Logano, Keselowski to Help Develop New NASCAR Title

NR2003 2014-04-20 15-17-21-91.jpg

Do I seriously have to jump ship from Team Penske?

That would be the question I’m asking myself today, as a press release from Dusenberry Martin Racing has arrived in my inbox detailing the team’s recent acquisition of exactly $8,000,000 in additional funding, which will be used to help develop the upcoming NASCAR 16 and future titles for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. PlayFast Games LLC, a Charlotte-based investor group, have been named as one of many entities which have contributed to the financial needs of Dusenberry Martin Racing, though the two particular names mentioned as part of PlayFast are a cause for concern:


2012 Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski, and 2015 Daytona 500 winner Joey Logano, are both said to be involved within the development of all future NASCAR titles for Dusenberry Martin Racing. Their involvement in the creation of an officially licensed title makes perfect sense on the outset – Brad Keselowski has not been shy about his love of NASCAR Racing 2003 by Papyrus on several occasions – though the string of poor efforts by The Artist Formerly Known as Eutechnyx have suffered more flaws than mere input from the pros can fix. Insider info provided to us by a special source over in the United Kingdom notes that Eutechnyx literally didn’t care about these games; an ideology that clearly reflected in both the critical and user reception of the previous five titles.

Dusenberry Martin Racing is said to have inherited all assets and an undisclosed number of staff members from the Eutechnyx series of NASCAR offerings, indicating the help of Logano and Keselowski – both avid sim racers with valuable feedback – will do little to improve the final product when it hits store shelves later this year. When five straight games were released in a state slightly above shovelware quality, I genuinely wonder how two extremely talented race car drivers and veteran sim racers signed on for a project like this. Either they did little to no research about the current abysmal state of NASCAR video games, or Keselowski has taken the same approach he has with the sanctioning body itself – busting his ass to make a tangible difference.

nascar ratings.jpg

I’d obviously like to be proven wrong, and have a killer NASCAR title which captured the undeniable magic of the EA Sports efforts from a decade ago, but our review of NASCAR 15 published in may of 2015 indicates Dusenberry Martin have a challenging task ahead of them if they want to win over the hardcore American Stock Car audience. Filled to the brim with technical bugs, gameplay gremlins, and a long list of inaccuracies, NASCAR 15 was the fifth officially licensed NASCAR title in as many years to send fans into a fury, demanding NASCAR to give the license to somebody – anybody – as long as it meant that Eutechnyx were no longer making these games.

Only time will tell how this all plays out. Optimism is certainly not a theme with our articles concerning modern NASCAR video games, but hopefully Dusenberry Martin will take note of the criticism Eutechnyx have received since their reign over the official NASCAR license began in 2011, and provide us with a product that will be the catalyst of many sleepless nights spent clutching our plastic steering wheels.


31 thoughts on “Logano, Keselowski to Help Develop New NASCAR Title

  1. Well think of it this way. NTG 2011 they had input from Richard Towler of all people. Now they have accomplished real life racers to help out. We should all remain skeptical of course, no doubt it, but at least this is a positive sign.


    1. Probably not to downright no.

      I don’t expect much from this release at all. 1 year is not enough time to fix it and they are already talking about mobile. Looks like it will still be unity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no one has even shown that unity is suitable for a racing sim. I remember eu’s autoclub revolution devs could never resolve the track surface collision problems and basically gave up/ trashed the project.

      Unless some kinda magic happens, this is going to be rubbish.


      1. There is nothing in the Unity engine that would make it obsolete to be used with sim racing game development. It is just that very few developers are interested to work on such games, they are rarity to begin with. Those that do, have started way before Unity was a thing and have already established their own engines for this purpose only.

        What makes many of the Unity games appear to be bad, is that the engine is free and very easy to use. Virtually anybody with a basic Windows skills can make a “game” with it. Easiness is also trap for more professional developers, as they can accidentally or deliberately overlook some of the important aspects what make games a high quality products.


      2. I disagree. If an engine has been designed for highly approximate mesh intersection (comparative) and has absolute concurrent and undocumented hard-body limitations (hello PhysX), then you’re going to have to re-write intrinsic aspects of the engine.

        No one has ever demonstrated reasonably complete simulation-level physics in Unity or UE and PhysX offers zero solution to the problem. It’s not like people simply haven’t tried, there are large threads about the problems with simulation in unity and UE (including UE4). It’s just not an aspect of game design that unity or UE has ever seriously targeted with any thought. If developers actually think they can just shoe-horn something like isimotor2 into unity or UE, they are going to have a bad time. A VERY bad time.

        Combining a robust physics platform with an ‘established’ rendering engine can easily be just as much work (and may never work) as forking a good base starting point that you actually control. The end result would almost certainly be more efficient and you’re not reliant on Unity dev to fix bugs that really should have been addressed years ago.

        I find it strange that you included a screenshot of Rust. The developer behind it isn’t exactly a genius, yet he has certainly had to deal with lots of undocumented engine-level bugs and had to wait for fixes to be pushed.


      3. None of the current crop of racing sims are actually a physics sandboxes. They have very crude implementation of world physics apart from actual vehicle physics. And it doesn’t matter, these games are mostly about vehicle physics only.

        Because of that I never implied that PhysX should be used as platform for serious vehicle physics. It was never designed to handle that. Unity can be used without messing with PhysX if needed, then it becomes audiovisual rendering engine and programming sandbox.

        I also agree that it makes no sense to implement any of the current racing sim engines into Unity or Unreal. Too much work and unforeseen compatibility issues.

        I haven’t played Eutechnyx NASCAR sims so I can’t comment how they fail technically, but I never expected them to be serious sims anyway. I am still certain that most of their problems are self caused instead of having a dysfunctional engine.

        In the end, my statement stands that there are very, very few people interested to develop serious racing sims (including required physics). And it is not game engine issue.


  2. Wow,why do people waste so much money on a form of driving that is lazy and only requires you to use one pedal and turn left.
    Dumb shit


    1. You realize they race on Road Courses too right? Also what is this bullshit of trying to hate on other forms of motorsport? I hate closed minded fuckers like you that bring down the respect of motorsport fans. You should open your mind up if you dont actually get why people might like a certain form of a sport. We should embrace all forms of racing because its a dying breed now. Kids today arent growing up wanting to be race car drivers anymore.

      And part of it is that fucking terrible attitude right there.


    2. Agree, these Nascar people are imbeciles, i’m certain they would struggle if they had to turn a corner, its the lowest form of racing for the simplest of racers like Ricky Bobby.

      Who was that imbecilic Nascar champion Darrell Waltrip or what ever his name is? did anybody see him shit his pants and squeal like a little piglet doing a hot lap in a V8SC AROUND Mount Panorama, Bathurst, its all over youtube, pity they have to go to Australia to find out what racings all about, these Nascar drivers are pussies, Nascar fans are worse.

      Im not sure how to add a video here, maybe somebody could be kind enough to add Darrells Bathurst hot lap here.

      James i actually think that hot lap could be the topic of a good fun blog here even though it has nothing to do with sim.


      1. You are also afraid when you are a passenger when your mom is driving. But if you are driving, it’s ok. And you only travel 60 mph at most.

        That is common phenomena of been afraid of something not in control of.

        Now here’s some scared individuals for you:


      2. In all honesty im only winding the NASCAR fans up with some some tame banter, they are good for it, i actually found Darrell Waltrip a really good sport in that video, its an absolute classic video, one of the funniest ive seen, he was obviously hamming it up about but but no doubt he was shit scared


  3. Nothing good comes out of this. It doesn’t matter how good the drivers are, they know nothing about game development. Like the developers know nothing about driving a NASCAR car. They can pretend sharing information all they like, but it is just not gonna work. They are making commercially viable NASCAR game product and it will be nothing short of “NASCAR Racers”.

    I am completely lost all my hope to ever get modern replacement for NR2003.


      1. It doesn’t give option to race offline championships together with various seasons / eras. It is not a game like NR2003, it is multiplayer service.


      2. Yeah I mostly don’t care about Multiplayer racing either, so a great offline oval sim like NR2003 but updated would be great.


    1. “NASCAR Racers” was based on a Fox TV cartoon series and released in 2000, it’s nothing more than a completely fictional kids game. No NASCAR drivers were involved in it’s development. Lame comparison.

      So does a NASCAR driver have to know every bolt on his car to give his crew chief feedback? Does his crew chief need to be championship caliber driver to setup a car? No and no.

      Maybe they will knock it out of the park with this one and it will be the best oval simulation ever. Or perhaps it’ll have the physics of Atari’s pole position. Nobody knows, but come back when you know what your are talking about.


      1. Well for starters, if you want to get the physics right, take advice from chief mechanics and chassis builders. If you want to get the race strategy simulation right, take advice from the crew chief.

        But because this is laid back arcade racing game, it is enough that Keselowski tells you how there is aero push at certain distance and angle in comparison to car in front. Then you add that canned effect there in the code and everybody is happy.


  4. Funny …. when any racing game uses real drivers as consultants, you dismiss it as a PR …. but this time it should really help … hmmmmm … may I ask what is the difference? Is mr. Keselowski somehow more experienced in game development than Ben Collins, Rene Rast and others? RL drivers help all the studios with their sims. It is just that the simracing community cannot take their heads out of their asses and admit, that they are just idiots pretending to know something, while they really know shit.


      1. Thnx for answer Austin. I didn’t know that. On the other hand, he’s still not first race driver with prior sim experience helping with game development.


  5. Well the beginning of chase or the second round would probably be a good time to release NASCAR 16. The interest in the nascar season would be close to its highest, but they would still be able to release the game in 2016 if there were any delays without missing the holiday shopping season.


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