Black Flag: A Crash Course in Sim Racing


A radical departure from our traditional style of content here at, we’re extremely proud to introduce Black Flag: A Crash Course in Sim Racing to the sim racing community. A 70-page downloadable PDF file retailing for a relatively reasonable price of $6.99 USD, the document serves as written tutorial for all modern racing simulators. Detailing every last aspect of jumping into this hobby, from shopping for a wheel to chasing after an online championship – and how to do it rightBlack Flag temporarily suspends our negative outlook on the genre in favor of leaking every last tactic and strategy the three of us have in our repertoire. No longer will you be forced to wade through a mountain of links thrown at you on Reddit after asking for introductory sim racing advice, we sat down and wrote out everything that’s worked for us in a competitive environment – and we’ve got the results to back it up. Rather than throwing boring corner diagrams and lengthy physics explanations at our readers, Black Flag is written in a way to act as your buddy sitting on the sofa next to you, revealing everything he knows about playing FIFA online over a joint and a couple bags of potato chips.

Not written with any one simulator in mind, a brand new owner of Project CARS can get the same use out of Black Flag as an avid iRacing member who just can’t quite make it into Top Split sessions. A casual Assetto Corsa racer just trying to complete an event without spinning is every bit as part of the intended audience of Black Flag as a Touring Pro Series driver within RaceRoom Racing Experience. This guide is not a lesson on how to exploit physics shortcomings, nor does it expand on the concept of tire model fidelity – if you’ve just jumped head first into sim racing, or can’t understand why you’re not able to find consistent success out on the track, this is what you’ve been looking for. From cover to cover, the goal is to make you a better virtual driver, and ideally ensure what’s written in Black Flag remains relevant well after the current crop of simulators have been permanently placed on the shelf.

Nine chapters make up the bulk of the content within Black Flag, going over several different concepts including:

  • Hardware Configuration
  • Practice Laps
  • Increasing Your Pace
  • Race Weekends
  • Green Flag Operations
  • Staying Out of Trouble
  • Driving Like a Dick
  • Secrets to Success
  • Pursuing a Championship

You’ll learn how to purchase a reliable wheel, but you’ll also learn the types of products to avoid. You’ll learn how to select a car to practice with, but you’ll also learn why this kind of car is effective for perfecting your basic driving technique. You’ll learn how to carefully manage your throttle and braking inputs, but you’ll also be taught common mistakes new drivers make. You’ll learn how to defend yourself against aggressive drivers, but you’ll also learn how to return the favor and move someone up the race track. The goal was to make a document that’s as friendly and as casual as it is informative. There are no boring graphics, diagrams, or complicated techniques which serve to put most readers to sleep. We sat down and said “alright, let’s give away all of the little shit we have tucked away.”

The end result is a 69-page document teaching you how to be a better virtual race car driver. All killer, no filler.

As is the norm with payware releases, don’t be wankers and spread it all over the internet. We can’t really stop you from doing so, but like, don’t be one of those guys who’s all against paying for illegal mods, but borrowed this PDF file from a friend. Hypocrisy and stuff.

Grab Black Flag: A Crash Course in Sim Racing by clicking HERE.


64 thoughts on “Black Flag: A Crash Course in Sim Racing

  1. The PDF is arcade. To be fair the print is laser scanned but everything else feels off on a simulation level.

    Also I tried to use the Booklet but my negativity from reading this blog made me unable to drive. I realised that every game is so flawed I might as well race around on a skateboard.

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      1. Based on my experience with this website, you don’t need any credentials to become a simulation expert. You just need to make stuff up and write whole posts from outdated or biased opinions.

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  2. Nice!

    ps. I see you deleted the “hahaha” comments. Hope this is a new trend and get rid of the spam and image collages from associat0r (proxy ip to hide his ass), usually in AC articles.

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      1. No your just doing the exact thing you critize all other forum devs for,moderating and deleting all critism of their product.
        Next we will get banned and be called a bunch pelt monkey’s.


  3. “69” huehuehuehue, flags have no simulation value lol, etc.

    Jokes somewhat aside for once though, it’s pretty cool that you guys made this, despite the fact that sim racing is more meme now, rather than an actual video game genre. I’ll be sure to shill this on irrelevant message boards and forums until I get banned just for you.


    1. with forza coming to pc maybe things will get better. i know its not a sim. but the plethora of content might push others to do better. tired of incomplete games with missing cars and tracks.


  4. Thanks for sharing this. Despite the negativity and cancerous comments section, this site is always a good read. Will be grabbing a copy. Sounds like it will have some good information to help my shitty driving.


  5. Release a pdf that people shouldn’t need(?) for $7
    Complains about DLC that takes a lot more work (and in most cases licenses) and costs just a bit more than that.

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  6. “Black Flag temporarily suspends our negative outlook on the genre in favor of…”

    …cashing in on people’s passion for the genre.

    This is more cynical than any of the most negative things posted by this blog. XD

    This is a masterpiece. Shovel shit until people will pay to read you do the opposite.

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  7. You did not get my permission to use my trademarked name, team, and livery in this document. Please take this down immediately.


      1. Fair use doesn’t apply to your book fam, you aren’t commenting upon or critiquing the images, or parodying them. You are using them as filler for your book, which you sell for profit


  8. “As is the norm with payware releases, don’t be wankers and spread it all over the internet. ”

    Hypocrisy is strong with this one since you have spread yourself ripped AC payware DLC tracks on this blog lmao

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  9. “As is the norm with payware releases, don’t be wankers and spread it all over the internet. We can’t really stop you from doing so, but like, don’t be one of those guys who’s all against paying for illegal mods, but borrowed this PDF file from a friend. Hypocrisy and stuff.”

    -Topkek m8

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  10. as someone who has race with james across multiple platforms, i take this as an opportunity to get the mentality of a semi-alien. id challenge a lot of commenters with negativity to at least keep up with him on any real world track.

    now we just need a pdf from maple from maple on the real secrets behind a podium/killer setup!


  11. ‘Ight, I’ll bite.

    Love the site, got it bookmarked, shill when I can, banter even more…. I’m sure the PDF is all good and shit, some good info, tips, advice, etc. It’s probably more applicable to have racing tips that are actually based on SIM racing rather than reading REAL racing books and guides as they’d translate a lot better IMO, but $7US for a PDF? eeeehhhh. It may sound cheap but I’d think a better price would have been around $2/$2.50US, after all it is just a digital game guide from an unknown set of authors (soz)


  12. Here I’ll save you guys the money.

    The most likely way to win a race is to drive at 100% success rate. Pick braking points you’ll hit 100% of the time. Don’t think “I managed it from the 150m marker once, now I’ll try that every time”, think “I never failed from the 175m marker”.

    Cars have variables in any game – once you’ve identified them, you can maintain your 100% success rate while improving your laptimes. For example, pay attention to your fuel load. Maybe 150m is possible when you’re on a 1/4 tank, but you have to take 175m when you’re at a full tank.

    Test your senses. Most games have a replay function and multiple camera angles; go out and try to put your inside tires on the white lines at the apex. Try to drive as close as possible to an AI. Then hit the replay and watch how well you did. Find a corner where it worked, and replay the cockpit view. Learn the reference points from inside the car – where is the white line intersecting the dashboard, how big is the AI’s car when you’re riding their bumper.

    Lower your FOV. Yes, it lowers the sense of speed. That’s why it’s good. Is driving a car precisely easier when it’s going slow or going fast? Slow, duh. You want the most time possible to react to the road ahead of you.


  13. I could aswell have donated to the web to help keep it running, but since you guys offered the chance to maybe find some useful ideas, I decided to get the PDF. Yeah, PRC is not perfect, but at least it gives you the “other point of view”, sometimes harsh, sometimes excessive, always polemical – but in any case necessary to have a better idea of the simracing scene situation. When I have readed it I might submit some critizism or opinion if it’s worth, meanwhile have a nice day. And all the haters and morons expecting a pirate download link, please enjoy the one fingered salute.


  14. James, first off all the power to you, and great name, Henry Rollins would love it.

    Mate its a nice idea but what is different to this than hitting google and finding the opinions of quality sim enthusiasts?

    This is just paying for your opinion, and opinions are like assholes mate.

    Is this the project Favela you were talking about?, if it is im pretty freaking disappointed.

    No offence mate but most sim enthusiasts spend hundreds of hours sharing their opinions and knowledge for free but you are charging you yours, if this was anybody else i recon you would be hammering them.

    Do the guys that create those hero cards write memos of their opinions and sell them?

    This is right up there with that mate.

    No disrespect mate, i enjoy your site, enjoy your opinion but this is some funny stuff.

    Will a hero card come with the opinion?

    You might as well go all out mate,



    1. There are people on iRacing that sell setups for more money than we charge for the complete guide. Also, we are the first ones in years, maybe even a decade, to write a comprehensive (sim)racing bible, we put many hours of thinking and writing into it and we simply think we should get at least a little reward for that. Sure, you can scour the web for all the info you find in the guide for hours and hours, compile them and then publish your own guide, but then you’ll have put tens of hours into that project as well. We are not here with this guide to rip anyone off (initially we wanted more money for the guide for example and it would still have been a fair price), we just want what we think is fair for the work we put into this.


      1. Fair points mate, i cant argue with that, and it seems like a fair price, just keeping you blokes on your toes 😉
        The best of luck to you guys


  15. Why is charging for a ‘thing’ you made considered weird these days?

    Having said that, the price is a bit off putting – its your work, charge what you like, but you might make more money if it were cheap enough to be an impulse purchase.

    I’m also concerned that this document might not be particularly balanced (pcars tips: don’t bother playing it). At least, thats my expectation given this site’s content.


  16. I bought it just out of principle. You guys are doing great work in the sim racing community, and it’s great to be able to support you all in financial form. I thought $7 was a bit steep for the content, but if I were just starting out I’d probably lay it down if it meant getting a good, general tutorial.


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