How Many Times Can You Call Someone Mentally Ill?


It’s time to address the other side of the situation. In regards to the information we’ve published indicating a merger between Turn 10 Studios and Kunos Simulazioni is on the horizon, it’s becoming increasingly apparent we’ve been intentionally fed false information. In the spirit of the game, I must congratulate the masterminds behind the endeavor on a job well done. We truly got played, and from a spectator standpoint, it must have been an awesome read on the shitter. I’m genuinely surprised more people haven’t tried this, and those who look to follow the trend set in the coming weeks will make our next batch of reader submissions very interesting.

Now some are probably wondering why the publish button was clicked on not one, but two separate articles, and there’s a relatively simple explanation for this – one offered by our boy Ethan in the comments section of our previous article.


Mike Hornbuckle was notorious for leaking information about Assetto Corsa to anybody who would lend an ear. For the longest time, he was our guy. We got to see the Ring early. We got to see the Bonus Pack early. We learned when Stefano found the ban button on the forums. We knew about the Ferrari licensing contract asking for certain performance margins because of him. We were told about corners being cut on the historic street cars’ braking behavior, as Kunos believed replicating the exact performance would frustrate inexperienced drivers. We were given confirmation about the console announcement through him – though we were told to hold off until we saw something in public, like a tweet where a Kunos staff member indicated he was flying to Los Angeles for E3. And of course, we learned about what was being left out of Assetto Corsa – and why. We weren’t always happy with the explanation. 

So a guy from Virtua Simulazioni tipping us off that Hornbuckle told him about a deal with Turn 10? Of course that’s going up on the site. Now that Hornbuckle was no longer speaking to us – as we refused to push the gospel of Assetto Corsa – it was only natural he’d end up finding someone else to speak to. As for why he no longer came around our neck of the woods? The guy threw a genuine tantrum because none of us were interested in Assetto Corsa, and began impulsively buying DLC packs for those of us that did not purchase them – a way to try and renew our interest in the title. Our boy Sal still has one sitting in his Steam inventory, intentionally failing to redeem it.

Previously, we had gone along with the guy’s Teamspeak tantrums, and an article on from over a year ago can provide some insight into this madness. We originally ran a post on Kunos releasing a patch for Assetto Corsa in early 2015 that bricked the game, and people were pretty choked. This dude promptly got on Teamspeak and went into overdrive defending Kunos, begging me to take the article down and issue a public apology. We complied, because at this point we believed we were still dealing with a long-time sim racing brother, and not a viral marketer. A year later, we now understand things are not always as they appear in this community.

rectify that.jpg

So yes, I’m straight up admitting that at one point, we were instructed to post only positive things about Assetto Corsa or else we’d be subjected to an array of interesting Teamspeak meltdowns. When we took a firm stance on how we felt about Assetto Corsa – a title that was failing to live up to the hype a year after release – he promptly told us all to fuck off. This is what the behavior of a viral marketer looks like. They’re not always paid for their efforts, and their tactics are left up to their own personal techniques, but they are a type of user hell-bent on pushing the good news of whatever product they’ve aligned themselves with.


In the meantime, our site continued to grow, meaning that any article portraying Assetto Corsa in a negative manner would be seen by a fairly substantial number of sim racers. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with the staff at Kunos Simulazioni, as well as their followers, and it’s completely understandable they’d want to stand up for themselves and their product by retaliating in some form. It’s their “baby” so to speak, and they take any criticism very personally – even before you factor in each developer’s unique personalities.

But there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it. In selecting the wrong way to approach the situation, Kunos has accidentally proved us to be correct about an entirely separate manner. By labeling us as mentally ill sim racers whenever the topic of comes up, allowing individuals closely aligned with the team to intentionally hurt the credibility of our site in admittedly creative ways, and then proceeding to laugh about the results in public with a suspicious group of people that include internal testers and editors of other websites, congratulations on confirming the presence of viral marketers in sim racing. Some people aren’t here to race.

AC-DP1_02.jpg is a unique place, in the fact that it’s three exceptionally talented sim racers – all with varying levels of real world racing experience – speaking our minds about our favorite PC gaming sub-genre. It would be pretty dope if this format continued into other forms of gaming, as a flight simulator blog ran entirely by commercial pilots, or a Madden NFL tips site maintained by active college football players could be really fucking cool. There are no hidden agendas to push a certain product on our readers, and there is no incentive to intentionally point out the flaws in a product we’re not fans of. If we like a game, we’ll tell you about it. If we’ve found a bug – or someone else has made a hilarious glitch compilation – we’ll throw up the link to the YouTube video. If a developer is being an asshole to his customers, we’ll take screenshots of the forum posts for you. If a driving model’s overall complexity has been reduced, we’re fast enough on the track to notice the subtle adjustments almost immediately. If we find an exploit setup, we’ll show you that it works across every car in the game. This is not the place to send us generic press releases, as the team behind the upcoming line of NASCAR titles found out.

acs 2015-10-23 16-33-13-96.jpg

With Assetto Corsa in particular, we couldn’t help booting up the game and discovering the artificial intelligence straight up drove straight into the barriers on certain tracks (pictured above). It wasn’t our fault that the online racing experience was not up to par with rival simulators. The lack of offline pit stops for the better part of 18 months was not us intentionally slandering Kunos Simulazioni – the game very well did not include an integral part of auto racing in the single player component. When modders cracked open several files for select DLC cars, we couldn’t help but spot the Audi R8 street car sharing the identical suspension geometry as the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 entry – something that clearly indicates the unprecedented realism advertised was anything but. And given how much time some of us had invested behind the virtual wheel of Assetto Corsa dating back to the Early Access period in 2013, yes, the cars have gotten significantly easier to drive – the equivalent of a veteran Counter Strike player discovering a subtle aim assist function that he can’t turn off in a new build.

acs 2015-11-01 14-06-34-70.jpg

Yes, these revelations can be slightly embarrassing after years of hard work, but most developers would be pretty stoked that a group of – let’s be honest hereamateur race car drivers have dedicated this much time to picking apart their product. If individuals are digging this far into your game where they’re taking the time to analyze tire behavior, suspension geometry, and grip levels, you’ve got an especially killer community at your fingertips – even if they’re sometimes making you look silly by presenting show-stopping bugs in all their glory.

Choosing to shove your fingers in your ears and label these individuals as mentally ill and encouraging them to seek help because they have found shortcomings in your product thanks to their years of experience with both virtual and real race cars, is nothing short of ridiculous. In many cases, your average person penning an article about this exact subject would immediately launch into a tirade explaining how mental illness is nothing to joke about. I’m not going to do that. Instead, I will simply ask why a video game developer is completely satisfied with labeling a portion of their customers as mentally ill? That’s all sorts of fucked up. Imagine if Gamespot gave the new Call of Duty release, Infinite Warfare, a poor review, and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said in an interview that “I’ve always known the guys at the Gamespot editorial team were a bit special” and that they should “seek help.” That shit wouldn’t fly, so why is this suddenly okay?

seek help.jpg

Mental illness is not the reason my car fell through the ground at Spa-Francorchamps when the Version 1.5 patch was released. Mental illness is not the reason the field of Lotus 49’s drove into the sand trap at Vallelunga while failing to execute the gentle first corner. Mental illness is not the reason throttle management on corner exit has become non-existent as the game’s next generation console release looms in the not-so-distant future. Mental illness is not the reason the game lacks any sort of braking performance fade, and mental illness is most certainly not the reason soft compound tires on a GT2 Bavarian Motor Works entry cool down over the course of a ten lap sprint race.These are all merely valid complaints about Assetto Corsa, complaints we’ve publicly drawn attention to, and have been documented by users other than ourselves, indicating there’s indeed a problem that needs fixing.

Imagine Rex Dickson, the main guy behind the Madden NFL franchise, came out after the release of Madden NFL 17 and implied those critical of the new American football simulator have some kind of long-standing personal vendetta against the company, before calling them idiots and losers for posting videos of obvious glitches within the game? That would be an especially quick way to land on the front page of Deadspin or Kotaku for being a Grade-A asshole to your fans. Why is this suddenly acceptable here?

no banter value.jpg

But before you dive too deep into the pair of questions we have posed, it’s time to get into the point of the article: the accidental admission of Viral Marketing.

Again, it’s becoming increasingly obvious we’ve been fed false information regarding a merger between Turn 10 and Kunos Simulazioni. Pulling the trigger on that story ended up being a bad decision, but it’s not like admitting we got played was something that was especially hard to do – just consult the first paragraph of this entry. However, the exact chain of events, and very public reaction on behalf of certain individuals, is enough to draw attention to a much larger problem: There’s a push to attack anyone who dares to speak negatively about their experiences with PC racing simulator Assetto Corsa. Our first major article on this ordeal was published all the way back in October of last year, and now, we’ve essentially confirmed the problem by being right in the center of it.

So let’s review things here:

Fancy 2.jpg

  • Two individuals confirmed to be internal testers for Kunos Simulazioni, willingly constructed a false news tip in an attempt to damage the credibility of a website that has published articles outlining bugs, glitches, and issues within Assetto Corsa.

VR Responds

  • Across various sim racing media publications, the individual responsible for the false tip himself, as well as the editor of another publication, can be seen celebrating the piece of news, blatantly rejoicing the hit to the other website’s credibility.

tbh these were actually funny.jpg

  • Kunos Simulazioni themselves are seen mocking the piece of news in various Facebook photos. While it’s obviously difficult to know if they had a hand in the whole process, they seem fairly entertained at the end result.

  • Kunos staff members can be seen referring to the website’s members as “special” despite knowing full well that their own internal testers were responsible for the intentional false news tip, considering we leaked their names and a partial version of the password to the internal beta version of the product on Steam.

That’s a fairly strange chain of events if I say so myself. Internal testers make up a fake rumor to hurt a site’s credibility, a site who has posted negative pieces about the product they’re helping out with. Individuals around the community – some who run adjacent websites – can be found celebrating the obvious hit to the site’s credibility once the rumor goes live, and a pair social media uploads can be found where the developers themselves find the whole thing hilarious. When the developers discuss the news among users on their official forums, they have no problem labeling the sites’ contributors as mentally ill, even after it became public that their own internal testers intentionally fed the site false information to fuck with them. That’s fucked up, and basically confirms there’s a push to attack anyone who doesn’t believe Assetto Corsa is the next great racing simulator.

This is apparently the price for metaphorically opening up the package of a brand new PC game, placing the DVD into your computer, and writing down what happened on the screen after clicking the executable. Honest reviews and assessments of a modern PC racing simulator are met with a coordinated push to discredit your opinions and label you as a mentally ill nut job that should be avoided at all costs.


Just as we discussed, eight months ago. Congratulations on proving us right.


134 thoughts on “How Many Times Can You Call Someone Mentally Ill?

  1. it sure seems like youre rushing to publish on this without giving much thought to the content…previous piece you outed BN97, potentially ostracizing him from the AC community & certainly jeopardizing his position as a beta tester, all while insisting he was a “good guy”, trustworthy, on your (+ truth’s) side. that didn’t make sense: if he was fed false info from kunos, you just gave him up to protect your own sense of cred…that’s rat shit. if the info was legit, it was silly & unnecessary to out him. and if he made it up himself (or w/ a compatriot) to make you look silly…well, yes, you got played, but you don’t seem at all sure that’s the case.

    i’m not any more enlightened after reading this than i was prior, except to know that my confusion was justified, bc it seems like youre as lost as to what happened as i was reading the prior articles about it.

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    1. Nobody really asked that kid to do it. He knew the “risks” of ratting out private informations. He will deal with the consequences, if he’s a man. Otherwise, he’ll just be a little pussy.


  2. Ironies of life, those who are/have been tagged as haters and/or to have a vendetta against AC, have helped more to improve the game than some beta testers, who seems they spend more time leaking info and playing mind games rather than helping testing the product. But the “yes men” are always nicer to have around, telling you what you want to hear.


  3. “How Many Times Can You Beat a Dead Horse WIth a Stick?”

    Also, Why Write Every Word In A Title Like a Swag McYolo RoFloL Moron….


  4. Doesn’t matter ayways, AC has no simulation value, and stefano is a milestone reject with daddy issues and a need for constant validation.


        1. Can you even define “simulation value?” Really, what parameters constitute it? Every article here seems to shift the definition in order to suit a particular argument


        2. And really, it literally started out as a spam comment by Associat0r or whomever, and for some reason people here began to take it seriously.


    1. Simulation value was added in the 1.6 patch!

      – Added new [ASSETTO_CORSA] SIMULATION_VALUE parameter. Increase the number to increase simulation value. Defaults to 0 for obvious reasons


  5. – “If a driving model’s overall complexity has been reduced, we’re fast enough on the track to notice the subtle adjustments almost immediately.”

    Again, you aren’t capable of showing us where the tyre model lost complexion. In fact, it gained more due to the load sensitivity improvements, to core and surface tyre temperatures where it matters to be in the optimum zone, otherwise your grip suffers. While the tyres are still good on their contact patch, exceeding the slide makes it hard or not possible to recover the car in good conditions.

    But of course is easier to insist things are less realistic hoping people to believe you due to the continuous statements, than to actually show your readers if the tyres are less realistic in the game than past versions.

    – “When modders cracked open several files for select DLC cars, we couldn’t help but spot the Audi R8 street car sharing the identical suspension geometry as the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 entry – something that clearly indicates the unprecedented realism advertised was anything but.”

    No shit. The Audi R8 shares the same platform as the Huracan. Of course they will have similar or even identical architecture. But again, you weren’t capable of telling your readers if the actual performance of the suspensions was the same on the Huracan GT3 and the street car Audi R8. That’s what really matters, how the suspensions performs, and not what’s the exact location of the suspension mounting. You can have 10 different cars and from different brands that share the same platform, but they actually have their components perform differently. But somehow none of that matters, what matters is to tell our readers some values of the suspension geometry are identical, without telling your readers the actual technical reason for being identical.

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    1. Ok, disclaimer, I haven’t put many hours into AC, but, I have enjoyed what I’ve played of it. Due to this, I can’t really talk about the comments you’ve made about the tyre model.

      However, it took me LITERALLY ten seconds of googling to find out that the Huracán GT3 as a unique suspension design Lamborghini made just for the Huracán GT3, yes it shares a lot with the new R8 LMS (Note; not the road car.), but the suspension geometry is not one of them. And that’s no to mention that it would be lunacy for a road car to have the same suspension geometry of a race car, but that’s a different argument.


        1. I’m too lazy to do any proper research right now, but with logic alone you can come to the conclusion that no suspension values should be the same for these two cars. Knowing that the Huracán is a RWD race car with a suspension setup Lamborghini made just for the GT3 car, and the R8 is a AWD road car with squishy dampers and springs, should be enough to conclude that something fishy is going on with those suspension files.

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          1. So you’re saying is impossible for certain mounting points of the suspension to be identical to another car that shares the same platform? Mounting points is different to suspension performance. Even the design of a suspension can be different while the mounting points to be the same.


            1. Go crack open those same files. They’re nothing alike. No idea what the fuck this lunatic is on about. Same goes for the gt3 audi and lambo. Nothing alike.

              This fucking asshole(or these, whatever) who run this blog are cuntfaces who does nothing but lie.


          2. WBCAR_STEER – Steering rod car side attach point
            WBTYRE_STEER – Steering rod tyre side attach point

            So the game has no simulation value because the coordinate z on wbcar_steer and the coordinates y and z on wbtyre_steer are the same between two cars that share the same platform?


                1. I don’t think a hurracan GT3 car, built from the ground up to race will have the same chassis/mounting points as a street car.

                  Want to see how important mounting points are? Even at the local short track level mounting points are so important that you cant even make a twitter post showing where/how they are set up.


                  1. Until you bring data that states the values in AC files need to be different, Kunos won’t know how to change the numbers if the data they received indicates it has to be how it is. Imagine this scenario: You tell them these values can’t be the same, how will they know what are the correct values if their data shows those specific values have to be that way? They can’t simply change some values because a person thinks they need to be different. Ok lets make them different, but based on what technical data? Because that’s how simulations work at the core of creation. You have it one way until you find or something appears that shows you it has to be different.


    2. And another thing: not only does the new tire model not built up any degree of heat in a ten-lap race, but also, if you spin the car and overheat (110+ deg. C.) the tire(s), it takes FOREVER to cool down. In a real race car, the tire temps will be back to nominal within a lap…or sooner. Ian Bell and his merry crew got this wrong, too, but at least they fixed it before the release.


      1. If the core temperature isn’t rising enough, then you need to keep the pace for a couple laps so that the core temps feed off the higher surface temps, as core goes up and down slower than surface.
        If you spin and overheat, it will depend on what you do next to allow the surface temps to lower sooner than the core temps can catch up. Remember than in real life, spinning on the road or spinning off road will possibly damage more your tyres than simply raising the temperatures.


  6. I don’t get what this constant charade of “My game is better than your game.” or “X so mentally retarded, they should get help.” is destined to achieve. Is it money? Fame? Reputation? I mean seriously, this shit isn’t funny anymore. I’d be genuinely interested if someone could honestly answer that question.

    To my eyes, it’s done nothing other than make the devs of these games look like arseholes, make the people that play them look like marketers, and the websites that write about them basically irrelevant. Great.

    Oh, and remind me again, what is all this “controversy” about? A bunch of unfinished racing games, that make no money, and continue to remain hilariously outside of “mainstream”… anything really, to the point where all this shilling is completely irrelevant, you know it, I know it.


    1. You will understand the day you stop seeing and treating people as haters, fanboys, shills, marketers, arseholes.

      “Oh, and remind me again, what is all this “controversy” about? A bunch of unfinished racing games, that make no money, and continue to remain hilariously outside of “mainstream”… anything really, to the point where all this shilling is completely irrelevant, you know it, I know it.”

      Is more your problem for seeing it as half empty glass. But be my guest, you want complete racing games? There are actually many of them, look at racing games made by codemasters, gran turismo, forza, and for sure there are others less known on consoles and pc, but still complete.

      Me? I take any day an “unfinished” sim racing game over the complete racing games. I guess you are in the wrong hobby or game genre if nothing is good for you in the land of sim racing.


      1. Forza 6: Apex shipped with no wheel support.

        F1 2015? Heh, good one.

        Gran Turismo is a Sony exclusive, where over half of the cars were regurgitated from the PS2 version.


        1. I didn’t know you were only allowed to buy and play the recent games. Everyone who isn’t satisfied with what there’s today, should take a break, and then should search the list of racing games from the past. Purchase some you’re interested in, play the shit out of it, be happy. Come back and realize you still prefer most of the things done today (this last sentence, in my opinion only, preferences will vary).

          I get it you’re main target is Assetto Corsa, but AC is the first of its series, with netkar pro and fva being a total different kind.
          So to break it down, AC doesn’t carry the AI code, the online code, the physics code, the game structure and features from its past iterations. But project cars does, raceroom does, rfactor 2 does. What Kunos thought right for AC maybe wasn’t right for a part of the community, but was right/reasonable for another part + new people that they brought to sim racing. In my opinion, in case they do a new game in this series, they will probably have a different/better game, more things in it, have a different perception of how to design the game and its features. But this is learned with experience, and AC was their first main experience.


      2. Different people, different opinions I guess.

        Now I will admit I’m a “glass half empty” kind of person, but c’mon, it’s kinda disheartening to see this genre remain so stagnant, and for it’s consumer base to basically applaud it. That fact that I can go and play… I dunno, Enthusia on the PS2 for example, and get roughly the same “sim experience” as today’s offerings, shouldn’t really be a good thing.


  7. “Instead, I will simply ask why a video game developer is completely satisfied with labeling a portion of their customers as mentally ill?”

    AFAIK, that “mentally ill” reference is only for the main writer of this blog, James Austin Ogonoski. Don’t take the “mentally ill” as something literal, take it as obsession with Assetto Corsa and Kunos.


  8. This situation is almost as bad as Jagex (RuneScape developer) banning their players permanently for doing nothing. Reddit is blowing up.


      1. What do you mean shills? Do you call people that have different perceptions and preferences than you, shills? If people who are fans of AC and recommend the game because like the work in it are called shills, then what are people who dislike the game and don’t recommend it, haters? See, lets not be so simpletons. Broaden your horizons and understand that someone recommending a game that you don’t agree with it can actually be a honest review in his experience. Calling him a shill does absolutely nothing, it only shows your limitation of thinking and analyzing.


          1. I haven’t yet seen any clear indication where he’s being a shill. All I’ve seen is a person who likes the game and recommends it to others, or that talks about upcoming updates and content. And all I’ve seen is people calling him and others as shill because they don’t share the same opinion on how they perceive the quality of the game.


            1. I take it you missed the screenshots where other users mentioned multiple Teamspeak meltdowns because they wouldn’t play Assetto Corsa with him.


              1. Is all circumstantial and things are said with bias depending on the agenda. I really don’t care about that, but I really care if PRC could explain what is Michael or other AC people doing that is so hurtful, so tragic, and so criminal?

                Isn’t your blog based on the idea that we will tell you everything and we never agree with the way sim racing is and how companies make and maintain the games? So until they do how we want, we will hunt them, we will accuse them of being shills, we will denigrate and exaggerate because is all about the message. We will tell people that all sims suck, that you shouldn’t buy anything besides a logitech wheel and an ikea desk, you shouldn’t buy dlcs, you shouldn’t show positive feelings about the game and the companies. We shouldn’t motivate devs, but instead bring them down, be obsessive, devs are never right, they are onto us. But hey guys, here’s this amazing ebook we want you to buy and support prc.

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  9. If only Kunos gave this much effort to fixing all of the issues in Assetto Corsa, instead of trying to ruin a blog site, and finding a mole within their beta testers. The statement “Assetto Corsa has no simulation value” seems to be the reality as Kunos rather defend their precious sim from any criticism than to work on their own game. Also, Hornfuckle is probably just as bad as Hex and Associat0r.


    1. How do you know what Kunos actually did in this whole story besides making some comments afterwards? How do you know they don’t spend most of their time working on AC and to be released tomorrow update with the dlc?

      Or you’re saying game developers aren’t allowed to take breaks from work? Do you work on your job 24/7 without interruptions?

      Be my guest and make a sim racing game. I want to review it. Then we will see what’s your opinion on all this.


      1. Looks like I struck a nerve. Kunos should be above shit like this, leaking out fake information to stir some drama, but yet they are proving themselves that they are just like Ian Bell and SMS. Stefano has already exposed himself from the beginning of this year as a immature manchild who can’t handle criticism on his holy sim. Shame that the rest of Kunos seem to behave in the same way.


        1. No, they are proving themselves to be passionate about their game. They believe in their work. They have a good amount of interaction with the community, be it on social media and forum. They launch several updates a year, they launch patches in between the updates, they take suggestions from the community and apply it in the game, be it on technical bugs, improvements for the simulation, or for game features. They price their dlc products well enough for everyone to afford them, based on the content inside.

          Why do you care only about drama? About exposing, about stuff like that. Why do you want game devs to be flawless human beings and top of the line role models? Do you want them only to talk from an assigned PR? Do you actually prefer to hear news and explanations for the game/simulation from a PR or from the actual devs that work on it?


            1. Yea so, it’s his thing. He’s a grown person and doesn’t have to give justifications about the words he uses.
              Why don’t you link a tweet where he’s being helpful or nice to people, or even tweets where he’s having some humor?

              A person is good, is bad, is humor, is hate, is helpfulness, friendliness, passionate. Is everything, whether one realize it or not.

              Take it or leave it. Play the game or don’t. Like them or don’t.

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              1. “Yea so, it’s his thing. He’s a grown person and doesn’t have to give justifications about the words he uses.”

                Ironically comes form a person who obsessively stalks PRC comments to try to convince ppl to shut the fuck up, or justify there words,the boy is obsessed.


  10. I think it’s funny and I have been laughing for the last hour that you got played by Horncuckle and it took you 4 days to even realize it.


  11. What was article about Turn10 buying Kunos shitting on? People didn’t rush in to defend AC, they rushed in because you are a fucking retard… You are mentally ill, just look at what you did. You cannot just post info like that, it’s irresponsible… You wouldn’t call your parents saying “I fell and broke my leg” if your leg isn’t broken do you? Just the fact that you linked the falling car through a track in Spa (a bug that was caused by track updates and was fixed 30 minutes after release) and kunos’ quality of physics shows that you fucking hate on AC for no reason… Do you seriously not understand the weight of the news you reported? Are you this fucking delusional?

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    1. Cry much obvious shill. Who cares about AC anyways, you want that picture of how many users are playing it on steam up again?


      1. I honestly don’t give a fuck about what you think about AC, but one thing is opinion, the other is misinformation. Saying that AC doesn’t require any thorttle control now is fucking retarded. All I have to say is that I didn’t use TC before 1.2 (or 1.3 in whichever they added core temps)… But I can let that one pass… They dumbed down physics for console version (not true at all)… Whatever floats your boat mate. But when you say one company is going to buy another company, that is just being a fucking dickhead. Writing an article just after an hour of patch release, to find all of the bugs and list them as unfixed flaws —> dickhead. Saying that SRS made something developers couldn’t (skin selection) when it was in the game the whole time for booking servers (system intended to be similar to iRacing) and then listing this MP system as flawed decision, that is being a fucking dickhead. SRS is a glorified booking system that has been in the game since the beginning, but the players didn’t want it. This dude is digging himself a deeper and deeper hole…


      2. It’s true that when we look at the the Steam statistics a lot of people seem to care about AC compared to the likes rF2 or AMS.


      3. P.S. 1200 people are playing AC right now and AC has the same 30 day average as pC, making it comfortably the most played steam sim 🙂


  12. So this AC shiller Horncuckle and his friend managed to trick retarded blog author to believe that Turn 10 is buying? Interesting, truly interesting.


    1. “Keep diggin that hole lol. Delusions of grandeur and a persecution complex.”

      Lol can you blame him, Id say 80 per cent of his traffic is teenage AC goons spamming his blog, let me say that again fuck head, A FUCKING BLOG, and all you little cunts gossip about it, speculate about it insult it, even on various different sites,adn even devs conspiring aginst him or in one case giving him complete press access, ONE GUYS BLOG.

      Its fucking hilarious then, when a retard such as your self turns around and start banging on about how unimportant he and his opinion is when its content and actual site is on every cunt monkeys lips, here you all are.


  13. “So a guy from Virtua Simulazioni tipping us off that Hornbuckle told him about a deal with Turn 10? Of course that’s going up on the site.”

    Hey so you admit that your criteria for pushing out your crap stories is listening to people talk shit and relate stories that they heard through the grape vine.

    Its always fascinating to see how oblivious to the idiocy of how this blog operates the authors are.

    Also, don’t joke about mental illness, particularly when trying to clean up the fall out from your own sloppy practices.

    So, now that you’ve shown that you’re incapable of properly sorting out truth from lies how do you propose to let anyone have confidence in anything this blog reports aside from the uninformed opinions its authors spew? I’m curious.


      1. Until you show Kunos data that some specific coordinates in a 3d map can’t be the same as another car that shares the chassis, then nothing will change. To what value should they change based on your assumption that it should be different? Should they make up a different value in the file if their received data doesn’t say otherwise?


  14. So here’s the way I see it. There’s no good guy here. In one corner, I see a kid with not a lot going on in his life and too much time on his hands creating sensationalist articles and drama for drama’s sake, and in the other, I see a mean-spirited developer who is a grown man, a studio head, and really should know better than to engage in this kind of behavior. Who exactly am I supposed to be supporting here?

    I started reading this website because I agree with its basic premise; the current crop of sim racing titles leave a lot to be desired, and there needed to be a counterpoint to the overwhelming fanboyism demonstrated on places like RaceDepartment. But now, it’s become clear to me that you, Austin, lack critical thinking skills (as evidenced by the fact that you fell for this nonsense) and are more concerned about generating drama than bringing about positive change and constructive dialogue. I don’t want to attack you for what I know about your mental health problems because I don’t think that’s fair. But you need to get a grip, dude. I think you could do a lot of good with this site but you’ve chosen not to, and that disappoints me.

    Stefano and Ian Bell, that’s another issue. These guys clearly do not respect their customers, and have very bad public relations skills. Their behavior is not becoming of heads of companies and it is no small wonder they get away with some of the nonsense they spout online. They are immature men with bad attitudes and a sense of entitlement, and I will not be supporting any future endeavors they undertake. I do believe both of these guys have some kind of mental health problems as well, and I hope they also do some soul searching and reconsider their attitudes and approach to interactions with their customers, or get whatever psychological help they might need.

    So I guess I could sum this all up by saying, I think you’re all idiots.


      1. Trying to create a dialogue by offering levelheaded, constructive criticism rather that shit like this. I think sim racing could use a site that does that. PRC isn’t it.


        1. Dialogue? Dude, the developers literally ban you from their foruns if you even say something is not working right in their games, where have you been all this time? Sim racing is in the gutter….


          1. So you call them out on it. But you do it with integrity and in an intelligent way. I can’t say “intelligent” and “integrity” are two words I associate with PRC given the year I’ve been reading it. I agree there are big problems with these games but there’s a better way to deal with it. And besides, no one is forcing you to play them or buy them. Show them you’re pissed with your wallet. That’s really all they care about at the end of the day…

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Stefano and Ian respect their customers just fine. They don’t respect cunts like Austin and that is the difference.


  15. Y’know what… I’m sick of reading 7000 word+ essays on PRCs whingeing…

    I used to enjoy it as a legit crack at developers to do the right thing… But I have no time for ‘He said, she said’ bullshit like this.

    I’m sorry PRC, I’m out. You’ve finally lost a reader and it has nothing to do with the dev game play. It’s just the general attitude of this place gets worse and worse with each post. It’s not even news worthy and honestly, if you want pure simulation… Go do it for real. No excuses. Don’t whinge about it like a bitch, I have young kids and u get enough whingeing from them than to come here and read your shit.

    Stick to the facts, highlight bugs or problems with the games. But man, ease off with the whingeing. He said, she said is for primary school children. Not adults!

    Plus Ian bell is a douche. Sooo…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It appears that your only capable response to direct criticism is to deflect and change the subject. That must be one way to attack life, man.


  16. Major logic problem in these assumptions. There is zero evidence Kunos has anything to do with this. Assuming it HAD to be the devs setting you up because every one is out to get you is asinine confirmation bias at work.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. “There’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it.”

    You’ve really only done the latter if I’m honest. PRC is all about the drama lately, and it’s gotten old.

    The SMS-phase was funny, the iRacing-phase was enlightening, but now we’re at the point where it’s either shit-posting or ‘witch-hunting’ in some manner – for some vague reason, and I’m tired of it.

    Yet I’m still here, fml…


  18. It’s like what that scumbag Rupert Murdoch does with his tabloids using his paid for yes men as the resource, like the viral marketers that have been used here…

    Instead of Rupert’s “hate the poor, love the rich, lower yourself to whatever level as long as that remains true, do whatever it takes” rhetoric,

    the rhetoric is “hate those who question AC and it’s simulation value, love those who praise it or just settle for it’s limitations, lower yourself to whatever level as long as that remains true, do whatever it takes.”

    Which is not a great way to run a business, some consumers may still trust Rupert’s garbage, thanks to him and others like him though, the trust the average person has in the media is at an all time low, with good reason…

    I do see the irony of using that reference, it was done on purpose, because it’s been a long time since Rupert’s toilet paper, I mean, newspapers, have attacked the establishment in any meaningful form… It’s been inhumane pro business stuff for decades… NOTE: I’m not saying Kunos are anywhere near Rupert’s league in terms of harm, just using it as an example of viral marketing for cause with obvious holes..

    The whole viral marketing deal has hurt the entire sim racing news sector, because how can you trust a paid for advertisement, or do we all have rock hard abadabas Body by Jake style?

    This Kunos mole trap is a fart in the clouds in comparison to the viral marketing issues…


  19. It happens. Good thing i really only want rFactor 2 as my “next-gen racing” experience. Seems like sim racing only has value in the older games. Miss when development teams could just deliver on products and not try to push it for just the money in the long run gaming (and sim racing in general) is almost dead because we continue to just sell half ass products and look at all the money because herp derp we haz de purty grafics and people only see material and not quality.


    1. Because Kunos hasn’t been improving AC since its release? Please get an older version and compare between the two. Kunos said in the beginning the development of the game will continue for more time, and so it happened.

      Until you are a game developer you won’t know what is the reality of making and maintaining a game, and also update it over the months/year, and at the same time run a company. Maybe that day you will understand you need to sell, you need revenue, you have workers expecting salaries, you have bills to pay, you have players who want more and better things.


      1. Actually i do know what developers go through on a daily basis as i have actually read and studied on game developing as it was a field i was highly interested in. Game developers before used to depend on game producers i.e. DiCE and EA or Activision and Treyarch or InfinityWard or Sledgehammer (and not shareholders or investors) to help with the funding to produce genuine quality i.e. NO shareholders, NO ridiculous deadlines, NO first day patches. Yes, people do need to eat, pay bills, work, etc. but your working in a multimillion (or is it multibillion idk) business that provide you with the grounds to make sure things are working smoothly and since the age of better graphics has been in play, ive noticed that games have gone from eye popping wow games that where actually developed quite sturdy with miniscule problems to this bullshit era where people either apologize and say hey we fucked up and continue to just let the game sit in mediocrity or they blame the customer base. Btw i understand how business works and grant it i can see how a businessman would invest quite heavily on sim racing since the mass of racers seem mindless enough that all i need to do is produce a game with viral marketers and graphics that would make your eyes water with “somewhat” workable features so it can pass off as a sim racer. Hey i got bills to pay revenue to keep up so fuck the customer base as long as they pay me fuck you. I find that sort of business practice unethical and uncivilized.


        1. “since the mass of racers seem mindless enough that all i need to do is produce a game with viral marketers and graphics that would make your eyes water with “somewhat” workable features so it can pass off as a sim racer.”

          You’re underestimating people here, or the players actually. No game stands up if it isn’t good. No sim racing game would stand up if it wouldn’t be good, no matter how aggressive self-made marketers can be.
          Look for example x-motor-racing, despite their aggressive shilling and lying comments about other sims, no one plays that game, maybe only a handful actually bought it. Which is a proof that the game doesn’t stand if the game isn’t good, no matter your marketing tactics.


          1. One example of product not being put up to standard. The community saw it, played it, figured that it didnt have any value, and rejected it. Now come back to games like Assetto Corsa or even PCars or (dare i say it) RFactor 2, we are looking at games that are viral marketed up the ass (RFactor 2 less so?) and what words do they say? Realistic! Driver and racing team input! Real simulated value! That causes them to put too much pressure not only on themselves but the game as a whole. Remember in gaming your only good as your last product and your last impression and in Sim racing we’ve seen some pretty immature and belittling things from all three major sim developers and there products havent really been up to snuff OUTSIDE of the graphics.


            1. Please prove AC isn’t a realistic simulation and is just a game for the graphics. For once I’d like someone to prove their constant accusations that AC is just graphics and no simulation. If AC is bad, it must be easy to prove or not?


        2. You know what it’s like to be a developer because you used to read up on it? LOL

          Did you also stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

          I read Health & Fitness magazines every month! So I know what it’s like to be a doctor!! Thanks for providing that laugh. I needed that.


  20. James, if this was your plan all along you’re a fucking sick genius *applause* .

    Guys, I’m tired. I started simracing because I thought it was fun and I like race cars. I like driving a lot too. I mostly play singleplayer but enjoy a good online race every now and then. I’ve raced against some really nice people and against some really douchey people.

    But now I’m tired. Tired of people trying to push their favorite sim as the best, people refusing to acknowledge the problems the games have and people shitting on this blog because “it ruins simracing” and whatnot. Wait, I said “games”? Yes, I did. Because you’re all fighting over whose videogame is best. It’s like fighting over what brand of chocolate is the best.

    And you, yeah you, people who work on these games. Some of you are doing a great job, some aren’t. I’m thankful to all of you. Thankful for the endless hours of fun and joy and sweat that I can enjoy from home without cashing a year’s worth of paychecks just to crash into a tree and end up in a hospital. But please understand that in most business environments it would be totally unacceptable to employ such tactics to promote your products. Shitting on your clients like Ian Bell did is plain unacceptable under any circumstance and just shows how low customer service has sunk.

    Another issue, looking at these endless comments, is that respect among our peers has sunk. What’s with the namecalling, stalking, ridicule and all this hate?

    I like PRC, because I find the info to be helpful in my hobby. I like playing online with random people and getting hit from behind by the other driver’s error, only to be pleasantly surprised that he stopped to let me recover, like a true gentleman. I like having long duels with fellow players that end up either in a wall or no more than 1 meter before the finish line. But I don’t like what part of the community has become.

    And don’t ask why so few people are into simracing, because you are the answer. If you went into a bar to buy a beer would you like it if people would slap your face the moment you enter and proceed to kick your ass because you bought the beer that they don’t like? Is this really so different from a forum thread I remember from highschool that was something along the lines of “Rock music – superior music?”

    They’re videogames, as realistic as they get, but still games. And this is a blog about the problems those games have, some useful advice and whatnot. It’s one guy’s place where he writes about his hobby and you can agree with him or not. Please, grow the fuck up, people. Or maybe someday you’ll just have to shove it, because there will be no more games and no more people to play with because you all made it freaking impossible. I don’t really agree with James’ way of doing things, but I do agree that there are many issues that shouldn’t be in a polished, finished product.

    At the end of the day, you can say whatever you want about the simulation value of either game. I’ll still go home, start my PC and play whatever the hell I want.

    Don’t believe the hype. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The problem is that everything he says is a lie and no news contrasted. He speaks of problems in physics without providing evidence, accused of copying and pasting parts in different cars (Not knowing what it means any value). Exaggerates small problems that came in v15 and boys KS corrected 5min after a patch … … Complaints nonsense seems mentally ill.

      He is a person without any goal in life, simply criticize the work of others, trying to convince without arguments.
      Criticism can be constructive, but this is not the case, if a game does not like it, just do not play. You can also create your own game.


      1. +1!

        Why does he have to criticize the simulation value of AC with the argument that 1.5 update made cars fall through the ground on the update release. Apparently it was just a last minute bug because of the track updates, which then Kunos released a patch about 30min later to correct that bug at Spa.


  21. “But now I’m tired. Tired of people trying to push their favorite sim as the best”

    But why would you have to do that? You’re a customer and of you is expected to just play the game, or don’t. You can make suggestions of improvements, report bugs, recommended or not the game to other people.
    But I think you’re over complicating/over thinking your role in sim racing as a player and customer.

    The devs never told you and I bet they don’t want people trying to market the game for them. They can do it themselves. The devs only want you to play their game, to offer suggestions, to report bugs, to discuss and interact with other players of the game, to race together.

    But one thing you can’t really do, is to over involve yourself/obsess with the creation and production of a sim racing game. Ultimately is their decision, is them who know why something will work or not, is them who know if a requested feature is actually beneficial for many or just a lot of work for a couple players to use here and there.

    But just one last thing, please be fair with your opinion and try to see both sides, try to see what’s working and what’s not. Try to see if there is improvement in what wasn’t working. Don’t simply say they don’t nothing, they don’t care, they never listen to us. Sometimes you just need some thinking and analysis to understand if they things you perceive are really that way.


  22. You can sue them both. Calling someone “mentally ill” without having documented medical proof is an offence and punishable by the law.


    1. Funny how Stefano can run around on a crusade to get Gui blacklisted from every sim racing community he’s a part of – to the point where RD actually banned Stefano instead…

      And funny how Kunos angrily demanded VS to stop discussing physics issues in public or else they would receive no more work…

      But Stefano can’t handle receiving a comparatively minor “truce or we leak some stuff?”

      Medium keks.


      1. Gui isn’t banned from AC forums.

        You know that Kunos didn’t say for VS to stop discussing physics in public, they just don’t want their toxic behavior in the forum any more.

        For example, this guy wasn’t in VS team, but comes from the same group.

        That is a perfect example of toxic behavior from Eduard Mallorqui.


        1. How is that toxic? That can be answered way more better then what was said… I can deal with trolls, toxic behavior, etc. on the internet better then this.


  23. And by the way, you got rick rolled by one guy, and I had nothing to do with it. You still sweat my nuts so hard that all it takes is somebody mentioning my name and you will buy whatever shit they sell you. Based KEK indeed!


    1. Hornycuckhold, get a life, go sit on stefano’s bald head, since you can’t play their piss poor atempt at a game to save your life.


  24. The latest AC patch has a simulation value reference in the patch notes… Fucking brilliant!

    “– Added new [ASSETTO_CORSA] SIMULATION_VALUE parameter. Increase the number to increase simulation value. Defaults to 0 for obvious reasons”

    Liked by 2 people

  25. You really should explain the GAPING logic hole where you assume that the Turn 10 meme originated from Kunos with the purpose of tricking you. Some crazy assumptions to base these articles around.


  26. Don’t be so mad cause you got rekt. That’s just how it goes when you publish virtually anything without verifying it. Devs are having a laugh on Facebook like everyone else because it is just, well funny.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is good content on PRC, but you should consider toneing down the unverified rumours. I loved the setup guides, even used some of the setups you posted for the Super V8 and Brazilian V8s.


  27. The author of this blog is hilarious.

    He tries to extort a game developer. What he did was extortion, plain and simple. It’s not sexy like some of the extortion cases we hear about in the news, but it’s still extortion nonetheless. Stefano should have an attorney look into this matter.

    Then the author of this blog tries to show his moral superiority over the Assetto Corsa developer by showing a screenshot of Stefano calling him mentally ill, like we should feel sympathy for this blogger who routinely insults developers and various sim racers. And in a last ditch effort to prove to us how morally superior he (James) is compared to Stefano, he breaks pretty much the number one rule of journalism by outing his “source”. Look up the definition of journalism if you don’t think James is a journalist. Journalists have gone to jail to protect the identity of their sources, but James – the morally superior man that he is – he gives up his source. Not because he was ordered to or threatened with a libel lawsuit or something along those lines. He threw his source under the bus because he thought it would get under Stefano’s skin.

    I’ve been on the official forums, James. The people that you tried throwing under the bus are still welcome there and nothing has changed. Your plan didn’t work.

    I’ve got a tip for your next article. I heard Polyphony Digital is buying Kunos Simulazioni. No, seriously. You had the story right, but the buyer wrong. Hurry and throw together a 700 word post ASAP.


    1. Stefano should have a shrink look into his brain. And by the way, can he tell the people in the community that his latest DLC is nothing but a bunch of rushed model conversions that he bought, with the quality of your typical Forza illegal conversion? Thank you and piss off.


  28. The author of this blog can spread all the hate he wants on AC.

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t change the fact that…
    Assetto Corsa is the ONLY racing simulation who has BOTH realistic graphics AND realistic physics.

    Once you start racing in AC, you just can’t go back to other simulations.
    That’s how good it is.


  29. Hey anyone remember that time the Author claimed Kunos stole material from some mod developer, yeah that turned out about as good as this, then that time this blog claimed the tire model was to shit, whilst using a modded car that didn’t have that tire model…


  30. This whole article is based on the assumption that Michael Hornbuckle is a beta tester.
    He isn’t and never has been.
    Once again you’ve failed on an astronomical level.
    Where you couldn’t find facts to back up your story, you’ve just made up lies….again….as usual.


  31. No one leaked the full story why Kunos was banned from RD yet? And you never found out how they responded to the open letter back then either, did you?

    Poor effort, PRC.


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