear on the Steam marketplace, albeit with a 750 megabyte patch serving to fix certain errors, and now there are instead more questions than answers.

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Here’s what happened, in case you missed it:

Formula One Management surprised everybody by suddenly showing up on the scene and forcing Race Department to remove nearly 80 different modifications spread across three different titles – a move many felt was unwarranted, as the individuals weren’t even making any money off of these creations and simply did it for the love of the game. No less than a week later, Automobilista, a simulator featuring six seasons of generic Formula One machinery painted up to closely resemble several real-world grids, was taken off of Steam completely. While Reiza Studios themselves, as well as all major sim racing media outlets failed to address the issue directly for an extended period of time, we came out almost instantly and said “yeah, there’s a whole bunch of unlicensed shit in Automobilista, and Formula One Management probably came knocking after learning about the title during their first cease and desist campaign earlier in the week.” Everyone else remained silent.

Two weeks later, when the game was finally put back up on Valve’s marketplace, changes to the game’s generic Formula One content had indeed been made – many liveries were altered to differentiate themselves from blatantly ripping off real-world identities. Some of the new liveries are really fucking ugly, especially the baby poop green McLaren. Regardless, the situation has been rectified, and Reiza Studios is free to continue developing Automobilista – a game not a whole lot of people play, but a game many people appear to enjoy.

Here’s where it gets ugly.


Because of how quick we were to jump on the story, and because we pointed out that Formula One Management were fully within their rights to issue a DMCA claim on a game that was essentially a Formula One title with a few less tracks and a couple knock-off sponsor logos, many people grew extremely upset with us. While I genuinely enjoy Reiza products, encourage people to buy Reiza products, and even tried running a league with a Reiza product, selling six entire seasons of Formula One cars in Automobilista with little aside from the primary sponsor logos to differentiate them from the real thing was illegal. This wasn’t something you could really defend; everyone with more than a handful of functioning brain cells knew full well what Reiza Studios were doing.


And yet, as the above image demonstrates, people legitimately tried. Not only did they play dumb and pretend like the cars in Automobilista did not resemble any Formula One car in the slightest, the finger was then pointed at us – by none other than Reiza Studios themselves. In what has now become a three part trilogy dubbed Developer Meltdowns, Renato Simioni of Reiza Studios implied that us here at – or one of our readers – intentionally tipped off Formula One Management about the content within Automobilista, despite the game’s promotional material consisting of numerous  screenshots showcasing the Formula One content.

As the figurehead of, a lot of our readers probably believe that this kind of stuff gets to me. It doesn’t. The more I continued to monitor other discussions of the situation on various message boards within the sim racing community, our close group of Teamspeak brothers realized we were merely dealing with yet another sim racing cult; the same mentality fueling the excessive shilling of Project CARS and Assetto Corsa throughout 2015 had now infected yet another fanbase. When you read forum posts from Reiza Studios supporters who are willing to enter a financial domination-like relationship with a game developer, you start realizing that all of the negativity and false accusations – such as sim racers claiming you’re using multiple IP’s to post fake “anti-Reiza” comments – are coming from forum personalities like the gentleman below:

Financial Domination.jpg

But of course, it didn’t stop there. Obviously, the rest of the sim racing media was forced to report on the issue – a game being yanked from Steam is a pretty big deal after all – and when they did, I was personally astounded at the way they chose to present things.


Race Department literally asked their users not to speculate who had filed the DMCA copyright claim on Automobilista. This comes hours after a 750 megabyte patch was released for Automobilista, one which drastically changed the liveries for many different Formula One cars featured in the game, and three weeks after Formula One Management caused such an uproar within the modding community, it made the front page of So you have a sim racing news outlet  literally asking their readers not to discuss the biggest news of the year, but to instead jump for joy that a developer who had been hit with a very legitimate copyright claim were now back on the market. Not only that, in the same article, Race Department genuinely pretended as if the obvious culprit behind the DMCA claim, wasn’t the culprit – even as Automobilista owners dug through the game’s files and confirmed adjustments were made only to modern Formula One cars. This couldn’t get any more absurd.

And then it did.

renato pls.jpg

Renato Simioni of Reiza Studios released a statement earlier today about the whole ordeal over on the official Reiza forums, and one portion in particular made me question whether I’m still truly alive, or was stabbed in my sleep sometime in 2012 and sent to a special kind of hell. This is the ultimate display of hypocrisy, and I can’t believe someone actually let this guy hit the Publish button on this one. Please, proofread what you post. Hell, I’ll do it for you, my Email is displayed when you hit the Submit button at the top of the website. Spare yourself this embarrassment, because otherwise the asshole Canadian is going to call you out:

“We feel the inherent value of Automobilista does not relate to the visual accuracy of some of its unofficial cars, but rather to the quality and realism of the racing experience that it provides, and which we produce.”

Are we seriously going to play that game?

1 Sheldon Crude.jpg

If the value of Automobilista’s fictional cars does not rely on their visual accuracy, why was so much time spent on recreating Speed Energy Formula Off-Road Champion Sheldon Creed’s vehicle, right down to the base livery, headlight decals, and car number? I thought visual accuracy didn’t matter? If Robby Gordon finds out, that’s another DMCA claim, one that’s not so easily rectified just by editing the livery. This is the only racing series in the world featuring these vehicles, so you can’t use the excuse that you just “made it up in your head” one day.

2 Dale Wood.jpgIf the value of Automobilista’s fictional cars does not rely on their visual accuracy, why was so much time spent on recreating Dale Wood’s Brad Jones Racing Holden Commodore from the 2015 Australian V8 Supercars championship, right down to the base livery, rim style, and body shape? I thought visual accuracy didn’t matter? If lawyers representing V8 Supercars or General Motors find out, that’s two separate DMCA claims, two that aren’t so easily rectified just by editing the livery. This is the only racing series in the world featuring these vehicles, so you can’t use the excuse that you just “made it up in your head” one day.

3 Suzuka.jpg

If the value of Automobilista’s fictional tracks do not rely on their visual accuracy, why was so much time spent on recreating a near-perfect version of Suzuka, only to name it after a famous Japanese airport? Why was a Brazilian developer team with next to no funding able to slip this one into their PC simulator, but Project CARS – a game with a substantially larger budget – literally bent over backwards on their rendition dubbed “Sakittto” to ensure it would not resemble Sukuka?  Are we missing something here?

4 Red Bull Ring.jpg

If the value of Automobilista’s fictional tracks do not rely on their visual accuracy, why was so much time spent on producing an impressive version of the Red Bull Ring in Austria, calling it Spielburg, and removing any reference to the world-famous energy drink brand? Why is Kunos bothering to announce that they’ve got the license to the Red Bull Ring in their 2016 preview and act like it’s a big deal owners of Assetto Corsa should get excited about, when Reiza can just sort of slip it into their game under the name of a neighboring city?

Oh, that’s right – it’s copyright infringement, and can get them in a whole bunch of shit – just like the Porsche GT3 entry that’s planned as part of the post-release wave of DLC content for Automobilista. With how notorious Porsche are for protecting their intellectual property – including a situation where they very well did chase after a third party modding team – we’re looking at yet another DMCA claim for the exact same reasons as the Formula One situation, all while Renato and crew downplay their obvious errors in judgement, pushing their fanbase to attack us for… Well… I still don’t actually know.


Stadium Super Trucks. V8 Supercars. General Motors. Porsche. Suzuka. Red Bull. These are all just some of the names that could follow in the footsteps of Formula One Management and issue very real and very crippling copyright infringement claims on Reiza, who would eventually be forced to answer some extremely difficult questions in regards to their entire operation. Everybody knows that Reiza have essentially built a Formula One simulator, V8 Supercars simulator, and Stadium Super Trucks simulator all under the same roof, but now that the precedent has been set, and certain vehicles can’t just have their liveries changed from red to blue, there’s going to be a point where this moves beyond a temporary takedown.

Automobilista is a great game, and provided there is no more drama in relation to copyright claims, this simulator will eat up most of my free time throughout the course of 2016. However, with what’s been displayed above, Reiza Studios are looking at an extremely challenging future. We’ve named five potential DMCA claims in this article alone, and as the post-release DLC eventually lands in the hands of the customers, that number is bound to grow. Playing with fire is an understatement.


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  1. Yeah! That Sauber is exactly the same! Apart from the front and rear wings, the intake, and the sidepods… the problem is the liveries, not the cars themselves.


      1. They always made changes to models sufficient enough to not cause any issues .. some cars need bigger changes (Porsche cup car) some less (V8 as racing prototype) .. they just overshoot it with liveries being way too much resembeling the real counterparts … while it might cause issue with F1 cars it might not be problem at tall with other classes … resembeling car model would be an issue with car manufacturer, not organisation like FOM ..


      2. Hey James,

        I’m wondering… I’ve been following your articles for a while now, and I gotta tell you, you are a very good writer. Why are you paying so much attention to all the inexhaustible negative stuff out there?
        Looking back through the field of potentially highly interesting and obviously well researched articles I kept noticing this weird, nagging yucky feeling in my belly when actually I was thinking that I should be feeling engulfed and drawn in…
        I’m not saying to focus only on the positive, but you seem to be leaning on the negative, especially the Reiza stuff lately, riding it out as long as possible.

        Dude, it’s all down to interpretation, and they might’ve been not the smartest to go upon the stuff with their liveries, and yes, you and many others are right about this. What really matters though is that we are all in this together as a community, are we not? I think we all agree that in terms of physics they are top notch, doing an incredible job and therefore have been providing me with the pleasure I’ve been seeking to experience through my wheel every time I fire it up, and which I’ve been missing with a lot of other sims. (I’m just the kin-esthetic type I guess, not so much sold on shiny graphics, obviously :-))

        So, I really appreciate your dedication and hope to read many more interesting and hopefully also more positive contributions, evening out the content on this platform to what I consider might potentially come around to be a source of good and solid sim racing journalism.


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  2. All of these moves Reiza have made to try and skirt copyright have been obvious for some time, and they’re playing with fire. I find it interesting that many sim racers were (and still are) content to make excuses for Reiza. I doubt so many would do this if it were Slightly Mad Studios, or some other, less popular developer that had done the same thing. The popular narrative, after all, is that Reiza are the “good guys” unlike that nasty Ian Bell or Stefano.

    And for all the Race Department people: this article, although hyperbolic as usual, is not inciting the community to make efforts to take down Reiza; it’s merely questioning the ethics of this developer and posing the question of whether or not this kind of thing is something we want to support. You might claim that this site is ruining the community, and to be sure, Austin has made some foolish decisions, but when I see people saying “I’d donate to this shining light developer,” I see someone who is foolish in his own right.


      1. What specifically has RF2 ripped off? I don’t recall there being any major series being fictional to the point of copying current F1 liveries? Keep in mind I couldn’t give less of a shit about any sim outside of iRacing right now.


        1. All of the NASCAR tracks. They seriously didn’t even try to hide it. You could make an equally compelling argument regarding the entire Gen 6 car package as well. Save for 5 or 6 liveries out of 50, it’s basically the entire NASCAR field. Even at our local sim place, people have stopped caring at the lack of authentic liveries because they’re that similar.

          Then there’s the 2012 F1 season, which consults the same design philosophy that got Reiza in trouble.

          Probably boils down to the fact that FOM didn’t catch it in time, and how obscure rF2 is.

          Oh, and the DW12. Can’t forget about that. Real car with fictional skins – all based on indycar liveries.

          Might have something to do with rFactor 2 not being pushed by any marketing campaign, whereas AMS being all over Steam and relatively new.


      2. And then there’s the Howston lineup, which variably rips off AMC, Lola, and what might be a Lotus F3 (not sure on that one). Plus the unlicensed bread van which is obviously a Chevy Step Van.


      3. To Jamea: What? The Daytona look a like has the banking all wrong and doesn’t drive much like Daytona, and the Darlington look a like is too wide and is simply not Darlington. It’s far from what Reiza has done with Suzuka and the Red Bull Ring.


    1. Fucktard….you haven’t explained how reiza can afford official licencing.
      Remember AC is a simcade game for the feeble minded.


  3. James, you are a fucking asshole and psycho. I thought nearly nobody is playing this title, so why make dozens of articles about it? There was never ever a Ruf in the GT3 class, but I can drive this car in Raceroom and pCars. Much bigger companies I think. Reiza at least invented phantasy cars and not just changed Porsche against Ruf. And you idiot have no clue that Sim-Racing is a very big practice tool for real racers and when they pay hundreds of thousands for real cars, they want to practice them in AC, pCars, maybe Automobilista, but rF2? I don’t see that coming.


    1. To be fair, the RUF’s in R3E are still licensed cars, RUF gave S3 permission to build fictional racing versions of their cars.


      1. Same goes for pCARS and SMS …. RUF GT3 is not rebranded copy of Porsche GT3. It was designed by SMS/WMD on a basis of licensed RUF roadcar and also was checked and agreed by RUF company before release.


  4. I bet you are trying to get all you can from this to get AMS to remove content just to be able to say “PRC was right”
    Man sim racing community used to be so much better before a couple of guys ever born lol


    1. Sure seems like it, nobody’s going to care if PRC was right or not, and going by the repetitive-end of this ‘article’ around Renato’s statement, I think James is taking this ’cause’ a bit personally.

      Like, step away for a week man, no one but the shitposters are going to care.

      Also, speculation is not fact.


  5. rFactor 1 has a track called Brianza that seems to be Monza. Throughout the 90s and 00s there were numerous unofficial F1 games with the full compliment of circuits.

    Car liveries however is treading on dodgy ground. Reiza might have been best off just putting a bunch of single color vehicles into the game and letting modders do the risky work.


    1. I thought it would have been neat to have liveries featuring each of the sim racing media sites. A VirtualR car, a RaceDepartment car, a TeamVVV car…etc…

      Even if we weren’t included on the roster (let’s be real here), it would have been a fun thing for the community to get involved with.


      1. I think some of the drivers in the Reiza games are people who hang around various forums, as they were involved in testing it/working on it. Although knowing how this site is seen around the net, it’d be set up as a back-of-the-field team that breaks down all the time probably :-p

        Seriously though, this site has the potential to be a lot more than a site moaning about games’ inadequacies, as you’re not afraid to publish rumours and aren’t bound to any particular companies rhetoric. Just a thought. But it needs more balance, not just a lot of anti-sim posts.


  6. I have a hard time seeing how you could think that the cup mod is going to get them in trouble. It won’t be a 1:1 replica (the preview pictures should demonstrate that alone, everyone complained it looked wrong lol) and the liveries at this point won’t be either, not that it’ll matter cause those series are much less recognizable for colours and lastly the Flat6 mod got released after a name change.


      1. You know how it works Oggy.

        You put windmills in windy locations such as mountains because it’s where you can get more.. Wind.. You put solar panels in the middle of deserts because it’s where you can get more.. Sun.. You suck dicks over at RD because it’s where you can get more.. Dicks.. The fact he comes here spouting bullshit all day long just makes it easier for us to take advantage of all that free energy.


  7. I think you’re getting on uneven ground here. You might speculate as much as you wish, but if you want your articles to have some real life value, you probably should consult a lawyer, because the law is extremely complicated thing, and many issues are not even addressed. I know some things I heard from here or there, but not nearly enough.

    You can file a paper that says that you own a trademark, for example, a sigh or a label: “Pretend race cars”. You can file that you own it partually, in context, so anyone that makes a site with the same name will be violating your right of ownership, but if anyone makes a soda drink with that name will be completely free to do so; anyone that makes line of code that makes these letters spin in a wallpaper will be completely free to do so.

    You can also try to file a paper that you own it completely and entirely, in the sense that you can sue anyone that uses that combination of words in a sticker on in software or in hardware or as the name of a car. That paper wont be free tho, it would be huge investment, depending on how common or incommon the word combination is. That investment makes sense for a huge company like Coca-Cola, because they will gain more form it. But would it make sense for the V8 organisation or the Monster Truck organisation to file a paper saying that they own the rights over any digital code that has similarities with certain body shape? What would they gain from that? Would they have any benefit from that investment?

    Sponsorship labels are more easy to define; they are a piece of texture. Also, F1/FIA do have the digital rights over them, since they are able to sell them to codemasters. In fact, they invest in making up a paper that says they own goods that dont actually exist, and then they sell them for profit – the investment pays out, and it would make sense that they would do anything to protect that investment. Porsche own the digital right and they sell it to ea – but they only own the name and the badge, not the body shape, otherwise there would’t be so many RUF’s around. But why would Susuka or V8’s or Monster Trucks pay to gain the ownership of the digital rights, why would they engage in costly lawsuits, if they don’t plan to sell these digital made up goods in any shape or form?

    There are so many more aspects – selling digital rights partially or fully, terms of usage, UK law, US law, international law… its a mess.

    Anyway, English is not my native language, I dont know the proper terms, and I’m not in any way qualified expert on these things – but you don’t sound like one neither. 😀

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    1. English is not your native language but you express far more sense than any of the native English speakers publishing in this blog.


  8. You should stop using any sim featuring any sort of a copyright infringement (including the mods), otherwise you are a huge hypocrite, James.
    But you can skip on that, since it appears you really are one.


    1. You see no difference between a mod created out of hobby and for no personal game, AND a game released by a proffessional developer for money making reason? Seems legit mate.


      1. What you’re talking about though is not about laws though. That’s personal ethics. Nothing to do with the laws in question in this article.

        Either its damaging the property of the claimant or its not. Whether its for profit or not has little bearing on this.

        You can’t go “ZOMG THE LAW” and then turn around and make it about your own arbitrary ethics. Its one or the other. Only one has the power to bring a game down from the steam store though. In for a penny in for a pound bitch.


  9. Reads like you want to end all modding as well as what Reiza have done – silhouette cars and tracks.

    SMS created Suzuka and changed a few corners to make their fictional version and I see no reason why Reiza can’t do the same if pushed by licence owners.

    Don’t know what the end game is; modding has been the backbone of sims since day one and people have been creating and using unlicenced cars and tracks for decades. The prc argument is Reiza is charging people for the ‘illegal’ content which is morally dubious (I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know if it’s legally wrong).

    Perhaps non licenced cars and tracks should be free or they use the crowd funding money to obtain a few licences.


  10. We at the rFactor 2 delegation have decided to partner with those who are trying to take Automobilista down from Steam again, Reiza has TARNISHED and DEFILED the holy name of thy ISI engine, and receive SWIFT and SEVERE consequences for doing so. Reiza Studios will be damned to hell, along with SMS and Kunos, while ISI will continue to bless us with their heavenly content. The ISI engine is the most pure, realistic, spiritual engine that has lots of Simulation Value, and copyright thieves like Reiza will NOT tarnish the legacy of the ISI engine. Father Ass0ciator and Father Hex, please bless us from these evil spirts that are trying to defile the ISI name, and the prophet Tim Wheatley.

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  11. So this was the new approach.
    I see you ignore statements, and that the Porsche mod was released etc.
    It’s important to push your alternative reality I see.


  12. These brazilians devs and their fanboy apologists over at RD who suck Renato’s dick all the time must think they can get away with stealing others intellectual property, but let me tell you; they are severely mistaken it’s not going to happen.

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  13. The butt hurt is real in this place.
    Is Automobolista really worth all this trouble?
    Enough to charge $50 for DLC’s alone?
    No comprende, holms.

    James is good shit. Keep it up, bruh.
    This shit is pretty damn entertaining.
    Esp. dem RD princesses getting all hot & bothered.
    Good sheit.

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  14. I don’t think this series costs too much to license:

    And I would play it anytime over those boring F1 or “Stock” Car or whatever. There is so much untouched motorsports that would be either free or very cheap to license, still all we get is the same shit over and over again.


    1. Tractors? Try something else with it, liking drifting it in Touge Max G:

      (Yes, that’s Tsukuba, but they called it “Short Circuit” and literally changed nothing except for the Dunlop Bridge where Atlus’ logo is placed instead. Also the tractor is an unlockable car, you must set a record time in a specific track.)


  15. Haven’t this site used to promote stolen content from AC/iRacing as mods for rF2, like Nordschleife?
    Hypocrisy is strong with this one.


      1. But mods can in theory cost other companies money, by doing a very illegal conversion.
        It is actually 100% illegal to take content from a game and convert it to other games (well, unless you have things like the SimBin letter).


      2. I haven’t said mods are legal. I know that my mods are illegal.
        But the difference is what I highlighted earlier. Modders (Real modders, not those russian douchebags that sell stolen rips for AC) usually don’t ask money for their projects because they’re not professionals. For them, for us, it’s just a hobby, a passion.

        If you want to earn money and sell your works, you should only do so with cars and/or tracks which are completely fantasy (Think of Autumn Ring in Gran Turismo).

        Here we’re talking about things that are “inspired” by real world cars and tracks, and sold for a price equal to full retail games when they really don’t have permissions to do.

        As much as I think Ian Bell is a douchebag, they had lot of tracks that never saw the light of day.
        Bristol for example. because even with a fake name and fake sponsors Nascar and the owner(s) of the track didn’t want to license it for a simulation. That track is still available in some pre-alpha builds, but it was pulled off from the final game. And it was technically a fictional track.

        Why a big name such as b(roken)Cars couldn’t sell “fictional” content and Reiza can? Why they’re so special? They’re selling the exact same kind of content. Real cars and tracks disguised and classified as “fictionals” because they have different billboards.


  16. What is 3PA scheme? I sometimes saw people write this name when talking about mods content and skins in rf2. What 3pa means?


  17. >why was so much time spent on recreating Speed Energy Formula Off-Road Champion Sheldon Creed’s vehicle, right down to the base livery, headlight decals, and car number?

    Because why not? It’s the same reason why AC mods such as those made by Virtua Simulazioni exist. It’s fun, it creates more of a connection with the people that know these cars and liveries, and while it still doesn’t matter due to it not affecting things like the physics in any way(which already makes your hypocrisy point sound like the rambling of someone too mindless to understand the very genre he’s a fan of), it obviously doesn’t hurt.

    At this point you’re just fishing for views while hiding under the ‘m-muh laws’ argument, because you simply cannot get yourself to be anything more than negative about anything and everything that this genre has, from AMS to AC to pCARS to iRacing and everything else. Or do you want me to bust out the numerous modding-related articles that you’ve made in the past, just to highlight your very own hypocrisy and constant view-changing for the sake of causing drama?

    This whole debacle shows just how ridiculous IP regulations are in the western world, particularly in America where the masses have gotten so caught up in their current capitalistic era that they’re spoonfeeding the very companies that are taking things away from them. More than that, however, it shows just how much this blog has degraded since I first started reading it god knows how many months ago. When even /ovg/ has nothing good to say about not just PRC, but everything that you say and do, you know it’s time to stop. In your quest to maintain the ironic meaning of your blog’s motto, you’ve somehow managed to reach the point where the blog follows its literal meaning instead.

    You’ve somehow become worse than RD. And that’s saying something. I’m out.

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    1. As an /ovg/ archive lurker… it seems that somebody have cracked James’ /ovg/ tripcode. He made new trips, but people keep impersonating him.

      Try a secure tripcode next time, James.


      1. Through strategic shitposting and IP monitoring, Sev and I figured out the autist on /ovg/ obsessed with me is Valrys – the resident MtF transsexual.

        Someone forwarded me a pic, and it definitely didn’t match the quality of my previous stalker.


  18. As you say Reiza has no right to complain. Why didn’t they license a backmarker team’s car like ISI did for rFactor 2? Turn 10 also only licensed the Lotus E23. But if you race it in career the AI uses Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes liveries BUT they are not Turn 10’s but the community’s work. What I want to say: let your fans do the dirty job. FOM never would start a claim against ‘adfhe1989’ because of creating skins and hurting copyrights.


  19. Let’s harass reiza and praise urd and all the others.

    This guy is a cunt.

    Claim resolved and its back on store and he is still arguing over nothing.


    It was James who did this not fom. He already tried to do this before.

    James is manipulating everyone.

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    1. “James is manipulating everyone.”

      E X A C T L Y

      Come on, let´s hate Reiza!!!
      Let´s hate Reizaaaaaa!!!!!
      Why nobody hates Reiza? 😦


  20. I remember when Deadmau5 modified a Ferrari and stuck a “Purrari” logo on the back, he received a cease-and-desist from Ferrari. I saw an interesting comment on this, that if Ferrari didn’t protect their brand and IP at every instance if their branding being infringed, it would leave them open to losing the protections of their patents and copyrights in court (ie, You didnt care then, so you can’t care now).

    I feel it is somewhat similar in this instance. F1 has to try to protect their brand. If they don’t, someone could make a full F1 simulator game, unofficially, and F1 would have little precedence to stand on. It is a very complex and interesting topic (to me, anyway), and whilst I usually don’t read the articles on this sight for insight, I am enjoying reading these summaries, which you have managed to present in a mostly unbiased manner.

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    1. The skins were pretty much perfect copies but honestly it’s not that hard to make a F1 game right now. Just increase 1cm on every measure the regs impose and it already isn’t a F1 car anymore.
      Tracks can be the same change the angles of some corners a little and you are done.
      It’s sad to see people thinking what Reiza is doing is something bad. It could actually change for good the future of sim racing if this forces tracks and manufacturers to make their licensing cheaper and easier. If this made them get rid of the agencies that has the rights for this stuff would be good enough.
      At least nothing stops Reiza from keep selling AMS even if they need to sell it outside Steam.


  21. Race Department’s Automobilista subforum really is a disgusting place where fanboys who funded the game are constantly sucking Reiza’s dick and everyone who dares to criticize something gets attacked by a bunch of apologists including a few staff member who will give you a warning or a ban.

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  22. They don’t have actually licence for any of this?!?! How is this even possible?!?!
    I loved their work but with this and that light Reiza and all their stuff are becoming crappy rip offs and thievery which has to stop. I hope there will be consequences to this, rules apply to all of us including them. That penishead Simioni can say what he wants but he can’t hide all of this. Say no to lies and thievery, say no to Reiza.


    1. REPENT REIZA REPENT YOU SCOUNDRELS, John chapter 2 volume 6

      There people are the John Wayne Gacy’s of the sim world.

      REPENT !!


  23. How dare these vile people treat the world of sim racing like this !!


    COOK THEM IN THE BELLY OF A BRAZEN BULL, while we listen to them beg to be saved!!

    This is an outrage of Goliath proportions, this is a thorn in the side of all self respecting sim racers, HOW DARE THEY !!



  24. Im calling for a royal enquiry with tax payers money over this, this is the most diabolical and sick story ive ever heard.
    What would Mother Theresa or jesus say?


  25. The “sim racers” of today are just a bunch of fanboys and spoiled kids spending more times on forum showing of their rigs than actually playing the games they shill for.

    When Simbin released the not-F1 Formula Raceroom for Race 07 with fictional liveries which did not even resemble the real ones nobody bothered to ask why did not they go the road Reiza did, because just as Simbin knew the risk of making the liveries almost identical to the real ones, so did the players, it’s common sense, which is obviously lacking to all these kids trying to hide the real issue.

    It’s obviously an inconvenience and FOM don’t need to act so butthurt, but that’s not a good enough excuse to act so immaturely.


  26. Man alive! That financial domination link almost killed me☺ The only difference between him and the pCars-, AC-, iRacing-, rF2- and Reiza-shillers is that he almost sucked a dick, whereas they blow master’s cock daily and enjoy it.


  27. So, someone is willing to go around contacting even TRACKS, to point them on the way of specific/all sim racing games, so the non-surveyed/laser scanned tracks get pulled? Are we seriously getting to that point with certain people?

    To those, I say: Take a silent, metaphorical step back, and think. Assess the situation and what you are doing.


  28. To put it short you are aware that you are somenthing like the DEREK SMART of the racing community? And that´s not solely a compliment


  29. With the way the patent and copyright laws have failed us many times over the last century, and are now simply ways for lawyers to make more money (just look up the term “patent troll”), it’s become ever clearer that these laws are against competition within a free market…

    It’s part of the question of our times, in order to move into the technological age and out of our current stagnation under an economic belief system that has only served those with capital, we need to start asking the questions more and more… And the questions start at the heart of a belief system based on numbers we made up and then agreed upon…


  30. I love Renatos comments about the whole thing.
    This was taken from the AMS forum.-

    “As previously reported, Valve & Reiza had received a DMCA notice for Automobilista, which resulted in the game being taken down from Steam for a couple of weeks according to the regulated standard procedure. The matter was discussed and clarified with the complaining party who withdrew the complaint, shortly before it was due to elapse.

    We have in any case elected to modify several of the fictional cars in the game to feature different designs, and will continue to update them as a preventive measure to avoid similar confusion about whether part of the content in the game presented & branded as fictional / unofficial is indeed so. Many of these changes have already been introduced in the latest v0.8.9 update.

    While current US jurisprudence regarding application of copyright / trademark law in videogames indicates the legal validity of such claims may be debatable, ultimately it shouldn´t really matter as we feel the inherent value of Automobilista does not relate to the visual accuracy (or lack thereof) of some of its unofficial cars, but rather to the quality and realism of the racing experience that it provides and which we produce.

    With this hopefully established, we´d like to thank everyone for your continuing support – rest assured we have been and continue pushing hard towards getting Automobilista ready for full release!”

    So he still thinks its no problem creating a skin exactly the same, as its AMS and then sell it in Game. This guys a fuckin Joke. So if it doesnt relate to the “Real Life” then, why did he have to change all the F1 skins ??.

    All he is saying is that cause its Automobilista and they are Reaiza a small co that there fine !.



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