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Rather than cautiously help navigate the elephant in the room to a much safer place outside the confines of, we’ve instead built him a cozy and comfortable bed. A quick 250-word entry written and published from my phone during a rather slow shift at work ignited a massive firestorm, one which landed us on the front page of for the very first time. With no links, screenshots, or even names to give us an ounce of credibility, we went live with the information that Turn 10 Studios – the team behind the Forza Motorsport franchise – were looking to purchase Kunos Simulazioni.

The goal of the acquisition on paper is quite simple: Turn 10 has confirmed Forza Motorsport 7 will be coming to Windows 10 at some point in the future, and Microsoft wants to ensure the title will meet the demands of sim racing elitists. By absorbing the individuals which make up the Kunos Simulazioni crew, Turn 10 essentially will gain an entire new division of employees that can push Forza Motorsport 7 much farther than any previous title in the series. Every sim racer – regardless of their allegiance to any sole developer – has always wanted two or more developers to join forces and push out a truly genre-defining product, if only to see the results of this fictional love child. In a plot twist nobody saw coming, we might be getting just that.

GTR 02 N8.jpg

In my opinion, this is a truly fantastic situation for literally everybody involved. For starters, Assetto Corsa is objectively an unfinished racing simulator, graduating from Steam’s Early Access program far too quickly. The lack of depth in the product is undoubtedly the result of a lack of time and manpower, understandable given the size of the Kunos team. However, some elements of Assetto Corsa are quite good, even if they have been changed over time to behave in ways we personally don’t enjoy. The tire model, at one point, was phenomenal and gave many unbiased sim racers hope for the future. The game’s force feedback effects, despite going through several revisions, are still near the top of the genre. There is a tangible level of potential in what Kunos have created – some of us merely feel more let down than others over the final product.

Turn 10 would essentially offer Kunos a completely finished game for the crew to polish up, rather than build completely from scratch as they’ve done with Assetto Corsa. Part of the sting that comes with Assetto Corsa, is that while many of us were waiting for pit stop functionality in single player mode, the developers were busy fine-tuning the tire physics in certain cars. In this situation, Kunos would have free reign to obsess over the minute details they’ve dedicated themselves to perfecting, while others completed the main components. I mean, just think about it – Forza Motorsport 6 with sublime steering wheel support, adjustable cockpit view, exceptional force feedback, and a refined tire model? That sounds pretty dope. I’m in.

This move would also allow them to hand off public relations duties to a specialized professional. I’m sorry, but Stefano just can’t figure out how to maintain a presence on social media without blowing up at someone. The lot of them can’t be making forum posts saying “have fun or get out” – you can tell they’re not ready for the spotlight. Meanwhile, Turn 10 speaks primarily through a guy named Brian Ekberg. The stress of dealing with the sim community would be completely lifted off their backs. No more calling customers “retarded monkeys” on Twitter.

Lastly, fans will welcome the acquisition with open arms. Tons of people love Forza, and tons of people love Assetto Corsa. Some got into Assetto Corsa primarily looking for a Forza-like experience on the PC. Those people will not be unhappy when you tell them that the companies behind each title are joining forces to create a combination of the two. I mean, it’s difficult to impress me, but when even I’m on board for something, it’s probably a step in the right direction. We can obviously speculate until our fingers are sore from typing, yet Forza Corsa sure looks enticing just going off of the basic premise.

But of course, this deal has been officially denied by the staff at Kunos.

virtualR marco.jpg

Obviously, the defensive comments came fast and furious once we hit the publish button, and our rumor arrived on much quicker than anybody anticipated. Better yet, Marco Massarutto of Kunos Simulazioni officially denied the business deal in a quick Facebook post, which also found its way to VirtualR a few short hours later. Avid readers of mainstream sim racing blogs jumped in to blast us for running such a story, including Assetto Corsa beta member Mike Hornbuckle questioning why the site would ever use us as a source, and VirtualR’s editor himself Rob Prange claimed the whole thing “has helped spread the word that PRC is a terrible source of news more than anything else could have.” 

VR Responds.jpg

And of course, the thread about the subject on RaceDepartment was promptly locked as well, but not before moderators allowed Hornbuckle to again claim how terrible we are. Apparently, “creating controversy” at RaceDepartment is against the site’s Terms of Service. Eyes forward, citizen! We’re in a golden age of sim racing!


I could sit here all day and take screenshots of countless other replies from around the sim racing community on the topic at hand, but instead I will direct you to the official Assetto Corsa forums. Stefano Casillo himself managed to put his own two cents into the Turn 10 acquisition rumor, labeling us as special needs children that have managed to out-do our previous efforts.


For those of you who have been around for the long haul, and understand how we operate this shitty little tabloid focusing on the chaotic world of sim racing, you know that the images above have been documented for dramatic effect. We’re obviously sitting on something big, and we’re slowly building up to the article’s eventual climax. It takes a particularly large set of balls to just come out one day and post a rumor about one company purchasing another company – and yes – there is literally a folder on my PC called “sensitive info” where screenshots of news leaks are placed. No, this rumor was not made up on the spot to generate site traffic. I have something tangible to back it up.

I’m not going to lie and say it was an act of good faith, but I’m able to place myself in the shoes of Kunos staff members, and realize that it’s going to be pretty difficult to undo all of this denial if the business deal with Turn 10 is eventually completed. To many, Kunos are considered to be the nice guys of the sim racing world – especially after the mess that was Project CARS, and the ridiculous stuff iRacing routinely tries to pull. It would be a PR nightmare if they had spent all this time sitting on message boards openly referring to us at as mentally ill, only for us to be proven correct.

So I fired our boy Stefano an Email this morning, and basically told him he still hasn’t figured out who our informant is. I offered to supply him with the info I was sitting on in exchange for us sitting down together to try and navigate through the PR end of the deal successfully. Again, as you can see in the captures above, Kunos essentially came out and said “PRC are mentally ill nut jobs who should get a life.” If anything we’ve posted ends up being true, it makes Kunos look extremely fucking retarded in the long haul. Not to mention, I actually support the merger between Turn 10 and Assetto Corsa, so I wouldn’t mind contributing in little ways here and there.

The alternative, of course, is we go live with our info on PRC. That’s probably the worst option in this situation. If we present anything at all to our readers, things get very interesting in a hurry.

seek professional help.jpg

The response I received was “seek professional help, you are sick in the head.” If your reading comprehension is a bit lacking – it’s Monday after all – this means Stefano picked the first option listed in the Email above. What we’ve got is going up on


We know him as Vinay, but the Assetto Corsa community is familiar with his online alias Brownninja97. An extremely talented independent modder, Vinay was eventually picked up by Virtua Simulazioni to work on the physics side of things once gurus David Dominguez and Edward Mallorqui left the operation. We received our first Reader Submission from Vinay back in October of 2015 according to the email logs above, but we’ve been slowly conversing with him throughout the past eight months or so. He’s a great guy, and a special thanks goes out to him for helping proofread Black Flag: A Crash Course in Sim Racing, which we put up for sale earlier this month.

Thanks to his position with Virtua Simulazioni, a third party modding team for Assetto Corsa occasionally tasked with building portions of each premium DLC pack to cut down the work load Kunos is routinely faced with, Vinay was invited into the closed community beta. To prove he was a part of the beta, and the info he had been supplying us with was genuine, he passed along the screenshot of the internal forums we’ve crudely pasted to our banner.


Now obviously with this post, we’re throwing our boy under the bus and basically screwing ourselves out of any future information. This has nothing to do with Vinay himself, as he’s been a stand-up, respectful guy throughout the entire process. We are instead leaking these pictures due to the words of Kunos Simulazioni staff members, who have repeatedly claimed we’re “mentally ill” and “fabricating stories” as you can see above. Look, I know Kunos is pissed that is operating on a level they never imagined, but a simple “we do not comment on rumors or speculation from unverified sources” would have sufficed. I mean, if they want to become the next Ian Bell, I can’t exactly stop them, but keep in mind there are people who don’t even play racing games that know Mr. Bell is kind of an asshole. Why you’d want to acquire this reputation for your own company is beyond me.

So anyways, our boy supplies us with the following info on what I believe to be a Wednesday night:

“Hornbuckle told me Turn 10 is looking to purchase Kunos.”

A predictable shitstorm ensues when we run the story, and the following discussion takes place on Steam between myself and Vinay about a day or two after the article went live.

BN97 Chat Log.jpg

Vinay starts by claiming “the gestapo want heads to roll,” obviously indicating there is a much bigger problem than Kunos wants to admit to the sim racing media outlets attentively covering the story. I ask the guy if Kunos figured out it was him who leaked the info, and he responds with:

“I lucked the fuck out that Hornbuckle told some other guys.”

As I note in the chat log, this isn’t abnormal. Much like our own Teamspeak channel, the Assetto Corsa closed beta group operates as a Skype clique, with those who are able to spend long hours on the voice communication service uninterrupted eventually making genuine friendships with one another, and becoming privy to insider info. Are non-disclosure agreements involved? Of course, but it becomes hard to police these given the rather unfamiliar territory with this kind of program. And given our own prior experiences with Hornbuckle, he liberally leaks sensitive info to other users in an effort to feel like an important member of the Assetto Corsa community.

Fancy 2.jpg

Elaborating further, Vinay states that Kunos knew information about the Turn 10 acquisition would end up on sooner rather than later, and used it as an opportunity to pinpoint who the secret informant for us was – a tactic Vinay describes as a honey pot. The public response from Kunos to the situation would be to label us as mentally ill nut jobs – which isn’t exactly difficult given our overall reputation within the community. However, it’s a bit of an admittedly stupid idea – you’ve spent how long calling us mentally ill now? What happens if we end up being right?

Fancy 1.jpg

However, there were a few key aspects which made the entire plan go horribly awry, and this isn’t really the fault of Kunos, as they’re game developers first and foremost. Hornbuckle ended up telling too many people about the Turn 10 deal behind the scenes, making it impossible for Kunos to track down the exact source of the leak in the first place. Second, Kunos isn’t aware that I’m lazy as fuck and don’t delete my emails, meaning I can actually dig through my archives and prove we’ve been conversing with this guy on amicable terms, to the point where he’s comfortable supplying sensitive info to us.

And third, as you can see in the final part of the saved Steam Chat window, we put on a bit of a show for the other forum personalities – allowing our boy to become fast friends with known info-leaker Hornbuckle via their “mutual” dislike for PRC. Kunos, and eventually Hornbuckle, never once clued in to the fact that the guy shit-talking us at every opportunity was actually our informant. Oops.


Forza Corsa. It’s got a nice ring to it, and the marketing department has the option of pitching it as a slightly different, more hardcore version of Forza Motorsport. The inevitable Kunos Simulazioni goodbye press release will read something like “we are moving on to greener pastures for the overall benefit of our loyal fans, who have supported us from our humble beginnings on Steam’s Early Access platform in late 2013.”  Reviewers will surely swoon at a magnificent title that is one-part Forza, complete with the lengthy career mode and deep customization features, and another part unforgiving racing simulator intended to punish those who do not put in the effort to remain competitive, week after week.

A long, long time ago, sim racers could only dream of the day a deep and rewarding journey like Forza would be combined with the technical rigidity of a hardcore racing simulator. An endless stream of topics dedicated to your ideal racing game would see hundreds of posts, most of which merely asked for the best of both worlds to be slammed together on one disc. It now appears that despite an extremely bumpy road, the Golden Age of Sim Racing many speak of is on the horizon.

Group Shot N30.jpg


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  1. not sure how this proves the rumor tbqh. he never says “I know for sure it’s happening” and even then all it says is that he believes it.

    if you’ve underestimated their intelligence, they could have sold a few people the dummy, have it passed to you, then watched you show your informant (what they want) and all for nothing.

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  2. I can already feel the AC spastic brigade rushing here -again- demanding motec data and video proof of this leak.

    Post the rest of the stuff you’ve got, if any. A single screenshot of a chat is not enough, we want more.


    1. So I guess insisting that a simulation is not a simulation works better? You know simulation doesn’t advance if you just talk with words, instead of making sim vs real life analysis, and most importantly with data. You know I could say that every sim on the market is wrong, but who does that help? It doesn’t help the devs for sure, since you’re just telling them to fish for things since you aren’t capable of comparing technically real life vs the sim in question.

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  3. I’m reading and I’m laughing… Sorry, that article reads like a bad spy novel or a crappy conspiracy essay 😀

    And if we ever did get Forza Corsa, it will have the physics of Forza and the career of Assetto, you can bet everything on it…

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      1. So you’re saying that a company facing a third delay for their game – a title which has already brought up several concerns regarding quality in the PC version – instead sat down and decided to plan out an elaborate fictional story for one of their shills to spread, just to fuck with a website that drew attention to shortcomings in the physics engine?

        Damn, that’s a terrible allocation of resources.

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        1. I don’t know why you think anyone involved in this chain of events is telling the truth about it coming straight from Kunos


          1. So you’re saying that a company facing a third delay for their game – a title which has already brought up several concerns regarding quality in the PC version – instead sat down and decided to plan out an elaborate fictional story for one of their shills to spread, just to fuck with a website that drew attention to shortcomings in the physics engine?

            Damn, that’s a terrible allocation of resources.


            1. Okay, let’s go over all the steps they had to take in order to spread this rumour
              1) tell Hornbuckle “Turn 10 is looking to buy Kunos”
              2) that’s it, there is no step 2
              Total time expenditure ~15 seconds

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              1. No this is a really elaborate and irresponsible waste of resources by Kunos concocted to mess with the autists of PRC. They’re the victims here.


  4. Virtua never made cars for AC’s DLC. Sometimes Kunos contracts 3d modelers to make certain cars 3d models, for example people from the URD team. For example the Corvette 3d models; you can see this in the game credits when you close.


  5. Was not enough to have drama about actors, singers, celebrities, we had to bring that drama to sim racing. Next we’re gonna get busy to see who’s married with whom.

    Honestly, is like some people in this community never grew up. Unfortunately is them who have the bigger voice and exposure, fortunately they aren’t that many, but count as such :/

    It came to a point where is more enjoyable to write about games one doesn’t like, than to play games one likes. And that applies to both writers and commentators.

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        1. That said, this whole subject of Turn10 is still far from being confirmed. If it happens – we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, If not – then yes, we now have another Ian Bell in the industry.


    1. Horncuck is a beta tester and blabed exactly what stefano told him in private. He has done it in the past. If he was going to fabricate something to find out who the mole was there would be ten different stories for each person. Except the problem is he told the same story to ten people. How is it plausible Cuckfano is more concerned with James than he is making a functional racing simulator

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      1. Chris brought this up in Teamspeak.

        If you’re Kunos and you want to out who the informant is, spread a different rumor to each person.

        Person A = Story A
        Person B = Story B
        Person C = Story C
        Person D = Story D

        Story C appears on PRC? Person C. Simple.

        But people are trying to imply this is approach taken by Kunos:

        Person A = Story A
        Person B = Story A
        Person C = Story A
        Person D = Story A

        Why would any business ever do this? Now you’re literally back at square one where everyone knows there’s an informant, but nobody knows who it is, and you’ve got the added bonus of an unnecessary rumor floating around on PRC that you started intentionally when you should have been working on your fucking game that’s been delayed twice. Good job, gold star for you! Get ready to tell all your fans that you delayed your product because some asshole with a blog hurt your feelings and you had to stop everything to get back at him.

        And that’s IF this info was complete bullshit.


        1. Maybe Person B got “Polyphony’s buying Kunos” and you didn’t hear about it cause they’re not the snitch.


          1. Or maybe the Kunos boys told Horncuck something sensitive and he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, just like the previous eight times, and now they have to roll with it.


        2. You guys need to read Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. Please read it, don’t see the recent shit movie they made (not sure if any of the older movies are good.)


  6. Hornbuckle is over on VR calling me out for “spreading stupidity” when it now appears that it was his big mouth that started it all in the first place? That is priceless.

    I only mentioned it at VR because it was a good topic. Personally, I would LOVE a merger of AC and FM. I have no idea why anyone would be against such an idea. But, alas, it probably makes too much sense.

    By the way, I prefer the name Assetto Forza over Forza Corsa.


  7. Oh boy, does James love Forza. But you don’t have to mess with other games or companies just because you wanna play Forza on pc.

    But this sounds quite contradictory. So James is all up for Kunos to work on the driving aspect of Forza games, yet they make several articles saying AC has no simulation value. It would have made more sense for you to say that Turn10 is buying [insert your approved sim racing game].

    In a nutshell, PRC, James, Sev.

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  8. This along with the article on Hex and Associat0r, and the PCars articles from last year might be one of the greatest PRC articles ever.


  9. Whats the story with these “beta” testers. They have some seriously high levels of narcissism. They fucking test video games, yet they think they are some high level marketing managers.

    This Horncuckle and Associator have some seriously high levels of autism.


    1. Beta testing seems to be reserved for supreme ass kissers and or insane shills. Them and the golly gee everything is great 50-60 year old men with defunct penises looking for a an outlet still seem relevant. They can provide the cock sucking the egotistical devs want.


      1. I cant just imagine that they’re a bunch of lonely and horny old men that since their wives have left them have resorted to cruising gay hookup sites, begging to blow young boys.

        It’s embarrassing, Chris. I see these shills go from site to site and spew rubbish and add nothing to the conversation. The other day I encountered Associat0r on an rFactor Steam Discussion stating how rFactor 2’s modular design allows for better modding support or some rubbish along those lines, the OP only asked why rFactor does not Steam Workshop support.

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  10. I played about 1000 hours of AC and Forza (20%) and this titles have nothing in common other than cars. AC is the very best simulator on the market and Forza a nice racing games for consoles and gamepads. Forza never wanted any kind of real racing, real physics and steering wheel support that doesn’t sucks. It’s a title that can lure and convert casual into Sim-Racers, but that’s all. Better stop writing so much obvious Bullshit and maybe get another hobby.


      1. There are plenty of people who track in RL who claim that AC physics are more convincing than Forza (the obvious basics are off). The difference is huge hence telemetry is not worth wasting time. Comparing rF2/AC/iRacing/RL puts them into a closer league, therefore telemetry is neccessary for comparison.


        1. Can say EXACTLY the same about rf2>Ac baw bags, and considering the mass professional use of isi motor, would suggest a far higher quality in physics than say AC,but you wont have that logic will you, your utter die hard pathetic teen fanboys are obsessed,play the white man.


  11. Congratulations on ruining your chances at future confidential information all so you can say “I told you so” a few months early. Really smart long-term strategy there.


    1. We’ve tried the approach of obfuscating names, and it hasn’t been successful.

      In the article breaking down iRacing’s various power-tripping stewards, we gave a certain Texas late model driver the pseudonym of “Fred Jones.” As a result, people called us liars and accused us of faking the entire thing on Facebook.

      In one of the articles discussing the iRacing surface model woes, we gave an iRacing Peak Anti-Freeze Series driver, as well as his crew chief, the pseudonyms of “Ahmed” and “Mattress Girl”. As a result, people called us liars and accused us of faking the entire thing on Facebook.

      So for this article, it was time for a different approach. Are we going to do this from now on? Of course not. But it was worth a shot.


      1. Was it? Now everyone knows you’re a narc. What was wrong with the third option of just, ya know, waiting a few months? For someone trying really hard not to seem like you’ve got issues you aren’t doing a very good job of it.

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          1. This. I was completely fine with waiting.

            But when devs, other news sites, and beta testers run around as a cohesive unit to try and say we’re a bunch of nutters making up stories, I’m not left with much of a choice.

            Especially when the beta testers trying to discredit us in public were the ones leaking the info in the first place. Then it’s just funny.


  12. On one hand I can see this as just a way for Kunos to find the leaks in it’s inner circle of beta testers… If so it shows the issues within their community that they felt they needed to go this far… Too many yes men leads to poor decisions and paths taken…

    On the other I’m over the moon as Kunos have left AC in a state where it’s closer to being removed from my hard drive as I’m not a huge hotlap simulator fan outside of Rallying… Whilst the last Forza I touched really made rF1 feel like gold (not visually of course)… So a merger could well mean the new addition these 2 companies bring to the sim racing world has the functionality and single player modes of Forza mixed with AC physics, and if the dream was to come true, they’d be AC 2014 physics with damage improvements…

    A pipe dream for a golden age of sim racing or just another sign the fractured community isn’t read for a golden age…?? Hard to tell… Ah the joys of politics and marketing..


    1. I just a have a stripped down, clean copy of AC installed for when the time comes to fire it up. On the odd occasion I would even fire up Race 07 before the thought of AC even entered my mind.


      1. AMS, rF2, rF1 and Dirt Rally fill my time quite handsomely…

        The block FFB gave me fits last time I tried AC…

        It’s just bloatware to me atm, waiting for the update I dreamt of in 2014 when I was happy with the FFB and tyres… The update that will never come as features from the 90s are continuously ignored in favour of yet another tyre or FFB change…


        1. Activate gyro-ffb in the files. Try it out, see how you prefer this way. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg assetto_corsa.ini file.


            1. I can’t really explain it because for me FFB is still great, but it enabling Gyro does things a bit differently to stock FFB. So experiment with it, not just on one car/track, and maybe put the Fast surface preset, which has a bit lower grip than Optimum.


    2. “A pipe dream for a golden age of sim racing or just another sign the fractured community isn’t read for a golden age…?? Hard to tell… Ah the joys of politics and marketing..”

      James on PRC.
      Pumba on SimHQ Motorsport.

      What a duo.

      You may be on the verge of uninstalling AC, others don’t even have installed/play the others so good and complete sims. Everyone with what they want and like.

      In my opinion, update by update and dlc by dlc I’m enjoying Assetto Corsa. Now with SRS competition I have incentive to race online more frequently. At this point in time I’m not playing much any game, but AC and CS:GO, still remain my top games to enjoy and also pass my time with. Rocket League here and there.

      Do you honestly think that for example, ams or rf2, which have more racing options and customization and more competitive AI, you don’t have people who have had it enough? There is so much solo driving, AI or MP racing that you will do. It doesn’t matter how much complete a sim racing game is in the long run, that argument is only used to boost egos and make fans of one game think they are better than fans of the other game.
      Attention, what I’m saying here don’t interpret it as I don’t want more progress for AC, in terms of AI and MP public/league racing. But a racing game is a racing game, and it will get so much attention, these games aren’t usually first choice, but that’s been improving. Although sim racing is more interesting due to the car/track simulation depth, which in itself is a game experience inside a game.

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      1. And when did you cut your check from Kunos?

        That read like a poorly recalled script for an advert that only airs at 2am right before a singles advert…

        Each to their own and all that jazz is nice…

        However when someone markets something as Beluga caviar and then provides a chicken egg, that’s immoral and false advertising which will lead to a lot of pissed off customers complaining about the product…

        Sure some people love Chicken eggs and are crazy enough to not mind the extra costs, however a lot of people will not be happy when they do not get what they paid for…

        If I wanted a hotlap simulation, which is all AC is focussed on considering the half arsed attempts at AI and MP, I could of stuck with anything, even R3E would of sufficed…


        1. AC is only hotlap simulation? Well, me and others race against AI and Online against people. If it’d be just hotlap simulator you’d see all servers deserted, but AC is one of the most online frequented simulators. You accuse me of being a shill, yet when you talk you exaggerate a lot for your own benefit. Which means you don’t see the true things, only what serves you.


          1. What serves me?

            What do I get out of this?

            A game I’m not happy to have parted money with because it failed to deliver on it’s marketing promises… On top of that I even recommended this flop to friends looking for a racing sim…

            If it served me Kunos would go back to the FFB and tyre feel they had in 2014 and add the features that have been in racing simulations since the 90s instead of the seemingly endless and unnecessary tyre edits…

            So by your own meaning, the only person serving themselves here isn’t me… But it serves you and your cognitive dissonance to point the finger at me… After all I’m agreeing with the product (the article) here 😉

            I will correct you on something though… Even though for over a year now I’ve called AC a hotlap simulator only, due to it lacking key features and the state of the net code makes it not a worthy online option… Even with SRS, that doesn’t make up for the random lag and unpredictable car trajectories…

            However in this instance I said “a hotlap simulation, which is all AC is focussed on” which doesn’t depend on those on servers, it depends on the dev team and what they have focussed their time and effort on, and as they have left the state of the AI and MP in a poor state with minor updates here and there, yet tonnes of DLC and tyre tweaks, whilst stating that MP isn’t of importance even though it got pitstops well before the single player mode did.. Which makes both AI and MP feel like afterthoughts to the hotlap simulation goal..


                1. Here

                  But either way, safety cars were only introduced in 1993. I think car racing didn’t exist before 1993, because it was impossible to race without a safety car.


              1. That’s a car simulator…

                To simulate racing you have to watch out for temperatures of various parts of the car, get the revs right to not stall the car on the line, and modulate the throttle coming out of a corner…

                Those are big parts of the racing simulation genre…

                I’m not one for pretending I’m a rockstar driving a Ferrari, I want to simulate racing…

                It’s not a racing simulator and should not be marketed as such until key simulation elements are included…

                A car simulator is all it is..


            1. You see, everything AC does you dismiss it.

              You can race in AC – “no, I can only hotlap”.

              AC is one the most popular online sim racing games – “no, is shit, no one races”.

              In AC there’s a good balance between road and race cars – “no, there’s only road cars”.

              Well, go back to your 90s sims then. Note to James and Pumbaa, since those other games are so great, so complete, so simulation, you should from now on only dedicate your blog to the REAL racing sims, for the REAL simracers.


              1. lol this ain’t my blog, I’m just a sim racer who doesn’t fall for viral marketing..

                Forza proves there’s more people out there who want to drive street variants of expensive cars and not bother to simulate racing intricacies, I want more but it seems a large portion of the population really really really really wants to do just that, so I guess, kudos to Turn 10 for finding the formula that makes them loads of money. So Kunos followed that trend once they realised the sim racing community was too small for their profiteering goals, so focussed on the average Joe…

                The average Joe doesn’t want to be any good at any form of driving – real or virtual – he just wants to feel like a rockstar.

                But at least Turn 10 didn’t take Kunos’ path of giving the community a great physics set by 2014, then dumbing that down into a Forza esque physics set by 2016. All whilst marketing it as “Your Racing Simulator”… So no free pass of “that’s just the way the game was always going to be” that Turn 10 gets… It’s another pCARS scenario…

                Here’s a note to those wasting your time being part of the viral marketing crowd…

                How much more of your time are you going to waste trying to get people to stop saying what they think?

                Because as long as people breathe and have the option to think, they will disagree with you, especially when they aren’t paid to… 😉


  13. “We know him as Vinay, but the Assetto Corsa community is familiar with his online alias Brownninja97. An extremely talented independent modder…”

    Are you fucking kidding me? Brownninja97 is a dumbass kid who doesn’t know the first thing about driving techniques or automotive history. He is a larger cancer on the AC forums than Hornbuckle, which you would know had you been subjected to any of his 4636 inane, ignorant, and painfully unfunny comments. The guy is less talented and knowledgeable than Hash for fuck’s sake:

    One day he decided to pretend to be a modder. At this point, with only two shitty unfinished mods to his name he is approaching Petros Mak levels of announced mods and delusion. In the space of about two months he took over the physics for at least six mods, all of which I have since forgotten because any mod that could only attract this guy isn’t worth keeping track of.

    James talked with an autistic Indian kid a few times and now he’s trying to pass it off as some kind of undercover Snowden leak journalistic work. “Everything Hornbuckle says is true guys! And since I can picture it in my mind why WOULDN’T Turn 10 purchase Kunos? Game + Game = Supergame!”

    Why would a developer of 400 employees buy out a small niche Italian boutique firm? Just so they could replace their legacy tire model with something new? Stefano Casillo and David Kaemmer are not the only tire model programmers that exist. If Turn 10 wanted to improve their physics to please PC elitists, which they most assuredly do not, they would look at individual employees from the motorsport sector instead of the very expensive task of buying out an entire, healthy, popular, profit-making competitor.

    You seem more intent than ever to embarrass yourself and I don’t know why. I suppose the show must go on.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My sides have ascended to the heavens. Horncuck confided in a poo in the loo over his shitty forza rip mod. This bond was so strong that he told him what he had told another 10 people and outed cuckfanos turn 10 alliance?

      All so he could do what? Try and get the mod early like he does when he sucks off PapaMcCuck?


    2. Stefano started Kunos because Milestone didn’t offer him a job. He’s always wanted to work for a company – the Turn 10 deal provides exactly that.


              1. Interesting, though I don’t see how that’s “He’s always wanted to work for a company”

                Starting netKar out of frustration though?, that does sound like an Italian ‘thing’ (see Lamborghini)


                1. ” I got pissed when Milestone did not offer me a job after an inteview”

                  that seems like he really wanted to work there, maybe not always


    3. I highly doubt Kunos has made any profits from selling AC 😀 At this point they’re spending Ferrari’s sponsor money.


  14. Not even kidding, about a week before the Bonus Pack hit Hornbuckle was livestreaming himself lapping Zandvoort in the GT86 for our whole Teamspeak. He also spammed pics of the Nordschleife before its release, amongst talking near-constantly about Stefano, Stefano’s thought processes and opinions, and what he had talked to Stefano on Skype about that day. Saying he leaked is like saying the Titanic leaked.

    I’m assuming that straight after he signed, scanned, and emailed his NDA, he cleansed his posterior with the paper version.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. So James took advantage of some retarded kid and now that the story turned out be false used him as a scapegoat. This a whole new level of pathetic.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. can someone sum this up or dumb this down for me? i’m reading the chronology like this:

    1-kunos tells beta testers theyre negotiating w/ turn10 (or w/e)
    2-at least two of the testers leak this data, one directly to PRC
    3-PRC publishes the leaked info, kunos denies it
    4-?????? you throw this guy under the bus in an effort to protect PRCs integrity after it turns out the theres nothing to the rumor?? is that whats just happened? and supposing kunos did manufacture this information to find out who the ‘rat’ is….isnt that all thats really been accomplished here??

    Liked by 1 person

  17. WOW what a revelation really, if only you would put so much effort in creating a tyre physics model on your own we would already have the greatest SIM of all time. Also its quite funny is what you consider to be undeniable proof can´t see none of that here. But you got your clicks for sure…why not sue Stefano or AC for whatever reason, that will get you far more clicks and a bigger drama situation to report about.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. This has become a circus, a fool tries to prove that AC is not a good simulator (never provides evidence).
    This fool says the game is incomplete by having minor bugs (All simulators have them)
    This silly invents a story and is in ridiculous when everything is denied.
    This silly to make people believe that what he says is the truth and game developers lie.

    Every day funnier this James, the logical not allow you to write to the AC forum, talk about everything and does not understand anything, he is a liar and never provides evidence.
    Never a Fanboy has been so portrayed.


  19. Let’s say this isn’t real. It actually proves something James said right from months ago.

    He said “Kunos have shills that are instructed to defend and praise the game and attack anyone who disagrees.” Remember that?

    Well if he is wrong here, we have proof Kunos are telling their testers to make up stories to make a blog that gave AC bad reviews look untrustworthy. Then, the news sites all say “look at the deranged lunatic!” And the shills point and laugh too, because nobody knows they are shills they blend in.

    Then Kunos go and say PRC is mentally ill, for that extra insurance. No, they are not mentally ill. You made a plan to discredit them! I will take James being wrong twice a month over the makers of my favorite game manipulating the community into thinking Im crazy!


    1. If only you knew of Rupert Murdoch you’d know what journalism is…

      This story could be complete nonsense and it would still have journalistic value, as Rupert has set that standard for a long time…

      It’s a pity the standards set in the 90s by racing sims has been completely forgotten by Kunos and their fans…


      1. Please leave and play the 90s racing sims. Why are you somewhere where you don’t like? Stop being unhappy and leave us for the 90s sims. I trust you’ll be happier there.


        1. Nah I’ll just stick around and race the new age sims that have those features that were available in 1990..

          Plus, I wouldn’t get to laugh at these childish responses when I’ve got time to kill 😉


          1. Oh ok, so you do all this stuff about AC to enjoy yourself and feel superior because you don’t agree with others preferences? So because you enjoy certain things in sim racing, it makes those that don’t enjoy the same things as you, inferior. I get it now.


            1. lol oh no, someone loves something and thinks that no one should talk bad about it… Woe is me… Woe is me…

              Clutching at straws to make yourself feel better…

              But then again I don’t think you think AC is as good as you are trying to put across, otherwise you’d be too busy to find time to comment… Why waste the time to comment on a rumour thread to a disgruntled customer?

              Are you secretly a disgruntled customer to? You have the time to come to PRC, you must be..


              1. The problem is that some of you think that there’s only one way for a sim racing game to be, only one way on how it looks and how it drives, only one set of features that we agree on. I didn’t realize that there is a Standard Book for how to make a sim racing game and what to put in it. I didn’t realize all sims must be like rfactor n or like any of the 90s sim.
                Flash news, not all products are for everyone. You already have sims that do the things you want, but apparently you want all the sims to do the things you want. So when they don’t, you write many articles and comments about them.


    2. I think the mentally autistic Stefano brain has finally taken over Marco Massarutto’s brain, now he is also infected with the “retard” mentality, I believe Kunos should seek some help.


  20. I just realized that this is the Same manipulation that he did with associator.

    He showed trust in private chat and then public naming and shaming.



  21. This I call propper guerilla marketing. Brought in talk with one of the big two console players in the genre and on top of that with the claim to be a better drive. 😀

    I guess Kunos played everbody here.

    Whatever, I have no clue but it is getting to the point where I am not sure if funny or just….lol.


  22. Oh!
    An Americunt website who shits on Assetto Corsa cos it’s not American (italian).
    Afraid of losing money, huh?
    You Americunts can’t even do anything good anymore these days.
    So all you can is do your viral marketer shit (while criticizing it too though, which means you’re mental)…
    You’re like the neonazis who call themselves moderators on the racedepartment website.
    They ban everybody who tries to defend AC.


  23. Whatever you want guys, but here at PRC when they talk about 90s sims they are absolutly right…you can call them all mentals or whatever you want but the fact is AC is unfinished and its going to be unfinished for 3, 4 or more years? this in case it dont finish like netkar pro…forgotten…

    But hey, not all is black, i have paid for AC, DLC1 and DLC2 not the third and offcourse not this last bullshit DLC (505 Style payday 2), want to know what is the nice part here? im enjoying AC nordschleife in Rfactor 2 thanks offcourse to this guy who posted the track here at PRC, oh and SPA and Brands hatch too and do you all want to know why?

    Because AC has no damn simulation value today, No brakes heat, no engine heat, no rain, no night, no engine stalls, not gearboxes simulated, no lights, not good enough netcode, no false starts, listen, do you know what is going to happen to AC, i know, is going to be ported by fans into another plattform track per track car per car, until we can enjoy our 30 euros toy like you said, this has been happen since 90’s because people are not idiot like you guys think…

    And another think you all not probably know, Rfactor 2 has been cracked in MP (probably ISIS want to take hes old busines model again, servers full of people again, not a desert anymore), like Rfactor 1, and this is going to start flying sooo fast if im right. Btw Reiza is making a very nice sim, i joinded today in the PRC server but cant even do a lap before i has to leave, tomorrow i will test whit you guys if the server is still up.

    Keep up the good work. Let them call you whatever they want in forums, the truth is the truth…


  24. I have never read and heard so much bollocks in my life in sim racing. A very profitable company selling the AC license to a company that cannot produce a sim for toffee’s and you believed this, oh please…..get some real news in the sim world, and maybe report on something that is knowledgeable to everybody

    Jesus you are sounding like a bunch of PM’s in the Houses of Parliment


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