Reader Submission #100 – Another Assetto Corsa Sound Modder Given the Boot


Just one article like this is too many, but to me it seems a very real trend has now established itself. Back in October of last year, we posted a very straightforward Reader Submission regarding a prominent Assetto Corsa modder, who had been removed from the game’s official forums simply for criticizing the default sound effects bundled with the vanilla copy of the game. Assetto Corsa fanboys rushed to label Fonsecker as someone who had been toxic and unhelpful within the overall community, but his contributions clearly outweighed any sarcastic or genuinely critical comments he had made on the official forums. Considering the guy was clearly a talented individual, he had every right to shit on the sounds n Assetto Corsa – he’s creating a quality add-on in his spare time, shouldn’t those getting paid to design the game’s sound effects put out an even better product?

Six months later, we’re basically about to write the exact same article, all over again. Assetto Corsa sound modder AmplifiedNL has also been banned from the game’s official forums. However, the infraction earns the spotlight from for a much more unique and worrying reason – Amplified received a ban from the official forums for something he posted in a private Facebook group. Kunos Simulazioni are sending their own informants into the outskirts of the sim racing community to locate anyone who may be critical of their product anywhere, and dropping the ban hammer without warning.

It’s really shitty. A company should not be doing this, especially after the next-generation console version of their title has been delayed not once, but twice. It’s a waste of time. They have better things to worry about than some kid shitposting on Facebook, right?

I guess they don’t.


Good evening, PRC. I’m a regular reader of your site, and I really wanted to get something off of my chest. I got banned today from the official Assetto Corsa forums. Surprising? Not really. I guess I hurt someone’s feelings, and he didn’t like it. You already know who it is.

Or maybe you don’t.

I’m a sound modder under the online alias of AmplifiedNL, and I mainly keep to myself working on my audio editing skills. I do this for fun. From time to time, I upload a YouTube video showing some progress or new techniques I’ve discovered. I feel like I’m getting there as a modder, and I’ve certainly got the hang of things. On a daily basis, I receive sound modding requests, a lot of positive feedback, questions on sound modding in general, and tons of complaining about the stock Kunos Simulazioni car sounds. Many sound atrociously bad, and are not acceptable after all this time spent in constant development.

Objectively, I can safely say that people who understand the effort and technicality that goes into audio editing, respect me and think I’m one of the best in terms of raw knowledge, quality, and mixing skills. I’m good enough to get paid in private to help with the audio portions of Assetto Corsa mods. Large scale modding projects have asked me to assist, because they feel there is no substitute for my mixing skills. There’s a real scarcity when it comes to people like me in the sim racing scene. Look at how people talk about R3E’s sounds, compared to Forza or Gran Turismo.

I recently joined Facebook to get in touch with some people, mostly on the sim racing end of things. I wanted a bigger audience to show off my work to, and more or less congregate with the community. Now, there’s this massive Facebook page called the Assetto Corsa Racing Community, and I’m on good terms with many people inside this group.

As soon as the Japanese pack was about to be released, I was already receiving requests from others to allocate my talents into improving the default DLC sounds. People were afraid they would be awful, and require my improvements. Not long after, a developer livestream post hit the page, and I was listening to the new feminine Miata. Seeing that I was not on the official forums, buddies from Skype were already commenting on the weak sounds from the video’s stream, and I decided to join in the fun. The Facebook group was supposed to be a safe haven from the dictatorship policy on the official forums, so I spoke my mind.


I made a beautiful shitpost on the Livestream thread in a closed Facebook group, full of either kids, or people just having a good time. I never expected to receive a ban from the official forums from this, but that’s exactly what happened. I was banned from the official forums for “trolling”, exactly like Kunos would in their own environment – calling people “sick”, “retarded”, etc. I made a certain post, comment, whatever, and it followed me back to the official forums. Now either Luca, Stefano, or one of their “henchmen” are lurking in the shadows of these little Facebook communities, but regardless, these posts are getting seen by the developers in some fashion. I couldn’t care less how they’re seeing all of this, I care about how they’re dealing with this. Running around to these little private groups, tracking every last person down who says something bad about Assetto Corsa, and banning them… What a waste of time.

What I do find interesting, is that they are responding to these manners without saying a word. Blocking me from replying, making excuses, spreading lies about me… That’s a backdoor kind of thing you’d only find when your boss is smelling somebody’s coming for his place because he lacks talent and gets proven wrong occasionally. And people are starting to notice because someone actually wants that all-encompassing “simulation value” bullshit.

Kunos was seriously on the right path, but now they’re failing to take any sort of criticism, and losing their minds over it instead. It is such a shame, as they could achieve more when certain people would not have their egos and friendships in the way of this business. But the day you name people all kinds of ugly things because you are so big and holy, you silence the knowledgeable and spread false propaganda for the sake of it… Something in your company is dead wrong.

After receiving my ban from the official forums, I wrote this within the closed Facebook group. Excuse my English, it’s not my primary language.

Fun thing this evening. It seems our mentally unstable friend at Kunos named Luca got butt-hurt because of a troll post i made on this very page and banned me on the official AC forums. Now I don’t know if either he read it himself or a friend of his on this group passed it on to him buts its very funny and i feel flattered. Honestly.

Rather awkward he gets to feel hurt and impressed by a post that is not on his own dictatorship forum. Also full with teenagers and rip mods they are so fond of banning and staying away from at all cost. You and your team give away an example on your very own forum, somebody makes a joke out of it and you get even more hurt and hope your reputation doesn’t get blown to bits even on a message board outside of your dictator jurisdiction.

Of course you, Kunos, can call people retarded, needing to see a doctor, laugh about people’s religions and health state because you mean more than other people. But dare not reverse the process when one of your own incapable hobbyist PC employers fucked up and doesn’t know what he is doing.

After all this time there is no real progress in the simulation value of the physical sound aspect itself. For starters you can greatly hear what he did record himself and implement and whatnot. Yet there is no simple mixing, no dynamics,wrong use of production techniques, no frequency analysis and so on. Nothing.

The FMOD implementation was a joke from a production point of view because there is no understanding of the fundamentals and usage of its true capabilities. You could still throw samples in text files and mix them and we wouldn’t hear the difference(as people told you already Kunos).

As even with FMOD and its in-house preview options you still manage to phase sounds incorrectly making it sound like synthesized airplanes going bonkers. Because the samples are overlapping in a faulty way and you are to lazy to listen and correct it which is a matter, of dare I say… what… 10 seconds tops?

Heck you guys haven’t even figured out how to stretch and pitch samples 100% straight and how to re-synthesize those and correct them from hiss and wind noises if necessary.

I could go on and get real technical into all of this but the bottom line is they don’t have a real sound designer and he couldn’t find a way around FMOD if his life depended on it. He is just in place because he happened to be there being a hobbyist, not because he is fit for the job with the right knowledge and motivation with the necessary brain capability of achieving next level things the people are waiting and craving for in their ears.

Keep being stuck in the cycle of others telling you how to achieve things and do stuff,keep your eyes closed, while in the mean while my message box keeps filling with people complaining about these very shit sounds and skills and their annoyances of yours truly: The Kunos Sound Department©.

Well this has been a long writing for me, I’m not used to it. But I just wanted to get this out in public, and share it with people who are curious as to how far this dictatorship extends.


You actually aren’t the first Assetto Corsa critic to receive a ban for something they’ve said outside of the official forums. If my memory serves me correct, Eduard Mallorquí, from the high profile modding team Virtua Simulazioni, was banned from Assetto Corsa’s official forums for something he said over at RaceDepartment – an independent sim racing message board. And a similar “scandal” occurred with several high-ranking drivers over in the land of iRacing. Like Assetto Corsa, there was a massive private iRacing Facebook group dedicated for all of the decent drivers on the service, and occasionally discussions descended into shitposting about the administrators of the service for being, well, kind of biased and terrible. A snitch got into the confines of the private group, and sent everything off to the iRacing stewards, who obviously weren’t happy that their iron fist did not extend past the member forums.

To some extent, if you run a message board, it’s your call on how you police it. If you want to ban everybody who is critical of your product, that’s entirely your call, but beware you’re going to receive a pretty nasty reputation, fairly quickly. Yes, I’m saying it’s well within the powers of a notoriously disruptive team like Slightly Mad Studios or Kunos to be as ban-happy as the want to be, but I’m also saying that if they choose to go down that path, word will spread extremely fast, and it may piss a bunch of people off. If they want to look like booty-blasted children, they’re allowed to, but it’s not exactly the wisest of decisions.

But the whole concept of Kunos now following people around to private sim racing outlets to monitor any discussion that may be critical of the product, and then basically banning those who refuse to drink the Kool-Aid… Naw dude, that’s ridiculous. If I were to sit down and try to ban every problematic user from, it would take several days to locate every last individual, their aliases, various IP locations… Time consuming is what I’m getting at.

And yet, a game developer believes this to be a perfectly fine endeavor to embark upon.

This is a company who is trying to put a title out on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, yet after two fairly substantial delays, they are instead on a mission to track people down on Facebook who’ve said mean things about their game. Are you fucking kidding me? What happens if there’s a third delay? Are Kunos seriously going to tell those who have pre-ordered the game, that they needed more time to stop the shitposters on some Facebook group with 2,000 people?

What is even going on here? It’s like we’re watching a nuclear meltdown as it happens. Give it like a week or so, and maybe we’ll find out the entire Japanese pack was outsourced to amateur modders – or something equally as ridiculous – all the while more bans have been handed out. On, and maybe physics files will be decrypted to show that the Ferrari F40 doesn’t have a rear wing, while the BMW M3 E92 street car features an invisible rear wing that’s twice the size of the car.



107 thoughts on “Reader Submission #100 – Another Assetto Corsa Sound Modder Given the Boot

  1. You forgot to write, James, that Fonsecker got unbanned not long after the situation and Fonsecker himself recognized he went offensive against the devs on his posting. To me this shows Kunos can forgive and they aren’t bad guys as PRC wants to portray them.

    And again this shows lack of impartiality from PRC, always dismissing what other people do to create the ban situation from the forum.


    1. Fonsecker actually called Kunos to fire their sound designer and replace him with someone else. Bad move if you ask me, and a ban is justified in such a case. He got unbanned after some apologies.


  2. Everyone who gets banned comes crying here 😭😭😭😭 You won’t be missed tho, your mods are pretty mediocre tbh


  3. “Kunos was seriously on the right path, but now they’re failing to take any sort of criticism”

    You’re down right insulting a kunos dev, as seen in the screenshot above in this article, yet you expect them to take criticism? What kind of BS is that?

    If you really wanted to make criticism, helpful criticism, you’d discuss with them sound techniques for the game, not insult the devs. Your ban from the forum is well deserved. That’s not how you make criticism, that’s not how things improve, by insulting people instead of trying to cooperate for the goal of improvement.


  4. “On, and maybe physics files will be decrypted to show that the Ferrari F40 doesn’t have a rear wing”

    The Wings dev app shows the rear wing physics existing in the simulation of the car.


  5. “while the BMW M3 E92 street car features an invisible rear wing that’s twice the size of the car.”

    James, please explain us why the things we see in this screenshot about the aerodynamics of this car aren’t supposed to be there.


    1. He was taking the fucking piss you utter dweeb, you actually went in game to take shots of that, why? are you truly that connected to the game you couldnt stand the idea someone might take him seriously, so you HAVE to do something, right?

      You kids are fucking demented and in serious need of a STRONG father figure, you wont find him in AC.


      1. “You kids are fucking demented and in serious need of a STRONG father figure, you wont find him in AC.”

        I hope you don’t beat your kids with that attitude. I know this sounds mean to say, but I’m actually scared if you’re in real life as you appear when you write in these places.

        “He was taking the fucking piss you utter dweeb, you actually went in game to take shots of that, why? are you truly that connected to the game you couldnt stand the idea someone might take him seriously, so you HAVE to do something, right?”

        Why are you defending PRC? So it was just a joke from them? I think it sounded as a real statement from their part. That’s why I went in the game to take those ss.


        1. “I hope you don’t beat your kids with that attitude”

          I beat my Kids within the confines of NZ law, and if the kids really get really bad, Ive got a boat.

          “Why are you defending PRC? So it was just a joke from them? I think it sounded as a real statement from their part. That’s why I went in the game to take those ss.”

          I guess english isn’t your first language,it is cleary not a statement, and clearly didn’t need some some die hard dweeb to waste 20mins of their life grabbing “evidence”,its just kinda weird buddy.


          1. If you think James was joking in the last paragraph, then you really don’t know him. He said that with all the seriousness. Or you want to imply this whole blog is just a practical joke run by James all this time and he was never serious about the things he talks about the various sims? If what he said in the previous article was serious, then is still serious today.

            Plot twist *PRC*: “It’s just a prank bro”.


        2. I beat my kids using my dick. Do you have a problem with that or can we educate our kids without having to come to you before doing that?


            1. The sooner they learn about facing the real world, the better. I would be proud of my son punching me in the face in self defence instead of crying like a little bitch and accepting the dick-beating.


              1. How about no one beats others. Isn’t that a better idea? If you want to teach your son self defense, then put him on a martial arts school.


  6. Their are bloody scared with the console release at Kunos headquarters, so they are erasing from their forum anyone who is smart enough to question the “simulation value” marketing claims of their software in all areas.


    1. But the problem is that those “smart ones” only have arguments like “this isn’t right”, “too easy”, “forza more real than AC”. If that’s how you criticize simulation games…

      You should pay more attention to the real reports and then to the changelogs where you can spot the improvements, or sometimes improvements to physics/sounds are made behind the scenes and not reported in the changelog, but you can recognize the fixes instead the game. I have never seen Kunos ban people who made reports of issues or suggested specific improvements. Now I’ve seen them ban the “smartass kind”, those who insult instead of being constructive, those who keep insisting the game has no simulation value without backing up their statements, or even giving data that points to a different direction, that contributes to a discussion. If you’re gonna criticize, then you better do it right instead of being an attention seeker with tabloid-like posts.

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  7. Another audio simulation expert banned, what a shame. Now he needs to start modding on dead platform like rFactor 2 😂


  8. I see the pussy brigade is here, fucking knob jockeys use a name ffs, hilarious you regular AC defense militia are still hiding behind “anoms”, someone may think you lot scared are Kunos might ban you from their forums for visiting PRC lol.

    Aint cool stalking internet looking for ppl criticizing or even outright insulting you, its fucking petty, and shows a weird insecurity, why should you (kunos) give a fuck, its pathetic and a worrying attitude too.

    Still been thrashing AC lately,even if it easy as fuck.


  9. To be fair, kunos can go full retard with some of the sounds. A few that come in mind are are the RS1600, the yellowbird, from the new cars the RX7 sounds like vacuum cleaner but with a bit of “brap”, the 86 sounds like the intake is in the exhaust, the 155 sounds way too digital etc. From what I heard, Luca is a close friend of Stefano, and that’s the only reason he get’s to sit in that position. Many modders have made sounds superior to the ones from kunos, and banning others won’t make their own vanilla sounds any better.

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    1. “and banning others won’t make their own vanilla sounds any better.”

      Going by your logic they would have banned all modders in AC. But we know that’s not true. If Amplified didn’t insult a Kunos dev, then he wouldn’t be banned from the forum.

      And you know, Amplified can still work on his sound mods and put them on Racedepartment.


      1. Eh, I would’ve sorta agreed, if he made a passive aggressive post on the official forums, but this was a private group. And I would also like to point while he was insulting, he still made a point. The sounds are sub-par by kunos at a lot of times. We can go at each other for a while, but apart from frustration at each other, the thing that will stay is that Kunos has let others take advantage of their mistakes, and while modders at times are harsh, they don’t mean harm most of the times. They just want a better product, and they know kunos can provide it, but they just don’t bother, because “Boohoo make your own”, and they have a decent cult following that can take care apologising for them.

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        1. Sub-par this, sub-par that, we’re just talking subjectively here. If the prolific sound modders can only put up arguments like “this is shit, this is sub-par”, then they better change their attitude and be constructive with the devs, with the goal of improving the game for all. If they really know better technically, their attitude is the worst (talking just of specific cases, not all involved ofc). If they are so smart at pointing fingers, they should also be smart at cooperating, that’s only if they are truly interested in it or if they just want to promote their work.


          1. Professionals shouldn’t need to cooperate with amateurs throwing sounds together(which tend to be better) at their spare time.

            And these are Italians we are talking about. They are not going to throw away their ego just like that.


            1. Yea right… but if those amateurs think they’re that better they should offer cooperation and not insult. Otherwise just stay quiet. Everyone can moan and cry, but actually doing something goes further than that. So unfortunately, you’re telling those modders to just resort to moaning and crying.


  10. So someone who doesn’t break AC forum rules is banned and people here defending the ban, just shows the level of objectivity of simracing community,

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    1. If someone insults you on the street you won’t allow him in your house. Do you think you get immunity just because you didn’t insult them inside the forum? Those insults were specifically targeted to a kunos dev, so it really doesn’t matter the place where you did them. Is not like he was prevented access from the game or from modding, he can still do that, just not use the support forum for the game.


      1. If that user isn’t giving problems in their forum, yes, they should allow him. Otherwise it’s pure censorship.

        Meanwhile their dog Hornbuckle has been reported many times after insulting certain forum users and they have never done anything.

        So basically they act like a dictatorial regime, where you can do whatever you want if you are on their side, but if you are not, you can be banned for a random comment in a private group on a social network.

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        1. So you’re saying if Amplified would have written in their forum what he wrote in the facebook group then his ban would be valid but because it wasn’t written in the forum his ban isn’t valid?

          That is the same as making a video on youtube insulting your teachers and the school and then expect immunity because it wasn’t said inside the school but recorded at home.

          If Amplified really expresses himself about Kunos that way, then I see why they don’t want him in their facilities. But he can still play the game, he can still mod, he can still upload to Racedepartment. But he won’t be able to use Kunos support forum because he personally insulted a dev member. This isn’t about forum rules, is about actions and consequences between people.


          1. People shit-talk PRC virtually everywhere. Users like SeriousSpy are one of our most prominent critics. We still allow him to post here, as we do with Horncuck, SRD stalkers, Associat0r… etc. It’s really not a big issue for us. Chasing after each individual autist to ban them would be a major waste of time and accomplish nothing.

            Why Kunos would intentionally sneak into private forums and punish those who partake in shitposting is beyond me. And no, a message board isn’t somebody’s house – it’s a message board. There’s gonna be some shit. Comes with the territory. Stop pretending it’s something it isn’t.

            If EA was doing this, it would blow up the related Subreddits. Kunos doing it? The psychotic AC fanboys bend over backwards to defend them. Meanwhile, game still delayed, sounds still suck, press events used to sway reviewers… None of this is a wise way to run a business.

            Makes us look like the sane ones when any AC article is instantly met with a flurry of apologists actively endorsing censorship over the quality of a product they’ve bought.


            1. You have not done anything, your website is rubbish and offers nothing, instead they have a product with a lot of work behind, there are people who can not behave that should be eliminated. Other people try to believe that the product is bad without proof. Simply it is eliminating this toxic people not because it brings nothing but hatred. The life of these people is empty and believe themselves superior to others.

              They do not feed them toxic combiene people, however PRC is a cave of them.


                1. “This [insert a sim racing game here] is bad because they don’t do things how we specifically want, so we will make a shit ton of articles about it”. – James 2015-2016.

                  “They are banning users who insult the devs and we don’t agree with it because we can say what we want” – James 2015-2016.

                  (if you’re gonna say “but. but.. a kunos dev also said some things about us that we didn’t like”, then you are also free to stop using their forum if you feel disrespected)


  11. I think banning somebody on official forum when he insulted team somewhere else is alright (ti is their forum after all), Kunos way of comunicating with players and reacting to criticism (even if it is often very poorely formulated criticism) is not doing them any good …

    Take Reiza or Sector 3 … S3 got smashed by AI quality decrease after physics updated. Sometimes in pretty insultive way … they reaction was calm, respectful, stating that they are not happy with it either, that after those physics patches AI requires more work and they are looking in to it … same with Reiza. And players calms down, appriciate their work, forum enviroment is more healthy.


  12. ” A snitch got into the confines of the private group, and sent everything off to the iRacing stewards, who obviously weren’t happy that their iron fist did not extend past the member forums.” So they are snitches if they give info to devs, but highly trusted sources if they give you the info? remember #KunosTurn10gate


  13. Well Amplifiednl, i’ll just say it in dutch.

    Eigen schuld, dikke bult jongen.

    I liked your sounds but what you did here is not constructive criticism, this is trolling, towards a man who spends a lot of effort helping people on the forums, and creating sounds in a short timeframe. Also he actually gets his sounds done. He doesn’t have 50 wip projects like you do that never get done.
    Think about it.

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  14. I think it’s funny that you got banned from Assetto Corsa video game forums and decided to dedicate your time to write crying rant and send it uncle James.


  15. Not sure who this AmplifiedNL-guy is. But Kunos made the right decision to ban him for insulting the devs for no reason. You can like sounds or not, but calling a dev retarded and his work crap just deserved to get banned. AmplifiedNL is a douchbag.

    Not sure why this story deserves to be told.


    1. Probably because the developers themselves go around calling everyone retarded and act like it’s no big deal.


      1. But where’s the hard-proof the origin of this ‘story’ (i.e. the FB group) had Kunos-involvement from the start?, which is what the story implies.

        For all we know, it was probably a fanboy in the FB group who brought it up to Kunos or something.


      2. Then you have the right to stop using the forum if you feel disrespected. I don’t feel disrespected with that tweet, so no point for me leaving. I’m still feeling good.


      3. I don´t think there´s anything wrong behind that tweet. Haters are stupid individuals, hating on the tiniest things they can find, even if you see the nonsense from 100m away. So, that tweet just tells the truth. The story in your article doesn´t. It just shows that AmplifiedNL isn´t smart enough to set things into context and hate about things he obvisiously has no idea about. He´s a hobby modder with infinite time to rip Youtube-sounds every evening and mix them together. A paint sound artist has a time- and money budget he has to work with. And that alone makes huge differences.


  16. Love PRC’s new reputation of “place where butthurt banned teenagers come to vent”.

    These idiots rip audio from youtube videos and think they’re geniuses. Fucking retards.

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  17. Amazing, buy something, look into that slowly to discover that what you buy its not perfect, or not that perfect like they said you, look more slowly into the issues and shame the creator of a certaint part or whatever you want in a private place, get tracked by some dicksucker spy and boom, PROBLEMS.

    What is the advantage if you have had buy the game over piracy?

    1º Instant updates, no waits.

    2º Play online with the genuine comunity, it not has to be more good than the pirated comunity, i know games where is more good to play on pirated servers than in the originals one. R6Siege for put an example.

    3º Gain acces to the forums, in this case (AC) to read and writte.

    Forums of a game should be open to read for anyone, owns or not the game, its ok that only registered users can download and writte in the forum. If you dont allow people who dont have the game to read official forums its because you think that what you have inside your iron curtain its going to has a negative effect on the sales. If you join after pay and you dislike it, no problem, we already have your money, now you are a usseles shit until another DLC comes out, or when they make another game, we dont forgot, if you lie me once its your fault, but if you lie me twice then its absolutely my fault.

    So, this guy has been privated of hes right to read and writte and download from AC forums because he has an opinion about a developer, what the fuck you want guys? to be semigods? to be the best in something? this is not going to be posible in that large world, and if you are the best in something its not going to be forever, someone its going to come and rekt you, so be ready and loose with style, be a gentlemen and congrats the new winner.

    The anonymous dicksukers here, use your names bastards, be mans…all day hidding to suck dicks, get out of here stalkers! Kunos didnt make a good decision, Kunos itself its throwing stones to hes roof doing that stupid actions, and not taking into account their customers oppinions.

    Do you know what a guy who has not much idea or its relatively new into simracing when he wants to start seriously in that? ask people who has been doing that for a lot of years and listen to hes veteran words, that way no one voice is going to pronunce AC like no one veteran says heeey mate buy a wheel and come with me to play gran turismo 6 bro, this is the best ever.

    They are going to say, did you listen about iracing yes, its fine, but save the money and use it on better wheel, handbrake or controllers, and buy Automobilista, because its the cheapest here, has a pretty nice selection of cars, its made buy a guy who knows whats is doing because hes hobby is that from lot of years ago (he worked for us for free for a lot of years with passion), has a pretty nice good sounds, and you can search for a private championship and know nice people for sure. Its so hard, and has even simulated gearboxes, so you are going to need to study some driving techniques for every car, so dont expect to jump on track and be the fastest in 3 laps, this is not going to happen.

    Now go back to work to make another DLC pack, you have to make 8 more that year, hurry up, feed your idiots with more cars…RIP

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      1. You’re just an AC spastic who can’t comprehend the beautiful prose of critics like Hash or HiTTeR.

        “I beat my Kids” – Hash


  18. AC is currently going down the tubes, both from a technical and customer relations standpoint. Meanwhile Forza is priming for a full PC release, Codies acquired the Driveclub guys (and learnt what customers actually want from Dirt Rally), and titles like AMS are pretty solid atm BUT also “transitional”, existing as a sign of greater things to come in the near future. They’re not perfect, but it clear they make efforts to address the most glaring flaws in their product.

    My sincere advice to Kunos would be to make selectable pc and console modes with differing grip values if “consolification” is such a concern. Also hire a good PR rep to deal exclusively with the customers and instead personally focus all efforts on making the game good. Getting into petty ego battles with critics only wastes energy and fosters all around discontent and no confidence.


  19. “Kunos are wasting development time by feeding me fake rumors and intentionally sneaking into private forums”

    It’s difficult to comprehend the mental retardation needed to make these statements with such finality.

    Two sound modders who incorrectly think very highly of themselves were banned for attacking not only the work of, but the person whose job they wanted. AmplifiedNL seems like a person who has zero concept of civil behavior, or modesty when it comes to his mediocre skills.

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  20. I mean, yes, the sound in AC is not great. But what did this guy expect calling Kunos’ sound guy retarded? What did he think they would do, say “yes we are retarded, please show us the error of our ways”? These devs are dumb, but a lot of the community is even dumber. If you really have an issue and want to see improvements, don’t be a dick about it. You might be surprised how far being polite gets you.

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    1. From a business perspective, I would be concerned about the fact that most people are playing it because theres not much competition atm. In regards to mass appeal, its doing well because what other supercar oriented sim is there? Project Cars? Right now sales are good, but its important to keep in mind that the sim-racing community is like a herd of animals that quickly moves on to greener pastures as they become available. Can AC overcome its current faults in time to hold up against true competition thats right around the corner? I’m not so sure about that given the way Kunos handles resources. Having a well-perceived image is important too, things are much easier when you have a large base of customers who believe in you and spread the good word.


        1. I see AC as servicing two audiences: the Forza/GranTurismo crowd, and the “pure sim” crowd. The former has a full Forza PC release to look forward to soon, as well as the next game by Codemasters/Evolution Studios (driveclub). This game may also appeal to the pure sim crowd as well if they took notes from the success of Dirt Rally. Finally, it seems the sim crowd has the 2017 offering (new engine) from Reiza to look forward to, with possibly a new game from ISI, if their abandonment of RF2 and reallocation of resources into a mystery project is to believed. If thats the case, one would hope that they learned the lessons that needed to be learned from the RF2 debacle.

          Also, there are always games that seemingly come out of nowhere all the time. Its certainly possible within the next couple of years, although I personally wouldn’t bank on it too much.


  21. Just forget about this broken mess called Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 is already superior in everyway when it comes to physics not to mention all essential features AC is missing like day/night cycle, rain, lack of proper AI. etc. etc. Well I assume you know rest of the list since already I have posted it here on a few occasions.


  22. Considering that ISI is not capable to use their wonderful physics engine at it’s best they should release the source code to everyone. At least this way they could help the humanity and the sim racing communities/developers.


    1. They can’t, people would immediately find all the parts of it that have no simulation value and kill the game off permanently.


      1. Killing the game or releasing the source (in case it isn’t broken) would be better for everyone compared to what ISI provides now. LOL


  23. Hilarious how Kunos would rather go on a witch hunt to search for users who criticizes them and ban them from the forums, than to work on their own game. I can see why AC lacks simulation value as the developers are all a bunch of pricks. The casual console sims like GT and Forza will HUGELY outsell AC, and I bet the console version of AC will be plagued with major bugs at launch, just like PCars.


    1. Couldn´t it be that someone else told Kunos about the rant of AmplifiedNL? Or that they incidentally saw these posts? Every thought about that?


  24. Dumb kid acts like has Tourette syndrome because he never figured out human interactions, gets internet banned.

    Riveting fucking story.


  25. Can someone show some sound mod from Amplified? The things I heard in the sound modding forum section are incomplete/don’t sound as the real car sounds.


  26. well you did get one thing right, the r34 is from an ameteur modeler. and subsequently ruined the model in the process by removing all the detail the original modder put into it. and he cant even release the different trim levels he was planning on because kunos bought the model and told him he cant modify and release his own work because they own it , which in turn also means the NA spec miata mod is a lost cause because of kunos’ shitty contracts. literally fuck them.


    1. If you don’t want your models to suffer changes according to the manufacturers then don’t sell and just release as a mod. But the person who did the R34 model was ok with it and also said he will create a new model to release as mod + some stage upgrades since the manufacturer license doesn’t allow it for this car.


  27. Well I don’t see the big queue of people waiting at the door to publish sound mods. Many of the more talented sound designers have already left.

    By banning people the only people that are likely to lose out is the end user, so really they are simply just punishing the AC community if after getting a ban the modder decides he doesn’t want to mod for AC any more.

    Very short sighted on Kunos’s behalf. Instead of banning them why not send him a PM asking for help or advice or reaching out in a positive way rather than a negative shutdown and denial. Banning will only create more resentment. Very short sighted approach.

    For the record, AmplifiedNL is pretty much spot on. I won’t go as far as he has with regards the state of AC’s sounds, but they are very hit and miss. Some cars sound ok, a few sound great, a lot sound awful. The Sauber C9 and Ferrari 458 GT2 are probably among their best efforts, then you have other guff like the Alfa GTA and Ford Escort, which sound pretty bad. Some of their sound design “choices” are simply baffling.


    1. Being a modder gives you privilege to go ape shit on the devs?

      “For the record, AmplifiedNL is pretty much spot on. I won’t go as far as he has with regards the state of AC’s sounds, but they are very hit and miss.”

      Can you show me his work, all I’ve seen from him is incomplete stuff, stuff that doesn’t sound like the real car, or too similar/same as what’s originally in the game.

      “Very short sighted on Kunos’s behalf. Instead of banning them why not send him a PM asking for help or advice or reaching out in a positive way rather than a negative shutdown and denial. Banning will only create more resentment. Very short sighted approach.”

      Very short sighted from Amplified’s part, not from Kunos. If Amplified really thinks he can do better or he has more knowledge, he should seek out discussion with the devs about sound techniques or better ways, and not start insulting the devs. That’s very short sighted approach.


      1. Kunos have repeatedly shown that they rarely respond to requests, emails or questions even. Why should a similar request about the quality of the sound all of a sudden get attention and then action? People won’t do it because they know they will just be ignored.

        Modding in general provides much added value to a title. Whilst the modding scene in AC is probably the best of any current sim title, if they piss off enough people, they will simply just leave or give up on a title. Kunos need to understand that, but it seems right now, they don’t. Continuously breaking stuff without any communication beforehand just shows how much they value modders. Granted this has largely stopped or is now a much rarer occurrence, but some months ago when they were regularly updating fmod, it broke mods all the time.


        1. How are they pissing modders off? Some of the modders appear to piss themselves off because they don’t like how the original sounds are in the game. But is that an excuse to go ape shit on the devs? That’s why modding exists in the game, to make something better if you are better. Or make something of your own, not necessarily having to be better than the game. And ultimately people will be your judge. If they like the sound mods better, then use them. If you like or are just fine with the game original sounds, then happy playing.


        2. When the mod sounds needed to be update was about a year ago when the fmod project was updated, and that was just for remaking the .bank and reupload your mod. How is that continuously? If you’re talking when the game updates and the sound doesn’t work, that’s because the update sometimes overwrites custom files with game original, that will happen for any game. So all you need to do is reinstall the modded sfx.


          1. There was that with the Fmod (and some modders decided not to bother updating their work). And also more recently KS *decided* to change the driver model, for what was really no reason. UV mapping and all, was all changed. Again, more work for modders, for what purpose?

            Continuously? Well from memory the sound mods were broken maybe 4-5 times then now the driver model change, so call it 6 times. Its not an issue for a modder who is constantly active or always updates their work. However for some legacy work or work where a modder doesn’t update it that regularly, it can be an issue.


            1. Either way, this guy Amplified is more talk than providing.

              Look here his massive work in progress list since 2014:

              And then ones he released is for cars that don’t come with the game, and for the game cars the sounds are different from how the cars sound originally, or in some parts too similar to original game audio.

              To me, despite the insults to the devs, his work is not backing up his cause.


        3. I would like to see you spending hours every day to read emails and requests and answer them all together. No developer has the duty to play babysitter for thousands of impatient customers. You can be sure that they probably read a lot and note a lot. But answering every post or request? LOL Who is paying that?


  28. A rare PRC article I don’t generally disagree with.

    On another note, the number of people here who aren’t bothered by the banning is startling. I guess people really adore authoritarians at every turn. People are tribal bullies I suppose.


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