Patrick Giranthon Continues to Impress


Those who have spent copious amounts of disposable income to financially support Reiza Studios on future were in for a rather rude awakening once Automobilista dropped earlier this year. Aside from a higher physics fidelity rate, and an array of unlicensed vehicles inserted into a predominantly South American roster, the title shares a little too much in common with Stock Car Extreme than your average sim racer will deem acceptable. AI issues and a buggy Heads Up Display further compound the reasons many are opting to stick with Stock Car Extreme for the time being, but for sim racers who have put their faith in Reiza’s new stopgap offering, one guy is doing his best to make that decision all the more worthwhile.

We’ve drawn attention to his efforts previously, but Patrick Giranthon over at RaceDepartment is continuing to bust all sorts of ass to pump out high quality tracks for Automobilista. Beginning with three specific Formula One circuits that can accommodate basically any car in the game, Giranthon’s portfolio has drastically expanded over the past few months – essentially functioning as unofficial free DLC for Automobilista due to how closely each of his tracks align with the vanilla game’s art style. The quality of third party tracks for racing simulators based on the isiMotor engine can wildly vary from abhorrent to jaw-dropping, yet Giranthon has found a way to precisely nail the overall vibe found in circuits created by Reiza Studios staff members themselves. This is an extremely important task for someone like Patrick to accomplish, as an inappropriate texture here or there can make tracks built in the isiMotor engine look like something out of Roblox without the proper care and dedication to the little details.


In our last article on his creations, Giranthon had only released three European Formula One circuits to compliment the various totally not Formula One open wheel cars found in Automobilista. Rather than sit back, relax, and enjoy the positive reception, Giranthon has embarked on a near-constant workload – with his recent release of Road Atlanta being nothing short of a masterpiece. The full list, with the appropriate links to each track, can be found here:

Reiza Studios themselves plan to implement a massive post-release premium DLC plan for Automobilista once the game graduates Steam’s Early Access platform, but sim racers unwilling to support modern downloadable content tactics will undoubtedly have a massive array of high quality tracks to drive thanks to Giranthon’s work – all of which are on-par with the vanilla content and could pass as official releases.


56 thoughts on “Patrick Giranthon Continues to Impress

  1. All tracks from him helps Raiza/AMS to rise and get attention, what it deserves.
    Only one has little wrong line, Spa before Eau Rouge, but i think it will be fixed, soon.


    1. Indeed, I was going to say the exact same thing myself.

      Also, it’s important to point out that the very first beta for this track came out in 2007!!! And it was already astonishing for the time. Then Uzzi disappeared from the community for unknown reasons leaving this track abandoned and full of bugs that other modders fixed in his absence, but now he came back from the grave and completely reworked and finished it in less than a month.

      This dude converting tracks made by other people (Or games) left and right is doing a good job, but it’s nothing impressive. A real hero is NeelJ that not only converted it to GTR2 and GTL, but also truly improved the track with new TSOs, textures, fixed aiw etc, unlike the AMS guy.


    2. Yeah, not enough credit given when the original is that astounding. That Melbourne looks very good too and we probably will get that Le Mans for GTR2


  2. Not to take anything away from the guy…. it’s good to have these tracks but he’s not a god.

    “all of which are on-par with the vanilla content and could pass as official releases.”

    Winton is average at best. Incorrect curbs and lackluster surroundings. It’s good to have the track but it’s definitely not something that could pass as an official release. Similar situation with SMP (Eastern Creek, my local track ) although it is a lot better than Winton.

    That being said I know RICHO worked hard on these tracks and appreciate his efforts, and practice does make perfect.

    As anon said above, he’s converting tracks made by other people, he’s not the god creating these tracks, he’s the guy converting them.


    1. Seriously i find Aussie v8 car and most of their native tracks are pretty boring to race and to watch replay in utube except for Barthust. I rather enjoy all the proper Brazilian tracks in AM.Also for the Barthust i enjoy more watching replay of that gt 12 hours race then that boring v8 1000 race and finally Aussie are c*** of blokes.


      1. so’s rfactor, but we’re all still playing that…

        could you imagine I’d LFS was moddable?
        maybe it would have been more popular than rfactor


  3. Reiza are avoiding licencing problems by adding indirectly real life tracks through this modder, it seems like they are basically helping him in every step of tracks creation so they can fill up the game with more contents, that’s why the quality and presentation are so similar the the official contents.

    They are doing all in their power to avoid licence costs, pure third country thief mentality.


      1. Well, he could definitely use a few grammar lessons (I’ve still got my old middle school workbooks kicking around), but the point he’s making is somewhat valid.

        If it turns out that Reiza are indeed supporting this fellow and basically banking on the fact that all Automobilista owners visit RaceDepartment to discover Patrick’s tracks, it’s a very ingenious workaround. The fans win in the end, because the track count with Patrick’s stuff plus the official DLC quickly inflates the roster to satisfying number, but I’d be curious to know how this is allowed as well.


        1. and does it really matter? from our, end users, point of view? they deliver great sim with plenty of licenced tracks (yep, mostly not that well know but once you know them, fun to drive) and Patrick is filling the gaps with his conversions .. what is going on in background is not important


        2. Does this libelous tosh have any evidence to back it or are you just chasing rabbits with your nose up the ass of controversy on this one?


      2. Too harsh bro, and unnecessary. He wrote the word thief incorrectly in the title but correctly in the comment. And then misspelled license two times. Possibly content could be on singular. Lastly he wrote the the instead of to the.

        But he could tell you the same, “agree with me or counter argument properly and don’t make personal attacks based on spelling”.


    1. so Kunos, ISI .. are doing it too? AMS is btw only one that doesn`t officialy support modding .. and from moddable sims has most licenced tracks …


  4. “Those who have spent copious amounts of disposable income to financially support Reiza Studios on future were in for a rather rude awakening once Automobilista dropped earlier this year.”

    Uhm? What exactly was donated for that didn’t come?


  5. As usual the converters get all the attention but the real talent is all but forgotten. Nothing against Patrick but he is just a converter who knows how to use the shaders for AMS.


      1. Because he’s the only person modding tracks for AMS? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Because the original tracks came out years ago for a different game? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


      2. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to reverse engineer any of these tracks. It’s just Patrick is the only one who has the ambition to make the changes where in general track converters are usually the laziest type of modders out there. Patrick, and a small hand full of others, are the exception to the rule.

        Patrick has stated numerous times on the RD forums that he has zero affiliation with Reiza.


        1. it is public knowledge he is a tester and receives help from reiza track artist and others for his conversions, and that he cannot share his methods. We don’t get that high quality from others but what we do get is of very good quality.


              1. Like this one?

                He said he got some info in the past but as of right now has no dealing with Reiza. I believe this whole “he’s working for Reiza” BS is just the usual rumor that morphed into “fact”. The actual fact is he is just more dedicated than everybody else and figured it out through trial and error like the rest of us do.


                1. no, not that one. i don’t see the problem with him getting help, we receive some nice tracks that way. whoever has a problem with the developer doing that can take it up to them. this dates back a while, to ralph hummerich and his colleagues releasing great mods for f1c 99-02


  6. And so we see again that James can’t manage to not promote a steaming pile of bullshit when trying to find that kernel of controversy, even when trying to give credit where credit is due.

    The opening paragraph is just misleading nonsense. For one where is the community controversy over the “similarity” between GSCE and AMS? That’s your personal judgment and its flat out ignores the fact that the repackaging is intended for new people to the series since every single person who owned GSCE got a free copy of AMS making the transition to the new title utterly meaningless to them when it came to questioning the value for money. What they are getting though is all the updates that come with the kickstarter, whether they backed it themselves or not so without spending anything owners of GSCE will get extra value. So this entire first paragraph is like tabloid bullshit 101 where you’re setting up a problem or a conflict or something so that your real thesis stands out all the more.

    ” AI issues and a buggy Heads Up Display further compound the reasons many are opting to stick with Stock Car Extreme for the time being”

    AI issues were your personal “observation” and not something that is at all found as an issue on the official Reiza support boards and the buggy HUD wouldn’t keep anyone from using the new title as you can turn it off and use the same HUD a GSCE user would.

    I know you want to try and turn Patrick’s great contributions into a potential problem, as there are always potential problems to be stretched into existence to help inflate the sense of controversy, but this all rings of total failure to properly understand the actual state of AMS.

    I’m so naive to thin you’ll ever change. Its not in your nature is it? You must bullshit. Is it how you breath I wonder?


      1. But you use the dialogue on forums as a key way to define what is or isn’t affecting the community. Why do you lean so heavily on this when it suits you but then decry the absence of a dialogue as fanboyism when it doesn’t?

        I notice also you ignore the other points made. I take it you have no rebuttal?

        Its rather pathetic though don’t you think to take any criticism of your arguments as fanboyism? You’re just as bad as anyone in the toxic atmosphere of the sim community apparently. Totally incapable of being rational when someone actually criticizes you.


      1. There are always issues with the AI in all games. My own experience with AMS has never shown any of these examples as common, either on stock tracks or the modded ones done by Patrick and Gringo. If anything the AI has apparently gotten better where it was weaker. It used to be that the AI driving the F Extreme were pretty bad on corner exist, sending the tail out wide, but now it appears far less common.

        The absence of any large group of people complaining about the AI on the Reiza forums, the RaceDepartment forums or the Steam forums indicates to me that its not particularly common and no worse than in GSCE.


      2. well this one is few months old, where they had basicaly stock rF AI and with changes intoruduced to AMS it went pretty bad .. since then there were several upadates and AI is no pretty solid .. and still being worked on .. but yes, in march it was pain to race with them ..


    1. One of the best feeling car in any sim ever. I would like it to stay where it is, but it seems that there are some idiots with dicks in their hands whose purpose is to destroy anything enjoyable in this community.

      How I wish this is just trolling but it seems that simracing, for some twisted reason, attracts lot of mentally ill people.


  7. If AMS only hope is converted tracks, then I wish at least it would be laser scanned conversion. I don’t care about track thefts to be honest, I just want to drive a realistic car on a realistic track.


  8. Yet again, can’t we just enjoy something nice once in a while? Last I checked, these tracks were free downloads on RD. Who cares what type of agreement he’s got to get access to the dynamic track tech. He’s done some good work, building on what others before him have done. We get to turn laps at new locations. I figure that’s worth the nothing I spent on them.


  9. As much as i appreciate all his work i don’t like his attitude towards the community. In RDs Automobilista Section people were asking for howtos to create their own tracks, he only responded in a way which did let shine though that he has no interest in sharing his knowledge of automobilsta features. I suspect he was beeing helped by the Devs. Take a look at other tracks released which don’t support new ams features and their ratings, the reviews and the communitys toxic response to nearly everything that is not released by Frank Steglin or Patrick G…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. so? in one case he didn`t know the answer as he don`t use blender and in other he cleared that he can`t do it cause NDA and offers help if you are serious about it and willing to sign NDA too ..
        than he answered and helped with general question he could answer .. from where I`m standing his attitude seems to be alright ..


        1. Indeed looks legit to me. Also you have to consider the fact that AMS is not really here for the long term. This fact alone will send many modders away. You are not going to spend months on a project for a sim with a limited life span.


  10. As it was said at the near top.

    He is only Converting them, putting some new textures in making look a little more pretty.
    I’d like to see him create his own Scratch track.

    Like to see what Reiza2017 is.


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