F1 2016 Beta Footage Predictably Leaked

A little under a month ago, Codemasters announced they would be holding a closed beta program to help polish Formula One 2016 prior to the game’s release. After the success of DiRT Rally, which spent the better part of a summer being tweaked and fine-tuned in Steam’s Early Access phase by dedicated community members, the team over in the United Kingdom felt it was time to apply what they’ve learned from last year’s sleeper hit to their yearly officially licensed Formula One title. Given the abhorrent reception F1 2015 received when all three versions were found to be buggy, incomplete, and downright unsatisfactory, on paper the move towards yet another product shaped by the community appeared to be a major step in the right direction.

While anticipation was high within the confines of the Codemasters F1 gaming community – the dedicated fans eagerly monitoring their Email inboxes to see whether they’ve been sent a beta code, we here at PRC.net took a completely different stance. I personally blasted Codemasters for their approach to the closed beta program, as they were not making any tangible effort to filter out applicants based on driving talent or overall racing knowledge. I will give Codemasters props for having good intentions with the whole closed beta ordeal, but when it comes to refining a game’s handling model, you can’t just grab any Tommy Twelve-Year-Old or Bobby Backmarker and ask for their opinion on how a virtual Formula One car should behave for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately, Codemasters failed to abide by these basic guidelines, and it promptly bit them in the ass. Hard.


For those who can’t be bothered to watch xMattyG’s commentary on the ordeal that I’ve linked above, it’s fairly easy to guess what has occurred over the past 48 hours within the world of Codemasters racing games. Someone who had been invited into the closed beta posted a potato-quality video of legitimate F1 2016 beta gameplay, and it spread like wildfire. Now, two problems have arisen from this scenario, and virtual Formula One fans are pissed for two very distinct reasons.

  • First, beta participants were under strict non-disclosure agreements, and the individual responsible for both capturing the footage and releasing it onto the internet will most likely find himself in very real legal trouble in the coming days. The fans are choked, as this is the first time Codemasters has done a closed beta for basically any of their products, and within days, somebody has already ruined it – so fans are obviously not expecting another opportunity like this in the future.
  • Second, from what others who have seen the video have described, the guy driving was absolutely horrendous. As I mentioned when the closed beta was first announced, Codemasters would gain absolutely nothing from giving preview versions of the game to people who could barely keep the car under control in the first place. Longtime Formula One series enthusiasts are disgusted that literal shitters have been selected to help refine the game’s handling model, indicating Codemasters had passed over talented individuals who most likely had genuine feedback to offer.

As I’m not the biggest or most dedicated fan of Formula One titles – though there are a few that have temporarily captured my interest – the most I can say is “I told you so.”


28 thoughts on “F1 2016 Beta Footage Predictably Leaked

  1. Thanks for the free publicity. Closed betas are just modern exercises in free marketing, kinda like a demo CD’s of yesteryear. Don’t forget that this cost use very little for the amount of exposure we received.


    1. Thats only true when the beta is within a few weeks of launch. It might give them time to make minor tweaks but at that point the game is done.

      If a beta is 4+ months from release its being conducted to truly test the game and fine tune it.

      Code masters should have done Early access like they did with dirt. Then they get a proper cross section of the audience. Not just hardcore sim racers play these games. The truly hardcore crowd is in the minority.


  2. Could this guy in the video be any more annoying? Jesus. Not only does he have a shit taste in games, but that voice…and those sunglasses. What a fucking tool.


    1. That´s the kind of imbecile that triumphs in Youtube. He just need to start shouting and to drive like shit to become a true superstar.


  3. F1 2016 beta? Shit, last I checked F1 2015 is still in a beta state. Formula 1 deserves a better game than this. Even if it has to be a simcade title, I guarantee someone can put together a better effort than Codemasters.


    1. If it’s simcade though, James will still complain. Because hardcore simracers like him has shit taste in racing games – valuing simulation value over anything else.


      1. Simracers wonder why racing gamers prefer to play a game where the cars handle like jelly donuts but have pretty graphics?


  4. People crying about a video leak of their favourite game…guys let’s be honest, the game will most likely end up being trash…again..


  5. This guys the worlds biggest joker.
    Codemasters aren’t finally listening to them, but mearly its a marketing PR for a game that is dying.


  6. he is complaining he isnt apart of the special group anymore. poor baby must be hard living like that with a self inflated ego. Like CM would listen to turds like him. But youtubers are good at one thing – running their mouths and look at this advertising.

    Dude is being used and he is asking for more – fucking moron.


    1. Remember he is only impressing 13 year old kids because he seems cool and has ‘offensive bantz’ by saying shit like “i hope they all drown i really do” which must take a lot of balls while filming a video by himself in his mums kitchen in the middle of a nice day instead of being outside and talking to slags who at this time of year all start wearing those short shorts that show off alot of dat ass.

      i don’t want to live on this planet anymore.jpg


      1. I didn’t even bother turning the volume up when the video started and I saw those fake purple lens Ray-ban Wayfarers on inside his kitchen. What a fucking toss-pot.


  7. “who at this time of year all start wearing those short shorts that show off alot of dat ass”

    You don’t want to live on this planet anymore? Are you sure? Fine.


  8. They don’t give a shit about realistic handling models. As long as the whole F1 circus sells, they will remain happy.

    It’s a game aimed at morons, just like the people who watch Formula 1. Usually teens who actually believe that F1 drivers are the most talented racers in the world. That you need super human skills to be in F1.

    Just take a look at the commentary, every turn is 280kmh, 5g plus, braking 6g. blah blah blah.

    fuck off F1


    1. I doubt you saw any of the latest races in F1. This season has been pretty good really. Next race grab yourself an HD stream/broadcast and have fun.


  9. Why doe we care so much about Codemasters F1 series. We have some top notch mods on some great sims that do a better job then what Codies will ever offer.


  10. I stopped at F1 2013. Tried 2014 once and said, NOPE. 2013 is by far the pinnacle of the series. With the old cars you can drive, it is great. No reason to play any other version of this title.


  11. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; CodeMasters is rubbish when it comes to this game.

    The F1 game released in 2006/7 gave drivers a better experience and forced you to work on the car. Winning a race was not just show up at qualy bang in a good lap and go home. You had to get into the mechanics of the car and set it right.

    CM thinks that is a waste of time ton give my suggestion serious consideration.

    Even though the game will be shit they will still win a British award.

    Money making ploy – next thing you know they will make u pay through PayPal to join the back marker teams only then will u get a career


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