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Acting as little more than a third party marketing tool, the gaming division of Red Bull have published yet another thinly-disguised piece of propaganda meant to push Assetto Corsa on the masses. For quite some time, it’s been a poorly kept secret that video game journalism is anything but – instead operating  as an extension of a developer’s advertisement campaign – but given how well-informed we are in regards to the world of sim racing, it’s difficult to stomach a developer outright lying to both current and potential customers in such a widely-circulated interview. Watching Ian Bell and his henchmen spread the gospel of Project CARS became a nauseating experience – especially after the game failed to impress upon release – but now that we’re in the middle of experiencing the second round of this mayhem, it would be nice if we were subjected to significantly less bone-headed or ill-advised responses. The sim racing community, and developers within our genre, were supposed to learn something from how Slightly Mad Studios aggressively promoted Project CARS, not copy what they’ve done.

To summarize the recent interview Red Bull Gaming have conducted with Stefano Casillo of Kunos Simulazioni, and why we’re talking about this article in particular today, buried within an admittedly well-written article are three hilarious nuggets of information that are straight up contradictory. Any developer willing to talk candidly about the development of their game obviously has a big set of balls to begin with, and they deserve a pat on the back for willing to answer any interview questions at all, but in this situation, Kunos really could have used a proper gameplan. There was some stuff that came out – either intentionally or by accident – that really should have required another pass through.

That isn’t to say the article is a completely pessimistic read, however. I personally enjoyed the parts where Stefano discussed the process of acquiring licenses, and how the game’s reputation directly affected which brands they could pursue, and when. It was neat to hear how Lamborghini initially denied their requests to work with them, until they caught wind of Ferrari joining in on the fun. And as a PS3 owner who’s always known about the console’s shortcomings, it was interesting to hear Stefano openly state how the PS3 was a “completely different animal required dedicated everything.” It explains why I’m having to resort to obscure PS2 titles for my lighthearted racing fix. Motorstorm and Gran Turismo 6 just don’t cut it.

But alas, on with the show.


We start with Stefano claiming the second delay for the next generation console version of Assetto Corsa can be attributed to the summer holidays and… European football? Yeah, no, I’m not buying that one. No company in their right mind, after delaying their game once for “extra polish”, would seriously approach their publisher and say “can we wait another two months? Football is on.” This is the literal equivalent of refusing to hand in your high school English assignment on the due date, and giving your teacher the excuse of “I had to pick up my sister from cheer practice.”

The already poor excuse is magnified by the fact that the game’s official forums are loaded with reports of bugs and glitches that have no place in a consumer product, indicating this delay clearly isn’t related to a strategic release at the end of summer holidays. Considering these forums can be viewed by anyone who’s already purchased the PC game, people are going to figure out mighty quick that you’re lying to them, and that your team is scrambling around behind the scenes to squash bugs. The screenshot above is one taken of the forums circa Version 1.5 – so around the time the console version was originally scheduled to be released – and here Stefano is instead chalking the delay up to football matches, even though it can be demonstrated that shit was going very wrong and required much more time on the project.


We move on to Stefano claiming the game’s artificial intelligence uses the same physics as the player’s vehicle, even elaborating on the fact that other games use simplistic models to cut down on CPU load and increase the overall framerate. He continues on this subject, explaining how in other games – most notably isiMotor simulators – that AI cars using the traditional method of artificial intelligence technology run alternative lines where they’re either too slow in one corner, or too fast on a particular straight section. Assetto Corsa’s AI is said to not be using any “cheats” whatsoever – they’re driving the same cars you are.

Is that so? Then why, in this video from a few months ago, can an AI car be rear-ended at 120 MPH, and still make the corner?

Why, when a top level open wheel car is knocked off the racing line by another opponent, can the AI manipulate the car into a chain of drifts that would make Formula D participants blush? This is the exact behavior Stefano is claiming the AI in Assetto Corsa doesn’t exhibit, and yet it’s available for everyone to see on YouTube in multiple situations.

Maybe it’s a technicality, and grip hacks are only temporarily employed to keep the AI cars out of trouble, but the point still stands. We’re told in the Red Bull interview that the AI won’t cheat, and it’s driving with the exact same physics as the player’s car, only for this to be proven demonstrably false. It’s not really the exact same physics if Formula One cars can conquer the grass like nothing, and McLaren street cars can execute perfect hairpin turns at 100 MPH after an intentional shunt.


Lastly, and this is my favorite capture by far, is Stefano’s hypocritical stance on Virtual Reality technology. Less than two months ago, Stefano had angrily taken to Twitter after Oculus Rift and HTC Vive fanboys inquired about Virtual Reality support within Assetto Corsa, and promptly labelled them the “VR Mafia,” even saying he would begin blocking people for merely continuing to ask him about it. In the Red Bull Interview, he states this is a piece of technology that excites him. Back in late March, he brags about blocking people on Twitter for talking to him about it. People are dynamic creatures, and opinions do change, but this is an extremely sharp 180 degree turn in the span of very little time.


The whole piece goes from optimistic and informative, to contradictory and anakastic – which is what I’m hoping wasn’t the feelings Kunos were intending to convey. You can’t honestly tell me that the second delay for Assetto Corsa was due to people supposedly being too preoccupied with football matches, they might completely forget about the release and fail to grab a copy of the game from Wal-Mart. You can’t honestly tell me you’re excited by the new advancements in Virtual Reality technology, when only two months prior you were blocking people on Twitter for merely asking about it. And you seriously can’t say the game’s artificial intelligence abides by a uniform set of driving physics, when people who genuinely enjoy the game are taking to YouTube to document how fucking crazy the AI can be – naming such videos as “physics-defying AI” to drill home the point.

We will understandably get a lot of flak for this article, as we do with basically every piece we publish on Assetto Corsa, but in this instance, what the developer has said in public, and what’s actually occurring within the game, are two very different things. And will those who were invited to the recent press event at Vallelunga dare to discuss them?

Hell no. So, like always, that duty gets pushed onto us, and within 24-48 hours, we’ll be accused of having an irrational vendetta for merely pointing this stuff out.


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  1. Maybe they are using some “hacks” in the extreme situations.
    Apart from that aspect, the AI has basically perfect control of the steering and pedals. That’s why they don’t use ABS/TC assists as the Player but their control of the steering and pedals is pre-programmed to not let the wheels lose traction and/or lock under braking. Then in the abnormal situations when they are in a massive crash or deep outside the road, it seems they receive super powers.

    I don’t have knowledge about the reasoning behind this, but I would prefer if the AI was more human in controlling the steering and pedals, even in abnormal situations. Or even uses the factory assists for the car but beyond that to have the same world physics as the Player.


    1. ps. I’ve seen them lock under braking sometimes in the older cars or even in the modern ones, but the more assisted aspect is with the traction, stability, and perhaps some extra ones for the recoveries.


    2. From Casillo: AI uses ABS and TC .. just better implementation than player has, it also uses stability assists – hence that weird unrealistic behaviour


  2. I see nothing new or newsworthy here. The AI has been completely fucked since it was implemented. Stefano is a weird, angry guy with zero PR skills. The game is buggy as hell. All of this is well known. What a sad state of affairs.

    And by the way, you’re hardly one to be questioning the journalistic practices of others. You might have a point about shilling in articles, but you’re not exactly a shining example of journalistic integrity. Just saying.


      1. #KunosTurn10NeverForget 😉 – Sorry, had to.

        Also – “how well-informed we are”, I think others will agree that’s debatable at the least.

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        1. It’s basically saying that we actually read forums to some extent, and know that certain elements of the interview contradict what’s happening with the game.


          1. anakastic?

            We know you’re a bright guy, but if you’re going to use such an esoteric adjective, please spell it right. At least then I can easily look it up, and learn you’re not really using it appropriately.

            That said, the post was interesting, if a little bit earnest (and we know you’re far from naive).


  3. Gamergate-level stupidity here. Some intern or volunteer wrote this based on shit he googled most likely, there’s always a simpler explanation than an insane conspiracy theory where everyone else is being propped up and a co-opted to push pro-AC propaganda.


  4. But here they are using normal physics when driving in the race. In abnormal situations they receive help with their traction and stability.


      1. But that’s another area, about how the AI performs during racing competition. The article topic is about the extra assists under abnormal situations, mainly when the AI has to recover to the track.


          1. If we are going to discuss physics of the AI drivers, my video is about the “same physics as player” during normal racing. When extra assists happen for AI is in abnormal situations.
            So my post holds valid since there is distinction between when the same physics as player applies and when there’s something more.
            So your analogy is inadequate to what we’re discussing.


  5. How is Stefano hypocritical? He opened a poll about future features and even defended VR in it. It turned out that 25 percent wanted VR support and they delivered it . How the fuck is that hypocritical???

    “I hope it was an educating experience for everybody, it surely was for me :confused: Hopefully many people that thought their pet feature was going to be the obvious winner (myself included) got a different reality to accept now.. some of us will, some of us will continue thinking their opinion is somehow more valuable than others.. I have no sympathy for these people and I wish you a safe and quick recovery from your grandeur illusions.”

    Come on James, you can do better than this….


    1. Hypocritical as in:

      – Stefano literally blocks the VR crowd when they ask about upcoming support
      – “VR Mafia” throws a tantrum on Reddit + AC forums until Kunos eventually cave to their demands
      – Stefano now acts like its this great new feature he’s excited to work on

      Uh huh, such great technology he was telling people off on Twitter when they dared to ask him about it.


      1. ummm, you’re basically describing yourself here James. That AC going to consoles story. When everyone basically knew or suspected because the devs hinted it through social media, suddenly you think you discovered oil just because you made an article when people were already talking in the forums about it.


          1. Those four comments do sound like people who didn’t analyze what was happening. Devs post pictures with ps4 devkits, devs talk in interview about possibility of taking AC to consoles, devs post pictures of Los Angeles at the same time of E3 event. You making an article saying AC is going to consoles has the same value as me guessing it based on all the hints devs shared.
            If you really wanted to make a shocking discovery, that should have been made before the clear hints from the devs.


      2. Are you able to read? He came out and apologized after (that is as close as it gets to saying “I’m sorry, we were wrong”… maybe it is even better… He told the whole forum that everyone that doesn’t agree with VR support are wrong). The whole reason he was against VR is because it takes a lot of time to support it properly AND he thought there is not that much audience for it. Forums showed that there is a lot of people interested in it so they implemented it.

        P.S. The holiday story from stefano is still more believable than your “Turn 10 will buy kunos” shit that you wrote (still didn’t apologize for it… Don’t call that one paragraph and apology). You just don’t throw that kind of info around like it is nothing… Have some fucking respect.


    2. +1

      And James’ favorite: pick skins for online races instead of being pre-assigned to you when joining the server it received little votes. +1 for Stefano when he says that is hard to please all people in sim racing, and those who think know better than others should stop and rethink if others really want the same things as them. Maybe that certain thing is mostly important for you and others can still enjoy the game without it as is trivial. But go ahead, make more articles about how you think the whole sim racing community thinks like you James, and want the same things as you. You’ll learn with time, and developers also learn with time how to improve their games, nothing is set on stone, don’t take the present as definitive.


      1. It’s funny how when a racing sim lacks certain features, fanboys rush to defend it.

        Meanwhile, in the FPS world, Doom shipped without a CTF mode in Online Multiplayer – a pretty big deal considering Arena Shooters and Capture the Flag go hand in hand.

        What did the community do? Bitch at each other for expecting too much, or claim that there is no rule that arena shooters should come with CTF – as is the case with Assetto Corsa and certain omissions?


        620 upvotes. Temporarily made into a sticky topic. Enough said.

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        1. But those who miss some features or other aspects already complained a lot, some more than others. That’s what basically this blog does in almost every AC article or throw in some sarcastic references in other sim articles.

          Those who like the game as is, why are they called fanboys? I’ve seen plenty of people who like the game and still support the devs to improve the game and add more features, tools, settings, content.
          Just because we understand why the devs won’t implement certain features or settings, and just because we don’t moan and cry every week about it, that makes us fanboys?


      2. When it comes to sims, democracy is wrong, there will ALWAYS be more plebs than ppl genuinely interested proper simulation, if you are developing a sim with a mainstream audience deciding its fate, your fucked.

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        1. The fact is that Assetto Corsa was mainly established by the developers themselves, not by a mainstream audience. But during the last two years devs implemented features, tools, settings, that people asked for; including bug fixes reported by the community.
          So no, the mainstream audience didn’t decide its fate. Especially when the whole sim racing audience doesn’t agree with what features to be, which to be on priority, which content to come next. So all these things are decided by the developers themselves. When you don’t agree with it, then find a game which has the things and ways you agree with. I bet there are people who won’t agree with how a game you choose is. Is foolish to think your opinion should prevail.


          1. “The fact is that Assetto Corsa was mainly established by the developers themselves, not by a mainstream audience”

            I understand that, but implementing a “Voting” system may keep the masses happy,but I guarantee simulation side of things will take back seat guaranteed.

            “Especially when the whole sim racing audience doesn’t agree with what features to be”

            Rubbish, maybe priority’s but the sim racing audience (the genuine motor sport fans) agrees perfectly what features are needed, its a race sim, theres very little if any interpretation needed, its the “fanboys” that claim stuff like

            “whole sim racing audience doesn’t agree with what features to be”

            as some kind of excuse for missing features,and also goes back to my original point, the genuine “sim racing audience” is drowned out 10 fold by “gamers” that like supercars, who are generally not even out of their teens, that have almost zero interest in genuine simulation and or actual Motorsports ,just the simulation tag, and a quick 3 lap fix starting from back and being a champion, cause insecure young boys dont like the fact they can barley keep on road, let alone not winning.


            1. There are a lot of oldies who like simple easy and fun games and put apart the harder simulations. There are also a lot of youngsters who like hard games and don’t play candy crush. What’s your point?

              Every sim simulates race cars. There’s one or two who also include supercars and other road cars. Don’t drive or race those if you don’t want. Is not like there’s just one race car in the game, there are a bunch.
              If your logic is that those who prefer supercars instead of a certain race car don’t care about simulation, I’ll let you know that for the simple fact that they care about simulation they like to drive road cars.

              Hardcore sim racers don’t race in the rain more than one time per year; they want 24 hour day support but at 24x fast forward.
              Hardcore sim racers are just casual gamers compared to real life professionals. Stop pretending.

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              1. “There are a lot of oldies who like simple easy and fun games and put apart the harder simulations. There are also a lot of youngsters who like hard games and don’t play candy crush. What’s your point?”

                So AC for you is an easy and fun game, thats right, something inside you proves James is right. People who was born past 1990 they tend to need an arrow on the head telling them the direction of the next objetive, if in one minute they not find a solution to some kind of puzzle the game offers they go youtube and search for a walktrhoug…

                “Hardcore sim racers don’t race in the rain more than one time per year; they want 24 hour day support but at 24x fast forward.
                Hardcore sim racers are just casual gamers compared to real life professionals. Stop pretending.”

                In what kind of stupid fact are you based to say that? i think you only know some pussy simracers, no one of them play or have had played RBR right? I think AC is your first aproach to simulation, other way i can not understand you, you should evolve…i can help you.

                1º Get rid of your bumper cam, start driving inside the cockpit. Search for a tutorial to adjust fov properly.

                2º Start using your 3rd peddal, this one in the left, and your shifter, get rid of unrealistics ways of change gears. If you dont have at least a g25 buy one. Build yourself a handbrake with a cheap joystick. Now learn how to config properly all your controllers.

                3º Dont avoid anymore rain or dirt, avoid optimal tracks, dont raise the temperature to increse the grip, down it instead to a normal 12ºC – 16ºC or to what is normal in the particular track, you have to learn how to drive in a hot environment too. Perfect conditions in a track are not normal.

                4º Practice, center yourself in the techniques, learn how to make heel and toe, adapt your peddals to make it possible.

                5º Now its time to search for a serious championship, select a car and sit on it for months, paint your car, make it yours, learn how to setup it properly for you, every driver needs diferent settup. And now learn how to lose versus some old school alien. Dont worry for the lose, he knows all that steeps like 15 years ago, he has played on rain, on dirt with all kinds of cars you can imagine for more hours than you can make this year without being outside of your home for one sec.

                6º When you have had make all that i said, then you can come here and understand James and understand why he talk the way he does, because if you have no idea on how to downshift properly i can understand the fact that you and your legion dont want anymore features, for what?

                Its ok guys, if you dont have the time, or the desire to properly drive a simulator, like you there are tons of people, its not bad, i do the same with flight sims, but i can not disrespect a harcore simflyer, and tell him, this feature its not needed because im a noob and i dont want to read a manual of 300 pages to just start a helicopter, understand me? I just repect them, and if i want to fly then i go to war thunder or some similar bullshit. Im never going to atack for example DCS comunity and call them all idiots because engine stall its not needed, all that buttons not needed, all that cockpits not needed and they are flying nerds, who pretends to fly a chopter inside a room, they are not militar what these idiots are doing flying a KA52? are you rusky? no? then stop to pretend…with all my respect sir, you are stupid.

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                  1. You are confused yourself, if i reply you then im talking to you, register at this crazy wordpress, and its going to be more easy for you to manage the responses.


                  1. Yeah i did lot of years ago, tested that big comunity pack even, not the lastest one i think but i have to try it, my joystick its a piece of shit, i never wanted to jump into fly sims seriously, enough with cars 😛


                    1. That was probably Cliffs of Dover with TF mod, that’s a great combination.

                      You should get a MS sidewinder force feedback 2 when your joystick eventually dies. Excellent feedback in basically every sim, usually last for a very long time and can be had easily for less than 50 USD shipped. Warthunder actually has a surprisingly competent FFB system, I was surprised how well it works on these old MSFFB2s.


                  2. IL2 COD was last best one add team fusion mod,and you are away, Stalingrad suffered the dumbed down effect, a great example of a great sim, down the tubes because of plebs adn search for a mainstream audience.


                    1. Have you tested recently? I think it does certain things better than COD, but it does have it’s own negatives. In terms of accuracy, I think it definitely beats il1946 ‘accuracy’ on average.

                      CoD is certainly worth the asking price and TF is an excellent ‘mod’ (leaving the region of mod and becoming an extensive patch+expansion). Should see an update in the next year (maybe) with new map(s). Slow work, they have to do insane hex editing.


  6. Aside from this AI discussion, if the websites who talk good and with positive thoughts about AC is propaganda, then this website which always talks badly about the game is biased and non-informative.

    And aside from the content the video game websites put out, it ultimately comes down to user/customer review. The majority has liked and enjoyed Assetto Corsa, and others haven’t. But that’s normal, we aren’t all compatible with everything. If you can’t recognize anything good to make you play AC, then search for other stuff for entertainment.

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    1. The trick is that the sites such as IGN are paid to write good things about all games (And when they’re too stupid not to accept the bribes they get blacklisted by developers).

      Oggy, on the other hand, shits about all games equally.

      He pushes Nascar and Indycar anytime he gets the chance though. But at least he’s not paid to do so unlike Associator and he’s genuinely pushing those two sports nobody cares about other than him.


      1. So you also want to say that eurogamer and redbull/games are paid to make news about Assetto Corsa or publish interviews with the developers? And the content is all a bunch of lies?
        I hope you didn’t say that, otherwise you’re gonna eat your words when a favorite sim of yours ends on a similar website.


        1. Yes, yes I did. Because it’s true. It was proven time and time again through the years that the majority of the articles and videos on those sites are not genuine. IGN, GameSport, GameTrailers (May it rest in peace), Kotaku, Eurogamer, PC Gamer, etc etc etc. You name it.

          This has nothing to do with Assetto Corsa, it’s a plague that affects all games and all genres. You must live under a rock if you believe that anything written on those sites is genuine. Because most of it, isn’t.

          For example, they used to push Battlefront (The EA reboot) for months even though the game was complete trash. Or they all push CoD every year even if the last good CoD game came out in 2008 (World at War) or they push Destiny even if nobody likes it because Activision pays good $$ for positive reviews. Few years ago, the developers of a Star Trek game (Don’t remember the name) paid people to actually go and write only 10/10 reviews on Metacritic even though the game was completely broken and unplayable.

          Just like they pushed pCARS (With SMS outright buying an entire site like VirtualR), they push Assetto Corsa aswell because they get paid to do so.

          And don’t worry about me. I don’t need someone else to review rFactor 1 to know that it has its problems and bugs, which most of the time only frustate me, but for me and for what I do with it, it’s a good game and a good simulation.

          Few years ago (2008-2009) all the major websites reviewed an indie game called Silent Assassin. They outright said it was mediocre at best. Guess what, 7 years later I’ve finally picked it up and not only those websites were completely wrong, but a game which IGN rated 2.5/5 and GameSport rated 3/5 became my favorite action-stealth game, for me even better than Splinter Cell and Hitman. Sure, it has some problems and annoying bugs (Enemies can sometime see you through walls), but it’s a damn good game.

          Of course the last bit has nothing to do with racing simulations, but it’s one of my personal experiences with gaming websites and their reviews. Why would I get mad at someone that says something I love is shit? Sometimes like in my case with Velvet Assassin it’s down to personal tastes and preferences.


          1. “Just like they pushed pCARS (With SMS outright buying an entire site like VirtualR), they push Assetto Corsa aswell because they get paid to do so.”

            I really doubt so much Kunos has to pay for websites to promote Assetto Corsa. That is as far fetched as someone paying James to write bad things about AC and KS on PRC all weeks. James does it for its own pleasure.

            How do you arrive to the logic that those websites receive money to promote AC… virtualr/bsimracing they get easy free views from people simply for making news about the sims, especially Pcars, AC, and Iracing; since these are the most popular sims which have more people interested in news from these games. So VR and BS receive money from ads simply because these games are popular.

            There’s no logic behind receiving money under the table. First, because the games are popular so the website receives many views. Second, these websites are reporting news, not creating opinion based articles. So there’s no need for any company to give them money for them to write a good word about these games. VS and BS are not reviewing AC, Pcars, Ir, rF2, R3E, they are just reporting news.


            1. SMS hired head of VR, they may not indulge with the marketing now, but it was so OTT just before Pcars release it wasn’t funny, youd think pcars was the second coming of christ, also Ian Bell in a public forum (race depart) outright told BRam off for, allowing critics of pcars to go unpunished when SMS “gave” several free copys of Pcars to RD, IN A PUBLIC FORUM, the fucking stupidity, right in that thread, out right evidence.

              So you are either full of shit or just uninformed, gaming media in general is fucking disgusting and cringey as fuck, Blogs like James should be standard in every Genre.


              1. I know about virtualr and SMS being some sort of partners. But to state that Kunos is paying them for news is too far fetched, for simple logical reasons.
                Websites like VR and BS will always post news about all of the racing sims, so AC would always be present as long as the game and modding is active. With AC being a popular sim, they generally attract more views to their websites, so already receive revenue from visits. Those websites aren’t opinion based, except some parts here and there, for example peripherals review, but sometimes even those just appear as news. For example Logitech wouldn’t have to pay them to appear there. The simple thing such as a new wheel release from Logitech will become news on the website, like it was the case with the G29. And the same with AC updates or dlcs, they will be news simply because these websites report sim racing news, and aren’t an opinion blog. Raceroom did pay James the full game access so that he would make articles. These things don’t happen on virtualr and bsimracing. But it still doesn’t mean James has to force himself to say good things about the game. Just that they gave him access to review/talk about their game.


                1. I didnt claim Kunos did, just giving examples to your point of view that it never happens, when it clearly does, also this line of yours…

                  “There’s no logic behind receiving money under the table.”

                  Is illogical, if receiving money has no logic, billions of ppl are doing it wrong, just because they have sponsors doesnt make it “illogical” to receive extra money (or other forms of bribes) from devs to push a little bit more on their title, as my examples show, it happens, and Id say their bank balance would say its logical.


                  1. As long as we’re debating something, then I’m gonna present logical reasons why it doesn’t happen. When I mentioned AC was because the person above my post said they get paid to post about AC. I presented my arguments as to why there’s no need for it, because is a popular game that attracts views, is a video game/sim, thus will have news about it in the appropriate websites. To suggest that they need to pay for such things makes no sense. A football newspaper will post more news about the more popular games, the clubs don’t have to pay the newspaper for it. As long as things happen in the sport, newspaper will report. Same with sim racing games.
                    So if you’re gonna make such claims, you better prove it somehow. The argument “there is corruption, so this and that game pays to appears on the news” has no connection. These things aren’t explained by associations. Just because some politicians are corrupt, that doesn’t make the government corrupt. Just because you have a killer in your family, the other members can be sane people. If some website is receiving money to post about some game, it doesn’t mean all the other games they report about happen the same way.


  7. I have zero doubt this delay is purely bug fixing and polish. To put at least 1 thing into perspective this game on my pc (5820k) never goes above 13% cpu use. Ever. Now granted that’s a 6 core multi threaded x99 CPU over clocked to 4.8 GHz but still CPU use on console which would be 7 cores and about 1.8 GHz on Xbox and 1.62 on ps4 won’t be an issue either. Especially since the memory is on the CPU die (they are APU’S after all). I’d imagine we would see about an average of 60% CPU use on console.

    The real issue is how well does this engine multi thread and how hard are they trying to push the GPU which is weak in both consoles…very weak. If the engine is designed for proper multi threading than they can easily devote 5 cores to physics and 2 cores to ai and everything else.

    The benefit of running in console is they are down to the metal which could be amazing news for PC players as it would mean they have the basic code required to back port to PC in dx12 or vulkan which would boost performance allowing lower end rigs to run the game provided they support either api or they could use the 20-50% bump in code efficiency to improve the visuals or physics….or ai or any number of things.

    Its quite possible releasing this game for console had zero to do with extra sales and everything to do with dx12 and or vulkan as they require different ways of writing code than dx11 does…vastly different and consoles are the perfect way to learn that as they require devs to code that way already. Unless they are using an engine prebuilt for that and this game wasn’t using such an engine. The only engines that can do that today are unreal 4 and cry engine. The new id tech engine powering doom will support vulkan but not any time soon.

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    1. The memory (outside of caches) is not on-die. It’s surrounding the chip, similar to a normal GPU with GDDR5X or lesser memory layouts. It’s not interposer mounted HBM either.

      It is high overall system bandwidth slash I/O comparative to normal x86, especially when looking at relative system efficiency.


  8. “Maybe it’s a technicality, and grip hacks are only temporarily employed to keep the AI cars out of trouble, but the point still stands. We’re told in the Red Bull interview that the AI won’t cheat, and it’s driving with the exact same physics as the player’s car, only for this to be proven demonstrably false.”

    Its not demonstrably false that he’s lying because the AI does cheat in a way but not the way he means. The AI cheats because it will always cheat. It can process things faster than you and it can respond to slides and spins faster and it can save itself faster and do exactly what needs to be done to save the car perfectly every time. It doesn’t have to fudge the physics either to do this.

    AI will always be a cheat until they perfect an AI that also makes mistakes like a real person and is artificially slowed down in its decision making. I don’t remember seeing Lord Kunos say that was true.

    Its also demonstrably true that ISI sims have AI that is very hard to balance because they do get slow in some corners, too fast coming out of others. I drive AMS quite a bit and that’s the one thing that really makes their already stronger ISI AI a let down on some level.

    I think you need to reevaluate what you consider “demonstrable” and stop leading with so many fucking assumptions. All you ever do is assume! It ruins the fact that now and then you actually have a good point to make. Take your first line, its absolutely right.

    Marketing is Propaganda and it always has been and we should hate it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. “Marketing might be propaganda, but how we can sell shit without it?”

        By not deluding people and only informing them of the true nature of products instead of trying to create in people’s minds an emotional connection between family, self esteem, tribe, etc and the product in question.

        In other words, don’t lie to people and instead give them the information people actually want when making informed decisions. Marketing is designed to prevent people from making fully informed decisions most of the time. If people are trained from birth however to watch marketing and react to it then it becomes kind of symbiotic and people’s responses are ingrained so its a deeper issue after a while. I’ve come to the view that marketing to children is immoral and cynical.

        But I mean really, you might as well have just said “but if we don’t let politicians and governments lie to us how will they get us to agree to things we don’t really understand or want to see happen?”


  9. This article is very poorly put together. As a journalist, there are two important things that you need to learn: assume nothing and always protect your source. We all know with KunosTurn10-gate you’re happy to out a source to protect your own reputation, and this article cements that you’re happy to trumpet articles full of speculation and assumption as fact.

    AC on PC right now has issues, yes. It’s not as bad as you guys parrot out, but neither is it the perfect game many fans would want people to believe. It’s only good for what it is right now.

    However, pointing to lists of bugs from months ago for the PC version doesn’t mean the console version will suffer the same fate, especially when some of those are PC specific issues. Neither does pointing to Stefano’s claims of hating on VR before having worked on getting Rift support back for 1.6. People can change their tune and yes, even outspoken developers are people.

    Are there likely to be issues? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that there WILL be issues. Until the world plays the released console version, you can’t say anything as fact. And to be fair, look up any game’s official forum and their bugs and issues section. Each one will have a ton of topics, even ones with glowing reviews.

    Now you can claim that you’ve never wanted to be seen as a sim racing news destination, that this is just a blog. That’s fine, but don’t go saying you leaked out that AC’s console release and use it for credibility when in reality you made an educated guess that lucked out. You’re either an opinion blog or a news resource. You can’t be both unless you specify what is fact and what is opinion at the time of writing.

    As for the interview being propaganda, well, PR is a thing. All gaming publications run pieces like this often, dev interviews or glowing preview pieces. It’s all a publication can do until they receive review copies. They’ve got to generate revenue somehow, the people behind these sites have lives to live too.

    You’re trying to set up a situation where if AC reviews poorly on consoles, you will triumphantly say you were right all along and if it reviews well, say gaming media is paid out and driven by marketing. A no lose situation for you.

    In reality though, anyone with at least half a brain can see through that.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Ah capitalism…

    Sell bullshit and people will buy it thanks to education systems set up to keep people ignorant…

    Unfortunately it’s an issue that exists in every industry… Sim Racing is not immune, how could it be when other art forms have long suffered from it… Just look at music… Britany ain’t got talent, that didn’t stop the sales though..

    SMS and Kunos are fine examples… As are all these paid for sites which have become useless to most keen observers…

    Until the average person grows the balls to challenge the rich, instead of blindly worshipping them and settling for being subservient to them, this will be a continued issue…

    And we see it in all corners of our lives…

    It’s an attitude that creates those cheap products that don’t last just as much as those marketing lines that oppose reality…

    McDonald’s “healthy choices” or Assetto Corsa is “Your racing simulator”…

    Pick your poison…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So we should only buy products approved by pumbaa’s and james’ opinion? You’re no better than a dictator that says what you should do or not. You think you’re more enlightened than all the other customers just because you don’t see the same value in certain products.
      The fact that we like to drive and race in Assetto Corsa throws all your preconceptions and enlightened opinions on the trash. Your opinion on what products are good for people to buy are as good/bad as anyone’s.

      Next you’re gonna tell me to not watch an Adam Sandler movie because you don’t like the story/production/actor when I know I’m gonna enjoy and laugh.

      Are you scared that video games websites like Assetto Corsa write news about it and people will buy and might even like the game? Aren’t you scared that PRC doesn’t want simracers to buy and play any sim racing game, to not buy any gear besides a logitech wheel and a cheap table? Do you not see the hypocrisy or the flawed logic you have against websites like Red Bull/games?

      You’re telling people to not follow what those websites say and what they report about the games, but then you want people to just follow like sheep whatever PRC says? People can take care of themselves and can see past the bullshit in any blog or news website. Don’t underestimate customers. People don’t buy things they don’t like. When they don’t, they return it or don’t go there anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. im sorry, did you just say you enjoy Adam Sandler movies?
        it’s very clear you’re of poor taste and have no opinion value


        1. “it’s very clear you’re of poor taste and have no opinion value”

          Are you the same crowd of anime watchers who cry “shit taste” when you disagree with somebody’s else choices of anime?

          (This is coming from a guy who considers people who play hardcore sim racers exclusively as having shit taste in racing games)


      2. “You think you’re more enlightened than all the other customers just because you don’t see the same value in certain products. The fact that we like to drive and race in Assetto Corsa throws all your preconceptions and enlightened opinions on the trash. Your opinion on what products are good for people to buy are as good/bad as anyone’s.”

        You’re right in that you don’t have to let someone else’s opinion affect your enjoyment of something.

        But I’ve known Pumbaa for years, and he has invested a significant amount of time and effort into AC as a player, event organizer, and (if I remember) even tinkering with some mods, only to be let down by it.

        His disappointment in the product is based on HIS experience with it, so yeah – he’s enlightened, in a way.


        1. My opinion is based on the good times I’ve had driving and racing offline, on the good times I’ve had participating in a league, in playing multiplayer in servers, in competing in SRS. In the aditional good times I have when a content pack is released. But most of all in the good times every time I drive the cars/tracks in AC.
          So what makes pumbaa more correct in telling people AC is a cheap and bad product? When there are many more people playing and enjoying AC over the other games in sim racing?

          Especially this part he said.
          “It’s an attitude that creates those cheap products that don’t last just as much as those marketing lines that oppose reality…

          I see none of that in Assetto Corsa. If what he says was the case, then most of the people would have left in the first months and played any of the other sims. But that didn’t happen. In fact AC devs stayed, improved their product, players stayed and enjoyed the product as it is improving, update with update, dreampack with dreampack.


  11. I’m reading PRC just get my laughs, but this article is real jewel in idiots crown.

    I’ve read this bullshit up to the first part about football not being enough reason. You just proved you have absolute zero knowledge not only about game development, but about business too. How old are you? One would have thought you are old enough (and smart enough) to know that there are periods in year when games sell and when they don’t. Summer holidays being the latter. Also the first sales are always the biggest (no exceptions). So why would any company start selling their game in the weakest part of the year, if they have money to survive those few more months or so.

    I’m not saying Kunos is not lying, but your reasoning is absolutely false …… and you’ve proven you’re just stupid kid no matter your age.


    1. Is the same with tv series. The best ones or the most popular happen outside Summer. Their season start in the Fall and end in the Spring. Then you have some tv series during Summer, but they are lighter and don’t usually hold for more than 1 or 2 seasons.

      This Summer is also packed with sport events.
      Euro 2016: 10 June to 10 July
      Copa América (special edition, to be held in USA): 3 June to 26 June
      Rio 2016 Summer Olympics: 5 August to 21 August


    2. So why, after the first delay, intentionally set a date in the summer, only to change it AGAIN under the guise of muh Football? Why not just originally set an August release date?

      Oh right, cause football has nothing to do with it.


      1. Please, pretty please …. ask for some internship in any (even indie) game studio … at least for some short period of time. You really have zero knowledge and present your opinions and assumptions as facts. These are things that happen in each and every game development studio no matter what genre. You may be alien driver, but that does not make your uninformed opinions matter any more. Learn something, then write about it.


        1. Let’s not kid ourselves here – pCars received a similar string of delays last year… a month here, a month there… and they clearly had nothing to do with “muh sports” and “muh easter.”

          This was not a business decision. If it was, why would they set a summer date after the first delay, only to change it again as the date grew closer?


          1. And why did they present a fully working PS4-version with minor bugs months ago if the development is so far behind? Maybe they delayed the title because of the pCars GOTY-edition got so near to the planned release and June, July is certainly a bad time for a new title. You certainly don’t know shit, that’s for sure.


              1. On the other hand some of the biggest successes have been delayed before, overwatch, counter strike, dota, even team fortress, hell just everything valve makes. they arent exactly remotely close to failures.

                Remove the idea that its about racing games, delays happen in all of gaming industry.

                Not saying kunos is gonna blast down the doors and every man, woman and child will be foaming at the mouth to get a copy but writing AC off because project cars is bad is not a reason. 1 test result is never accurate in any case


                1. “Remove the idea that its about racing games, delays happen in all of gaming industry.”

                  Spot on. And yet people keep making fun of GT’s delays even there is no actual release date announced yet.


      2. I’m not idiot to say that was the only reason. It can partially be, Summer time has influence over many types of product releases.
        But they may still not be satisfied with the game for release in June, so they are giving a couple more months to push beyond what we have here now.



    Here I am with a popular CPU+GPU combo and have never experienced any major issues with AC. Any issues with crashes, graphical corruption, or performance in AC were always limited to a certain set of hardware and always got fixed promptly whenever a big update brought them out. Kunos are a small team and have dealt with the myriad of possible PC configurations quite well, and as such shouldn’t have any issues supporting two near-identical AMD chips with 8GB of RAM.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The port should be theoretically much cleaner, especially since the 3rd party libraries that kunos utilizes are rarely black boxes and they appear to have coded their own shaders. The AI (if it is indeed the full physics model running at the same sampling rate) probably won’t scale quite as easily as PCARS, but there’s a good bit of sustained compute performance to work with (not much burst though) and the advantages of actually having the source code for some of the most important performance-related features will almost certainly outweigh the AI physics tax.

      The real tell will be if we start hearing about dx12/vulkan implementation for the current edition of AC. Kunos is not going to throw away the cross-platform optimizations that will already be partly done with the console branch, but they may hold them back until the next title as a selling point.

      Also, the videos above don’t disprove the claims about AI physics implementation. That said, I don’t have any evidence that proves the claims of Kunos either.


      1. We already have some of the optimizations made for console; for example they rewrote the threading so that AI physics runs a separate thread for each car and now the PC version of AC can multicore very effectively (my 2.6GHz amd cpu can run 30 AI, used to manage like, 8…)

        I believe some graphics optimizations have been brought over too, although obviously remaining within DX11.


  13. “same physics” is not the same as “same car performance in all respects”… typical reading something and extrapolating it beyond what it’s meant to mean which is the exact same thing observed in your complaint about VR. “not considering Vive support” means only that, not the same as “we will never support Vive”.

    That said, videos of AI fishtailing proves exactly nothing about how much grip they have, just that they’re not very good at countersteering.


        1. Still more simulation value than Assetto Corsa.

          Jokes aside, I loved it as a kid, but rewatching it now, 15+ years later.. God, it makes me cringe. The friend of the protagonist was a complete moron.


    1. Obviously PRC is becoming an anime blog, their fans are far more level-headed and intelligent compared to sim racing fans.


  14. PRC should start banning AC fanboys, they add nothing to the conversation, just like Stefano adds nothing to AC.


  15. The first post was exactly right. Holy crap, do these fanboys actually play this game? I did my first online race in 3 months last night and it was like I had super grip in a Ferrari 458 GT2 at Monza with zero wing and splitter. This game felt decent at the start with the slip angles but now, it has so obviously been dumbed down for console release. I feel like a rockstar driving in this game now.


    1. 100% track grip + TC on the highest level + Soft tyres? Good luck then. You have qualified as simulation experts. Await for PRC contact in the next days. You’re gonna work along side with Sev.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. You must have a very good setup or keep the break balance at default and driving with TC on 1, what means full TC. Increase it to 10 running break balance with 59 is a challenge with this car and even more with the Corvette. And 0 aero does not mean 0 downforce.


    3. I smell BS. 0-0 aero is not the fastest setup there and is far from being felt as “super grip”. What was your lap time? Any car would feel having lots of grip if you drive several seconds off the pace


  16. Are AC fanboys really defending the reasoning behind the delay? Delaying a game release by several months due to football is by far one of the most idiotic and nonsensical things to do, and if he’s trying to cover up that they need more time to polish up the console versions, then there is no reason for them to do that. A game being delayed for bug fixes and finalization sounds a lot better than getting delayed for football. Apparently Kunos’s brains have no simulation value either.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s actually really simple. The game has bugs to fix (even AC fanboys knows and approves that). However Kunos cannot officially declare “Hey, our game is broken, we need few months to fix it” before one one most important releases because people might be worried about the statement and won’t buy the game. Instead they say that the game is delayed because of football and etc (and in fact from business point of view that makes lot of sense, because average Joe might not buy game because he will be viewing football and drinking beer). While the same doesn’t apply for hardcore sim racers, but at the same time console release isn’t aimed at them.
      By doing that Kunos is not lying, just not telling the whole story.
      That is a good example of how do to PR (even thought many say Kunos isn’t good at this). It’s still much better than what ISI does to improve their sales.


      1. If they are forced to delay the game a third time, the excuse of “muh football” will instantly be blown out of the water and will make everyone look silly. That’s a very dangerous game to play. There admittedly aren’t many ways to address the situation correctly, but I’d rather take “additional polish concerns” over subtle deception. At least then people are aware of what to expect, and aren’t met with a mammoth letdown in the style of pCars, where all these delays were said to improve the quality of the game, and it was instead a total mess on launch day.


        1. No it wont, average Joe is not reading PRC or similar sites.
          Either way I wouldn’t really care about the release as updates for PC are released regardless of the bugs or not.
          I have an educated guess that potendytial console buyers are users who buy the game without deep researches, play a few months and throw the game away after some time, just like they do with majority of mainstream games. Picky/hardcore sim racers already have or tried PC version.


    1. I think it has genuinely good intentions, maybe too much of a “reward” for how they perceive to have been treated, but in execution, it would be a complete disaster and cause more problems than it would solve.

      Escorts typically suffer from crippling mental health problems that essentially boil down to an irrational/illogical fear of abandonment, and personality traits that are part neurosis, part psychosis. These women typically find people like myself utterly fascinating, and become attached on a level much greater than what’s required for a few hours of fun.

      Dealing with a girl like this ONCE was enough. That’s six years of my life I won’t get back. I’d prefer not to do it again, even if the endeavor was funded by the sim racing community.


    2. From the 1.6 changelog:
      Added new [ASSETTO_CORSA] SIMULATION_VALUE parameter. Increase the number to increase simulation value. Defaults to 0 for obvious reasons


    1. This article is talking that “best propaganda” does not necessarily equate “all possible simulation value”. Ironic thug, get a new bait and do something else.


  17. when talking “180° turns” of opinion you forget about one fital ingrediant:


    Southern-European folks (including Italian, Spain, Greece, (…)) have a reputation for being full of temper(ament). I believe those statements Stefano gushed out was just his personal way of saying:
    “Stop harassing me about all the same things and… …let me get back to my work for second, pretty-please!”

    Don’t take anything you hear out of whoevers mouth for the uncoloured truth. Sometimes they’ll just tell you anything just in order to make you stop talking. That’s the beauty of our big-data financed instant- “social-media” for you.
    People get sick from it.


  18. Hey James, long time reader, first time commenter. Love the site, great to see some actual critical discussion of our collective hobby.

    One thing in the above article that feels like an real stretch is claiming that the McLaren was rear-ended. It was *clearly* swiped in the side. I know this makes me a bit of a pedant, but from going through that video frame-by-frame, there appears to be not that much actual force transferred. It’s even more obvious as the Mercedes sails by, having lost very little velocity.

    I’d be the first to agree that the AI has superhuman control over its inputs, and does not get surprised or flustered after contact, but considering how little energy was transferred (speed bump from 35 to 58 mp/h) in the exchange, calling it a grip hack seems like a stretch.


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