Texans on iRacing

Long believed to be the pinnacle of online racing simulators, where every participant treats their virtual automobile as if it held monetary value, iRacing‘s overall reputation within the sim racing community is that of the ultimate challenge. The racing is allegedly more competitive, the physics allegedly more accurate, and the field of drivers allegedly exhibiting a higher level of maturity than your average Assetto Corsa public lobby. The idea is that once you’ve exhausted all other online racing options, only to grow frustrated by the sheer number of turn one pileups, signing up for an account on the iRacing online service guarantees you’ll be in a field of like-minded auto racing enthusiasts – or so the shills say.

However, thanks to his recent upload of an on-track incident at Charlotte, YouTube user Oliver demonstrates in a little over a minute, why iRacing can occasionally be a nostalgic trip back to the days of Xbox Live.

The video begins with the #14 Chevrolet Camaro moving towards the bottom of the race track, making direct impact with Oliver’s black #3 Camaro, before finally bouncing off and smashing into the outside wall. Oliver can’t physically position his car any lower without driving into the grass, and even before the cars make contact can be seen turning lower to avoid the yellow #14 Camaro attempting to take him out. The driver of the yellow Camaro proceeds to spend the next minute of footage lashing out at Oliver, claiming the entire incident is Oliver’s fault because he didn’t hold his line, and that he was “fucking all over the place.” Anyone with a mere handful of functioning brain cells can see that the black #3 was taking the optimal path through the tri-oval, and the guy cursing him out over voice chat drove across two lanes to smash into him.

None of this matters to the nameless iRacer, who proceeds to shout obscenities at Oliver, including some of the more memorable quotes such as:

  • That was partially your fault, too!
  • You didn’t hold your line dude! You were fucking wild line all over the place!
  • Send it to YouTube! I don’t care who you send it to!
  • Sent it to the president of the U-fucking-nited States, I don’t give a shit!
  • You came up into me, dude! You came up into me!
  • What are you bitching about?
  • You DID come up into my line!
  • Yeah I wanna report your ass, I am gonna!

I always laugh when I come across these stories, regardless of whether I hear about them on a message board, or get presented with some kind of video evidence of the entire thing taking place. Behind the marketing campaign that claims to offer a mature and organized racing experience, the sheer number of people who act like this within the virtual playground of iRacing is much more than the hyper-aggressive fanboys would like you to believe. In league racing environments, this chaos can be magnified, as individuals who act like this are sometimes also serving as administrators or moderators in charge of policing the field. It’s not uncommon for genuinely good drivers to get the boot from well established leagues for contact or incidents they truly had nothing to do with, and most of the exchanges resemble this kind of delusional bullshit in one form or another.


77 thoughts on “Texans on iRacing

  1. iRacing’s ridiculous pricing and emphasis on American content, which I am not interested in, is enough to keep me away, but I’ve always had the impression that there are a lot of angry, nasty people on there who take what they’re doing entirely too seriously and that does nothing to inspire any interest in the game.


    1. “emphasis on American content”

      By emphasis you mean they bother to have some? There’s more european content in iRacing than most sims have at all and there are factually more laserscanned european tracks than any other sim on the market. They also have an officially licensed F1 car from this generation. They also have every single important euro track that people drive endlessly, from Spa, to Nords, to Silverstone (old and new), Monza, soon to include Imola even and a lot of the less popular but still great ones like Zolder or Oulton park.

      Basically you’re poo pooing them for having a bigger market share than the typically euro centric F1 obsessed sims because they also have ovals and they bothered to have a laserscanned version of Sebring and Mid Ohio to go with their Indy cars. Basically this is just snobbery.

      I’m no fan of iRacing, I don’t own any content and only ran out a short trial but you’re talking out your butt.


  2. iRacing is a 10/10 for me as far as the premise of their online community goes. Where else are you going to find 24/7 action where there are checks in place to prevent people from acting like morons on track? Granted, some people are simply too moronic for ANY system to effectively police, so you’ve got crap like what’s highlighted in the article above.

    I’m pretty “meh” on the physics…a tad icy for my tastes, but passable.

    The primary things that keep me away from iRacing is primarily the cost (though IMHO the quality is uniformly quite high), but I also frankly find the experience overly stressful. I’ll *fully* acknowledge I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth, because I just called the online community premise a “10/10” – I just find that the stress factor is often outweighing the fun factor for me when in a race. Yeah, real racing is stressful too, but I’m not *really* racing, am I? I’m gripping a plastic steering wheel in my basement… 🙂

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    1. Same here, it’s not the physics that have me hooked. Not that they’re bad by any means, I actually enjoy the physics as long as the track temp isn’t eighty billion degrees. It’s the sheer amount/quality of racing available. Just about any time of day, any day of the week you can find an official race with good to great competition.

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  3. Just to put some perspective on this:

    1. This was a rookie street stock race with a SoF of 1500.

    2. The angry Texan in this video has 8200 starts (Eighty two-motherfucking-hundred. Holy shit…) and yet is only (barely) at a D license and 1300 iRating.

    Not exactly a good representation of the average iRacing user experience.


    1. Exactly. Rookie Street Stocks, far more than on the road side, is where the retards stay. Its the firewall against them getting into the higher series and a partial validation of the safety rating system’s effect.

      This is like the bizarro MMO rookie island where instead of protecting the newbs from the high level guys the high level guys are protected from the asshole newbs who can’t figure out how to kill 50 rats to get to the mainland.

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        1. Who the fuck records his fat face while playing iRenting?
          Also, how the fuck is he driving? Not even trucks drivers have their hands in that retarded position.


  4. Anyone who spends five minutes in iRacing (I spent 3 months there in oval and road) knows that the worst place to find civilized conduct in their community is Rookie Street Stocks, particularly at Charlotte where its a no lift affair and a single line. There are so many articles on this site that are basically the result of someone who likes to talk like he’s an authority but knows next to nothing who’s 4 beers deep and won’t shut up.


      1. I have a penchant for slumming.

        You have a penchant for juvenile rejoinders apparently. You make Fox News level uninformed opinion pieces about the problems with the world where your entire thesis is based on an example that doesn’t serve to illustrate your point at all but is selected to maximize the idiot factor in initial comments as they stream in with their equally uninformed views based on total gibberish.

        If you want to attack the alleged quality of the iRacing community then you shouldn’t be using examples from Rookie Street Stocks. Anyone who has any vague experience with iRacing knows that the place to start attacking the quality of racing is the GT3 category, or maybe you coulda posted an edition of “Carb Cub Time” so at least something in your article woulda been entertaining beyond the rote whining about how the world is full of lies and you’re here to set the record straight.


          1. Is your relationship with honesty so bankrupt that you seriously think that that video shows anything significant? At a glance I didn’t see anything worse than most F1 races at Turn1. This is supposed to be about how fucked up iRacing is compared to the assumptions about its excellence. That only reinforces the idea that drivers can avoid wrecks when any GT3 race would tell you they can’t.

            But you said it yourself, its funny so why not massage the truth around that point rather than finding the truth and seeing how funny it really is.

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  5. Ahh, I love Rookie Street Stax. Leila Wilson, a YouTuber, has tons of Rookie Street Stocks and Week 13 videos that really show how shit the oval side of the community is.


  6. Anyone who thinks that the drivers on iracing act any different to public lobbies is delusional.
    Just check the FR2.0 out,it’s a fucking shambles,with the usual excuse of give it a few weeks and the crazies will get bored of the new car.
    Well months later and it’s still a shit show.
    When brought up in the forum not just about certain series but across the board,the usual answer Is to join a fucking league.
    Whig in itself total makes the whole point of iracing obsolete.
    Non the the systems in place do anything to stop the ridiculous behaviour that frequents every series.
    The best part now is if anyone complains about racing’s ffb,you are quickly told that it feels craps because your not using a dd wheel.
    And the only way to feel the correct ffb is to use one because racing’s ffb is so accurate anything other than a dd Wheel can’t use the ffb correctly.
    So there you have it,be prepared to be dissatisfied unless you use a dd wheel.


    1. I´ve an Accuforce Pro and can tell, a DD-wheel will not change the FFB in iRacing and i was underwhelmed in this sim, because it still feels numb and you don´t get a rear traction loss effect until it´s to late. But there is an artificial rear traction loss in Sim Commander and it´s better with that. OSW-owners don´t have that opportunity as well as the telemetry-based FFB in Sim Commander and i preferred it to the ingame-FFB. In other sims there´s no need for that. In pCars you can add seat of pants effects which can improve the FFB even better.


  7. I’m happy I was raised in Europe so I don’t give a shit about oval races. The community there is terrible, at least in R license. European side of rookies can be dirty too but amount of clean and respectful drivers is higher.


  8. Rookie Street Stocks in iRacing is the greatest fun because of THIS. No need to take it seriously. Though I have voice chat off and never read the chat so it helps to miss worst imbeciles.

    This Texan was probably drunk, that’s okay in Rookie Street Stocks. He has 8200 starts so he has every right to be drunk, take what ever lines and blame stupid rookies. I wish I was that guy when I have my 8200 starts behind me.

    If you can’t take the fun, get out of the circus.


    1. It’s always obvious who hasn’t tried something…

      Oval demands much stronger racing skills than circuit racing. In circuit racing, a small difference in driving ability or course familiarity will leave you hotlapping separate from anyone else. On an oval, you’ll spend 90% of the race within spitting distance of other drivers and if you’re bad at the mechanics of racing (passing, drafting, strategy) you’ll lose every time.


      1. I have actually,I’ve logged over 30hrs,it’s what I do when I can’t be parsed to concentrate,turning left and using one pedal even 3 is not a hard thing to do consistently.
        I just can’t do it as my main racing fix because it’s just lazy and boring.
        Requires more skill,typical yank exaggerating stuff.
        Ask yours self this,why do failed or retiring road racers move to oval and not the other way round.


        1. Failed / retired road races think that if they could not master circuit racing, they definitely will master oval racing. Basically nobody ever did. Maybe Nigel Mansel being an exception.

          NASCAR is good place for retirement as drivers there have higher average age / retirement age. So retirees basically have some few years to try that out.

          So why oval racers do not retire into circuit racing? Basically because oval racing is major motorsports in USA where circuit racing is just a niche.


        2. @patchedupdemon

          I’ve never raced ovals, but it’s obvious the racing skills required are no joke.

          As for being boring, I’m not sure how racing wheel to wheel, from start to finish, can be boring, but to each their own.


  9. I normally back you up but this article isn’t anything new to all racing games that have ever existed, no matter the pay wall. I’m not the biggest iRacing fan in the world but no other sim/game can touch the quality of racing within private leagues, where people can actually be held accountable.


    1. So basically the whole premise of what iracing is about is wrong,why pay all that to just go join a league.
      This is why the forums are locked to non members,if people saw how many 5+ star member quote leagues are the only reason they are still there then no one would join up.
      Well that a Shannon having a racing incedent but then getting the other driver banned,which happened last week


  10. sorry but it seems all so common and boring a little spin and nothing more and a ranting redneck, we need explosions on and off the track, car parts should fly around, cars catch fire then i would also immediately start to drive circles, ehmm i mean ovals


  11. It’s curious that renting software is more expensive than owning it. It’s a retarded business model aimed to retarded people.


    1. usa americans have enough money to pay iracing. Not every game or service is for people who don’t earn enough money. If the people playing on iracing can afford it, then good for them. Maybe many people can actually afford iracing, even outside usa. But perhaps you need to cut down on your smoking, restaurant trips, theaters, buying random stuff when shopping.
      If you have too many luxuries and now you’re complaining there’s a service you maybe want but is also another expensive luxury, then you’ll need to cut down on your other luxuries and prioritize.


        1. And yet you aren’t enjoying mario kart online. You’re here on a website complaining about a game/service you don’t like.


    2. Yes, thanks to the tips they get at restaurants because their employer doesn’t pay a dign salary. All hail the Land of Freedom.

      Now seriously, everybody has enough money for iRacing. Thank God not everybody is stupid enough to pay for something that is available for much cheaper -and with better quality- somewhere else.


  12. I have never been intentionally wrecked in IR, can’t say the same about assetto corsa. Sometimes people do silly things but in general people drive respectfully. If this article is trying to insinuate that Iracing in the same league as pub servers on other sims, well then it is just plainly incorrect.


  13. Okay, help me out here. Can someone explain to me why iracing is considered “expensive”?

    First off, I assume every one and their brother does the annual black friday renewal, correct? $44 for a year membership. There’s a ton of “default” & free content these days, that you could run lots of rookie series without spending a dime. The league events and public lobbies are head & shoulders above any of the other games out there at this moment. Track quality is excellent, and there’s a huge selection of US tracks you simply don’t get in other games. FFB is good, not “great”, but certainly not bad. The cars are 11 bucks, and the tracks are 14. That’s barely two pints of beer. I could practically buy every car and track they offer for less than what it costs for a set of track tires that get me two weekends. What am I missing here?


    1. The full list of content in Stock Car Extreme costs $30.

      The full list of content in iRacing? Try $800 – $900.

      Both games are based on technology from 2005-2006.

      Spot the issue.


      1. I spotted an issue: Stock Car Extreme doesn’t have a variety of licensed cars nor highest quality laser scanned tracks.

        Btw wasn’t PRC telling that Automobilista sells “illegal” content?
        And Automobilistia is more or less the same thing as Stock Car Extreme.


      2. 44 bucks gets me the MX5 cup car, the new Miata cup car, the previous Dallara Indycar, the COT, the 2011 Nationwide car, the previous gen truck series truck, the Caddy CTS PWCGT car, the Legends car, the Spec racer ford, the solstice, Mid Ohio, Laguna Seca, Okyama, Lime Rock, Summit Pt, Charlotte, Daytona pre repave, A handful of other short ovals, etc. That’s the base package these days. That’ll get you a ton of online options and pretty much all the rookie racing action. Again, that’s the default package if you sign right up. For a setup that damn near every club racer, including myself uses. Compared to the absolute ghost towns like Rfactor, 1/2 GSC and the rest, it’s not even a comparison.

        I’m not saying Iracing is without faults, far from it, and I avoid those fucking forums like the plague, but quit kidding yourself with the stupid $800-900 stuff. I’ve been playing this game for probably 5+ years now, and have spent maybe 90 bucks on add on tracks and cars. $45 bucks a year to renew (and let’s be honest, with how they throw “credits” at you for running races, less than that) is less than a console game. It’s nothing.


        1. And you have two choices (well, 2.5) for official while trying to grind out of the rookie shit show.

          Street Charlotte and mx-5 cup, or you run time trials. As for charlotte, not being able to consistently get an incident free race with a combo that basically drives itself is pretty ridiculous.

          Safest bet for new iracers that don’t suck? Stay back, wait for ~ half of the field to crash (at least) and simply roll into poll with far less incidents. Or run time trials. Then at least you avoid all chance of getting into a major incident because of fools.

          Content choice is ridiculous limited at the start. It makes sense (even with bad luck you’ll get out with skill), but the incident system doesn’t employ any logic. Even some basic assumptions from (probably pre-existing) data for assigning incident fault would improve the system drastically.

          Simple example of logic, the guy getting hit from behind in formation and not subsequently hitting others really should not get incident points.


          1. Also no, the average skill level is not better than minorating AC. Isn’t Kunos running it on the official servers?

            In rookie, it’s worse. I won’t say that oval is ‘easy’, but a no lift oval is certainly easier than a road course in AC. Then you have the mx-5…. it’s not exactly a challenge, it’s sort of annoyingly dull to drive.


  14. rFactor 2 lifetime access to online services – $85

    If I had your money, I’d burn all of mine. The money I save paid for my track tires two weekends and I can go online or offline and play anytime I want.


    1. If Rfactor 2 was playable, and had more than 3 people in the world online, it’d be a nice option, but as is, it might as well be abandonware. I get more use out of RF1 still. Iracing’s last 2 build updates have been a nice upgrade in terms of tire model performance, and really make RF2 look redundant.


      1. I don’t know what to tell you. I race on RF2 with a dozen or so GOOD clean drivers two evenings a week. The VEC series has like 70 teams of 2-4 drivers per team. There are 16 VEC drivers practicing online on the server right now. I’ve raced Flat6 a number of times with 30 drivers on the server. Find a league, see what day/time they run, mark it on your calendar. And if you want to race some AI offline in between you can do that too!


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