“Black Flag” Receives a Surprise Update!


Only a short 24 hours ago, we here at PRC.net took a step out into the unknown and released Black Flag: A Crash Course in Sim Racing for the price $6.99 USD. A radical departure from our admittedly pessimistic coverage of virtual auto racing, the 69-page PDF document was designed as a companion piece for your simulator of choice; giving you the tips and strategies necessary to be successful in an online racing environment. To bring the electronic guide to the nice, round number of 70 pages, 2014 ADAC GT Masters champion and avid sim racer Kelvin van der Linde has been kind enough to pen a short foreword for us, written after a practice session today at the Sachsenring circuit. We are honored to have an established professional race car driver such as Mr. van der Linde endorse our work, and we wish him the best of luck throughout the 2016 ADAC GT Masters season and beyond!


Those who have already purchased Black Flag: A Crash Course in Sim Racing will shortly receive a link to the updated PDF file from Sellfy, similar to how updates for payware mods by UnitedRacingDesign are distributed. New buyers will receive the updated document automatically.


36 thoughts on ““Black Flag” Receives a Surprise Update!

  1. I´m a little sad that Kelvin just have a LMS ultra to compete with the new LMS. But he´s saying the message i´m glad i discovered by myself. The favorite sim-title is more a thing of personal favor if the basic physics are accurate.

    But one thing i want to mention which seems very wrong. I´m playing pCars, Raceroom, AC and iRacing (before the membership expired) and iRacing has a very big issue in physics: The GT3-cars (i know) have way to much breaking power respectively much less breaking distance. AC, pCars, Raceroom and Onboards are close about the same with similar setups, but iRacing is just simcade at best in this case.

    Really first i thought iRacing was doing a better job, but comparing onboards they totally suck. iRacing lets you break 15-20 meters later than the mentioned sims or onboards on full speed (like Spa before the last chicane). In AC, pCars and Raceroom it´s not totally even and depends on the setup (especially break balance), but more or less 2 meters, not 20.

    Kelvin isn´t the only real driver practicing with the sims like us. It´s more 90% of all drivers in private teams. Real racing is different, but the one reason to go sim is to learn proper breaking points.


    1. PS: iRacing now build Le Mans and this track needs exact breaking points. pCars have this already, not laserscanned, but when comparing it to onboards, they real drivers in the LMP1 are breaking at the exact same spots i figured out (by crashing /not crashing). Breaking 10 meters after that spot and you are done. A sim with wrong breaking points is not a sim.


    2. On thing ive learned in life………… anybody who has four parts to their name is usually a dope.

      Maybe Kalvin is a Germany Chipmunk?………..im not sure


  2. You spout off about shills, yet the last 2 days you have shilled this crap. You are not the deity of sim racing. I am guessing this is your “project”. Maybe instead of crapping on everything, you should put your money where your mouth is and create your own sim. Oh, that’s right you only know how to heap crap on those that can.


    1. Wait, this was the “secret project”? I thought it was going to be a mod or something, not some book that nobody gives a shit about.


  3. I still think that Black Fag would’ve been better selling name, but no other complaints. No one could resist buying something named like that.


  4. The updated version will be very soon on torrent for those who are interested.



    1. If you gave this to torrent sites, make sure you give GTPedia to them too.

      And shut up already with LFS shilling, I’ve got the anti-AMS graphics shills on phone against you.


  5. So I purchased this book since I do kinda support you guys and what you do here. I also happen to be somewhat new and look for ways to improve.

    I have question to ask!

    Some of those lines/advice are face palms. I hope that is on purpose right?

    When do we get the golden advice that will help us? (oops that is 2) You know what you charged for!

    ooooooo I get it – that is the next book right for $6.99? (oops 3) Black Flag: How to get gooder I think should have been the title.

    A decent first try but you really are missing a lot of the fundamentals that should be in there. That will be in V2 right?(oops 4) A better price would have been 2.99 or free for the community since this was your first.

    But honestly guys when do we get the good info that will help us and make us better drivers? the exact methods and skills and tuning that are missing in the book?(oops 5)

    The writing style isnt great but OK. Considering who you wrote the book for it doesnt really work that well. I would look at it again and polish it up more.

    Decent first try. Lots to improve on of course and when do we get the good info, you know that turns us into real decent racers?(oops6)


      1. You charged for that advice, a very large difference there James.. Hopefully it gets better in the last bit. At least I enjoy the site and did so to support it.


      2. First I thought this site had an angle, now it is clear that it is just a low income loser who can’t actually mod anything so instead they’ll attempt to sell a PDF of common sense garbage. What pathetic irony, bash sims and DLC but we’ll sell you a pdf on how to win. Are any of you winners? I thought not. Bookmark deleted.


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