While the crew in Bedford continue to tease the iRacing userbase with small snippets of dirt oval racing content, the technology already exists in rFactor 2, and it’s one step closer to a public release. An anonymous user from the small but productive 4Chan sim racing community has provided the forum with an updated preview of his 2013 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series mod – this time featuring a welcome surprise. A dirt oval configuration of the Joesville short track will be bundled with the release, and a graphically enhanced version of Eldora Speedway will soon follow.

Many high quality dirt oval racing mods exist for the original rFactor, but the overall complexity of rFactor 2 has prevented several teams such as BOZ and DWD from making the transition into the newer platform. Provided the Camping World Truck Series content can accurately depict the various nuances of loose surface oval racing, the flood gates may be opened for Sprint Cars and Late Models as well.



30 thoughts on “#DirtInProgress

  1. What’s this article about? Are you trying to “hide” the “Ian Bell moved to Singapore” SCOOP with no-sense posts?
    Another couple of interesting stories and you may manage to move the shame in the page number 2. 😛


    1. So when VirtualR makes sure to always put a Project CARS story as the top headline, nobody gives a shit, but this place moves onward to the next (and significantly less controversial) story, and suddenly it’s this big conspiracy that we’re trying to bury the last article?

      There is a huge dirt oval racing community for the original rFactor, none of which have migrated to rF2 for reasons already covered. These previews came out on 4Chan around midnight last night – right when I was asleep – and were thrown up basically the moment I saw them. If this mod does a decent job at getting the dirt physics right, it may convince the big dirt oval mod teams to check out rF2. Provided you aren’t an ignorant European obsessing over Berniewheel, this kind of racing is HUGE in North America and there isn’t a modern racing sim that provides it as of yet. iRacing recently announced dirt racing was coming, but rFactor 2 is going to get it first. THAT’S what this article is about, but considering you’re a sim racer, there’s an 85% chance you’re just here to be a wanker and shitpost on the forums rather than realize a whole bunch of people enjoy oval racing.

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      1. The rF1 Nascar-themed community is so huge virtually nobody plays with these cars and the only mod worth playing (VHR) is no longer in development since at least 2 years. VHR 2015, if it was actually ever released in a not-sorry state, was just a skinpack of the 2014 mod.

        rF2 can’t afford to rely only on a mod made for people who like ovals to survive. Because in Europe and Oceania we don’t care about Nascar. We care about F1, GT3, WEC.

        In NA people don’t care about Nascar either, Nascar and Indycar are on a steady decline in popularity and most of the times the seats are always empty and the ratings are way lower than they used to be.


    1. There was an article that accused VirtualR of hosting an unauthorized conversion (made by SJ, no less). He swiftly pulled it when he found out it was actually authorized. (If you follow this blog and receive auto-email every time James makes new blog post, you can still read it from your inbox). Proof:

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  2. Maybe so… but what if one of ISI guys or leader of dirt race modding team moves to Singapore? Whos gonna save us then?


      1. Sorry, but your argument is irrelevant. Just because 65k people watched a trailer, it doesn’t mean 65k people are actually interested in its content.

        Get over it, rF2 will never be as popular as it should’ve been. The modding community, or at least the modders that are worth something, just skipped it entirely. A lone mod, especially a mod based on ripped content from another game, will not save it from its doom.


      2. iRacing could have 99% more users RF2 right now, can not compare a mod with an original content.

        iRacing is in the TOP popularity and RF2 is the last of the line. To most readers not interest us your praise RF2, neither play.


      1. Since it’s currently $29.99 on Steam or $11 on G2A, It would be better value to just buy it instead of hiring it. But since I believe it’s only available via digital download then buying it or pirating it would be your only two options, anyway.


  3. “complexity of rFactor 2″…

    I drove a Shelby Cobra in real life…
    The one from AC feels like the real thing.
    The one from rFactor 2 feels like a toy.
    End of the story.


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