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r_Factor2_2016_04_14_04_18_52_48.jpgThe streets of a smoggy, early 1990’s Los Angeles were dominated by the sudden explosion of urban hip hop culture, mixing rhythm, poetry, and lethal gang rivalries into a war of both words and worlds. Like two teenagers caught up in activities that will later go on become the opening scenes of many Hollywood movies featuring guns, gangsters, and ghettos, a pair of renegade sim racers scurry across the land to mark their territory, and take back what they believe was rightfully theirs. Hyperlinks serve as an electronic replacement for graffiti, and the iconic blue bandanas have been exchanged for day-glow orange race car liveries, but the eternal battle between the Bloods and the Crips continues to spiral out of control. This time, however, the war isn’t being contested over illegal narcotics, prostitution, or record deals: The rivalry has moved to sim racing.

Spearheaded by commanders Silas Andersen and Cleon Waterburg, more commonly known around here by their online aliases of Hexagramme0 and Associat0r, the Crips of the sim racing world feel it’s their duty to avenge ISI’s lack of success with rFactor 2, and go hand-to-hand against the red team’s primary representative – Kunos Simulazioni and their newest multi-platform racing simulator Assetto Corsa. No online discussion is too insignificant for this pair of rFactor 2 connoisseurs, as the two virtual drivers will not hesitate to spread the gospel of Image Space Incorporated to anyone within a ten mile radius. Sim Racers who lambast rFactor 2 for it’s lack of a Single Player Championship mode will be told by Associat0r that you can tally championship points using Microsoft Excel, while AI woes will be downplayed by one of the two aforementioned personalities as a result of improperly configuring artificial intelligence settings. And for those who dare to suggest they’ve even had an ounce of fun running laps within Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa, a flurry of screenshots and links will be directed at the individual in question, stating with their trademark phrase: “Assetto Corsa is SIMCADE and has NO SIMULATION VALUE!”

And obviously, people have gotten fucking annoyed at all of this.

same person.jpg

The greater sim racing community has been at the mercy of both Cleon and Silas for a number of years, pissing off many avid message board lurkers and posters in the process by jumping into virtually every single thread and derailing the discussion into a pissing match between rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa. The pair of disgruntled virtual drivers have taken on a Jehovah Witness-like approach to their tactics, showing up to basically any thread with even a moderate amount of discussion, and immediately praising rFactor 2 as the greatest racing simulator of all time, while being quick to discard Assetto Corsa as an unfinished mess. Operating under numerous alternate accounts, yet never making an attempt to conceal their identities with various grammatical and sentence structure changes, you know damn well when you’ve read something by Hexagramme0 or Associat0r. It feels as if another Salvation pamphlet has been stuffed into your mailbox – and it reads exactly the same as the one you threw out a month ago.

Keyboard Racer.jpg

A user by the name of Spinelli over at RaceDepartment finally lost his marbles after being subjected to six months of this constant dribble, in the same way we all want to give the fanatical religious folk a piece of our collective minds. Spinelli tears into Associat0r – one half of this dynamic duo – to the extent RaceDepartment administrators allow him to, but his words hint at a much more sinister plot transpiring behind the scenes.

Associat0r description.jpg

Spinelli claims Associat0r, one of the two primary rFactor 2 prophets causing a long-term disruption on all major racing simulator message boards, is a viral marketer for Image Space Incorporated – one which does not even play the game he praises on a daily basis. All attempts Spinelli makes to actually play the goddamn game with Associat0r are futile, as Associat0r repeatedly denies his requests. However, the rFactor 2 prophet instead instructs this random sim racer to spread the gospel of Image Space Incorporated alongside him, bombarding him with links on Steam’s chat application to various message boards where rFactor 2 is being discussed in a negative light, and asking him to help defend this Holy simulation when it’s held up to public scrutiny.

We can vouch for Spinelli in this situation. I also have Associat0r on Steam, and he has exhibited this same behavior towards me. However, I can take things a step further. Not only does Associat0r have a list of arguments prepared in a word document to counter any negative discussion regarding rFactor 2, he has also began to archive an entire database of posts made by reputable users questioning the authenticity of Assetto Corsa – a rival simulator to ISI’s rFactor 2, and one which has grown exponentially in popularity, whereas rFactor 2 has struggled. You can download the current version of this archive by CLICKING HERE.

Zip File.jpg

How did I managed to get my hands on this archive? I simply told Associat0r that I was writing an Assetto Corsa hit piece, and needed everything he has at his disposal. Approximately every fifteen minutes, he hits me up as a reminder to link to a certain article, or that he’s fired over a few more screenshots to my Gmail account. This outright confirms everything Spinelli has written above – the guy isn’t here to play games or do anything other than praise the gospel of ISI and attack rival racing simulators. If you have doubted the existence of viral marketers, and believe it to be a conspiracy created by angry nerds upset at companies such as Electronic Arts and UbiSoft for sup par products, year after year, sorry to burst your bubble – this is occurring even at the niche level of sim racing:

link to these.jpg

Many reading this will immediately claim mental illness is behind this bizarre obsession with supporting one title, and aiming to destroy the popularity of it’s competitors. With collages such as the one below, pulled from his extensive Reddit post history, I can understand that hypothesis, so let’s explore that possibility first.

maximum autism.jpg

A lot of individuals who take their obsession with a video game to this level, one where they’re essentially partaking in cult-like behavior, struggle with a lack of identity. With some mental illnesses, it can be difficult for a person to establish a true sense of self – they traditionally don’t have a rigid social circle, they struggle with creating meaningful friendships, and their hobbies don’t always get them out of the house and hanging out with other people. So what ends up happening is these people look for a reason – any reason – to feel as if they’re part of a group and have a sense of purpose in the world. And they’ll then proceed to give every last ounce of energy to the cause. This is the ideology currently fueling third wave feminism; angry women not currently in relationships, and struggling with what can be described as daddy issues, focus their entire life around hating men under the guise of social justice.

The end result is a disaster; these people become completely intolerable. In some cases, they hack all their hair off and claim men have created an invisible force called the patriarchy that’s designed to oppress women. In this particular case, it causes a few individuals to sit on sim racing message boards for months at a time, bombarding people with reasons why you should ignore Assetto Corsa and purchase rFactor 2 instead.

Or, maybe Spinelli was onto something, and we just had to dig a bit.


As you exit rFactor 2, the game’s short list of credits scroll behind the pop-up box, going over a list of Image Space Incorporated staff members, as well as a Community list which is essentially the names of avid beta testers. Silas Andersen, one half of the rFactor 2 defense force outlined above, is listed among many names we’re familiar with as avid sim racers who dedicate many hours to finding bugs, glitches, and exploits in numerous auto racing simulators. In short, the list above is the beta testing team.

And thanks to an anonymous email, we have been graced with the information that Cleon Waterburg, better known as Associat0r – the same gentleman not playing rFactor 2 but demanding others to purchase it – is also part of the testing team for Image Space Incorporated. In fact, both him and Silas allegedly keep a watchful eye on other members in an effort to spot any form of dissent – and then promptly rat them out to ISI staff.

“Silas Andersen and Cleon Waterburg, more commonly known as hexagramme0 and Associat0r, are both testers for ISI. In the testing team, Associat0r rarely chipped in, in part because his PC is of reasonable specifications if we’re talking 2004. Silas Andersen is only good for learning to make track cams, as well as AI paths. And maybe finding some car geometry glitches. Everything else, he’s the typical brown noser.

They have this thing of doing exactly what your article mentioned about vigilantes pursuing people. They went on a hunt for my very under-the-radar rF2 forum profile to get it banned. As absurd it is to have heads of studio go fascist on customers – Ian Bell, Stefano Casillo, Renato Simioni – it is just as damaging to have the community affected so much by heavily biased members who get backing to pursue dissenting voices.

I don’t think there’s anything out in the public forums, members used to get their names in bold and an ISI icon below the avatar but they became lazy to update things. ISI doesn’t even update their thank you list for testers, but you might want to look at the credits.

So there you have it. Image Space Incorporated actively reward the work of their two most prominent viral marketers by inviting them into the beta team, and listing the name of one individual in the game’s credits – unbeknownst to the average sim racer who has most likely grown sick of their conduct around the sim racing community. You’re looking at a guy who refuses to touch the game when asked, doesn’t even own a racing wheel, doesn’t have hardware that meets the minimum system requirements, signs up for different websites using multiple accounts convincing people to purchase the software while blasting a competitor’s more successful product  – and the developers of the game thank both him and his friend for their service.

You tell me what’s going on. In my opinion, ISI has a fair bit of explaining to do. This is just flat-out not cool, especially in a period where most modern racing simulators don’t work specifically because the quality assurance team weren’t skilled enough to find any problems – a scenario which rFactor 2 itself dealt with a few short days ago.

And unfortunately, this is the new normal. We’re not done yet.


Enter Andrew Bakke, an avid iRacer with 31,208 forum posts and 7221 disqus comments as of today, yet only eight races on the iRacing service over the past two years. You will see this guy everywhere discussing iRacing in some fashion, whether it be on VirtualR, RaceDepartment BSimRacing, Reddit, or even iRacing’s own official forums. But does he even play the game? Absolutely not. Unless you take the time to look up his statistics, which are readily available to any iRacing member using the site’s built in search feature, you’d think he was a veteran iRacer with years of experience. This dude isn’t even playing the fucking game.  But of course, his recent comments on VirtualR articles will tell you about how great it is!


Lastly, enter Mike Hornbuckle. By some act of God, this guy managed to amass almost as many posts as the official Assetto Corsa support account – a message board account manned by multiple individuals for the explicit purpose of helping users with random bugs. Hornbuckle’s role in the Assetto Corsa program is that of a beta tester – and we’ve already confirmed this because he used to be the guy feeding us info – but for a beta tester, he sure doesn’t do an awful lot of racing in a game billed as “Your Racing Simulator.” Most YouTube videos of his take place on an empty track at a casual driving pace, and the few that include opponent cars, he instead intentionally restricts himself from passing them to give the impression that the AI is more challenging than they actually are. By driving solo laps by himself, what, exactly, is he finding to help improve the product? How do we know he’s not just starstruck being on Skype with Stefano, jazzed at the fact that he’s got a game developer in his contacts list and gets to feel special?

Well, we actually know the answer to that.


Serious questions need to be raised about how certain developers within the small genre of racing simulators are operating. The most reputable company, one which built the physics engine most modern titles are powered buy, is actively rewarding viral marketers for running a smear campaign against a rival title. Another company has got a guy in their internal test team for what appears to be no other reason than his post count, and iRacing’s most active forum member doesn’t even play their fucking game – but he’ll be sure to tell you how great it is. What the fuck happened? Why did anyone ever give the thumbs up to any of this?


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        1. Putting your foot down in a GT3 doesn’t always result in a spin. Sometimes only giving it a bit of throttle and steering with TC off can spin it. Other times putting the foot down very quickly just loads the rear a lot, giving it understeer and more traction.

          In that reddit post I was only talking about the fr 3.5 and corvette c6, at silverstone. The demo content from some months ago. You can literally put the foot down in second and continue without worrying. Just try it in game if you want, maybe except when you have a very clean track, but if you choose a grippy road preset then story is different.
          When Sev tried the same in AC he had high surface grip and TC on (because server activated it even though he turned off in main menu).


          1. Great article pretendracecars!
            I can very much support the Associat0r story, knowing him since rf2 came to steam … i dont remember why i added him.
            He also tried to make me post in some rf2 forums, multiple times … (me: to lazy to register, not my job – isi should respond etc)
            He also linked me to your post about the flawed physics of AC 😉


      1. There’s no rf2 campaign because is only one post. And that was my review after playing the demo months ago, by testing silverstone, corvette c6, and formula renault 3.5
        I don’t agree that rf2 is absolutely realistic, there are oddities in how the vehicles turn.

        And the video below also shows how easy is to plant the foot in 2nd gear and just go.


    1. Welcome to PRC! I can see by your IP logs that this is your first time visiting the website! Be sure to check out our Sim Racing Buyer’s Guide, and use the categories on the right-hand side of the page to sort by each individual subject. Happy Shitposting!

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        1. Because that defeats the point of this open blog. How else am I meant to shill AC, pCars, iRacing, rf2, R3E, Need For Speed and Forza all at the same time in one place?


    2. The anonymous wagon stops by trying to piss over an article with extensive supporting argument and factual proof. Seems like a buddy of a shill cited above.


      1. There is no proof that those files came from Associat0r, the only thing the image shows is that he “said” he sent something, but not what how or where it was sent.

        The chat window could have been photoshopped too.


      2. Those images have already been posted around on PRC.
        Why would Associat0r send them now? Something about this article doesn’t add up.


  1. Bakke just has the worst opinions about everything ever.

    Can you imagine someone who posts archive links for PRC articles to deny the site hits over fucking gamergate and tries to discredit criticism of iRacing on the basis that James is automatically a woman raping soggy knees? Why does this person exist?

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        1. Trying to remove the evidence mister Butter.

          Violating NDAs at two companies and trying to frame two people with your lies and deceptions. You couldn’t even cover your tracks properly.

          I’m sure you new employer would like to know all about this.


  2. I’ve had Associator on my Steam list for a while too, though haven’t really been aware of him playing rF2 at all. Frankly, I’m surprised to see it’s 16 hours in the last 2 weeks for the amount of times I’ve glanced at my friends list and he’s not been playing anything.

    Every now and then I get a group invite from him to some new rF2 community. But I guess it’s not surprising he wants me to race rF2 more, as he wants that from everyone. 😛 Not that it matters. I’m already a regular rF2 driver, and have enough to keep me busy in it.


    1. Same. He sends me tons of links, most of which I ignore, but quite a few he asks for me to reply to them and I do. I don’t necessarily always write exactly what he wants me to, but I at least reply with the idea that rF2 is better than AC, because I do agree.

      I just wish being a shill or whatever wasn’t so much of a bad thing, because I fear I’m becoming one by trying to introduce people into rF2 and I don’t think that Associator is a bad person for being a “shill” or a “fanboy” because I hate those words.


      1. I think you can still introduce friends to a new sim without being an annoying shill to the rest of the world. In fact it’s probably the best way to get people into any new sim.


      1. Wanna hazard a guess? You could count his all-time hours in both combined on your fingers. 😛

        Enough to be “giving PCars/AC a fair chance”. But that’s about it. And it’s 0 in both in the last 2 weeks.


  3. I got to read a few if these on forums and reddit myself , hilarious to see it here. These shills are such morons hurting their games as if they make money and the lives depend on that. Saw posts in race department with the names too but the guy edited them instantly. The iracing guy who doesn’t even play the game is so funny.


  4. It is also worth mentioning that Tim Wheatley of ISI told Associat0r to piss off and stop insulting other sims. It’d be an interesting addition if you can find the thread, it’s pretty old though. I had a quick look through his post history and couldn’t find it.

    Also, have you should mention the Wikipedia page for AC, it’s hilarious. He’s got a bot or something which is constantly editing the page with links to your site, claiming that the majority of people think AC is unrealistic.

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  5. Great, I can be quiet and get thrown again in the mix. Got messages about checking an article out and see someone having a go at me. I was freaking trying to do a race too as i missed the freaking Formula ISI after catching up on news at VR. Then I have someone try to hack into my profile!? You’re damn right I’ll not let that happen.

    What’s up with that file with my name and those imgur links? I did mention names in speech manner in two forums but I edited them as soon as I got a notice. I’m sorry I don’t control the Internet or those who frequent it.

    Now do not mix me with your problems or friends, anonymous. If you actually do check things out you’ll see I lack a game bias and own nearly everything.

    Also, to conclude:
    – I have been harassed and contacted before about previous crap. I’ll keep denying to comment or tell anyone anything private.
    – After reading the blog entry, I have just seen that associator is stalking me on virtualr as a follower. If you are reading, what’s wrong with you?
    – No more posting here so don’t fall for any others who may use my name to pretend to be me.

    This is freaking videogames, people. Videogames. Unless it is your full time profession, you should not be that much into it to create such typhoons around everything.


          1. Butter was a Reiza beta tester for many years.

            Brags about knowing and interacting with Reiza, ISI devs and Empty Box for a long time.

            Doesn’t even know the difference between rFactor1 and rFactor Pro and that rFactor1 is used by real race teams, from one with physics done by Niels Heusinkveld in a few of those videos.

            Butter has fallout with ISI and Reiza for violating multiple NDAs with his bragging.

            Gets banned from their forums for hating and attacking everyone that has something positive to say.

            Starts hating and harassing on Associat0r and Hexagramme everywhere, because they aren’t banned, but he is.

            Starts Harassing Reiza and ISI with the help of PRC.

            Fabricates lies and stories like this one with the help of PRC for some sensationalist story.


  6. Hey James, why not put up the original file and the actual evidence from where and to where Associat0r sent you those images. Or is this another one of your fabrications?


    1. This is exactly the kind of ridiculous childish horseshit this blog is known for. All for the sake of some traffic and perhaps just the fact that this author has as much ego as the guys he’s lambasting, he’s just way better at selling it to people.

      James is a shill for James. He’s got no conscience and is inviting his readers to doxx if the comments here are anything to go by.


  7. “”Sim Racers who lambast rFactor 2 for it’s lack of a Single Player Championship mode will be told by Associat0r that you can tally championship points using Microsoft Excel””

    rF2 Log analyzer is not Microsoft Excel, you idiot.


    1. u idiota.ISI is fking lazy to do a Single Player Championship mode then ask ahole like ASSoc to tell sim racers to use that fking Log ANALzer..lel


  8. I think it’s proven that rFactor 2 isn’t just a game. It’s a way of life. It is religion of peace, understanding, love, compassion, and simulation. Father Associat0r and Fatther Hexgramme has shown me the light that rFactor 2 is the greatest racing simulator of all time, and that every other “sim” racing game is simcade and has no Simulation Value. We aggressively defend rFactor 2 from heathens and non-believers who spread major disinformation because it’s our religion. It’s our way of life. rFactor 2 is EVERYTHING to us and we will NOT let filthy sinners defile the good name of ISI and rFactor 2. I hope the rest of you can see the light like I did, and let Father Associat0r and Father Hexagramme guide you to the path of salvation, where the prophet Tim Wheatley shall save us all from broken simcade racing games.


  9. At least Mr. Horncuckle mostly stays on AC forums shilling instead of spamming copypaste texts in every possible website from Reddit to Steam forums à la Mr. Waterburg and Andersen.

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    1. Yeah, TBH most of his posts are because he obsessively replies to every support thread telling them how to get better support (ie. include logs, write the specs of your hardware)


      1. Which isn’t a bad thing really. At least he keeps his fanboyism under control and i’ve seen him being positive about rF2 too. Can’t compare him to the two autists at all.


  10. Yeah you forget to mention that Associat0r aka Mr. Waterburg is in control of various Wikipedia pages like Assetto Corsa and has edited it to suit his own agenda.

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  11. i’ll give 10 penis points to the first guy to post some images of the ugly faces of Associator and his boyfriend Hexagramme….


  12. While I agree some individuals might have psychological issues over things, it is just way too far fetched to start blaming developers of those actions.

    It is impossible or too much work for developers the make throughout background checks and bulletproof psychological profiling about new beta testers.

    Usually here has been good solution for this which is to ban spammers from posting. But I see that here in PRC such bans do not exist, so we can keep looking at the Trump Tower high AC bashing images.

    Probably another forums have already banned these guys but I don’t really know as this is only place I follow anymore.


    1. I am also a beta tester for ISI, and can tell you that Hexagramme hasn’t been testing for a long time, nor Gui.

      To think that a developer is somehow behind all this is just crazy shit, almost as bad as the drama that goes on. ISI add people to the test team who can race and who can test and find bugs. There is no secret agenda where they are using them as secret messengers, as shown a few times with the public forum where they get told to shut up.

      But I guess these statements hold as much proof as the statements in your article….

      Which I guess means “troof!”


    1. This is actually cute. I don’t know what’s your problem associat0r. You don’t have a life so you’re posting facebook pictures of others in blogs?

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  13. It is sad that two people assoicated (no pun intended) with ISI have spent much of their online time crapping on and crapping on about sims they don’t play but see as a ‘threat’ to ISI and rF2. As far as I can tell. they’ve done nothing but actually turn off more people from trying rF2 than onto it.

    I agree with the poster above who mentioned Tim told these two to cool their anti-AC, pro-rF2 comments. One can search, if they want, through Tim’s posts here:


      1. Because only associat0r spams the same text, links, and screenshots all over the internet. Be him or another person auto editing the wiki page, is from the same clan.

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  14. I also used to have Associat0r on my Steam friend list and and he used to regularly send me links to various Reddit threads, BSimRacing articles and other sites that I have never even heard of asking me to defend rFactor 2 and discredit Assetto Corsa by bringing up certain physics flaws. I wasn’t interested to take part in his autistic behavior though and ended up removing him from my friend list after I got tired of his frequent spam.

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  15. Goddamn, everyone check your arteries, because the salt here is frightening.

    Jesus Christ, stop arguing and play some fuckin’ sim racers goddammit.


  16. Associat0r shilling for elite dangerous before rf2 was cool. I wonder what will be the new trend. Shilling for kartkraft? No wait, rf2 also has karts so it can’t be that, it would go against rf2. Would be inconsistent image. Kartkraft, prepare your anus for no simulation value posts.


  17. LFS IS THE BEST SIM AND HAS ALL POSSIBLE SIMULATION VALUE, Associat0r and his slaves can piss off because his zombified sim is A HUGE FAILURE!!!


  18. I copyed RF2 along with LFS on a USB stick and put it in my ass to test, it feels so real didn´t even recon that some of the files were not entirely copyed

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  19. This is a brilliant article James. Although it’s a bit hilarious that 6 months ago you used the term “Aggressive Shilling” to describe VirtualR and BSimRacing solely because they banned these two cunts. That remains a horrible article that you should fully apologise for:

    Associat0r used to do this same shilling shit with the space sim Elite Dangerous, defending it while attacking rival Star Citizen at every opportunity. He used the reddit account “totallity”, which he deleted around the same time that Ass and Hex both deleted their defunct 30+ alternate reddit accounts. These guys have shilled on:

    /r/ModelF1 (lol)
    Steam forums
    IGN (
    And other Disqus blogs that are hard to find since their accounts are set to private.

    I’ve followed their mass of accounts without even realizing they were this aggressive with their shilling, with the link sharing and actually working for ISI. Just remember guys, rFactor 2 doesn’t have an online paywall, and it’s online is far from dead! Just ignore my name in the credits. Unbelievable.

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  20. Thanks for the detective work Columbo.

    What a sad post history these two ISI fans have; now I feel better about myself!


  21. All we need now are photo`s of these 2 retards so we can name and shame them forever. Finally the walls are closing in on these idiots. Who on earth calls his son Cleon for fuck sake. Maybe that`s the reason he is mentally handicapped, because he couldn`t live with that name, the bullying on school and his father penetrating his tight asshole every night because his mom was too busy selling her ass for crack cocaine….

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    1. Silas Mikkel Andersen is 29 year old Danish office clerk who works for his old community college HF & VUC FYN in Svendborg, Denmark. He makes edgy music under the name “I Divorced Life”. Please buy his albums:

      Cleon Waterburg is a mentally ill programmer. Any photos taken of him are immediately destroyed due to misinformation regarding the size of his many chins.


  22. This article is a new low in this blog’s shoddy pattern of feeding us garbage. What purpose does this article serve? To shame people? To call them out? To invite the masses of deranged and bored sociopaths who read and post here to doxx someone?

    This is the cesspit of our community, right here. This is sim racing’s lowest ebb.


    1. Why do you keep on visiting this cesspit then, you donkey? Go back sucking dicks at RD if you can’t handle PRC. Or do us all favour and hang yourself using Renato’s dick as rope.


    1. He only plays racing games that have keyboard steering assist. Otherwise is too hardcore. I think that’s why he’s dismissing AC, because isn’t that easy on keyboard. But associat0r, you can just activate Gamer assists preset, then will be easier for you on keyboard.

      I wouldn’t mind if associat0r came out and said that he’s a paid PR for a game. It’s his job. But to be an undercover PR and using stone age tactics of denigrating other sims to promote the one sim he’s shilling for, that’s just degrading. He and his associated shills are ruining the entire sim racing scene. I don’t care if it sounds harsh, because these are your actions. “And this is just the tip of the iceburg”

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    1. I think this article and thread show that there’s some pervasive mental health problems with at least a sizable minority of this community, sadly.


          1. Yes. I’m expecting more pictures of James next. I really don’t see the point, particularly when the people in question haven’t tried to hide their pictures in the first place.

            I’m thinking it’s a projection of their own lack of confidence in their personal appearance.

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            1. Well that’s just the thing, you can’t effectively dox me. Half the people I’ve got on Facebook are from sim racing, the other half are close friends who know I’m a personality in this scene.

              I mean sure, you can discover some neat stuff by digging, but those who push too far will get a visit from the party van for their efforts.


  23. Single player drivers have always had a lot more tendency to be very vocal and confrotational and persistant in arguing on forums in Assetto Corsa too. The unfamous ones too. There is very few guys who I could really trust really bothering with any of this war, battlefield and cut-trought action on the forums. We prefer to get that adrenaline on the race track. 😛


  24. Before James hit harsh on ISI i thought the hole page is made for ISI-marketing:)

    I´m not a long time sim-racer, but was already a Raceroom-, AC- pCars and rF2-hater and -fanboy depending on the version, controller-setup and time-frame. Was a GSC-hater too, but never got in love with this title. When the cars have a roof they suck and i´m not into open wheelers. I liked AMS, but just tried it today and it feels numb and lifeless. Some people say, they broke the FFB with the steam-revival update and it feels like that. Even the Super Trucks i couldn´t enjoy, but nobody seems to complain at their forum. Nowadays i don´t start to hate AMS for that and just enjoy other titles till they fix that probably in a near update.

    I started hating Raceroom about a year ago after one update which reset my ffb-settings. Took me half a year to find out, they put the steering rack forces on 0% which i missed so much and couldn´t feel the cars without it. This Nordschleife-update mixed the steering-rack-forces into the main-forces and replaced them with something awkward. I hated Raceroom (without knowing) and was spreading the word till i found out, the default 0% are now the better option. Actual state is: the steering-rack-forces are doing nothing. Lowering the downforce was a good tip to get back to the old physics. But it seems for me that Raceroom is now in the exact same state when i was loving it a year ago. The FFB is certainly not better now than 15 months ago, it just was worse in between. There never was any real FFB-Update for this title as long as i´m playing it (366 hours). AC made more progress even with the same method (1.4 sucked).


  25. Back on Assetto Corsa forums, single player guys were always more vocal and confrotational on all kinds of realism and discussion. For those who I would really take on a word for most part could not believe this shenanigance and would just not want to be involved, for them it just looks like lots of nonsense, as it is. We prefer to get our shot of adrenaline on race track.


  26. Hilarious article.If the success of these shills is measured in sales or people playing the game then these two have failed in epic fashion.What evidence do these fools have that criticizing another game while bigging up their favored game on on internet forums has any effect whatsoever?


  27. I doubt that either of them are associated with ISI in any way. ISI’s actual PR guy (Tim Wheatley, who most people should know as not only a former iRacing employee but also the founder of the original and seminal RaceSimCentral) posted this a few months ago, and I’d be surprised if this sentiment weren’t shared by the guys who run Kunos, SMS, ISI, LFS, etc:

    I’m pretty sure hex/Associat0r are just trolls like you have in any online community, stirring up shit because it’s the only thing that gives them any sense of self worth.


  28. @James, associat0r took down screenshots of about associat0r and hexagramme from imgur. Scroll above and you’ll see they are non-existent now. Associat0r cleaning the world of disinformation, erasing history.


  29. This article is a load of bollocks.

    Associat0r was never an official part of the test team. ISI testers follow a strict hierarchy from primary to secondary to temporary, that’s why most don’t have the ISI logo avatar. Years ago they were more lax.
    Early last year Associat0r temporarily applied for a very early rF2 steam integration test, some time after rF1 steam release when he somehow got a hold that rF2 too would get on Steam. He barely tested for less than two weeks before he had to leave.
    ISI doesn’t give testers official notice when members leave to avoid drama and not affect schedule. I only learned last week that Gui and Hexagramme got booted months ago.

    Testers are under NDA even for years after they left and from ISI history they takes it very seriously. We all suspect Gui is behind this and I would advice him to seek legal help.

    This article is misleading and doxing is not the way to go about this.

    I’m also under NDA and don’t want to get in trouble so this is not posted under my IP.


    1. Another thing is that for the secondary and temporary group, even revealing that you are/were a tester yourself is an NDA breach. ISI testers come and go all the time but you never hear about them.


    2. Whether associat0r was in the beta testing or not, is irrelevant.

      The rest of the article remains true about things he does and how aggressive he is in shilling and denigration of other sims.


      1. It’s ISI who have been libelled, not some Internet fuckwit.

        This is what happens when retards publish blogs in a desperate clamour for attention.
        Eventually they cross the line.

        This will result in legal proceedings.


        1. libel
          1) n. to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander, which is oral defamation. It is a tort (civil wrong) making the person or entity (like a newspaper, magazine or political organization) open to a lawsuit for damages by the person who can prove the statement about him/her was a lie. Publication need only be to one person, but it must be a statement which claims to be fact and is not clearly identified as an opinion.

          I’m guessing tomorrow there will be a full retraction of this article by the intellectually disabled fuckwit who wrote it.

          A grovelling apology wouldn’t go amiss either.


        2. Hard to claim libel when people already admitted Aas/Hex WERE part of the testing team, and Hex’s name is listed in the game’s credits.

          Libel has to be a statement that is demonstrably proven to be false.


    1. Slander is spoken, so you’ve already got that element wrong.

      Both guys were testers at some point. One is even listed in the credits. That’s on ISI for not taking his name out. We’ve got confirmation from a third party that yes, they were both testers, from someone who is ALSO a tester. Were they any good at testing? Obviously not, but the fact remains that ISI took a guy who is a known shill, with a PC not capable of adequately running rFactor 2 and no access to a wheel peripheral, and said “here you go, thank you for being a contributing member of the community!”


  30. “So there you have it. Image Space Incorporated actively reward the work of their two most prominent viral marketers by inviting them into the beta team”

    This is demonstrably false.

    Unless you really think the were “rewarded” for the viral marketing by being invited into the beta test team. I’m guessing you feel a bit stupid now.

    Consult a lawyer.


  31. Is a reward a form of thanks?

    Were they invited on to the test team as a form of thank you for their viral marketing?

    Are you now suddenly grasping the level of your intellectual paucity?


  32. Btw.. A person writing a blog about sim racing should know that about 75% of bugs the beta testers test for don’t actually require a wheel to find.

    It isn’t just bugs to be found while driving. UI bugs, graphical bugs, AI bugs, multiview bugs, safety car bugs, rules dll bugs, multiplayer connection bugs, race rejoin bugs… I could go on and on about bugs that can be found without a wheel.

    You’re just an unsophisticated oaf.


  33. From The Mis-Education and Re-Education of a Software Tester

    “A little bit about game testing. Lots of people look at it like it’s a dream job. “Oh, how awesome, you get paid to play video games all day, what a life!” Well, that may be true for the first couple of days, but really, there’s a big difference between playing a video game and testing a video game. Playing a game means walking through a level and enjoying the scenery and interacting with the story and “riding the rails of the title”. Testing a game means taking a character and running them along the walls, solid objects and other characters and making sure they don’t fall through the cracks. It means going through the same dialogs over and over to make sure that they are displayed correctly. It means walking areas over and over and over again after making small hardware changes such as a different video card, sound card, OS or memory change. In short, actually playing the game is the smallest part of the job, and often, you don’t even get an awesome title to test. For every Metal Gear Solid, there is a Barbie’s Horse Adventure or a Rainbow Bright Studio, and yes, I know that those games exist (LOL!). “


  34. Then you get to the main point of the issue. Games companies have cut costs on games testing and have outsourced it to you rabble of fuckwits – The beta testing community. They push a title riddled with bugs onto you, then ban you from their forums when you push a point regarding a bug you have paid to have the privilege to find ruins your experience of the game. And to you lot it is a game. It isn’t something you want to “ride the walls of” while looking for bugs.

    You rabble of fuckwits have had this pushed onto you. And now you’re fighting amongst yourselves.


  35. “As I was exiting the industry, the shift had turned into managing Beta testing. Why hire testers when you can get a virtual army of college students and teens to do it for free? They love getting their hands on the next big game. All you need is to hire 1 Beta Test Manager to send out the games, assign the missions, and then filter through the bugs that they send in. (OK, it’s not that easy, but it’s a lot more cost-efficient.)”

    Now try and write a proper article, you supine, protoplasmic, invertebrate jelly.


    1. how about you go outside and take fresh air on your brain. Where’s associat0r when we need him to say “DISINFORMATION”, to this anonymous “a lawyer”.


  36. Hornbuckle is not even that bad. He has acid responses to any AC critics but overall he is very helpful in support forums outside his in AC forum shills. But those 2 idiots shilling RF2… I’m no expert but I would really send them for a mental checkup and possible treatment. These obsessions can’t be healthy.


  37. cleon is the guy who writes 50% of the spam posts and creates arguments with himself to try to seem balanced, all under the anonymous name, and blow everything out of proportion while annoying everyone else


  38. Somebody needs to find that Associat0r and end his life once and for all.
    If we’re true Christians (buddhists/muslims/whatever), we have to ease his pain.

    As for this piece of sorry shit called rFactor 2, I’ve been boycotting it since Day 1.
    It doesn’t even come close in terms of physics, sound, or graphics to its rivals.
    (AC, R3E, iRacing)
    And these shitposters only manage to hammer the last nail in the coffin of ISI.

    These limp dicks should realize that the brainwashing about this piece of garbage doesn’t work anymore.


  39. Once again, fucking Americunts show their face.
    They’ve always made inferior products to European so they spread lies about it to try to lower their sales.
    Despicable and pitiful.
    Above comment is right, let’s boycott that Americunt shit.


      1. Maybe he wants to talk about cultures, since inside a country there are different kind of people and cultures as well.


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