Big Time Sim Racing

It’s 2016, I’m under 25 years old, and I have access to a high speed internet connection. Owning a television will soon become a thing of the past for my generation, as illegal internet streams of sporting events are becoming more commonplace in the average Western household. Yes, the quality of some broadcasts may be spotty, but for those such as myself who care more about the outcome of the game rather than being able to see each individual blade of grass on the field, heading to a website such as FirstRow for my NHL playoff hockey fix is a routine part of my evening – as it is for many others. This is how I receive my NASCAR, IndyCar, and NHRA coverage as well; I’ll gladly take a reduction in visual quality if it means I can continue shitposting on, with the stream playing in the background.

First Row.jpg

FirstRow is not the only website that offers flash-based streams of major league sporting events; domains such as CricFree, RaceFansOnly, Blabseal, and ATDHE allow anyone with access to cable and Firefox ad-block plugins installed to enjoy a vast array of out-of-market game without the expensive bill of NHL Game Center Live or NFL Sunday Ticket. Yes, we’re more or less admitting we’re bad little boys when it comes to watching TV, but for the sake of this story, we have to introduce this concept to our readers: There are websites that offer links to watch live sports online, completely free of charge.

And they’re usually reserved for just sports.

Now a couple of days ago, we ran an article mocking certain “professional” iRacing teams for taking sim racing a little too seriously. I understand that the highest level of sim racing competition comes with legitimate sponsorship opportunities and a substantial amount of money being thrown around for what’s essentially playing a video game, but the guys over at Slip Angle Motorsports had taken things a step further in a very strange direction: sim racers Ray Alfalla and Byron Daley were literally printing out hero cards as if they were real drivers, autographing them, and putting them up for auction on eBay. Yes, the resident geek boys were going to this extent.

By some act of god, the two subjects above have been combined. On a page typically reserved for Formula One, IndyCar, the NHRA, MotoGP, V8 Supercars, Le Mans, NASCAR, and the Blancpain Endurance Series, was a link to a random iRacing broadcast; a private league that only mattered to the 40 or so individuals participating within it.

first row 2.jpg

iRacers are now at the point where they actually are listing their online NASCAR sessions on a website typically reserved for real world auto racing. This is the same place where I came to watch events such as… oh, I don’t know… the Daytona 500 and goddamn Super Bowl. Tonight, the Domino’s TYJ Dented Fenders Truck Series Atlanta 160 takes center stage.


There are more trucks on the track than audience members watching the coverage, which begs the question if I should start live streaming the community soccer league games in front of my house and throwing the feed up on FirstRow as well: apparently some kids in a private iRacing league classifies as NASCAR, so Tim Horton’s minor hockey should in theory count as the NHL, right?

Maybe I’m just a sour piece of shit, and maybe it’s a slow news day, but we went from joking about certain iRacers believing there are NASCAR scouts spectating their races, to iRacers literally signing autographs of in-game screenshots and throwing their shitty races nobody cares about up on FirstRow alongside the fucking NHL playoffs. At what point do these guys realize this is all really weird, and only makes a mockery of the entire scene? I ain’t saying to not be proud of your involvement in the sim racing community – it’s not like you’re spending the evening drawing anthropomorphic dogs fucking each other – but there’s a reason y’all don’t see the avid Flight Simulator X folk dressed as pilots at your local airport: you’re playing a video game.



41 thoughts on “Big Time Sim Racing

  1. “At what point do these guys realize this is all really weird, and only makes a mockery of the entire scene?”

    All the mockery is being made by PRC, and apparently they represent the whole sim racing scene.

    Look, I don’t care about watching iracing organized races, other than when watching emptybox, but that’s different type of racing entertainment, but I don’t need to start treating others as inferior because I don’t like what they do, when what they are doing is playing sim racing. I thought we were in this for that, not for trying to put down people who like to race/watch sim racing.


  2. “Maybe I’m just a sour piece of shit” …. exactly that. How is it wrong what they do? How is it embarrassing for the scene? It may be embarrassing for the guys in the race, but probably it is not. But how the hell can it be more embarrassing for the scene, than existence of this site?

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      1. Yes, here I am every day having my laugh at idiocy of most of the articles here. Simply for fun and to see how stupid people can be.


  3. Some sim racing has been played on real tv I think motorstv played a few sim races and it had commentary.

    So I don’t think this is as daft as you think even more so when you consider all the other games streaming out there stream is a stream whether is on an illegal tv website or twitch.

    Strange one this because I normally agree with most of the PRC posts this one just seems a bit like a drunk post.


  4. Let the wankers be Pretend Race Cars drivers. Back in my simracing days we used to have livestreaming aswell (2009), but we scrapped it off after 2 races because we realized it was stupid and useless.


  5. WOW this is insane! I can’t believe someone would put their iRacing stream on a sport stream site. I use them for watching Sky’s F1 coverage (as the US coverage is garbage with commercial breaks every 6 minutes) and for hockey. What I found works best when I’m not in front of my PC is to connect to my PC via Teamviewer on my phone. Set the Teamviewer viewing quality to the highest available and you can walk around the house (or outside the house if you have Verizon unlimited like me still) and watch without issues 🙂 It was nice watching the Red Wings on my phone while walking my dog and not having to pay for Center Ice.


  6. Why do you care so much? Nobody forces you to watch these races. And call me naive, but I think that iRacing and its community is doing great job at showing people that simracing is not just some stupid activity for nerds and it can be entertaining to watch. Maybe with all these streams we will gain some more audience in future and wider recognition of simracing. All major esport games started like that – from small community organized competitions to bigger events. Let these people have some fun…


      1. Doesn’t the website moderator have to accept the stream? So if is fine for him… But these tv stream websites only provide the links in form of video, they don’t host the content on their servers. Is like when you embed a youtube video on a website, is actually transmitted by youtube servers.

        And this iracing stream might be the only legal one there among all the other that are taken from tv channels?


    1. iRenting is some stupid activity for nerds and it can be very boring to watch live or replays(Empty Box) in utube..I rather dl a 360p RL race from burningwhee1s with German or Brazilian commentators then watching some very very boring and dull iRenting race .


    1. iRenting is some stupid activity for nerds and it can be very boring to watch live or replays(Empty Box) in utube..I rather dl a 360p RL race from burningwhee1s with German or Brazilian commentators then watching some very very boring and dull iRenting race .


      1. Same here, Empty Box was good when he was doing videos of variety sim titles but then it turns into boring “iRenting” channel which I don’t watch anymore.


    1. That´s a compliment. Being young, sharp and having an internet connection make possible being knowledgeable about pretty much anything if you want.


      1. Right, the internet sure has validated the notion that young people with access to unlimited knowledge have become more civilized than any other living generation.



      2. Funny how they can read all that information, and then ignore any of it that doesn’t fit what James tells them is true. And act like they’re smarter for ‘not being tricked’ by ‘shills’, when all they’re really ignoring is the objective truth.


  7. The funny thing about sim racing live streams is that they’re more of a race car broadcast commentary simulation for people who wish they were Murray Walker or Paul Page more than Jim Clark or Mario Andretti than anything.


  8. I laughed, but it is a smart idea. Good advertising, just another way to gain exposure and possibly increase the legitimacy of “pretend racecar driving” and sim racing as a whole.

    I don’t understand how this an “issue.”


  9. Apparently some people haven’t caught on to the eSports revolution that’s going on right now.

    A lot of video games garner so much attention that they are selling out arenas to play in.

    I’m not sorry that you don’t understand iRacing. The first line of this post sums you up perfect.


    1. The eSports revolution doesn’t apply to a niche genre like sim racing that is already split among itself, getting 200 viewers for a DWC race on iRacing is nowhere near getting 100,000 for weekly LOL events, Sim racing can’t even reach random twitch whore status in viewership. At least be realistic in your dreams, this is just embarassing. Nobody gives a fuck about Ray Alfalla in the real world, neither does have the sim racing community.


        1. I’m just pointing out your argument is invalid you can’t compare a massively popular F2P game that is extremely accessible to the masses that can be played on any laptop to sim racing, it isn’t even close. You can try all you want but I’m suggesting, you are better off just getting a job as you will make more in couple years at McDonalds then you will ever make off simracing in your lifetime so you don’t end up regretting your whole waste of life and killing yourself. Even the massively popular esports games are already plateaued.


  10. It’s on the same level as the guys who wear better quality gloves and boots than i do for my actual real racing.

    i don’t want to live on this planet any more.


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