This is NASCAR Heat Evolution


A lone screenshot of NASCAR Heat: Evolution is all we’re going to get from DMR Games for now, but at least it’s something. After five years of pitiful attempts by Eutechnyx to push out a licensed NASCAR title, the studio responsible for 2002’s cult classic NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona are set for a triumphant return to the American Stock Car racing scene, with things already looking up. Visually, the 2016 Sprint Cup Series blasting down the backstretch at Homestead-Miami Speedway appears to have the appropriate visual fidelity required for a mass market console game in this current gaming generation – sliding in somewhere behind the precedent set by Forza Motorsport 6, but acceptable nonetheless.

DMR Games will be virtually starting from scratch with this reboot of the NASCAR Heat franchise from the early 2000’s, as it has already been confirmed that the ability to create your own driver – whether it be a paint booth art project, or for your Career mode campaign – will be absent. Snippets of information leaked through official press releases and interviews indicate the underlying engine will resemble the stout handling model of the original games, but with no gameplay footage available as of yet, it remains to be seen whether this tight and intuitive handling model will transfer over across not just one, but two console generations. Rumors also indicate alcoholic beverage sponsors will appear in the final product – much to the delight of hardcore NASCAR fans wishing for authentic liveries – though they will be unlocked by listing the player’s birth date as 21 years of age or older, and not appear in promotional material for the game.

DMR Games appear to be using social media applications such as SnapChat to supply eager fans with advanced previews and inside information regarding the title, but according to the developer’s official twitter account, much of this material currently revolves around filming TV spots with current NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers. Both Brad Keselowski, as well as Joey Logano, appear to be prominent figures on the set of the promotional material filming, but it remains to be seen how much of their input was used and applied to the product all of this revolves around.

More info and media material regarding NASCAR Heat Evolution is said to arrive beginning with the series’ July stop at Daytona; the game’s official release taking place on September 13th for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. And given our obvious bias towards American Stock Car racing, I would not be surprised if we here at will eventually be given some sort of early preview access to provide readers with our first impressions of the title.


15 thoughts on “This is NASCAR Heat Evolution

  1. God I wish I could drive ovals well, I actually kinda like the current NASCARs, and another good racing sim is always a plus.


      1. No career mode in any shape or form isn’t up to todays requirements for such games in my opinion.
        To ‘just’ drive a season, and then the exact same season again, and again, isn’t that fun.


        1. …can you read English? The article said you can’t create a driver for Career mode, not that there is no Career mode.


  2. Should be worth getting as it doesn’t use that shitty ISI crappy low speed spinout bullcrap physics engine, infact anything is worth getting apart from games that use that dated engine from 1996, that AMS and rFactor 1.5 uses.


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