Porsche Arrives in Automobilista!

AMS 2016-05-23 18-34-00-84.jpg

Sim Racers who have eagerly jumped on the Reiza Studios bandwagon, only to be disappointed by the very familiar list of content featured in Automobilista, finally have something to write home about. A Porsche Carrera Cup participant has been placed into a recent build of the game under the generic marquee of Boxer Cup, and I’m happy to report that this is easily the finest work ever put out by Reiza Studios. Those of you who have found the Stadium Super Trucks too challenging, the Formula One platter too damn fast, and the V8 Supercars too tail-happy, this is the almighty middle ground you’ve been desperate for. Obviously, it will still take a bit of time for the track selection to expand past the borders of South America, and Reiza have at least thrown Virginia International Raceway into the mix alongside Patrick Giranthon’s formidable conversions, but this is a car many will be happy with.

I gave this car a few shakedown laps at Campo Grande before jumping into a quick online session at Londrina, and it’s definitely the first Reiza car ever where there was no “feeling out” period. I threw values at the setup that I knew would be bound to generate a comfortable feeling ride, and instantly the car responded with highly competitive lap times. But, there are indeed some things we should go over.

AMS 2016-05-23 18-39-00-18.jpg

It’s not the Enduracers Flat 6 mod, so you’re going to have to re-learn how to drive this car. When we came out with our highly controversial review of the Porsche Carrera Cup mod for rFactor 2, what was said in the article directly contrasted the opinions of the overall sim racing community – people loved the car, but there we were, ripping on it for being a “boat on ice.” There’s no way to put this nicely, the Porsche in Automobilista shits all over the Enduracers offering. The car doesn’t float or skate around, you’re not counter-steering on exit, nor is the rear end hanging out with a slip angle ridiculous enough to raise the inside front wheel. After studying on-board footage for the review of rFactor 2’s Porsche, the Automobilista car mirrors the real thing’s required wheel inputs almost perfectly.

AMS 2016-05-23 18-33-17-16.jpg

The default setup is all kinds of awful. I took one look at the preset values presented in the garage menu, and promptly shook my head. There’s excessive use of camber, the default tire pressures are too high, packers weren’t needed, the horrible sway bar values were bound to cause problems in any somewhat challenging corner, and the ride height was a bit too close to Monster Truck tier. For a developer to get the physics so right, it’s surprising how off the default setup was. This was a tune that would simply not be competitive under any circumstances whatsoever, and provided some of you aren’t sure what you’re doing in the garage area, has the potential to ruin the car. Don’t even bother taking this thing to the track with whatever Reiza has built in to the car by default, just use our setup, which can be downloaded right here. I was pulling mid 1:16’s at the full layout of Londrina, if you need some kind of reference time. I’m sure someone will come along and go much faster, but the field had some difficulty staying with me in qualifying, so consider that a pace to aim for.

AMS 2016-05-23 18-37-29-62.jpg

The rear end of the car has this massive thing called an engine in it. Those who have invested a serious amount of time into the rFactor 2 version of the car will be all too familiar with the pendulum effect on corner exit created by Porsche stuffing the motor into the boot of the car. In rFactor 2, this helped keep the car planted during a controlled slide thanks to the objectively poorly-made tires, but here, the much more accurate set of physics can make this car become a handful if you’re not careful. The rear end will step out if you’re not a smooth, consistent driver, and it can make tracks with tricky braking zones that much more excruciating to drive. If you plan to sit down and turn an unhealthy amount of laps with this thing, you’ll for sure acquire a pair of steady hands when all is said and done, but the path there will be full of frustrating spins and glorious adventures into the tire barrier. It’s not unrealistic in the slightest – you can easily dial back your pace and click off clean laps at your own discretion – but the moment you start pushing, you’re reminded that you’re driving a Porsche, and it’s doing the things a Porsche would do.

You have to be a bit careful under braking, and under power there’s a a slight amount of trajectory management required, but every characteristic of these cars you’ve both seen and read about, it’s all in Automobilista.

Hud Fail.jpg

But you’re still playing Automobilista. Unlike Stock Car Extreme, which is a finished product with little to no bugs, the kinks of an Early Access title will occasionally pop up. As I said in the introduction, I ran a few test laps before jumping into a proper online session at Londrina. I drove the entire race with a glitched-out Heads Up Display, as the application Reiza uses for their new Dynamic HUD is clearly the work of a community member, and it’s not always working to the extent you’d hope for it to be. The tachometer was randomly moved south, beyond the limits of my monitor, while a floating P2P icon was used in place of my RPM needle. The left front tire failed to display any data, the fuel gauge was tilted sideways, a few damage status icons were placed on top of each other, and the iRacing style delta bar showed up right on the dash, permanently locked at +0.520. I couldn’t really do anything about this for the remainder of the race, but glitches like that are making me thing twice about switching from the trusty isiMotor display bundled with Automobilista as an alternative.

AMS 2016-05-23 18-30-19-50.jpg

So now that we’ve established the fact that this car is objectively very well done, and probably the best car currently in Automobilista, it’s time to discuss the other side of this car’s existence in a Reiza Studios racing simulator: This is a Porsche. Reiza Studios does not have the license for Porsche, nor do they have a license for RUF – a very popular alternative for developers who want a Porsche in their title of choice, but can’t necessarily afford it.

As a result, this car may not be around for much longer. Earlier in the year, Formula One Management went after Reiza Studios for mere vehicle liveries that depicted a modern Formula One season, albeit with the appropriate brand logos replaced by either a Reiza or Cockpit Extreme decal. The resulting copyright infringement claim saw Automobilista completely yanked from the Steam online distribution platform for several weeks, much to the dismay of Reiza fanboys, but at no surprise for those who were fully aware of the legal ramifications involved with replicating Grand Prix cars.

Porsche has a habit of doing the exact same thing – throwing their weight around with over-zealous lawyers, who in this situation, would technically be in the right if they were to pursue Reiza in some format. Going into it, basically everyone is more than aware that this is clearly a Porsche Carrera Cup entry, just without the actual Porsche logo stuck somewhere on it. You can’t do that. Copyright infringement covers more than just blatantly putting a Ferrari-branded car in your game without the express permission of the guys from Italy. Even an obvious likeness is enough to kick things off from a legal standpoint, yet Reiza has pushed onward in spite of this and are basically crossing their fingers that Porsche won’t find out in the forseeable future.

Which is, you know, highly unlikely. We’re looking at a future where representitives from Porsche just sort of show up unannounced, guns blazing, and the overall sim community is promptly subjected to another round of Reiza fanboys straight up lying about the identity of this car to save face. It didn’t work the first time, resulting in Reiza being forced to change multiple fictional liveries, and I’m assuming the second time will be slightly uglier considering it’s an entire car we’re talking about. Again, this is clearly a Porsche, and Porsche won’t like that.

It is, for the time being, a very good sim car regardless of the incoming legal drama, and those who’ve got Automobilista installed should promptly check it out. Reiza have out done themselves. The Boxer Cup is both enjoyable and slightly challenging to drive at the same time, and a very accurate depiction of the real thing compared to other versions available for rival simulators.

AMS 2016-05-23 18-29-35-47.jpg


63 thoughts on “Porsche Arrives in Automobilista!

  1. Looks like a Porsche with birth defects, and this game still looks like ass. And I have to be honest, the way it drives really isn’t the revelation some people seem to think. I guess many others must feel the same way because this is yet another sim no one plays. Time to move on from this dinosaur.


    1. Huh?

      You’d be able race it online (without AI), if the Ai were better?

      Maybe you meant if the AI were better, you wouldn’t have to race it online?


  2. I really cannot see why the developer thinks it is ok to release this car.If they were a small mod team with limited ambitions then there is no harm done.However,they are competing with other developers who paid for the Porsche licence,paid for the RUF licence or did not include Porsche in the game.For this car to be correctly included without a licence it needs to look like the GTA version.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. A rear-engine flat-6 coupe with 350Z front and Ferrari 550 Maranello rear does not make it a Porsche.

          This is what the an anon said as the GTA approach to fictional cars, although I personally also call that as the “Sileighty” approach (named after a modification that swaps the front of a 180SX with one from a S13 Silvia) – you start with a base car, swap front and rear bumpers – voila, you got an totally original car design.

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  3. Reiza are back at it again stealing again. I’ll be sending an email to Porsche about how Reiza blatantly ripped off their cars.


    1. What the hell is wrong with you guys? Why not be glad to have these amazing models available and drive them, instead of ranting on about the legal side of the content?! Feels like some of you have “short man complex” – issues, having to shout out on platforms like this since you might not feel like having enough voice in real life… Wake up and be a little grateful and you’ll feel better!


  4. well car models were never an issue … they make sure to do enough changes to be safe … with liveries they overshoot once .. probably why boxer cup liveries are so generic. stil nice to see good version of porsche like car in sim
    using nonlicenced car is way how to deliver free content .. now we will have paid DLC with licenced Ultima GTR and people will be bitching about how they have to pay few bucks for car when they previously didnt have to ….


    1. Porsche went after Enduracers few years ago for the same reason months before the car was released. And that was a FREE mod, not made for profit.

      This is a cheap clone (An ugly looking clone) sold for profit in a package of contents already plagued by 1 copyright claim.


      1. If they don’t brand the car as a Porsche, I believe they should be safe. It’s the same as manufacturers producing replicas. Superformance builds Ford GT40 replicas and has done it for years. It’s not a Ford and they don’t sell it as a Ford. I think it’s a similiar situation here.

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        1. not that simple .. they need to make enough distinctive changes to be safe .. for V8 the changes doesn`t need to be that markant as it is race car prototype … for Porsche inspired car they needed to do more (first version of boxer cup had even cruved rear wing .. I guess after layers talked and they know it is safe they swap it to flat wing)

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          1. Where is the difference? In reality it is impossible to know where the line is without proper knowledge of copyright law.

            What about URD? They have been producing paymods with cars that look a lot closer to their real-life counterpart than those from Reiza.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. google: porsche cup, than google automobilista boxer cup .. find similiar angle and observe differences … front spoiler, shape of body, shape of bonet over front lights, rear of a car (people on reiza forums are accualy complaining about how it looks from behind), etc ..
              I mean it is clear that it is very inspired but porsche cup car but they oviously know how much differences they need to apply to be fine … just like in F1 case it was not about car body, just liveries .. and boxer cup liveries are as generic as they can be … literaly one color with stripe or base color with diferent color on bonet, etc ..

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              1. This is irrelevant, you donkey. You look at the “Boxer” and you don’t think “Oh, that’s a cool Ferrari”. Instead, the first thing that comes to mind is “Oh look, a Porsche”. That’s all that matters.


                1. well it is not all that matters … idustrial design patents are pretty complicated .. and saying: oh that looks like porsche is really not enough …

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  5. Here’s a small selection of other games for sale that have cars that look like real life ones, yet they’re all still for sale:

    Okay so none of them are sims… but the point remains. Back in the day, games like the Screamer series happily had 1:1 replicas of supercars and rally cars and no one batted an eyelid. These days, litigation is king…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Alarm fur Cobra 11/Crash Time games also had very Porsche-like cars in.

      Oh and unrelated-but-related-as-it’s-licensing: MiniDrivers had to alter (some of) their 2016-alike F1 car liveries/names due to Formula 1 getting cross…


    1. Uhh that’s not how it works. You try making that argument in a lawsuit, you’ll get laughed out of the room. Idiot.


  6. Its just so nice to see this studio wasting time and money (our money) building assets and physics profiles for vehicles that won’t be in the game long. They just won’t. Ea protects this license fiercely and really has only let MS use it likely because they said yes to ea access on the Xbox.

    The studio not only wastes time and money on that but they open themselves up to lawsuits. This just tells me whoever is in charge is an idiot and shouldn’t be running the company wasting (our) money on these ways. Instead they should use it to start work on a new modern engine.

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  7. Hounestly, calling it a RUF is the same story, a tuned Porsche with another badge but in essence it’s a Porsche. Maybe it’s the same as in Art, you can copy/paint a Picasso but can’t sign it with Picasso…


    1. RUF is manufacturing cars on porsche chasi .. not like they take Porsche and tune it (well they do porsche tuning too) .. they got licence for it, so if you got licence for RUF you are not in any form braking any rule …

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  8. Major truth my friend, you make me laugh so hard, your brain is broken (in a good way, no offense).

    The anonymous who says Reiza thieves, are you serious? did you fucking ever see a thieve mate? how is posible to create something from zero with your own hands, in your own home, with your own time and be called a thieve, this has no sense to me.

    Are Porsche going to be poor now because Reiza didnt pay them some stupid license? offcorse not, they have another kind of bussines. If they want to join inside sim busines they are wellcome, they can make 3d models, record real sounds, and make some package data and sell it to people who make simulators, even they can make some Porsche simulator, but i dont think they are interested in that.

    Agreed with Justin Schmidt about the law, in that case its absolutly wrong.


    1. “The anonymous who says Reiza thieves, are you serious? did you fucking ever see a thieve mate? how is posible to create something from zero with your own hands, in your own home, with your own time and be called a thieve, this has no sense to me.”

      Is more about using someone’s creation from real life and replicate it in the game, then sell your game based on the perception that people in real life like this car, so they will also like it in game. Thus giving you more sales. Now it isn’t a problem if the author licenses it (paying for license or free license doesn’t matter, but being authorized to use someone’s else creation is the point).
      Why don’t they create a car that doesn’t exist in real life? Well.. most likely they won’t get as many sales/interested players as replicating a porsche cup car.


  9. As far as I can tell the only legal person interested in maybe keeping an eye on this is the licensee (in this instance I blieve it is still Electrick fArts) trying to milk it commercially and eager to defend their own products (shitty button-masher driving-games too ridiculous to be fun even for 3yr old gamers) against the “unlicensed” competition.

    And as clarified above: the 3d-model is distinctly no Porsche, as does the game not advertise with the brand in any way. So there is absolutely no factual point of leverage for anyone associated with a Porsche license at this point. This game (/sim) does not even compete for the same same target-audience.

    So yeah: another piece of unsubstantiated drama. Good work prc.


      1. all I am saying:
        as long as the design-features are sufficiently different (or “generic” – which in all seriousness modern 911s pretty much are – at least to the untrained eye) there is no point of leverage. How would you draw a car that sits on a rwd chassis with it’s engine mounted rearwards of the rear axle – that also has to be somewhat aerodynamic at speed?

        Plus in german there is this saying: “Wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter”
        translates roughly to: where there is no(body) claim(ing anything), no judge is called upon it.


  10. I like how Reiza is trying to stick it to these assholes with actually going against the grain. But i believe it would be better to just hire out a mod team to do this so then they arent in the crosshairs of copyright infringement dicks like F1 or EA since those two seem to be in the circle jerk group of sueing anybody that threatens their piss poor performance…


      1. Non of the cardigan wearing wannabe ambulance chasers gonna comment on the GTA 5 pic that looks far more similar? GTA5,you know a multi million dollar production?…. no comments?

        Or ARMA’s use of real world vehicles and weapons with almost zero difference accept names? no?


        1. The gta v still looks less similar than the boxer in automobilista.
          But people don’t buy and play GTA because of similar looks with real life car models. But people buy and play sims because of the model, sounds, and physics simulation from its real life counterpart. So Reiza is profiting by attracting users to play their game because of simulating cars people know/like from real life. There’s no problem with Marcas, Stock Cars, etc. because those are licensed to simulate in game, but then they are trying make their game more popular with unlicensed content. So why don’t they create a car that doesn’t exist in real life? Oh sure, will be harder to attract more customers. not meaning people won’t like it, but the attraction here is that the boxer is a porsche cup car not some unknown vehicle they designed.


  11. What else can people expect from studio which begs for money and then spit you in your face … I say no money for scammers like this, I’m awaiting when this developer closes their office.


  12. I wouldn’t put it past James to call Porsche himself and try to shit stir as much as he can for the sake of views like he did with the Indiegogo fiasco..


      1. So, anyone who doesn’t agree with PRC’s shit posting is the publisher himself or a crazy fanboy? You guys should get your act together! I visit GTPLANET, VirtualR and PRC at least 2 a day for decent sim racing news! Sometimes I receive my daily fix from all three, sometimes I get news from the two and just shit from the other.. Don’t get me wrong, I like James’ writings, but such talent is often used against what he himself claims to love – sim racing! PRC could have been something special but often ends up a malice 😦
        PS I doubt Renato lives in Cyprus 🙂


          1. Sure because you’re really gonna get valid simulation talks in this blog. Not happening in any of the articles posted so far and just sometimes you get something good from the comments.


            1. I’d rather lurk around here and shitposting perfectly knowning that we are all a bunch of bastards who shitpost togheter for fun. On GTPlanet they seriously think that GT is a driving simulator. The autism there is real.


  13. The Porsche ai are MORONS.Just wasted with 12 restarts at Curitiba..Fark Rieza and u too James..AC will be just fine.


  14. This is as absurd as it gets. Laws can say whatever of they want. But the first true is that that this is not a car, its just a graphic, design, etc. No brands, motorsports asociations or circuit owners shoud ever earn a bug from videogames. I just dont understand how suddenly the “free comercials” arent worth for brands


  15. Hey can you post link to the setup for AMS Porsche please?
    Why don’t you upload your setups to your Downloads page would be cool for us non-techie simmers


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