Reader Submission #99 – Gran Turismo Sport


After months of speculation spent wondering exactly what Gran Turismo Sport would be, Polyphony Digital have unveiled the next iteration of their award-winning franchise to the general public. Not quite a Prologue installment, and not quite a full-featured entry, the first attempt at a next-generation Gran Turismo title already isn’t sitting well with people. reader Tim S. has sent in a brief Reader Submission to us, outlining his thoughts on the hodgepodge of a product Polyphony have created – a title that appears to demonstrate the Gran Turismo series is on a steady decline.


Hello I was wondering if you’d feel like writing down your thoughts on the Gran Turismo Sport event yesterday. I know it’s a console racer, but you write about Forza Motorsport as well so I thought why not?

There’s a lot of material out there for a lengthy article on the slow but steady demise of Polyphony and the figure of Kaz in recent years. Yesterday during their event in London, they first started pumping out beautiful shots from their photo mode (no idea how they get it to look that good, but I suspect they use real life images and render them or something), so everyone got quite excited at the prospect of a next-generation Gran Turismo that would finally deliver.

But then shortly afterwards, the livestream started, and people saw actual gameplay footage. The graphics looked almost the same as Gran Turismo 6, and all of a sudden, cars were bouncing of barriers and each other in typical Polyphony Digital fashion. Engine sounds were not improved yet again and, there was horrible tire squealing effects. And all of that appeared to come with a dramatically reduced car count to boot. I mean, what have they been doing over these past three years? Of course, because they’re flying under the Sony banner, the cooperation with the FIA, millions of sales are guaranteed thanks to the marketing campaign, but is this really supposed to be the flagship racer on PS4? I’m not very impressed…

I’m not well-versed in all things Gran Turismo, so my opinion of this offering is relatively moot compared to what the longtime fans over at GTPlanet will have to say. I was never a Sony console guy when these games were considered new and innovative, so unlike many of our readers here at, I don’t have fond memories of grinding through Gran Turismo 4 for some exclusive prize car, nor was I ever interested in the title enough to ask for a PS2 in the first place. I will say though, that I understand there’s indeed a bit of an aura surrounding the first four entries in the series – Gran Turismo 2, 3, and especially 4 – seem to be held in high regard by practically everyone who’s invested any amount of time into them. From what I’ve been able to gather as an outsider, these games were utterly phenomenal for their time – but they remain very stuck in their respective years. A game like Gran Turismo 4 wouldn’t be very good, for example, if it were to be re-released in 2014 with a few new cars and tracks.

I’m not sure if I’m making a joke there or not.


What I believe happened, and this comes from reading various sim racing forums regarding the topic over a period of multiple years, is that Kaz didn’t handle the development of the PS3 titles as well as he could have, and it sort of left the series permanently in limbo – a butterfly effect. He needed to follow up Gran Turismo 4 with something even more spectacular, and he wasn’t able to. That set off a chain reaction of events where it’s almost as if Kaz felt defeated by the superior Forza franchise combined with the dismal response to Gran Turismo 5, and Gran Turismo as a franchise was now serving a relic of the early days of sim racing. When you compare it to a rock band, it’s a series of events that’s completely understandable, though not always the greatest thing for fans to deal with. There was no possible way Metallica could follow up the Black Album, so they just sort of did nothing for a bit, and re-appeared a few years later with all sorts of things people didn’t particularly care for. Kaz, and Gran Turismo as a series, are currently in the Load era. It’s unfortunate that it’s gone on for far too long.

I own Gran Turismo 6, and it’s not a game I’m inclined to invest any serious amount of time in. The load times are brutal, the vehicle selection is massive but not diverse, grinding through career just isn’t fun in 2016, the AI may as well be replaced with dynamic traffic cones, and none of the vehicles available are all that close in performance to their real world counterparts. I’m not here to say Forza is better – I’m just as bored playing Forza as I am with Gran Turismo, but GT6 is not a very inspiring game.


I watched a fair bit of preview footage, and although I like the concept of basing the new entry primarily around organized online racing, the experience itself doesn’t look all that exhilarating. I don’t feel the need to buy a PlayStation 4 just for this game. In fact, I don’t feel like I’ll be missing out if I don’t buy this game. A livery editor? Congratulations on entering 2007, Polyphony. GT3 cars attacking a small NASCAR-inspired track that’s totally not Bristol? Come on guys, that doesn’t even make for good racing! Photo mode at a selection of high resolution static locations? What’s the point of this feature, exactly?

Then the trailer just sort of ends after about three minutes. As a viewer, I wasn’t all that aware of what was supposed to be exciting, innovative, or a reason I should purchase the game. Maybe more info will come out in time, but you’re right, it all looked like Gran Turismo 6.


24 thoughts on “Reader Submission #99 – Gran Turismo Sport

    1. What is there to say? It’s a major disappointment, the physics continue to get worse, and the dlc is a rip-off.


  1. FUCK GT, and all those little toxic circle jerk pre teens at gtplanet.

    fuck I hate that place. dumbest crap gets discussed over and over and over again.

    as soon as you raise the subject of something negative about the ‘simulator’ you are quickly shit down by 12 year old racers, such as the cockpit view is a true representation of what you see in real life etc…

    racing softs do grip at 8gs.
    ABS 1 for all cars
    blah blah blah

    Hey PRC people can you please do an article about all the dumb regressed shit that gets discussed there please?

    fuck gtplanet


  2. I bet GT Sport will have more active players online than all of the PC sims combined. Hardcore racing sims online are turning into ghost towns. Maybe Sim Racing System will save us.


    1. >Hardcore racing sims online are turning into ghost towns

      Which proves that those so-called hardcore simracers have realized that they have shit taste in racing games, irrespective of the “simulation value” war.


    2. Probably but only because ps4 really has no good sims and the GT name will make it sell but it will probably kill the franchise when gt7 comes out.

      It looks like a ps3 game. It still has the crap physics and horrible ai. Reusing assets from ps2 and 3 is a truly bad move and its pretty much a given ps3 assets will be used in gt7.

      Forza did it right. 5 & 6 weren’t as big and full featured as 4 but Turn 10 went and rescanned every track and rebuilt every car they didn’t reuse anything old. They also have the best ai in ANY racing game.

      All they really need to do is make the damage model better and put in actual racing rules and stuff like qualifying.

      Forza apex beta is them testing the waters on PC. If people like it and play it then you can expect ms to put the full game out for PC which would be amazing. I mean it alreadg looks amazing on Xbox and its 1080p 60fps but on PC… Wow


  3. “There was no possible way Metallica could follow up the Black Album, so they just sort of did nothing for a bit, and re-appeared a few years later with all sorts of things people didn’t particularly care for. Kaz, and Gran Turismo as a series, are currently in the Load era. It’s unfortunate that it’s gone on for far too long”.

    GT Sport will be the St Anger of the GT series. It’s make or break time…. and at the moment it’s leaning towards break.


    1. RR3 (A mobile game) has licensed the GTE version. And we at EEC are converting that GTE to AMS, GTR2, rF1 and rF2. Plus, based on the GTE, we’re making the GT3 version aswell.


  4. Hi James, been voyeuring this blog for a while now and i just want to add my 2 cents on GT as a Racing Sim enthusiast and a Game Designer by trade.

    Despite fiddling with race games on consoles with a controller since the days of Mario Kart it was really when i bought my G27 and Grand Turismo 6 that my passion for Sim Racers flourished. It was on GT6 that i learned the most about racecraft the principles of tuning and setup, memorized the most famous tracks etc.. etc.. and i can say that at least 80% of that knowledge translated very well into ISImotor-like sims and other ventures such as AC and NR2003 which is what i spent most of my time now.

    But having put more than 1000 hours, with daily play on leagues and etc on GT6 i obviously know of its shortcomings, meaning: Lots of cars but not a lot of diversity of handling (there is some but you need to cross far away from one type to another to feel differences), Sounds that some times are great and some times are a blender in your ear, the AI is slow (you always start last on single-player to compensate, although on the S license it starts to get interesting on the 24h events like Le-Mans and the Ring), and i’m sure a few other things that could be said…

    On the point of physics, it can be as challenging as you want, one thing that bothers me is the option which in GT5 used to be called Physics: Amateur or Pro, on GT6 is called Skid Force Recovery with On and Off as choices, the problem is that most servers run with the ability to run this On and if you want to run with it Off you lose a lot of time and don’t get competitive. The ABS is another problem, i dont have enough real driving experience but it seems like in some cars you simply can’t run ABS off, you need at least 1 or it gets real crazy on braking. Aside from that, with Skid off and ABS 1 i can say it’s at least 85% to 90% the simulation value of an ISImotor sim, the resting 10% going to the lack of a more robust damage model and real clutch and h-pattern shifting. Aside from that it really needs brake and throttle management at all times, tire and fuel consumption is really important (although tire temps are not clearly shown so i dont know what goes on there, but it clearly go from cold to hot and overheated).

    Well, with all that being said, yes it has more people racing online at any point in time that all other sims (except iRacing maybe) combined and the answer is very simple: It gives you a quick compelling and competitive environment at any time. Most of the shortcomings on the game i can really see as Design decisions made to enforce competitive play that don’t take hours to complete one race or punishes you for the minor mistake (although it can given the right server setups). My most dirty pleasure with GT6 was definitely the Turbo option which you can set on a server, that is essentially rubber banding that gives you a free slipstream the more behind you are, it sound preposterous for sim racers, but with that option i had more fun battles per race that any other time in my life, it really makes for fun racing, only problem of course is that dick heads will fuck up, spin and be back fucking up again in some laps… but with the right group of people it makes for really great battles at every race (it only works lightly the longer you are behind, as you get to the pack the effects are completely disabled).

    I don’t care about shilling, i don’t care about defending GT6 or GT as a series as i play mostly more serious sims nowadays and casually boot up my PS3 to see how good old GT6 is going but i can safely say that the most adrenaline racing i had in my life was mostly on GT6, we had always 12-18 people everyday at night on a group and would race 3, 4 even 5 circuits with 12 to 25 laps, 2 mandatory pits, mandatory composite change etc.. etc.. every night, too bad most people moved on and some nutheads spoil all up for the group but i can safely say it was the best times i had with any racing sim, i can remember to this day my hearth pounding over my chest with excitement for another day of racing with friends on GT6 without the hassle i need to endure this days on more serious sims and the fact that friendships are much more harder to develop on these environments. And that is why i’ll keep my eye opened for GT Sport, and whoever says it looks like GT6 its out of his mind, it may not be PCars on Ultra on a PC but is sure much better that GT6.

    Sorry for my broken english,
    Thanks and good luck with the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. [Salt fired.]

    The game is coming in November, so not all information have been known yet. I bet more stuff will come out as we progress to more game shows, similar to SFV revealing more characters and features over time. But knowing PD’s sluggish development… only time will tell.

    Also, you forgot a space after “#99”.


  6. I made this video more than 3 years ago, showcasing the incredible sound of a Gallardo in GT5 completely stock when you input the correct TV settings.. GT6’s sound have somehow improved since then – not up to par with AC, R3E, Driveclub etc but good enough..


    1. Incidentally, there are logos for ESL (the organization that does the PCARS eSports thingy today) on LFS. Apparently there were ESL-sanctioned events during LFS’ heyday….


  7. As someone who grew up a little more with console racing then PC (though I had both, I even paid a ludicrous amount of money as a kid to buy the original Colin McRae Rally for the PC direct from Codemasters in the UK because it wasn’t available in the US,) I can shed some light. First off before GT there was pretty much almost nothing that was even approaching any kind of racing simulation for console. The only “realistic” (and honestly that’s a laughable term these days,) games were specialized for followers of a specific series. I’m thinking Formula 1, Formula 1 CE and CART Wold Series here. When GT was announced for PSX I had friends that were interested in it that literally had never talked to me or shown any interest in racing games before. Not 100% why, but I’m going to say a mix of hype, variety in the game and the fact that it (sort of) centered on cars and not specific racing cars or series.

    Anyway, here’s why GT4 was such a big deal. First off GT3 was kind of a let down compared to GT2, and 4 blew everything out of the water. First game that I had which contained a modern version of the famed, fabled and at that time almost mystical, Nordschleife (the actual first game I had with it was GPL, but that was PC and pretty narrowly focused.) That pretty much alone was mega, but also the sheer number and variety of cars, both modern and historical (very important to remember GT4 was the first game I can really think of that contained a lot of historical content,) plus a very good selections of tracks, and did I mention it had the Nordschleife??!! because that was a pretty big deal. It was also, at the time, somehow really engaging and “realistic” to drive. I can’t explain it to you, because the reality is that the cars actually didn’t seem to have a suspension. They were more like hockey pucks with tires, then cars that had weight transfer. Sure the tire physics were there, but load / weight transfer was not. That’s what blew me out of the water with Forza 2, it was the first console game that I noticed actual suspension movement and weight transfer in. So that’s the big deal with GT4. Unfortunately once I saw Forza 2 was better I switched to the X-Box world and so lost touch with the later version of the games, but I have the following feeling about all of them in general which is, that they seems amazing at first, but as you really play them, you noticed lots of shortcomings and how dated they can be (think about how the AI in GT4 were still slot cars, literally never deviating from their line! Or the a fore mentioned, “detailed” tire physics but no suspensions on the cars.)

    Now if someone could just explain to me how to set up the Boxer Cup car in AMS I’d be happy, because that shit is pissing me off right now. Super sensitive to curbing when it really shouldn’t be and tons of crazy oscillations in the suspension over elevation changes on tracks.


    1. You can’t, because Renato said it’s not a Porsche (Even though it is) so you can’t setup that car like you would setup a Porsche.


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