Camping World Truck Series to Appear in rFactor 2


For every twist, a turn.

The modding scene in rFactor 2 may be on life support, with little in the way of activity and certain teams abandoning the platform altogether, but select individuals are still displaying an eager curiosity with a title many deem to be too complex to be worth their time. An anonymous poster within 4Chan’s sim racing community has recently unveiled a project that will pique the curiosity of North American readers of – the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Using assets from ARCA Sim Racing X as a base, the 2013 spec Chevrolet Silverado will soon arrive for a simulator that recently began making a push to include more American oval racing content. Previously, a rapid increase in the amount of dedicated stock car facilities only served to compliment the lone package of unlicensed 2015 Sprint Cup entries, so more oval racing content will undoubtedly justify the game’s recent emphasis on replicating the NASCAR experience.

The user behind the project claims the trucks are “shitter proof” – indicating a relatively low learning curve compared to the difficult and punishing Sprint Cup sedans, and that driving them can be “tons of fun.” The overall simulation value of the project appears to be quite high as well;  a mock qualifying setup in the current version of the mod turns laps only a few tenths slower than the real life pole time at Charlotte Motor Speedway during the 2013 Camping World Truck Series campaign. Throttle management – or lack thereof – also closely aligns with how the 2013 Silverado would behave in the hands of a competent driver.

With so many brand new oval racing facilities being churned out for rFactor 2, yet the comprehensive 2015 Stock Car mod failing to catch on due to the knowledge required for competitive car setups, there’s a chance the Camping World Truck Series could possibly re-ignite interest in the title from an oval racing perspective. California, Kentucky, Charlotte, Topeka, Richmond, Darlington, Joesville, Homestead, and even Indianapolis are all suitable locations for the NASCAR-spec 2013 Chevrolet Silverado, giving NASCAR fans a wide list of places to push the truck to its limits upon release. It will certainly be interesting to evaluate how the finished product drives – and how many people jump on the bandwagon – considering the popularity of the Truck series in other, more established racing simulators.


19 thoughts on “Camping World Truck Series to Appear in rFactor 2

  1. Lol its been literally minutes since the last rF2 mod, well track has been released. No way this sim will survive the night.


    1. What ovals LFS have? Kyoto Ring and Rockingham? Now what cars that are relevant for those ovals? None. IndyCar people have to resort to workarounds that is Formula V8 (or even BMW Sauber F1.06) with aero that isn’t designed for IndyCars.

      (To be honest, we Gran Turismo people did something similar, using Formula GT as substitute for IndyCars if we need to race in Indy oval)


  2. This will make the simulator more popularity in the market.

    There is so much to badmouth where Rf2 and James talks about a possible mod will arrive.

    Could discuss progress in the rain, the graphic theme, tire slip, cars without license (fabricated data), the graphics engine, prehistoric sounds, control messages from ISI, the slow work of ISI, its support VR , problems that are created in each build and as players have to find a stable build, minimus has totally unreal game, load prehistoric times …

    All this does not interest the creator of the blog? Waiting to talk about the bad modeling AE86 Assetto Corsa, If modeling is wrong, physics may also be wrong, invented values, simulation value = 0.


    1. As much I agree on your view of Austin, it must be said, that AE86 mesh in Japanese DLC for AC is really bad. From some angles it looks like hybrid of Celica Supra (2nd gen. Supra) and AE86.


    1. Who would have ever thought to use an rFactor 1 rip in a rFactor 2. I possibilities and now end. I can’t wait for the endless stream of quality material to be produced, now.


  3. I think that this will bring a few more people to rfactor 2, when playing Iracing the “free” truck races are consistently full, they are fun vehicles and easy to get into. They should serve as an introductory vehicle in sim racing, much like they do in the nascar progression.

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    1. [insert your chosen sim here] sucks, it has no simulation value and should be stricken from the face of the earth and all records of its existence burned. (perhaps that’s a bit more controversial?)


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