IndyCar Racing III

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Is IndyCar Racing III on the horizon? It’s the question we’re asking ourselves today, as a few extremely minuscule hints – too small to be picked up by all but a handful of sim racers – have painted a vague but intriguing glimpse into the future of sim racing. It’s a stretch, probably the biggest stretch we’ll ever make here on PRC.netand we fully understand that some people won’t be on board with what we’re about to show – but there’s a chance that an unofficial sequel to the legendary IndyCar Racing series of the 1990’s is set to make a triumphant return to the market. Don’t fucking murder us, but hear us out, because there are a few dots we can indeed connect.

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The team at Image Space Incorporated are building something. In a thread entitled “At ISI“, Gjon Camaj makes vague references to the company moving towards the future, working on a project that other forum members refer to as “not rFactor 3.Image Space Incorporated have done nothing but build racing simulators for the entirety of their existence, so it is highly improbable that they are building anything other than a hardcore racing simulator. We have also received word from a trustworthy individual that Image Space Incorporated are indeed building a racing simulator to “use” the rFactor 2 engine, not “develop” it – as is one of our most common complaints regarding the current crop of modern simulators.

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Late last year, a member of sim racing modding team UnitedRacingDesign held an impromptu Q&A session on 4chan’s small, hostile, and incredibly unpredictable sim racing community thread. While blasting the “adult children” who would quickly bust out their credit cards for payware mods that he himself wouldn’t purchase, a very interesting tidbit was revealed: Image Space Incorporated supplied most of the data for the 2015 Dallara DW12 – complete with unique aero kit and engine specifications. One must ask themselves how the team at ISI became privy to this brand new data, when rFactor 2 features the now outdated 2012 car, and no plans have been made to implement the new cars into rFactor 2?

So to recap what we’ve got, Image Space Incorporated are building a racing simulator that’s not rFactor 3, and for whatever reason, they have an almost complete set of specifications for the most recent Dallara DW 12.

Hmm. Let’s dig a bit more.


All the way back in 2014, almost a full year before the game’s disastrous release, Project CARS was supposed to include the Indianapolis 500 as one of the marquee events within the title’s extensive career mode, as well as a near-complete roster of real-world Verizon IndyCar Series drivers. It’s now May of 2016, a year after the game’s release. There is no Indianapolis Motor Speedway available in Project CARS. There are no real-world IndyCar drivers available in Project CARS. The outdated Dallara DW12, prior to the introduction of the ugly yet functional aero kits, is available as part of a larger DLC pack based around North American auto racing series – with a complimentary assortment of fictional liveries. Nobody has really explained why the IndyCar partnership with Project CARS just sort of evaporated into thin air.


IndyCar has flirted with entering the world of modern sim racing before, albeit with an entity that most prefer not to talk about. SimRaceway, an isiMotor product that mixes the insane cost of iRacing with the overall feel of the original rFactor, struck up a partnership with IndyCar and planned to release an entire stand-alone game, peppering SimRaceway with an abundance of obscure IndyCar tracks in the process – such as Phoenix and Edmonton – yet the title’s extremely poor reception saw interest vanish almost immediately as the cars hit the virtual shelves of SimRaceway’s online shop.  While there’s obviously not much to show for it, the fact that IndyCar actually tried to get some sort of proper racing sim built means they’re kicking around and clearly interested in a video game rendition of the American Open Wheel racing series.

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Lastly, the Twitter feed of sim racing YouTube personality EmptyBox has been strangely quiet as of late. The popular figure has uploaded almost no new videos in a month – to the point where folks on Reddit actually became concerned about him – and has spent most of his time on Twitter casually discussing the current IndyCar season with his followers. However, a goofy dialogue with ISI’s rFactor 2 Twitter handle vaguely hints at an upcoming announcement to coincide with the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.


It’s a stretch. A big stretch. The biggest we’ve ever made. But we can only do so much with the info we can access.

  • Image Space Incorporated are building another racing simulator.
  • The upcoming simulator is NOT rFactor 3 – and therefore it won’t be a smorgasbord of random cars and tracks, with the sim designed to be used as more of a modding platform.
  • Image Space Incorporated hold in their possession a near-complete set of data for the 2015 Dallara DW 12, complete with individual engine and aero kit numbers.
  • The current-spec Dallara DW12 has not been announced for rFactor 2 at all.
  • The Verizon IndyCar Series partnership with Project CARS just sort of vanished.
  • IndyCar has already shopped around for a potential developer to make a fully-fledged IndyCar simulator, unfortunately picking the wrong team to collaborate with and left with a half-baked SimRaceway expansion that basically nobody played.
  • A twitter exchange between Matt Orr and the official rFactor 2 account warranted a strange response when Orr asked about an upcoming announcement.

Welcome back, IndyCar Racing? Cross your fingers.



45 thoughts on “IndyCar Racing III

  1. Another place to dig around and ask a few questions to the higher-ups about the American Openwheel scene could be R3E. At one time, I strongly believe, they were at least starting work on some American Openwheel content.


  2. There have been “Indycar III” rumors basically since the day after Indycar II came out. The ones I specifically remember were the multiple times that news articles claimed that Papyrus was working on it, then a few years later there was a rumored ChampCar sim coming from one of the more prominent F1C/rFactor mod teams. I’ll believe that there’s a decent Indycar sim coming when we finally get one.

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  3. Good article, good boy! I’d give you a treat for this one, but I gave them all to my cat.

    Really hope you’re right though.


  4. Five months later and you’re still claiming that the URD guy was behind the “middle aged children” comment? His comments were all made in close proximity and all with exclusive screenshots. You just don’t give a fuck, do you.


    1. “Would be”. Indeed. Another niche American racing series. World, rejoice! As if there is no better use for ISI engines.


  5. On a related note, most of the 2015 cars can be found in Forza Motorsport 6, along with Indianapolis.

    Interesting how Project CARS lost out on these cars only for them to show up in Forza a few months later when that game launched.


  6. Indycar racing 2 was a pretty awesome racing game at the time.All the Indycar tracks,adjustable ai,colour schemes,pitstops,yellow flags,qualifying.It is amazing that many games still do not have these features.Not much feedback from those arrow keys when driving on the keyboard….

    The well paid promotors of Championships like WEC,v8 Supercars,Indycar should IMO be beating a path to a company like ISI to promote their series as an official game.The TOCA games were perfect promotion for the BTCC.Get people hooked when they are young.

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    1. Problem is that older racing sims were much more accessible to everybody. It all changed after Grand Prix Legends when the audience started to split between hardcore players and more casual players. rF2 based Indycar game has big challenge trying to appeal casual markets.

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  7. I just spoke to a CFD and fluid mechanics expert [they obviously know a lot about air] regarding this issue and confirmed that [almost] everything I’ve said here is correct about air cooling tyres. He also said rolling friction is the single biggest factor as to why we see the inside shoulder still retain heat on the straights and that air will cool the rest of the tyre down along with minimal heat exchange differential from the remaining part of the tyre touching the ground. Which obviously fits the video, since f1 cars run high negative camber thus not all of the tyre is in contact with the track at all times.

    Believe what ever you must but I got the answers I was looking for and I KNOW what is fact and what is fiction.


  8. I’ve never been accused of having a good poker face, so there is really no reason for me not to say this: I can pretty much guarantee *IF* ISI really is making a full IndyCar sim, I will buy it!

    For one thing, I love IndyCar. For another thing, I like how rF2 drives for the most part – it’s the terribly uneven content that prevents it from being a “primary” sim for me.

    Lastly, I think this would represent a bit of a throwback in sim development mentality – I really believe a lot of the spottiness we see in the sim market today is related to devs biting off more than they can chew. Look back at GTR2 (which, for my money, is still sim racing nirvana) – that sim had a very narrow focus, but guess what? They finished the effin’ thing and actually handed the consumer a finished product.

    If ISI (or anyone else for that matter) took the same philosophy with an IndyCar game, I’d probably be tempted to throw my cash their way out of principle (if nothing else) just to encourage more devs to be realistic about what they can achieve and at least *try* to make full/complete products instead of more perpetual beta BS.

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      1. Just if it contains old IndyCar-series cars from early history to the end of 90s. I absolutely hate these modern IndyCar-Dallaras.


  9. The basic ISI content releases are alternating between new and revised. We just got a revised Indy track after a new Toban. It’s May, so we’ll probably get a new Indy car by the end of the month and maybe some bug fixes for oval AI as the last non-Steam build. It won’t be “not rF3”.

    If my speculation is close, then we’d probably also get a TPA historic Indy car(s) as a bonus.

    What if “not rF3” is actually the GT Legends resurrection?


    1. Tiny Feet Studios are doing the GT Legends sequel. ISI have never previously worked with another studio to produce a game. They license their engine, with or without source code access, I can’t see this changing. And if I were a new developer like Tiny Feet looking to release a sim in 2017 or more likely 2018, I really wouldn’t want a DX9 graphics engine.


        1. You mean that rFactor conversion that made it’s way to rFactor 2 Steam Workshop?

          Just what the world needs, more half-arsed rFactor mods for these modern sims.


      1. You can apply any off the shelf graphics engine with the Pmotor,and even if you couldnt you can still change API your statement is full of ignorance,ISI motor in 2017-2018 will still stand as the most advanced car sim around, rumour has it tiny feet may be using Unreal 4 for graphics engine.

        Stop talking shit.


        1. “ISI motor in 2017-2018 will still stand as the most advanced car sim around”

          Is ISI’s next car sim called “ISI motor”?


  10. Sequel to a sequel? What about the two Indy games from Codies?

    Anyway, I severely dislike the majority of the fiction being written here.
    However. This was a good read 🙂


      1. LOL sure just keep telling yourself they’re comparable. F1’s viewership may be down, but they still have millions of viewers worldwide. Indycar has no international fanbase and if they’re lucky, maybe 400,000 people will watch the races on TV in the US.


          1. >Indycar has no international fanbase.

            Doesn’t relise the Indy Racing League been won by almost as much by foreigners as yanks, including my homeboy Scott Dixon, representing NZ,who also holds record for most wins.


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