rFactor 2 to Receive Modern IndyCars?

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Embark on a wonderful journey through the depths of your favorite sim racing message board, and you’ll be surprised at what can be found. Buried inside the unedited community screenshots thread maintained by Image Space Incorporated for rFactor 2, is this little gem of a custom livery picture – but obviously it’s much more than the Scott Dixon knock-off we’re interested in. rFactor 2 community member Navigator has quickly thrown together his own personal Chip Ganassi entry with the familiar brandings of Target and the Coca-Cola company, but the IndyCar he’s designed the livery for isn’t publicly available for rFactor 2.

Released by payware modding group UnitedRacingDesign for Assetto Corsa, the Formula Challenge package was an unlicensed 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series bundle built with data supplied by Image Space Incorporated themselves. The shot above is clearly taken inside of rFactor 2, indicating we may soon see these cars become available for a simulator that is technically superior to Assetto Corsa, yet many are choosing to abandon due to lackluster support from the developers, as well as a sharp decline in popularity. A few weeks ago, we posted a few bits of circumstantial evidence outlining the possibility that ISI may be hard at work building a dedicated Verizon IndyCar Series game, and now that we’ve got tangible evidence that some individuals indeed are turning laps in these cars – albeit in private – there’s got to be some reason these cars are being withheld from the general public. To ignite interest in rFactor 2, ISI needs to desperately pump out worthwhile content for their game at a rapid pace – and these cars would do exactly that – so it’s very strange these would be intentionally kept private for the time being. Either it’s another case of mismanagement on ISI’s part, or something much bigger is being built behind the scenes.

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According to Chris Lesperance in a topic dedicated to discussing the matter, UnitedRacingDesign have came out and said they’re willing to work with Image Space Incorporated in bringing modern IndyCars to rFactor 2, but licensing issues are the main hurdle to overcome. Again, these cars are clearly in rotation among a handful of beta testers, so we’ll no doubt hear more about this project sooner rather than later. Hopefully, our suspicions about a future IndyCar title are correct, and this will be much more than just the 2015 Honda and Chevy IndyCars shoehorned into the very odd selection of first party content available in rFactor 2.


40 thoughts on “rFactor 2 to Receive Modern IndyCars?

  1. rFactor 2 is not even close worth the $85 asking price, online is ALMOST dead, game lacks content if i don’t count few GUESSWORK mods, graphics are mediocre at best but performance is still low with full grid compared to games with SUPERIOR graphics..


    1. Pretty much this. It’s AC’s and iRacing’s world, everyone else is just living in it. I can’t believe ISI is making any kind of profit from rF2 at this stage.


      1. AC? been thrashing lately,peeps online,but ppl arent really racing, not in my time zone anyway.

        from most populated..

        Nords cruise
        Nords cruise DLC 2
        Nords cruise JDM
        Drift (ripped models)
        MX 5 cup (only 5 bloody laps)
        Drift (ripped models)
        Drift (ripped models)
        The cliche GT3 server with again only 5 laps if that
        the GT2 server running Spa for the last 20 years

        Like empty box said on race department, AC does have some decent race cars 90’s DTM, GT1,group C,historic F1 but what does the general AC community choose to do over and over, ripped forza mods for mad drifts and nords Cruising where barely 2 ppl in the server can put a time down, any “racing” is using the easiest cars available, normally max grip and a tiny amount of laps with races barely reaching 15min, SRS in aussie/NZ times is dead also.

        I find as much proper races in rf2 as AC DESPITE the numbers difference, also in rf2 MP I dont have to worry about “trolls” and “wreckers”, unlike almost every AC server I visit.


        1. It’s months since the last time I found a troll or a wrecker. I’ve had accidents or people who aren’t too sure of their close racing experience, but those kind of trolls/wreckers are so 2014, when the multiplayer in the game was in its infancy.


          1. Wow, lucky boy, wish MP (in any sim) was as populated in my timezone as that, but apart from that teh makeup of the servers is almost exactly what I said,”trackdays”, drifting with shit rips and gt3/2 and I bet most of those “race” servers arent for much longer than 15 mins,yawn, I see TWO servers running the AC cobra outta all those servers, DESPITE large amount of players, anybody would think AC community are scared of the best cars available in game.


  2. You can’t increase popularity of something (rF2) with something else (Indycars) that nobody cares about.

    Only small percentages of people follow those cars outside of NA because the majority of us non-north americans do not care about Indycar or Nascar.

    I, as an italian, personally followed Nascar for 20 years because Jeff Gordon raced there and in the ’90s the rainbow scheme was the best livery on the field and followed Indycar/Champcar for the same amount of time because fellow italians Alex Zanardi and Max Papis were frontrunners in the late ’90s.

    But I’m one of the few exceptions. Most people on this side of the Atlantic (Or the Pacific for Aussies and asians) do not care in the slightest for Nascar and Indycar. And for a company such as ISI to hope that something which is relevant only in North America (And probably Canada when you’re not busy getting drunk, fucking moose or watching NHL/whatever the Canadian equivalent of NHL is) will help rF2 to gain more audience is delusional at best. And according to tv ratings, most people in the USA do not care about Nascar and Indycar either with less than 1m people watching the last race either.


    Plus, why would someone buy and play rF2 because of Nascar and Indycar models being available when there’s already iRenting? That game is garbage, but why would a potential customer choose a game played by 10 people when a competitor game has 1000 players?

    What’s even the point?

    Sorry Oggy, but all these articles trying to push Nascar and Indycar to your audience will boost your views for sure, but it will not help earning ISI (Or any game which is not iRenting) new players.

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    1. Plus, why would someone buy and play rF2 because of Nascar and Indycar models being available when there’s already iRenting?

      Single player


      1. Single player is not enough if there is not enough content to support it. There are not enough tracks to support any of the two series.


    2. As an American, I couldn’t care less about NASCAR or Indy either. I do not find the racing interesting, especially on the ovals. I also find the marketing, especially of NASCAR, to be incredibly off-putting. Indycar just has no money and no one, not even in the US, has cared about that series since 1998 or so. It seems to me that European racing, be it open wheel, or touring cars, or endurance just has a bigger following and those are what more sim racing customers are interested on a global level.

      Putting this car in rF2 will not change anything. Indycar is not the kind of big, exciting content that the sim needs.


      1. I’ve had way more fun watching the TCR races at Imola yesterday (Race 1-Race 2 sprint races format) plus GT Open at Spa (One of the many generic/semi-obscure GT3 series, but the combination GT3+Spa+Rain is pure spectacle) than all the Indycar/Nascar that took place so far this year.

        No modern game can survive without something appealing to the fans WORLDWIDE, not appealing to the fans of a single country. We do not care about Indycars or Nascars. We care about F1, GT3, WEC, all kind of cars that are followed by millions of people every week unlike american races that aren’t even followed by their own audience because they suck balls.

        The Indianapolis 500 is barely surviving because of its history and I’ll personally watch it live for sure, but at the race they held there last week on the GP course (On the exact same track), 3/4 of the grandstands were completely empty and there were probably more crew members and marshalls than spectators.

        Take Nascar and Indycar and throw them down a ditch. Nobody will miss them, simracers and random spectators alike.


    3. “And probably Canada when you’re not busy getting drunk, fucking moose or…”

      God dammit, I laughed pretty good at that bit, thank-you.


  3. “”become available for a simulator that is technically superior to Assetto Corsa””




        1. I bet James will like LFS more than any of the current sims. But since LFS won’t offer him all the packages like Raceroom did, he won’t put a meaningful article about the game.


  4. I just don’t understand the constant hate for rf2, it’s ridiculous. Do you want one of the oldest and most consequential devs to just go away. It just doesn’t make sense and it wouldn’t be at all good for sim racing.


    1. I think many agrees that their engine is one of the most mature. However the lack of communication, their inability to release basic stuff that has been promised years ago, lack of content is slowly but surely burying the project in the grave by the ISI themselves.
      Do not put the fault on some small group of trolls in niche websites as PRC which has no impact when it comes to random people choosing to buy rF2 or not.
      With constantly increasing competition of sims and simcades in PC market the ISI will be responsible for their project death if things do not change (if it’s already not too late).


      1. Every sim community has some trolls and shills who promote their sim there and there but rFactor is the only one which has few but very vocal autistic users who constantly keep ATTACKING everything that is not rFactor on various mainstream websites/forums/blogs. No other sim community has such offensive activity against other sim communities. rFactor users are the ones who spread hate and think of themselves as better.


        1. What a utter load of teen dribble, AC dweebs are constantly bagging the shit outta forza and pcars of this world,with a sense of superiority, because you think you have more “simulation value”, yet when someone that enjoys rf2 points out the many features and aspects rf2 has over AC “simulation value” thats somehow different?, the moment a AC article goes up a army of anoms attack it.

          You fucking spastic cunts was all over this page when Pcars was getting a thrashing, the Anom AC pussy brigade, lord kunos has his eye on you, dont dare use your real (posting) name, kunos might bust ya visiting, fucking pussys lol.


          1. >complains about people in AC community
            >behaves worse than a 3yo.

            What a macho man Hash.

            So if you don’t want people trashing forza/pcars, why do you endorse people who trash AC? I have yet to see anyone talk about forza/pcars as shitty as Hash talks about AC.


            1. Oh fuck up, I play AC, I dont “trash” talk it, I talk about the lack of features, poor AI, and Poor Netcode, 2 of which have finally improved a bit a full year and 3 DLCs later, still far from “acceptable”, AC needed to be where 1.6 is at 1.1.

              The regular “vocal” AC community (you cunts know who you are) however is just horrendous, and (ironically) isnt too far from WMD levels, and since AC attracts all the filthy casual plebs too,”sim” sites are overrun with comments that belong more at IGN and console war forums, not a sim community.

              The “vocal” AC community is so full of wannabes and posers that are really just looking for a good looking casual car game,but would rather drag sims down to their level, then them to up skill themselves to enjoy more advanced and accurate sims, or even the proper race cars within AC.

              “I have yet to see anyone talk about forza/pcars as shitty as Hash talks about AC.”

              You are so full of shit cunt.


              1. Cry me some more.
                Yet you are blind at all the disingenuous comments about AC, from the typical rfactor fans. And you are one of them. Problem is not about being a fan of whatever game you like more or think is better, but is about the constant disingenuous comments about any sim that isn’t rf1/2.


  5. I think no one is trying to increse the popularity of rFactor 2 or whatever you try to argue, for that they can set up just now a championship in hours, PRC championship, pick up some cars, and some tracks, and host a server, make some kind of forum to support that and start to paint skins to the championship and all that things, make some presentations on forum and invite some people. 2 weeks before, you will see a full grid of great racers enjoying RF2 inside a server with password…Easy, its not needed a server list full of casuals who joins 10 minutes crash 10 times and left, to enjoy a sim, just a well organizated championship with realistic wheather and all that nice features.


  6. Indy racing is purely american motorsport. Big heavy, openwheel cars going ridiculously fast. RF2 would be smart to put out new content for these cars as they do have a large following within the rf2 community. That said if they want to breath new life into the series they need to seriously consider what their user base wants, things like DTM, F1 (not just the generic Forumula ISI), WTCC and other touring series which have a wide appeal on both sides of the ocean. That said I love indy racing and cannot wait to see if the 2015 spec car makes it in, but if they do a half assed job and dont include the features the community has been asking for since the first DW12 (Push to Pass, increased turbo, in-car weight jacker, full aero options etc)


    1. You’re right about needing a bigger draw than Indy. But there’s two big problems. There is no way ISI has the kind of $ to secure a license like that. Not to mention F1 has already given Codemasters the license. Raceroom has DTM and WTCC. I mean Indy is ok I guess. Not many people really care about it in the grand scheme of things though. The series certainly isn’t what it used to be two decades ago. It might have been a bigger deal if the game launched with a lot of official Indycar content: cars, tracks, drivers, etc. But that didn’t happen, and in all likelihood will not. Even if it did, you’re kidding yourself if you think ISI could get all of that released in less than 3-5 years given their track record of extremely sluggish releases.


  7. I really cannot see many people getting excited about the current Indycars appearing in any game.They have to be the ugliest race cars around with all those stupid bits stuck on that fall off all over the track.

    What would make people buy RF2 is about 3 makes of Indycar from the 1960s,3 from the 1970s,3 from the 1980s and 3 from the 1990s.That would create some serious interest but we know that aint gonna happen.


    1. So essentially copying the Reiza formula? Oh yes, we can see the smash hit success of that…

      No mate, i want a COMPLETE game for a change.


    2. At least for the ’90s, there’s Cart Factor for rF1 which is considered one of the best mods for that game. Then there’s a 1973 mod released just few weeks ago by HistoricSimRacing and of course the original Gasoline Alley mod for the ’60s with a 1960 version of Indianapolis aswell (Not paved, the real brickyard). There is also a mod for the ’80s currently wip by, again, HistoricSimRacing.


  8. This wouldn’t be the content to bring me back to rF2 (or any spin-off title). I have zero interest in oval racing and any series that incorporates it.

    rFactor2 may be a very proficient sim but it’s a very poor product. It really cannot hold its own against the competition which all offer a better all-round package and a compelling ‘game’.

    ISI’s biggest failure was the hope that modders would fill in the blanks and produce the interesting content. With a product this esoteric that was never going to happen. So rF2 is left with a lacklustre stock content offering. One GT3 car, one GT2 car, one BTCC car, a handful of renowned tracks. This is the stuff people want to race and rF2 doesn’t deliver.

    Add drab visuals and a dated UI and it’s easy to see why this sim is a ghost town.


    1. “rFactor2 may be a very proficient sim but it’s a very poor product. It really cannot hold its own against the competition which all offer a better all-round package and a compelling ‘game’.”

      Elaborate, what does RF2 not have that others have? keep hearing this rubbish, if updated shaders and dx11 is all I get for a extremely watered down sim, fucking keep it son.

      “ISI’s biggest failure was the hope that modders would fill in the blanks and produce the interesting content. With a product this esoteric that was never going to happen.”

      “One GT3 car, one GT2 car, one BTCC car”

      Erm well except they have, full grids none the less, Apex GT3,URD or soon Enduro racers and the excellent BTCC mod.


  9. New Indycar content to ‘save’ rFactor2, has about the same chance of working as Indycar does for ‘saving’ OVG.


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