Your Official Assetto Corsa Modelling Guide is HERE!


Bundled with every purchase of Assetto Corsa from the Steam distribution platform, is a lengthy word document describing the exact steps required to model a car for the popular racing simulator by Kunos Simulazioni. A tutorial for both amateur and professional modelers alike, the basic Microsoft Word file essentially serves as The Bible for injecting third party vehicles into Assetto Corsa. This is a long, structured read with little in the way of entertainment value, but it’s all to serve a purpose – if you want to build a car for Assetto Corsa, this guide will tell you how.

There’s just one small problem. The consumer version of this guide is ridiculously out of date. Intended for Version 1.03 of Assetto Corsa, released all the way back during the final portion of the 2014 calendar year, the piece of work is no longer entirely accurate. The game has gone through such significant changes over the past 18 months, not all techniques and procedures outlined when the guide was written, still apply. And thanks to a very special informant, we’ve received word that this guide is being actively updated behind the scenes, by none other than Kunos Simulazioni themselves. Intended primarily for modding teams performing contract work for Kunos Simulazioni, the 30 page guide available in the consumer version has been beefed up to over 65 pages and released only to certain individuals in private, partially to ensure the quality of upcoming Assetto Corsa downloadable content is of a higher quality than what passionate modders can create for free in their spare time.

The privately updated document intended only for the Kunos Skype circle has now been forwarded to us, and you can download the whole thing HERE.


The decision to withhold this information from the public most likely boils down to a business deal, considering sim racers may not buy Assetto Corsa’s official downloadable content if the community can pump out cars of a similar visual quality, but considering the piece of software Kunos Simulazioni have built, it goes against the spirit of the game. Why build a third party modding platform in the first place, if you’re going to intentionally withhold key information from your modders to ensure your premium content is always superior? It’s an admittedly clever ruse, but considering how much of a pain in the ass it is to understand other modding platforms when a developer doesn’t play nice, the sim racing community doesn’t exactly need this kind of intentional tomfoolery.

To those who will download and ultimately use this guide, Happy Modelling!


25 thoughts on “Your Official Assetto Corsa Modelling Guide is HERE!

    1. What, “the added sections are all about naming conventions or how to use specific 3d software, which wasn’t necessary 18 months ago when they had 1 track and 1 vehicle artist, and will never be necessary for modders”?


    2. Ok, I skimmed all 65 pages.

      Only thing in there of interest is a screenshot of a car that’s not available in the game yet. The rest’s either internal processes (‘set up a dropbox folder so our lead artist can give you feedback’) or already in the original document.


  1. Warning: This article contains leaked material. Proceed with caution. Beware of calls for cease and desist. Keep circulating the tapes.



  2. Physics and AI are extremely flawed in Assetto Corsa and it’s missing a lot of essential features that should be in every sim like rain and day to night time transition. rF2 provides far higher accuracy for those things than any other simulation on the market.


  3. Kunos must have paid TeamVVV, BSimRacing, VirtualR, RaceDepartment and Empty Box out since they have suddenly started to shill Assetto Corsa advertise their new DLC while ignoring rFactor 2.


    1. I think they renewed contract with GamerMuscle because he’s been posting AC videos in the last weeks.

      GamerMuscle if you’re reading this :DDD


      1. GamerMuscle has been posting videos of games that support VR. Project Cars and Assetto Corsa support VR as rFactor 2 does not and since AC’s current update has brought us Oculus support, he’s been focusing on that.


  4. Is there any chance of getting this guide somehow? I can’t seem to find any mention of it anywhere else!


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