A New Forza “Experience” is Coming


The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo often acts as a silly season of sorts for the world of video games, where major bombshells are dropped on an otherwise unsuspecting array of press members and fans. For sim racing fans, E3 hasn’t been all that exciting so far – offering very generic and run-of-the-mill gameplay videos for WRC 6, Gran Turismo Sport, and Forza Horizon 3, but a small nugget of information leaked by Turn 10 head Dan Greenawalt is sure to cause the message boards to explode. You’ll want to skip to the 7:32 mark of the video linked below for a very cryptic statement by the man himself:

For those who can’t be bothered to skip ahead and listen to the statement in all it’s glory, the important bits have been transcribed below:

Right now we have two expressions of car passion, right? We’ve got a really hardcore simulation, and then we’ve have Horizon – it’s expansive, it’s about freedom, it’s about music, and it’s about fun. But there’s so much more to car culture, and there’s so much more to this world than console games. So I’m excited about the Xbox family of devices, but I’m also excited about new ways to explore car culture. New experiences, new expressions. So I can’t announce anything of what that is, but I think that the world is still turning quite a bit, and Forza’s going to be getting bigger and bigger.” 

Greenawalt answers the generic question of where Forza is headed in the future by fondly looking back at the beginning of the franchise in 2005, and then proceeding to state that a new experience is coming. Turn 10 Studios recently switched to a three-year development cycle, and dipped their feet into the waters of PC gaming with the release of Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, so there’s a chance this third variety of the Forza could be built primarily with PC sim racers in mind. Greenawalt’s comments also serve to confirm rumors of a third Forza variation posted by ICXM.net in May of 2015, and given that Windows mobile gaming hasn’t really taken off to the same extent as applications released on Apple products, a safe bet is that this will probably be a PC-exclusive simulator.


How will it look? How will it drive? We don’t know anything at all, other than the fact that Dan Greenawalt has confirmed Forza will continue to expand in the future, and makes several obvious hints that the product won’t be available on the Xbox family of devices.


17 thoughts on “A New Forza “Experience” is Coming

  1. I agree, the Porsche license would indicate a big player is backing Kunos and Forza getting into the “hardcore sim market” seems the deal makes economic sense (less time/money to develop their own physics) its a solid win for Turn ten and Kunos. But why the secrecy?


    1. What about the official news of 505 backing them? Along with (supposedly) the Porsche license deal with EA ended this year.


      1. Turn 10 no longer wants to be in a restricted market with just the Xbox, this is a hell of a move on their part to expand without tarnishing Forza’s name. Business is business these developers are not your friends they are business men looking to get maximum return on their dollars.


  2. Is the implication here that Austin’s insane delusion about an acquisition of Kunos was true? Because I still don’t see that happening. Microsoft and Turn 10 have enough muscle to make a sim without the help of a small team from Italy. Also I’m quite sure that even if they release it on PC it’ll also be on Xbox; I see nothing to indicate otherwise.


  3. Most likely a spiritual successor to either Midtown Madness or Rallisport Challenge. Unless that fake rumor about Kunos wasn’t that false after all….


  4. Turn 10 purchased kunos to have “realistic physics” to implement into their answer to gt sports online play. This would save them a tremendous amount of time and lower the pr push to market a realistic driving model. Turn 10 also put a gag order on Stephanie to keep his dumb ass out of the spotlight. The first to market usually wins you dont want to be three years late to the party. Forza will try and steal some momentum from gt when they release by announcing this new IP.


    1. Was thinking the same thing. Especially after recent Kunos meltdowns. That would make perfect sense since Assetto already feels like a less arcadey Forza.


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