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Your average sim racer isn’t required to dig very deep in order to discover some of the glaring issues holding back rFactor 2, and the most recent display by developer Image Space Incorporated is yet another example of a once-prestigious entity failing to deliver even the most basic of promises to their loyal customers. While some may be quick to argue that rFactor 2 is a continuously evolving product, bound to have growing pains and other irregularities that are sure to pop up with each software update, owners of rFactor 2 paid for a game that works, not “is being worked on.”

Build 1080 of the highly sophisticated racing simulator was not met with any sort of applause, as the official Image Space Incorporated forums paint a very disappointing picture for a product that has been available for purchase far too long to warrant these major issues. People straight up can’t connect to servers online – and are having to revert to previous builds or reschedule important league races.


The response from Image Space Incorporated leaves much to be desired. “It’s being looked into” is no longer acceptable given the age and overall state of the game. You have a consumer product on the virtual shelves of Valve’s Steam platform, you’re charging a pretty absurd amount per year for an online pass that grants sim racers access to mostly empty servers, and now a new build has introduced a problem where your audience can’t even race with their friends online.


Even two of the most prestigious online racing series using rFactor 2 as a platform have reverted to an older build of the title, indicating the current issues on display in Build 1080 are far more crippling than the usual list of minor glitches seen in a major update.


I understand that this whole approach of creating an evolving product is a path many developers have chosen within the current world of sim racing, but when you’re this far into a title’s lifespan and pushing out updates that literally break the game, at some point you have to question if this was a logical path to take. This really isn’t funny anymore – rFactor 2 is seriously struggling as is, and the customers Image Space Incorporated have managed to retain over the years are playing the role of beta testers, regardless of whether they wanted to or not. They have paid for a product that works, not is being worked on, and it’s only a matter of time before people inevitably stop caring altogether.


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    1. Sums it up very well. I love it when tire smoke goes through my race car in the morning.
      Gjon said that their latest release was as good as anything in sim racing today. What a sad and completely out of touch statement.


  1. I think it’s already past that point. With the exception of some league racing, rFactor 2 is dead in the water and has been for some time. That’s what a lack of progress and a lack of content gets you.


    1. What should we play instead?

      AC is shit for league racing.

      R3E has no community in the Southern Hemisphere, same goes for Automobilista and GSE.

      I dislike iracing for it’s subscription but hate the ffb and physics model even more.

      Rf2 is still the best product delivering the most compelling sim racing experience for me atleast. I have done two league races since 1080 came out and they have both run fine with at least 12 competitors in both events.


      1. That’s fine. I’m glad you get use out of it. Personally, I think it leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not in a league and rF2 just doesn’t do anything for me, as impressive as the stuff going on under the hood is.

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      2. There are several leagues running AC without problems and with good numbers just in Australia.

        What exactly is so unsuitable about it for leauge racing? Im not being a dick, just really want to know what killer leauge feautures people are waiting for.

        We have two divisions running in our Leauge . The servers feauture jump starts, pit lane and time penalties for track cutting, time progression, changing track grip levels, increased fuel use rate and tyre wear to name a few. We can also easily export all the data from the race that tells us eveything you could possibly want to know, making creation of leauge tables easy.

        Apart from driver swaps, time limitied races, and day/night cycle, its pretty usuable for leauge racing in my experience.

        Racedepartment also often host events for Automobilista that get decent mumbers.


        1. AC’s Server Manager is not very good at functioning in a reliable fashion. When I could use a league site to host a server, most of the time I found myself having to do annoying notepad edits, as the host wouldn’t update correctly. It wouldn’t work, then eventually it would, then eventually it wouldn’t. The big problem with catapulting cars from collisions thankfully was reasonably addressed with the latest update.

          Plus there was the issue of handling rules or penalties, sessions, grids, and for people to have specific cars, the host would have to input their exact info with the skin. Such resulted in servers with cars loaded but always on the pitlane, unless the driver was actually online to drive. To sum it up, it was “stiff” and not very user friendly.


        2. I raced it for a couple of seasons in a league using AC and really gave it a red hot go up until a couple of months ago. However I think most of the guys playing it are kidding themselves if they think it’s really simulating anything even remotely close to what is happening in a race. From my perspective we may as well have been playing a Codemasters game or Forza. If they are enjoying that then it’s fine, but once you get RF2 working and setup correctly there it’s not just a far superior sim, it’s a much better platform to organise league events through.

          The fact there are no real racing rules, so no safety car, no formation lap, no timed races, no brake or engine temps, no rolling starts, the setup menu, DLC splintering the community, the way cars react to contact, all the stuff you have mentioned above and the bizarre pit menu you are presented with when you do a race that requires a pit stop.

          The dynamic track is laughable compared to what RF2 offers up through real road. In AC it seems like the whole track just gets more grip as cars do laps. In RF2 the track is affected by where people actually drive their cars and this doesn’t just affect rubber build-up it also affects how the track dries if it rains. Every sim platform puts out a detailed .xml file at the end of every race I didn’t see anything in the AC ones that wasn’t in RF2 ones or RF1 ones for that matter, fuel and tyre usage multipliers are also nothing new. I regularly take part in driver swap races going as long as twelve hours in some cases, so AC is out for that too.

          After literally years of playing with it I was never able to settle of an FFB setting I was happy with in AC, the load coming back at me through the steering wheel usually left me totally clueless as to the balance of the car until it was too late. Now I had to spend a good deal of time getting RF2 to feel right to me and like all these things it sometimes needs to be tweaked on a car by car basis. However I can tell what the car is doing by the load the steering wheel is putting out.

          The AC tyre model seems to have gotten worse and worse over the last twelve months. I can’t see how anyone who has tried RF2 as seriously as I tried AC would select AC as their sim of choice to be honest. I know a couple of the guys I played AC with tried the RF2 demo for five minutes and immediately wrote it off and I will admit on face value AC looks like the better product. However once you get into the nitty gritty of it RF2 is offering up a lot more variables and that’s what it really comes down to. It’s a simple way of putting it, but more variables equal more like reality especially if they are done well.

          I have done a few AMS events through R2P and seen the ones on RD, they just never seem to fall at a convenient time for me. I also prefer to join a league and do a whole season with them. I really enjoy getting to know how all the different people race and sharing tips, setups and advice with league members.

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          1. Couldn’t agree more with this comment. It’s writen down far better then anything has ever been published on this website.


          2. Based on the pure FFB from telemetry with my Accuforce, AC has the better physics from the fidelity of detail. Without laserscanned tracks rF2 will never show it’s potential and to many cars and tracks missing.

            If you want league races with formation lap, just do it. If everybody knows what to do on green, there’s no problem with a rolling start in lap 2. It’s working in pCars as well. AC had a very stable MP with high frame rates. I’ve higher fps in AC with 4k than rF2 with 1080p.

            All titles have flaws and will probably never be perfect. I like rF2, but I personally believe that racing cars is easier than in rF2 (especially rain) and I feel the grip very well in both titles. Tire physics might be better in rF2, but there’s more to a car than that and I don’t think that it’s King in other departments. AC has better breaking physics even without the temps and better traction control. Not just low, medium, high on all cars. People not shifting with H-shifter in this kind of cars will be punished jn AC, just not in rF2. AC has far more tire compounds like Road tires. And so on…


            1. Well thats your preference but after 300 plus hours of AC I’m done with it as of this month and RF2 is my game for the foreseeable future. I also feel I am qualified on the the two titles as I have a good amount of hours in both and raced them side by side in league races for 9 months prior to this.

              How can the braking physics be better if they don’t simulate wear of temps? I can’t say that I think the car slows down better in one title over the other. However I know which one is doing a better job of simulating it. I believe you that AC has better fidelity in it’s FFB, however fidelity doesn’t mean anything if the force it’s sending back doesn’t actually communicate anything to the driver in regards to the balance of the car.

              Hard to drive? In the wet? I just did a 52 lap race in the wet in a DW12 at Mid Ohio and yeah it was a challenge, but damn it was fun and I was able to do it error by free by just being smooth consistent and braking earlier. Once a dry line formed I was able to switch to dry tyres and then I had to stay on the dry line which again was done by being smooth and consistent and not expecting too much from a slick track. I don’t think that it’s hard is a very good point at all, infact I feel it reinforces what I have already said about AC and the people who think it’s a decent sim.

              I know in AC you can just blast into corners in most of the race cars so I can understand why Rf2 would be a little difficult for you and people prefer the comfort and better visuals of AC however it’s just not a decent sim in my eyes. Like I said we may as well have been playing a Codemasters F1 game or Forza.

              More tyre compounds? What does that have to do with anything? I have raced some mods that have four or more sets of dry rubber and some mods that have one, it usually depends on the cars real life counterpart. The shifting and H pattern stuff usually depends on the league and the cars they are running. They can lock it so there is no auto clutch and you will need to heel/toe usually by locking down vehicle upgrades in their rfmod file when they setup a server. You can get around the need to heel/toe or use a H pattern in AC too, so another meaningless point on your behalf. As for traction I generally know by the load coming back through the wheel if I am safe to start accelerating, if I make a misjudgement or have a wheel up on a curb or white line I may end up facing the wrong way, but that’s the way it should be. Not like AC where you can put your foot into it anywhere and expect to be ok because you are playing simcade game, but on the odd occasion you do have a spin you won’t know why because the feedback is useless for that kind of stuff.

              I’m yet to meet anyone that has league raced both titles and given them a fair go and didn’t select RF2. I have raced with a guy who literally got RF2 just so he could go back to his AC league and shit on it without ever really trying it. In his eyes RF2 was a threat to numbers in his league. So it’s quite often got nothing to do with the product and everything to do with them being worried about loosing influence over people.

              You’re right they both have flaws, but AC barely even tries to simulate reality and even the stuff it is simulating just feels wrong. Then on top of that you have the clunky as hell platform with the terrible interface and the fact it’s next to useless as a platform for league racing. Don’t get me wrong the guy who ran our league did an amazing job, but he went to some extreme lengths to make sure that everything ran smoothly.


                1. This doesn’t make me think AC is a better platform…… It just makes me think you have picked on one thing I said in an effort to discount my post and ignored the shit tonne of well made fleshed out points I have given you as to why I think Rf2 is superior to AC. Well done, go play Ac and have fun.


                  1. Then avoid making derogatory comments about another sim only because you feel something different in another.
                    Yes you can say it feels better to you, or that this and that multiplayer/race feature gives you more options. Is just a matter of how much you need that vs how much another player needs it too or doesn’t need it.

                    People in AC mostly drive with TC and ABS enabled for modern race cars. In rf2 is a practice to turn off all assists, from what I remember there aren’t factory assists per car, only AMS has now.

                    “I know in AC you can just blast into corners in most of the race cars so I can understand why Rf2 would be a little difficult for you and people prefer the comfort and better visuals of AC however it’s just not a decent sim in my eyes. Like I said we may as well have been playing a Codemasters F1 game or Forza.”

                    Probably you should try to investigate how easy/difficult is to drive a GT3 car in real life, before making any assumptions about AC, just because you feel in rf2 is more difficult to drive GT3 made by game modders. In fact the videos I saw on youtube of GT3 mods in rf2 the cars showed to be stable.

                    I would like to see some gameplay demonstrating that easy in AC, without any assists. But not when the car has warm new tyres, after you did laps and they are more worn out.
                    But even if you don’t do that, GT2/3 cars are quite stable/easy to drive fast without losing it, on default setup. Because the default setup doesn’t try to kill you.


      3. I found a lot of support for older titles especially with less demanding specs for the graphics, and cheaper prices. rFactor 1 in some places, GTR2 in others, SCE as the most modern. NR2003 widely used for stock cars. AMS has a very limited lifespan as it’s a stop-gap until a proper title is released at some point in 2017.


  2. The writing was on the wall for this one a long time ago. Some had the patience and belief to stick with rF2. I certainly didn’t.


  3. Ran 16-competitor race (F3 Fanatics) on Saturday and a 9-competitor race today (PrestoGP). The problems are annoying, but people seem to be getting online.


  4. How dare you speak ill of the holy simulator, rfactor2, as the disinformation in this article is MAJOR! The award winning, critically acclaimed, and spiritual racing simulator still has the MOST Simulation Value over those barbaric neanderthal racing simcade games like Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, and iRacing. Tim Wheatley is the most influential person on this planet, as he is the prophet of sim racing. ISI will save us all from unholy simcade racers, and bless us with the most advanced simulation engine to date.


  5. Shitfacort 2 is NES 8 bit color game compared to the BEST SIMULATION VALUE of LFS!

    To the hell ISI, ugly graphics like their icy physics, they only has simulation value to simulate Andros trophy LMAO.


    1. Sorry, can I see your paycheck from Scaven?

      Also, LFS AI is so horrible, an AI-based series I participated had to kill off one of it’s drivers and switch to F1C after that. Also, the original cars aren’t that interesting IMO, and there are only like 3 or 4 cars in it.

      Only drifters play LFS anyway nowadays.


      1. Your comment has no credibility value, how dare you speak like that about the best SIMULATION VALUE out there, you sinner from hell! curse you!


  6. More sensationalist bullshit.

    Its like you just look for any opportunity to declare a sim shit. Screen cap some angry people on a forum and you have a whole article.

    This blog is to sim racing what the Daily Mail is to climate change.


    1. Every sim has its flaw though. Arguably, James seems to be an hardcore perfectionist when it comes to simulation value.

      Which leads to the fact that super-hardcore sim-racers have absolutely shit taste in racing games.


      1. Its not about whether there are flaws or not, its that James appears to have no ability to reasonably analyze the result and implications of bugs or content changes.


  7. LOOL, an Update that comes with an issue. Thats something so entirely new i am bummed… also those people you took the screenshots from did certainly agree for you to do so. Now we all know that the issue will never be fixed (ironic) so its ok for you to bash on a great sim (as the others :P) if there was a messed up update causing problems => which can unfortunately happen, what you do else in your sparetime?? Do you have any time left to play? Here for the Clicks i guess


  8. That’s fine. I’m glad you get use out of it. Personally, I think it leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not in a league and rF2 just doesn’t do anything for me, as impressive as the stuff going on under the hood is.

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  9. I am little worried that whole rFactor 2 thing is just a way of developing commercial vehicle sim engine with help of paying customers used as QA testers.

    I believe the complex tire model, dreadful packaging system and messed gfx engine is something that will always keep this product as eternal science project.

    It is not much fun for users that have been waiting sequel for rFactor 1.


    1. Casual gamers pay to be a beta testers. In addition to that ISI can sell simuliation engine to racing teams/corporations.
      GG ISI, that looks like a wonderful business.


        1. Failing to appeal to plebs who cant drive anyway? who gives a fuck, same issue with any hardcore sim, in any genre, cluless ppl just repeat idiots comments for the most part on rf2, too many fucking brain dead plebs inhabit the “race” sim scene lately, thank god I have DCS and steel beasts communitys, what a fucking difference to the horde of “manboys” hanging around “sim” sites


          1. This right here is the real reason you have so many RF2 fanboys. Without doing anything it allows them to feel superior to anyone who prefers another sim.
            In these people minds, you are simply not as good as them becuase you dont have to deal with all the hardcore realisim that RF2 provides over other sims.

            News flash, the people who are fast in AC, PCars, RRE and AMS would still be fast in RF2. Hell, the dudes that are the quickest in Forza and GT could move over and be just as competitive on a PC sim.

            So like pretty much everything in life this all comes back to ones Ego.


  10. Hi guys,

    Regarding the “buy it and we’ll keep working on it” model… I feel the problem may be much deeper than “just” the game-breaking updates. Allow me to express my idea with a few examples:

    If you bought GTR2 a few (OK, many) years back when it came out you would get the game and THAT was THE GAME. Sure, I’m sure some patches were released to fix a bunch of stuff, but right after you installed the game you could see it all. That was all it had to offer, and you know what? No one could take it away anymore. It was YOUR game. Sure, the intellectual rights were the producer’s rights and so on, but you could mod it, you could play it for how long you wanted and if you wanted to race with friends you knew it would work if you all had the same version. Cool.

    When SimBin released Race07 and its many addons you could buy Race07 on Steam and that was pretty much the entire game. Steam would make sure it was patched to the latest version and if you bought the addons (I got them all) they were updated as well. There were lists with everything you would get for the extra 5 EUR and once you purchased and installed the addon you could access those cars. NO CHANGES were made to the car list or the feature list, at least no big changes. The one big hickup was when Steam made some changes and the game was unavailable for a week or two. That sucked big time and that was no problem when you installed the games from CDs. However, I didn’t have to move my ass to the shop to get it, so I guess there are strong points and weak points to using this kind of distribution platform.

    FFW a bit to the current time.

    You buy Asseto Corsa. It is being worked on. Every update you might find new glitches or you might find the physics have changed so much you don’t like the game anymore. I’m basing this only on what I’ve read from you guys. You bought the game. Remember that.

    You buy rFactor 2, and the above article comes up. Oh, you paid for an online subscription too. Well, shit.

    You install R3E. You buy a bunch of cars and when the update kicks in some cars are moved to other classes, some of the cars you bought are now free (happened to me with one of the prototypes) and maybe the system requirements changed a bit. I really fear that at some point, after investing a bit into R3E, one update will come and break the game for me or force me to buy a brand new PC that I have no money for. I hope it won’t happend, but it is indeed one of my concerns (guys, if you are reading this, please think of us poor bastards as well 😉 ).

    I’m NOT whining and many of the changes were for the better (the P4/5 really sits nicely in the GTR3 class and I’m really really enjoying the game), but sometimes it’s hard to know what to expect and if the cars and tracks you bought will still work the way you want them to.

    As James calls them, they’re eternal science projects. And while many improvements can be made over time I still don’t feel like I actually own the game. If I boot up GTR2 3 years from now I know what to expect. It’s the same game that I like, with the same strong and weak points. If you boot up rFactor 2, AC or R3E, no matter how much you like or dislike the games now, no matter how much you trust or distrust the developers, you still might be greeted by a pretty different game. It might be better, but then again, it might be worse. You can’t know and it’s hard to invest too much into a game you know might break.

    Dirt Rally might be the one that really used this wisely, because it did not stay in production that long.

    And if any developer is reading this, please try and take this into consideration. I know PRC gets bashed a lot because people think these guys are throwing feces at everyone, but I think these problems raise a few questions worth asking.


    1. The thing is, either the devs work on the game for 2-3 years and sell it, make some patches and onto the next game, or they develop the game while we play it. My feeling is that maybe I wouldn’t have played AC more than some months. But because they kept expanding the game, by bringing new content, gameplay improvements, game fixes, older content updates, I’m gaining more over a longer period of time than play it all you can for 3 months after game is released, and move to the next game. And this is the same with iracing, csgo, dota2, league of legends. The game isn’t the same as in the beginning, but is still the same, just better (relatively, depending on the player).

      Or you just make Gran Turismo “N” with everything in it that you could imagine, and you play it for a lot of time. Then after some years they release the new installment, and repeat. But you need a lot more money and devs to make so much. With Assetto Corsa, they had to gain funds along the way they were developing the game, with early access and then with dlc.

      Just bear in mind there isn’t only one way to make business or games, there isn’t only one way that applies to everyone. Some ways are better than the others of course, but depends what’s your objective, or if you even have any. Just like people, everyone takes a different route.

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      1. Very very true! I for instance find something good in R3E’s pricing model while others hate it with a passion.

        I completely understand why devs resort to developing the games as people buy and play them, but I still feel it’s a pretty wild ride for the customer in some cases, perhaps too wild a ride. I think the best compromise is to somehow keep the core values of the game constant during this process. Yes, improve the tyre model, improve the suspension, add stuff, but don’t make wild turns and take things out or change your mind in regards to promised features, that just makes people go away. And I don’t want to go away, I want to have fun with you guys 😀 .


    2. Thank Lord ISI for one is not changing the core of it’s tire model, or physics. Not that they would ever have to. Many say it has the best ffb-physics sim and I couldn’t agree more with that. Hence, you’ll never find so vastly different game you’ve bought with ISI. Something I can’t say for Kunos.


      1. Do you just not remember the times they did that?
        BUILD 946:
        – Added ring stiffness multipliers to TGM files.

        BUILD 930:
        – Minor update to CPM invalidates previously-generated CPM data.
        – Gas cavity volume is now affected by load (which essentially means air pressure/temperature change slightly when the tire load changes).
        – Mass imbalance from flatspotting is now correctly modeled.
        – Subsampling in brush model creates smoother response (this may slightly change the feeling and performance of tires, but note that it should be more accurate now).
        – Added some control for tires in the wet (cooling, EARLY version of aquaplaning). Uses WetConductance=(,,,) … Dampness is non-standing water. Wetness is standing water. As the track gets wet, dampness goes from 0.0-1.0 and then wetness goes from 0.0-1.0.

        Approximately every build since then has changed the CPM or had generic “tyre tweaks” for at least one official car.


        1. This is exactly why I’ve used the word CORE. They got the core right and that’s where the most of feel is coming from. Now, they’re modeling details, which is a great thing to have. Damnit, making me explain myself, I was aluding to AC, where we have seen last 4 tire models change the core and many agree they actually made few steps back in doing that.


          1. Who are those “many agree they actually made few steps back in doing that”? PRC and the usual shillage? More like they’ve given steps ahead. Tyre model v5 and v6 were just caught in the middle models, because V7 fixed that work in progress, so is a round up of everything past v4. And one of those early tyre models, maybe the v4, was about adding graining, blistering, flatspots (in 1.0RC version).

            niki, you should ask PRC what was actually changed/added for the tyre model 7. Or do you only follow opinions that say “this is terrible”, “this is very good”. These are kinda hollow, basically this article.


              1. “I cant be bothered”
                “I did my own tests”

                These two in the same sentence -.-
                If you did your own tests, it must be easy for you to explain what changed in the tyre model and why or why not they are better or worse than previous. But so far the only type of comments I’ve seen are “this is bad”, “this is dumbed down”. That’s very easy indeed, anyone can do that and about any sim.


                1. you don’t want to hear it, so why would i spend an hour or two writing it down for you. Besides, scroll up few comments up, there’s a great comment on this topic. There’s a comment which claims to agree with that post.


                  1. One more to the list of unfortunate analysis “others agree”. Agree with what? That is bad or dumbed down? What’s with this circular reasoning fallacy… You don’t need to waste 2 hours to explain your reasoning why you think the current tyre model in AC is steps back to previous ones. With such certainty that is a bad model, then must be easy to explain why. But so far I’ve only seen people using despise commenting, instead of explaining their quickly baked conclusion with some analysis.

                    Devs take weeks/months to make game updates, and then you come along and say v7 tyres are steps back, and then you don’t care explaining yourself and comparing a bit more objectively the current with the previous.


                    1. I have no idea why are you taking this personally as if I have taken your baby for a rape parade.

                      I did my own tests man. You can find me on youtube,
                      I’m driving on top pace, always in battles for race wins and all pole positions in top competition. I was driving AC, now rF2, daily. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. The feeling from tires has been deduced as you approach the limit paralely with Kunos progressing in it’s tire model.

                      To begin with tire model in AC was very very clinical. Noone blamed them for that. Many thought driving on absolute limit of adhesion doesn’t have to be that difficult. It was barely easier then rF2 is now.

                      Here’s one interesting observation. Take a look at standing starts in rF2 and in AC. With every car in AC you can dump the clutch as fast as possible and max throttle, wheelspin doesn’t slow you down. It’s the quickest way to make a standing start. In rF2 you have to quickly feed in the clutch whilst feeding the throttle in above the point of bogging down, into small wheelspin. It still feels as if the wheelspin could have a tiny bit more inffluence, however it’s simulated to some degree. Nontheless, this goes to show AC tires are either on, or off in a way and rF2 has progressive levels of slip in tires. I’ll explain to you also how Stefano, leading dev of Kunos wanted to make it like that.

                      I remember dev streams where Stefano talked about tire physics and how he deliberately made this sudden change for grip and no grip and you can tell when you drive it. To esentuate that, the build up to the brink point of the peak grip is well gone.

                      I don’t know if you’ve ever learned about slip angle, but slip angle is the best way you can understand this. 8-12 degree of slip angle is the playground of best grip from the tires in racecars. This feels like it’s locked onto the 8, all the way until you reach 12 in AC, only beyond 12 it starts to feel different. In rF2 and also in LFS, you can feel difference between 8-9-10-12 and all above and under, for each tire on the car.

                      I’ve had 100s of WR’s in AC and many many pole to win league races in and you could also feel the tire progression in AC up until 1.2 patch, in a slightly less detailed way, but non the less far more detailed then it is now. The patch 1.3 saw major changes to ffb and all cars were sheet on ice. Then suddenly 1.4 was a totally new game to anything prior 1.2. Then 1.5 fixed the tire temp, but the model basically stayed the same.

                      I’ve gone through many many different cars, races, tire models in many many sims and always came on top. When I tell you that it doesn’t feel right, then it doesn’t. What have you played, I don’t know, but looks like only AC. I have wast book knowledge as well, setup wizardry. Arguing to someone who can’t even write down his name over internet over who is right is not what I do. I do my talking on the track. To me rF2 is the most real life alike tire model out there and the most challenging at the same time as well, with by far the most reward in return, it’s delicious. There once was a car that felt like that in AC, Honda NSX roadcar back in 1.1 patch and you can find my colab video with Gamer Muscle here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1sM3n5f_5I

                      So yea, I’m not with any groups, agreeing on anything for sake of belonging to anything. I’m doing my own thing and I’m doing it great. So when you or anyone else talks to me, I want it to be with respect and I will in return explain anything you want and give you a damn good and useful advice as well. However, I’m not at all interested into any internet wars in discussing if something is true or not, I know first hand what it is.

                      There you go, entire page of a post to smuther your face in… I prefer to talk in shorter posts you know, a bit cheeky in a way too.


  11. Well the handling in RF2 is so damn awesome and puts other sims to shame as well as the AI being best in the business. It’s basically the only sim I ever want to do any offline racing in, so I for one will continue to care. A temporary glitch in the patch doesn’t seem like a very big deal to me.


  12. What is the big deal? Just use the old build until the bug gets fixed. It was not found in beta testing, it poped up, it can’t be fixed in 1 day. Half of the build releases have niggles like this and they all get fixed. Overall the game progresses. You present it, as if it’s unrecoverable obsticle. Drama! It’s not like the build brought anything particularly eye catchingly useful.

    What’s more, the 1052 build could be labeled final, as well as a build 30 releases ago could have, as well, like the GTR2 had it’s final version, it’s not like it’s missing speed-limiter button, skins for choice online, jump starts, brake pressure, driver swaps or timed races that it has to be developed. 😉


    1. The fact that developers sometimes call an actual idiots as “idiots” isn’t a large downside considering that these developers actually communicate/discuss with the community about future plans, features, bugs and etc. Unlike ISI which is totally silent apart from rare, abstact PR posts.


        1. But does Ian engage and discuss with the community besides not being nice sometimes? Because Stefano participates in some discussions and is helpful/insightful about game related things, or through his twitter, which then end being discussed in the forums too.


        2. Its not whether you disagree or agree, but whether you like it or not.
          Aristotelis and Stefano communicate and engage community quite a lot. You can even personally ask/suggest fixes features. Anyone remember Stefano hosted streams?

          While Ian is different matter. Usually all his nice replies are PR bs.


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