Kylotonn Enters the Previous Console Generation


We were all fully aware that the inaugural officially-licensed World Rally Championship release by Kylotonn Games would be one of the worst racing games ever created for next-generation consoles, but few were prepared for just how bad of an experience WRC 5 would be when it arrived in our hands during October of last year. Featuring driving physics and visuals eclipsed by even the lowliest of PlayStation 2 titles, technical issues requiring several updates to rectify, and horrifically pitiful stage layouts, WRC 5 landed somewhere between a flash-based offering, and V-Rally 3 by then-backmarker Eden Games. It was hard to believe license holders for the FIA World Rally Championship would deem a product like this to be acceptable for a virtual representation of their sport; the only person who seemed to genuinely enjoy WRC 5 was a rabid Eastern European individual hard who had developed an obsession with the shovelware title.

Somehow managing to retain exclusive rights to the license for yet another season, Kylotonn Games are set to give the series another go with the release of WRC 6 later this year. Acquiring the talented Jay Ekkel from Sector 3 Studios, and promising to listen to the community’s numerous complaints regarding last years entry, Kylotonn have immediately came out and proclaimed that stages in WRC 6 are said to be much longer and increasingly more difficult – though those two issues are merely a light sampling of the drastic changes required to make this title worth a purchase.

Footage of the title has arrived, and aside from it being shot off-screen, meaning some of the visual fidelity will be lost, we at least get a chance to see this game in action. And as you expected, it looks like a shitty PS3 game:

There’s been a tangible effort to improve the amount of trackside objects, but judging by the standards set from previous Milestone efforts, this is how last year’s game should have looked from the start. The game’s lighting is a noticeable improvement over WRC 5, but still fails to match what Codemasters could accomplish in DiRT 3 – on hardware released to the public in 2005. There are shots of an inexperienced console pleb driving poorly with a standard gamepad, but the notoriously poor physics are set to make a return, albeit with reduced grip levels, and increased weight transfer effects. The whole offering looks like something you’d see on the PlayStation 3, and promptly decide after a few minutes of preview footage, that you weren’t interested anymore. This may have been fine in 2006 or 2007, but it’s 2016 – a full decade later. is obviously a place for the hardcore sim crowd to talk openly about what we as a group want from sim racing, so indeed we’re naturally going to take a very negative approach to casual titles like WRC 6. However, given the fact that Codemasters managed to achieve so much with the dudebro DiRT trilogy, and those three games are still tons of fun to play and extremely polished, seeing a game like WRC 6 stumble out of the blocks is nothing short of pathetic. I can easily recall the days when yearly Colin McRae, WRC Rally Evolved, and eventually the DiRT series were brand new, and each title was something I genuinely wanted to grab within the first few days of release. Had Kylotonn’s WRC 6 been announced in 2007 as an Xbox 360 title, with the same exact screenshots and gameplay footage, I’d be just as uninterested in it back then as I am now. I’m not saying the series should be put out of its misery, but from an objective point of view, WRC 6 appears to add nothing of value to the genre, and can barely match the visual fidelity of products on inferior hardware.

And for the PC audience, at least, they appear to feel the same way.


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36 thoughts on “Kylotonn Enters the Previous Console Generation

    1. If you can’t beat them, join them.

      That, or he’s spamming the ingame chat (?) of public lobbies with rF2 propaganda.


  1. Sounds like more shovelshitware inbound. Fucking CoD marketing with subpar gaming. Thank you, Activision for your older CoDs but fuck you and EA for helping the industry turn into one big fuck up. And i know people will say well it could have been anyone or that im being narrowminded, but come on before 2007, people actually CARED about gaming in general and used to stand together on product value. Now, year after year, games are hardly fun and challenging and/or come beta from the start.


  2. If this game came out when nothing else related to rally was remotely in the works a la the Milestone WRC series then maybe… MAYBE. With the current abundance of riches in the category (yes even Loeb Evo is far and away better than Milestone’s previous efforts) they can make the stages however long/narrow they want. When it has the physics shown in that video there’s nothing redeeming about it.

    Now I’m terrified about what they’re going to do with their TT title. We’ve been waiting just about a decade since Jester’s last quite good TT game and we get freaking stuck with Kylotonn. Fuckin A.


    1. It’s pretty annoying that milestone finally gets their shit together (to some degree) only after they lose WRC.

      Rolling out after SLR and carry over the base physics would have me somewhat interested in the next WRC. Instead, the whole goddamn cycle of sub-par WRC licensed titles re-starts.


  3. Who buys this crap and WTF are WRC thinking?

    Let Capitalism take it’s full course.A crowded marketplace means this stuff will fall by the wayside…….eventually.


  4. Kylotonn are a bunch or arrogant frogs, wrc5 was a complete disaster, how can they make a rally game with no look to apex option? lol
    If you think the console version was bad the vita version was a complete disgrace with advertised night stages that were never in the game.
    And the way they ignored their customers questions was a joke, they have lost me for good.


    1. The ps vita wrc5 has dawn and noon time of day options. Are you sure you didn’t mistaken night with dawn? Can you show where they advertise night stages for the ps vita game?


      1. Yes ive got the vita cover in front of me they are advertised as night races on the back cover and was promoted as in the console version.
        Kylotonn lied to us on their FB page and stated it was coming then they announced on their forum for wrc5 that it wasnt, they were called out many times on it, it was false advertising and a sham.
        So they have already admitted they missed it.


  5. Id go as far to call the people at Kylotonn games completely delusional about their ability and product, they are also dishonest in regards to whats advertised in their games, and they play their customers as fools, imo the worst of the worst game devs, i can tell you now without any doubt their upcoming isle of TT game will be a complete disaster too.


      1. rallycross and rally have as much in common as a guinea pig with a pig

        also LFS has those user-made layouts now, and some servers actually have ‘rally stages’ that go around the grass and service roads, skipping the actual circuit for the most part


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    1. “Have the french ever made anything worthwhile?”

      The US of A, although following their politics, its worth may be debatable.


    2. Zidane
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      1. The only name worthwhile in that list is Pascal. Maybe Monet aswell if somebody likes art.

        All the rest is fluff. Just stick a baguette up your ass and be done with it.


        1. But what’s your point? Do you hate France, French people, something the French did or didn’t do? Do you have the same hate for many of the countries in this world who didn’t accomplish something you consider worthy or that they look and have hygiene for your standards? Before speaking of other people or of other countries, please look at people in your own and I’m sure you’ll find many that don’t pass your personal test. Just clarify yourself and give some valid-true arguments and less hate.


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