Announcing Project FAVELA

Project FAVELA.jpg

If you haven’t noticed a small change to the overhead menu here at, it’s time to officially let the cat out of the bag – we’ve indeed been working on something behind the scenes. A payware product that will most likely retail for the affordable price of $10 USD, we’ll be bringing something other than negativity and pessimism to the world of sim racing very shortly. We are extremely proud of what we have created for the community, and know it’s something many sim racers will gladly purchase when it becomes available. It’s obviously a bit nerve-wracking to step into the world of payware products, especially knowing a select portion of virtual drivers will outright refuse to support anything we do – regardless of it’s quality – but we’re confident we’ve built something a lot of people will enjoy. If everything goes as planned, you’ll have it by the end of April. Our work is more or less 95% done, but that final 5% can be a pain in the ass sometimes – so don’t worry about us announcing shit that will mysteriously never be mentioned again, like that Senna game. We’re in the closing stages.

To have a bit of fun with the speculation process, we’re not going to reveal what we’ve made, but the armchair detectives among us are free to run wild with their own unique theories. A smart cookie should start by consulting our TeamSpeak user list; something that is publicly available by clicking on the panel to your right. There’s a bit of a paper trail some of our smarter readers can follow, and the image above may or may not contain a hint, but we’re staying tight lipped on most aspects for now, simply because it’s a fun little throwback to the suspense of looking at Christmas presents under the tree. The product will hit one day in the near future, and we’re pretty sure the reception will justify the anticipation. The URD guys have been successful in the payware scene, and we hope to replicate that same level of success with what we’ve created.

It’s a big release that came together surprisingly quickly, and it’s a project meaningful enough to warrant coverage on mainstream sim racing media outlets. As we constantly tear apart the work of other modders, website administrators, and sim racing media personalities, it’s only fair that we offer our own product up for evaluation as well. Those who are affiliated with any of the reputable sim racing outlets are welcome to contact us for a free review product and tear it to pieces in whatever YouTube channel or editorial section you’ve got. You won’t have a reply in your Inbox tomorrow morning with a link to the download, but it’ll show up when it’s done and you can tear us a new asshole to whatever extent you’d like – free of charge.

So yeah, we built something, and you’ll be able to buy it shortly for $10 USD. That’s the news for today.


63 thoughts on “Announcing Project FAVELA

  1. Hmmm… assuming this isn’t just you guys taking the piss out of payware products in general, or something about copyright infringement, this could be interesting.

    That title though, Favelas aren’t exactly a positive thing, it’s like creating something called Project New Orleans, or Project Slums.

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  2. I bet it’s a mod that puts you on Button’s ass when those Brazilian muggers tried to rob him after Brazil GP. You gotta escape in a Volvo chased by scooters and surrounded by terrible drivers.

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  3. Either this is a stab at the current state of payware modding teams, with a little bit of what Tim Wheatley said about the future of rf2 or James has officially lost it.

    Too bad, he ran a fun blog :s


  4. We at PRCLeaks have managed to gather exclusive information about PRC’s upcoming project, codenamed “Project FAVELA”. Project FAVELA is going to a be large-scale mod of Reiza’s Automobilista, and is set to be released under the name of “Shilling Simulator 2016”. Project FAVELA will feature all of the content that is available from Automobilista, along with having over 100 new liveries designed by the PRC resident trolls. There will be two career modes in Project FAVELA. Shill Mode, will have you join a racing team that represent each racing simulator, including Team Project CARS, Team Assetto Corsa, Team Automobilista, and Team RFactor2. The point of shill mode is to race for your sim that you shill for, and aggressively defend your favorite sim from others who may criticize it. Shill Mode will feature simcade physics, lack steering wheel support, and will have no simulation value to represent the current state of racing sims. The other career mode, Developer Mode, will have you create your own racing simulator, and choose contributors to help you out. You can go the full shill route and hire only yes men who will do whatever you say for the creation of your sim, and have exclusive support from the likes of Ian Bell, Stefano Casillo, and Renato Simioni. You can even start your own forum and ban those who point out problems in your racing sim. You will have the ability to release your own racing sim on Steam that is unfinished, full of bugs, has simcade physics with a poor tire model, and lacks simulation value.

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  5. It is a megamod executable, which when clicked, will make some patch magic and transform every racing sim to a perfect sim. For example, it offers day and night cycles, working headlights, weather, dynamic track, AI improvent and Sev approved physics update for all cars in AC. For Iracing, it offers single player career modes with unbeatable oval AI. Other sims will get similar updates according to their lacking features. It is all right for ten bucks.

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  6. Not a big fan of the name, its just not a name that grabs me on any level, i had to look it up and found its some brazilian shanty town, at first seeing the name i thought it was some sort of potato chip or European Tennis player but each to their own.

    Well done PRCs, putting your neck on the chopping block, i respect that.

    If you are going to critic everybody else its only fair you put your own offerings on the table to give your opinions real credibility, if you kick ass with this and set a new bar, all your critic over the years will have a lot more substance and weight, if you dont set a very high bar with this you are going to look like dopes and lose a lot of cred, thats the reality here, youve set yourself up for all or nothing, glory or fail, life or death LOL

    But i respect that and am backing you guys to deliver something outstanding, its going to be entertaining either way, lol

    Good luck lads.

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    1. Just to add to that, this has gotta be a wind up lol?
      I sense a disturbance in the force.
      I think james might be having a few of us on here?
      james lol?


  7. – All players who play it will be required to declare that playing Project FAVELA confirms that they have shit taste in racing games.
    – The in-game livery editor will have drama goons and stalkers appearing infrequently.
    – All tracks will have long roadblocks that declare other games’ simcade status.
    – There will be Japanese race queens every standing race starts.
    – There will be a special, hidden Senran Kagura-themed itasha livery for a specific car when you pre-order.


  8. It is highly unlike that it is a mod. PRC could never agree on physics that has simulation value.

    So it has to be a track pack. There is Super Truck in the picture, so I hope it is stadium track pack for Automobilista.

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    1. If I was not overworked I would mod a Super Off Road (Ivan Ironman) mod to Automobilista. Track layouts from the original game, and early 90’s trucks with current physics, but less horsepower.


  9. Can’t wait for you to see what kind of community simracers are and how your “product” will be received. Better book some time at psychoanalyst. You might need it after you see what kind of atmosphere you are helping to create in this community


      1. Not really, I like the site and usually have a good laugh. But if you start charghing money for your mods you’re just a douche. Especially because nothing remains behind a paywall long enough to be worth it anyway.

        URD cars were leaked the moment they were put on sale, for example. I currently have access to the private database of those spanish “modders” Assetto Garage that charge money for rips even though I didn’t give them a single buck. Some other russian idiot tried to sell pCARS rips for AC but they all got leaked pretty quickly and I could on for few hours listing everything.

        Point is, if you really want to sell something you made for a game (Be it either tracks or cars) be sure it’s really really really good, otherwise nobody will give you money for some garbage they could find for free elsewhere.


  10. Payware is bad for the community… Not just in terms of legal issues but in terms of further fragmentation of an already fragmented community…

    I sincerely hope as others do in the comments that this is a practical joke or a troll for an actual story shining light on the issues surrounding the legality of payware mods after the stance taken whilst AMS was off of steam…

    Reiza skirt the legality by providing more than just the IP of the manufacturers or sports… Payware mods on the other hand offer nothing but rebranded IP…

    China can get away with it, and although patent laws are strictly against competition as well as progression and technological growth (see the rise of the patent troll and those who buy patents to shelve them), the average modder is not in China’s “you want us to do what?, no more cheap labour and resources for you” position and therefore must comply with the laws…

    Besides after taking such a stance in Reiza’s Steam issue there will be plenty of fanboys frothing over the opportunity to get the attention of whomever might be able to send a cease and desist…

    If it’s a mod free of other peoples Intellectual Property and therefore is one of those rare payware mods (could even be the first) that pose no threat to the community, disregard this post and good luck with the project…


    1. It’s perfectly possible to license IP for a mod but the cost of that pretty much guarantees it’s gonna be a pay mod. See for example all those high-dollar flight sim things. I assume the only reason it doesn’t happen in the car sim community is because car manufacturers are really bad at this whole ‘video games’ thing (eg. Porsche going exclusively EA)


  11. probably not the first to realize that the screenshot hints at something of a “Reiza” colour-palette.
    What’s the exchange-rate (€ to the US-$ ) at the moment? Where can my old-fashioned bank-transfer go to (you guys need an account in the good old EU – as long as it’s going to stay the EU)?


  12. guessing it’s a fictional car (or pack), made to have fun, rewarding and close racing, with easy to learn, but hard to master characteristics

    fictional, because then it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t drive like the real thing.


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