It’s Not the Space Shuttle

GPRacer100 1.jpg

While I’m aware that several people within the sim racing community use an abundance of third party plugins for isiMotor simulators, ones which serve to increase the amount of data displayed on the HUD during a race, there is indeed such a thing as overdoing it. We’ve recently been tipped off about a YouTube personality named GrandPrixRacer100, who streams the majority of his league races with the Historic Sim Organization in an especially painful way. Usually this is the time I’d rip on the kid for his lack of driving skill, and his insistence on broadcasting entire practice sessions – sometimes leading to situations where he is literally sitting in the garage for much longer than the average viewer can tolerate – but in this instance, we’re taking a look at something else.

This guy’s HUD is an absolute fucking mess, and I’ve taken the time to sort through his clusterfuck of a display to make sense of it all for the average reader of

GPRacer 100 - 2.jpg

Four separate leaderboard screens all display the exact same running order. Three distinct overlays monitoring the tire behavior all convey identical data. Two fuel gauges and two speedometers serve to clutter the screen, when there’s really only a need for one. Lastly, there are a handful of completely unnecessary boxes that do not display any relevant info to the session at hand, with the gravitational force meter and odometer being the highlights of this stupidity. The sim racer’s lack of peripheral vision serves to get him in trouble on more than a few occasions throughout the race, as a literal mass of useless information boxes prevent him from seeing other cars approaching him.

Not only can your average sim racer not possibly monitor every last element of this confusing heads up display, in the case of many simulators powered by the isiMotor engine, you simply don’t need an overlay this complex in the first place. Using just the default black box HUD element the isiMotor supplies you with, you can actually go into the options menu and bind buttons on your wheel to cycle through this display at a moment’s notice. This allows you to easily monitor tire data, vehicle vitals, the race leaderboard, and fuel consumption over the course of a race, without cluttering up your screen like a pleb.


Don’t kid yourself, it’s not the space shuttle. You don’t need a heads up display this ridiculous, and even as racing simulators evolve over time to take advantage of new technology, you probably never will. There is no need for two speedometers, four leaderboards, and three tire temperature monitors that all serve to display identical sets of data. Sure, you’re invited to play a racing simulator however you want, but this is equivalent to that kid in middle school showing up to class with an advanced graphing calculator – it’s really just a waste of space.




70 thoughts on “It’s Not the Space Shuttle

    1. This is some Game of Thrones shit right here!
      At the time this comment seemed like the usual genius banter from Brownninja97, but looking back this was actually some top-level PSYOPS shit. Joking about a sensitive rumor while actually being the source all along? Shit Vinay, you will go very far in life my son.


  1. Man, I don’t know how these people do it. Maybe they can use all of that. I know that in one rFactor race I was hit from behind and tried to press a key on the keyboard to see the car from behind (on a long straight) and check the damage. Not only did I not manage to find the key while holding the wheel, but I hit the armco and damaged it a lot more so I had to pit to fix the suspension XD .

    Normally my view is the same as yours. In R3E I even turned some notifications off because they were covering the virtual rearview mirror. My maximum info on the screen is in GTR2 where I sometimes use the XD plugin to check tyre and brake temperatures. But I guess it’s just simracing, you roll however you want to roll. I for one barely see anything but the track.

    On a side note I have a friend who can type short messages while in a race. I can’t do that unless I crashed.


  2. There might be logic in this madness however. I checked one of his videos and I could see pretty well in front of him. Maybe he’s just trying to make sure he can see some info at any moment, no matter where he’s looking. Michael Schumacher used this in the form of three little displays in the cockpit. It’s just… odd.


  3. These plugins can have some useful information, but… A lot of this isn’t useful. This guy just looks like he’s taken every single widget GID offers and found somewhere for them all.

    Also how people can willingly give up a clear horizon is beyond me. I hate driving with HUD elements on the horizon.

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  4. Keep in mind he is apparently a streamer… I actually enjoy watching onboard simracing footage much more than actual racing with outside cameras, because the latter is extremely confusing… And for the viewer its nice to have as much information as possible. SimracingNC makes quite high quality videos in that style.

    And I do enjoy having some “useless” information while driving… sometimes I stare at that damn delta more than the actual track.


  5. Because he feels more in control, but mostly that is just insecurity. It can almost be like you can’t leave the house without your cellphone, but is actually really fun.
    But you can be equally good or even better without any apps, or just minimal stuff on screen. I understand if you’re a new guy to sim racing, you feel the need to know things about the car at all times, but once you have experience and skills, just use the minimum things on screen, or for once only use the car’s dashboard.


  6. Let me get this straight…

    You wrote an entire article dedicated to attacking this guy because you think he has too much stuff on his HUD.

    Fuck you guys are assholes.

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      1. Not new, no, but usually they pick on games and stuff, not a single person who’s just enjoying himself streaming sim racing.


  7. I agree, give me something simple and clean that tells me the essentials. Guys who really race, in real race cars don’t have all that nonsense clogging up their onboard displays or instrument panels. Ridiculous.


  8. I remember seeing screenshots like this ages ago and wondering what the fuck was going on. I just use either Dashmeter Pro or EKSim’s Virtual Dash on my old mobile phone (a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that was barely worth anything so I kept it for sim racing instead).


  9. In race situation I like minimal layout but practice I will put up what I need for testing(maybe not to this extent, but that is not the point). Also in different vehicles, different layouts(Open wheel, historic, touring for example)

    You honestly think you are the guru, be all end all when it comes to sim-racing, don’t you. All you manage to do is take the fun out of it with over-analysis and unfounded criticism. And now, attacking somebody for how they choose to drive, enjoy their pastime, as it is different to your way.

    You love to give your opinions and pass them off as the gospel according to Oggy/James/whatever the fuck you want to call yourself this week. Time to listen to one…..Get a Life. If you feel the need to be brutally critical of every product out there today and of the way people in the community do things, then it is time to step out of the kitchen.

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      1. Bibles is so yester year and bland its all about the Koran, now those verses rock, rape pillage and murder, exactly the type of shit you need to wipe the floor with slow plebs, a app to call Muhammad on a flying horse to spite adn behead wreckers in the name of Allah would be cool too.


        1. Does the Quran really say or confirm for people to rape, pillage, and murder? Can you point us to the exact verse?


            1. At least don’t phrase your opinion as it is some fact. And no, saying “in my opinion” is usually just a mask for trying to make it appear as opinion.
              If you’re going to talk like that about the Quran or the Bible, then show people where in those books it says is ok or incites people to do those atrocities. Or did someone tell you those things are in the Quran, so you didn’t read those verses yourself?


              1. “If you’re going to talk like that about the Quran or the Bible, then show people where in those books it says is ok or incites people to do those atrocities.”

                Oh fuck off, twas a joke,you sound like a fucking college fucktard, you a SJW or something? or worse, one of “those” smelly cunts

                But if you wanna get serious, both books are not only full of immoral and very questionable ethics with yes rape murder and pillage involved in both books (just worded differently and justified), they are also atrociously compiled and is so full of contradictions its not funny, not even mentioning the outright math errors in these “infallible” books, one composed by a roman emperor as a book to rule em all, and the other penned by a inbred pedophile more interested in conquest and little girls than “gods” work.

                Even if viewed as a simple historic text like the “odyssey”, both are for the most part incomprehensible and requires mass interpretation, unlike historic writings pre-dating those.


                1. The Quran and the Bible are both two of the most cherry-picked books in the history of the printed word. This is mostly because both books offer woefully little in what we would consider in 2016 to be sound ethical guidance, yet centuries worth of PR has led people (most of whom who have never actually read the damned things for themselves) to believe these texts are paragons of moral virtue.

                  The harsh reality is that both books are full of gratuitous violence and outright morally reprehensible “advice”. What doesn’t fall into those categories could mostly be categorized as incoherent ramblings. The remaining 0.2% of the books is actual sound advice – really mind blowing stuff like “don’t murder” (which comes with tons of asterisks in both books) and “don’t steal”. Wow, thanks for the tips!


  10. The only app I use that’s not in a real car is the pedals app & chat app. Nice to know if one of my pedals is fuckin’ up, can’t necessarily do anything about it but at least I can see what’s wrong. And chat’s kinda mandatory outside of fully-voice chat leagues.


  11. I’ve purchased and enjoyed Black Flag, I regularly visit, I never comment…with that being said, I am not sure why this is even a topic worth writing? Slow week?

    If he wants a cluttered UI, it’s his discretion. You going to write articles about people who can’t afford capable computers next?


    1. Apparently, kicking the same set of dead horses over and over again gets repetitive, to say the least. That’s when YouTube comes in handy if the kicking mood arises (and this wouldn’t be PRC without it).


    2. But he does have a point. With all that garbage on screen he can’t even see in his mirrors or what’s at his left and right. Other than the fact that having all those numbers flashing around is distracting in the long term and could lead to accidents.

      It’s the simracing equivalent of driving while staring at your phone, you take your eyes off the screen to watch some useless information you don’t even need (The mod+track combination [F1 1978 v2.0 & Anderstorp 1975] does not support dynamic weather so having a weather forecast is bullshit) and you crash into a wall or into someone else.


      1. Imagine how many people there who do it “the wrong way”. Should James attack them all personally? Maybe if he has too much time on his hands. And even then there are better ways of doing this.


  12. I’m going to troll his channel now,what annoyed me was the bit about rrecording his practice sessions but sitting in the garage.

    I hate this type of stuff,just like when folks post a race where nothing happens and they drive around on their own,who the duck wants to see that.

    Dick heeeeeeeds.


  13. All these people saying it’s bad he did this article wouldn’t know irony if it slapped in the face while still living at their mommies house.

    You are doing the same thing while commenting here.

    Bunch of fucking retarded briefcase mongs.


      1. Yet you make a garbage article where you try to teach some random guy how to use his HUD because it’s clusterfuck, so the irony is on all of us, you too James. You state your opinion so everybody can. For instance I use HUD like this while racing in league in rF2 and I assure you that 90% of these windows I use quite often to see what is going on the track so I can plan ahead. The other 10% I use in practice.

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      2. You kind of remind me the “Lord Kunos” himself that way, James… The only thing you are missing now is a guitar.

        Do you really believe there is a point in making an article about some random guy’s HUD preferences? Just leave a comment there and that’s about enough.


  14. He’s getting really desperate to bury the Turn10 bullshit. Next article is going to be about people eating ice creams that he doesn’t like. Please help this guy, he’s loosing it.


  15. lol for the topic. And also for calling him out by name for hilarious stuff like a sneaky bitch, what kind of drama queen are you? A 12 year old one i guess


  16. James, I usually support your articles a lot, but this time I don’t like what you did. It’s just a kid, having fun and learning, both in simracing and in life, give him a break. There is no need for this, you can use screenshots of his HUD mess to illustrate your point (Which is otherwise pretty correct) without even mentioning who the offender is, but dedicating a whole article to point fingers at a kid is excessive. I respectfully ask you to reconsider and delete the name of the guy, as this can just lead to haters and trolls storming to the poor guy’s Youtube channel to make hell of his life. Jesus, we all have been 16 and done silly things, have come mercy man.


    1. +1 The guy is having fun – why shit on him? Please delete his link and get back to what you do best, i.e. crapping on errant developers and useless sim packs.


  17. I agree. I’m racing only with no HUD at all. I don’t see any point of any displays, all I need I already see or feel. Only thing is some Dashboard on tablet which shows me times of laps when hotlaping or position.


  18. HUD off when racing AI. If the car’s normal instrument readouts are useable, I run with as little hud rubbish as necessary in MP.


  19. Very sad to attack one enthousiast single person in particular.
    You could have made a generic article about simmers cluttering their screen space, but with screenshots and hidden names…
    From a could be poorly inspired article you made an insulting one, pityful.


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