Reader Submission #94 – Attack of the Liveries


The reception to Race Room Racing Experience’s newest piece of premium content, the 2015 ADAC GT Masters pack, hasn’t resonated with avid R3E players to the extent Sector 3 was hoping. Bringing a collection of around 20 liveries to existing GT3 entries, and just one new car – the pigfag Bentley Continental – fans of Sector 3’s most prominent simulator have put their foot down and became very vocal about the lack of value in the latest pack. Dane R. has sent in a Reader Submission to us, outlining the situation currently transpiring on the Swedish developer’s forums.


Greetings, PRC.

Sector 3 has done it again – it’s the fourth time in a single month that they’ve published new content for R3E. But this time, it’s a pack featuring cars from last years ADAC GT Masters season. In contrast to the previous releases, such as the Nordschleife or the GTO Class update, which both received quite positive feedback, this time Sector 3 was forced to deal with a lot of valid criticism. It’s not that difficult to notice the new pack contains almost no innovations in comparison to the 2014 offering. The only new car is the Bentley Continental GT3, that isn’t really that new because it was already shown weeks ago when previewing the Nordschleife. Nevertheless almost all promotional screenshots show the Bentley, and also in the related trailer the car is omnipresent. It masks the fact that there isn’t much else in the pack to justify the purchase.

But the lack of new content was only one part of the overall criticism. People were unhappy about the developers’ decision to not bring out a complete Experience Pack as they’ve been doing for previous seasons. The negative consequences of this means you are not able to play the entire season with the original alignment, fancy menus, and other little gimmicks. Playing the 2014 ADAC GT Masters expansion pack, you had a special double race format with a driver swap after half of the race. Now, I get that some people might think this feature isn’t all that important, bit in your opinion, you can create a custom championship as you have all the tracks.

But then I have to ask myself: Why should I buy this car pack? The generic GT3 class in RaceRoom contains much more cars, and especially liveries. The GT Masters 2015 pack contains only 19 cars, so your maximum field size is smaller by default if you belong to the group of people who think driving against two #21 Zakspeed SLS AMG’s is dumb. Some guy found fault with the fact that the Ford GT is not in the DLC despite racing during the real season. Yes, this car only appeared for one event on the calendar (Hockenheim), but this is also true for the Chevrolet Camaro, and that is featured in the pack. The other Mercedes, which only drove at the Nurburgring, is missing as well. It’s also not understandable to omit some of these one-off cars, because the WTCC 2015 pack contained two drivers who only participated in one weekend as well – Schmitz and Homola.


As a whole, I don’t understand why RaceRoom needs GT Masters content. Apart from the main game features a very good generic GT3 class, the race series itself is quite unimportant. According to J-F Chardon of Sector 3, Germany is the biggest market for RaceRoom, but the ADAC GT Masters series is relatively unknown. The TV broadcast is on a channel called Sport1, a “sports” channel whose programme consists two thirds of call-in quizzes, home shopping, and soft-core porn. One of the most important German motorsports websites,, has stopped reporting on the races. I understand that back in early 2014 it was advantageous for the game to cooperate with a series whose tracks were partially already in-game thanks to the DTM Expansions. But now, two years later? Shouldn’t the game try to move on, or to expand their horizons?


I’m a huge sucker for liveries, so at some point I’ll probably check out the 2015 ADAC GT Masters pack. I’m pissed that there isn’t a McLaren in the field – because that’s sort of my car – but in my opinion, more liveries is always better. I love having these massive encyclopedias of race cars to pick from, and that probably stems from the old Papyrus stock car games, where it basically turned into virtual die-cast collecting. However, I agree with you that the value of the overall pack is shit, and this is coming from someone with a media account where this content gets injected into my game automatically. It would be extremely difficult to get me to be happy with this purchase had I been playing the role of a common customer.

The stream of ADAC GT Masters content is something I suspect to boil down to a licensing agreement. Typically when companies such as Sector 3 pursue a license for a real-world racing series, it’s a multi-year deal, and part of the contract is to produce content for each season, starting from year X, and ending with year Y. I agree that they could have done more, especially after setting a standard with the 2014 pack and then going backwards, but we’re looking at something that was the product of a business deal.

As for the patchy list of drivers, NASCAR games have traditionally suffered the same fate, and this was extremely noticeable in the EA Sports titles from many years ago. 2004 Nextel Cup contender Jeremy Mayfield was randomly left out of NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup, even though he ended up qualifying for NASCAR’s version of the playoffs that year. Tony Raines, a fan-favorite backmarker was demonstrated in preview footage of NASCAR Thunder 2004, but was not present in the final game. And have you ever seen screenshots of NASCAR 09? EA Sports couldn’t even get the rights to each individual car manufacturer that year. This is not photoshop, or a leaked preview early on in the game’s development cycle: a NASCAR game really did ship without Dodge/Chevy/Ford/Toyota adorning the cars. This kind of shit is a licensing thing.


It’s all business. I’m sure Sector 3 is aware players are unhappy – these guys don’t operate in a manner comparable to Slightly Mad Studios or Kunos, but this is one of those deals where hands have been more or less tied. My biggest personal issue is how the game now includes four sets of identical GT3 cars that aren’t compatible with each other. Your average sim racer can buy the 2015 ADAC GT Masters pack, and essentially still not own a valid GT3 car for online racing unless the host specifically selects that option – which is basically never. I’ve been in online rooms where the qualifying session is four times the length of the race, so good luck getting everybody to sync up their GT3 class filters.


33 thoughts on “Reader Submission #94 – Attack of the Liveries

  1. Tbh… You can watch all 6 races from the GT masters weekend from two different streams in the internet (ADAC and and on TV like said on sport1. Anyone who is interested in this sport will find a source to watch easily and of course it’s not shown on a #1 TV station along with formula one, it’s still a niche but it’s growing. I personally don’t care what “Motorsport-total.Com” reports on or not.
    And most of the people who like the series are at the race tracks. It’s most of the time full of people, it’s affordable, it’s a great atmosphere.
    And yes, the ADAC GT masters 2015 pack was but disappointing… but it is also not too expensive, I can finally drive the black red z4 from klingmann/baumann and most online servers I saw yesterday had all gt3 cars activated.. At least the 2014, 2015 and gtr3 class, so no problem for me.
    Sector 3 should focus on 2016 season with all the new cars and liveries, so plenty to do for them this year. Hopefully they get Lamborghini licence because there are plenty huracans this season.

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    1. The racing itself isn’t bad but it’s not understandable why this series must be in Raceroom. The cars are nothing special and three quarters of the drivers are from Germany or Austria. It’s the same as British GT, C.I. Gran Turismo or GT Tour, only for Germany.


      1. Not really. ADAC is a more important national GT3 series than most others because so many GT3 manufacturers (not just OEMS like Audi, BMW, Merc but also the race car builders like Callaway and Reiter) are based in Germany.


      2. Probably they just want a chance to have GT3 cars so if ADAC is cheaper/easier to get a license than BES that’s what they’ll go for


  2. Definitely a licensing thing. If they don’t have the means to make it happen, not a lot to be done. Would we rather not have had an update at all? Maybe they should have just done the Bentley on its own or waited until the new McLaren 650s GT3 was ready and put them out together.


  3. I had the biggest shit eating grin when I saw that the community is finally wisening up to long term damage that this retarded system has. I’ve been saying this shit for over a year now but any criticism of the game and its pay model gets buried on the forum under a hail of “you don’t have to buy if it you don’t want to.” Fuck you, it’s not about me buying shit, it’s about how this is fucking up the long term health of the game and the longer this goes on the worse off R3E is going to be.

    I could rant about this in a huge ass submission because it really drives me up a wall how good R3E is, but how self-destructive its pay model is. R3E will NEVER get the recognition it deserves until they sort that shit out.

    Except, it’s really too bad that RaceRoom (the parent company) has the whole project by the balls. That’s another rant worth going into some day that I’m surprised shitposter extraordinaire James never picked up on. The short of it is that everybody’s suspicions of RaceRoom not giving a shit about R3E have been more or less confirmed in that huge interview. R3E exists only because RaceRoom thinks its cute and allows S3S to work on it as a side project. Nothing in R3E is developed for R3E, it’s all just the scraps of RaceRoom Pro, which is RaceRoom’s real money maker, and real driver of development. If the customers of RaceRoom Pro don’t want it, it’s not going to happen in R3E, with triple screen support being one of the most obvious examples.


    1. One more thing I want to mention, because it wasn’t clear in my original post. S3S is between a rock and a hard place. They have to know how the public perceives their product. Between their messaging and streams, they seem to be very cognizant and receptive to the community.

      The problem is that everything in R3E is driven by RaceRoom Pro’s development and its customers feature requests. S3S seems to have very little room to maneuver when it comes to doing things they want to do with the game, and the entire business model is completely driven by what RaceRoom says and thinks works. RaceRoom just doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks about R3E because to them it makes money and it’s whatever. Hell, I have serious doubts they’re even aware of who R3E’s player base is, or that it even exists. At best they probably perceive it as advertisement for RaceRoom Pro that happens to make some money and presumably covers its very meager costs.

      S3S is good people in a shitty situation. It’s a wonder we have R3E at all.


        1. Everything is in this interview. I can’t be bothered to find timestamps on everything, but “RaceRoom Pro doesn’t need it, that’s why we don’t have it” and “RaceRoom is in charge of that, not us” become a very recurring answer to questions about R3E’s shortcomings.


      1. Well I think people do view the pricing model as problematic because the user base is relatively small compared to other games. R3E has and will continue to come under regular criticism for this.


      2. It´s called “Raceroom Entertainment” owned by KW automotive GmbH not Raceroom Pro and when you visit their own shop, it´s all about Raceroom, their shitty “simulators” and game seats. They own the Raceroom CafĂŠ at the NĂźrburgring where you can play Raceroom for 18 Euros an hour on a 24″ display with a G27. So Raceroom is the core of their business model.
        The best thing they sell in the not-game-store are the prepaid vRP-Codes, where you can get a pretty good discount (up to 35%):


        1. PS: The problem with Raceroom is, even when they make profit with the title, it can fail due to the other business engagements. The main-seats without add-ons like H-shifter-holder are relatively cheap, but more so in quality. Even a T500 is wobbling with this construction and you need at least an additional expensive brackets to stabilize this (and even with that it´s just wobbling a bit less). Competition is now so much better for the same or a bit more Euros, but more stability and features as well. This CafĂŠ can only be a money grave, because this place is quite deserted between races. Even the disco in town closed i heard, because a full house every few weeks isn´t enough to make profit. Then they are building up their simulators at race events like the DTM or even in property markets with probably huge expenses but not so much demand and it´s for free, so just PR. The game is probably the only sector where they make profit and i woulnd´t buy the top vRP-code because i don´t know if there´s enough time left to spend the “money”.


  4. Well Bentley cost 3,5 euros on its own.If you own the rest of the cars ADAC GT 2015 costs exactly 5,11 euros.If 1,61 euros is that big of a problem maybe people need to change their priorities…


    1. Yeah, if you already have the other cars from the previous year, the pricing is completely in line with the rest of the available cars. As you said, you are mostly paying to role play as a turbo-charged bath tub.
      The Bentley has a great engine sound so I’ll probably cop it in the next few hours.


  5. The ADAC 15 pack is pretty uninspiring. Basically a bunch of new skins for cars I have already bought two or three times already in other classes, and also without the ‘experience’ there is no way to run races using the official format.

    I’ve been looking forward to the Bentley so picked it up in the GTR3 class instead (the GTR class is much more interesting – bigger variety of cars and much bigger grids). The 19 car grid of ADAC 15 isn’t too appealing compared to what the GTR3 class offers.

    Here’s the problem…there is no GTR3 pack so it gets expensive for the completionist like myself. There must be around 100 liveries in this class and while each one is inexpensive in itself, buying the bulk of them soon adds up.

    I firmly believe Raceroom Group should stop charging for liveries and bundle them in with the price of a car. It’s simpler and fairer for the customer.


    1. But you know, that you´re racing with all liveries when you buy one car with one livery? I play with cockpit view and don´t really care what stickers are outside.
      Creating liveries that are new and doesn´t exist can take a day of work or more, because to many people with different opinions are involved, but just copying a livery is one to three hours work for one person if you are used to it. So really not much work.


  6. Is this game has proper 3/2 screen support like AC or the same stretch looking graphic that plague all ISI dinosaur base engine games?


    1. It stretches the screen. The official response to why it doesn’t have widescreen is because RaceRoom Pro doesn’t need it. The version of the game used by events for promotional stuff (S3S calls this RaceRoom Pro) uses one big screen attached to a simrig, not three screens.

      It’ll take a customer interested in setting up a RaceRoom (, but with three screens instead of one, to get S3S to be assigned to adding that feature.


  7. Stop developing Race Room, finally finish GTR 3 => make it available trough steam => try to surpass AC, allow modding content => done… leading sim on the market


    1. What will you do when GTR3 finally comes out and someone – be it James or the comments section dwellers – here decide to question its simulation value? Move goalposts?


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