Now Everybody’s Getting Porsche!


It started as a rumor, and now it’s evolved into something much bigger than we could ever imagine. Many sim racers once thought the elusive Porsche license to be nothing more than wishful thinking, a pipe dream reserved for a brighter and more prosperous future for sim racing. Yet late last week, Kunos dropped a bomb on the world by announcing they’d somehow manage to secure the rights to develop Porsche-branded content within Assetto Corsa, and merely days later, the plot continues to thicken. Ian Bell of Slightly Mad Studios has more or less confirmed that Porsche is also on the way for the next installment of Project CARS.

bell porsche.jpg

Previously, many sim racers believed that Assetto Corsa had struck a deal with the prestigious German automobile company, a belief enforced by Kunos Simulazioni staff member Aris Vasilakos bragging about a “special agreement” with the brand in a Facebook comment. This has now proven to be almost entirely incorrect – it’s not much of a special agreement at all when the head of your competitor’s studio basically comes out and says they’ll be getting Porsche as well.


The era of Electronic Arts exclusivity has officially ended. Expect the floodgates to open, and every team from iRacing to Sector 3 overwhelm sim racers with the exact same official announcements as one another regarding a Porsche license in the near future.


30 thoughts on “Now Everybody’s Getting Porsche!

  1. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to see other studios securing a Porsche license now that EA exclusivity is finished…

    As for the Kunos comment about a “special agreement,” that is in reference to the statements in the press release that the studio is “working closely with Porsche” to build the cars in the game (whatever that means), and that Assetto Corsa will “…be used at Porsche race centers.”

    So clearly there is a different relationship, at least in that Porsche is going to be running Assetto Corsa, probably as a fan experience kind of thing at race events.


  2. Seems like Porsche finally realized they’re getting the shit end of the stick when other games just simply put Ruf cars in their games. They get no monies and no advertising. Meanwhile no one gives a fuck about EA’s offerings.


    1. lol, EA and Turn 10 probably gave more money to Porsche than current sims ever could 😀 considering the amount of users for Forza and Need for Speed.


  3. near future yes. I think late 2017 will someone (and not everybody) else join the porsche party maybe.

    Then why is aris a lyer?


    1. Like with Lambo, Project Cars 2, delivery in progress

      Here’s hoping that Porsche has kept as much data from their old cars intact as possible!



      1. porsche likely have the most information on their old cars of any manufactuer considering how an estimated 90% of cars in their mueseum are race ready and they dont mess around with that fact as you see them racing around at rennsport etc. its a goldmine of information


  4. Because James thinks “special” means “Kunos only”, while it actually means “others aside from EA”.

    I’m guessing it’s a misunderstanding, based on a certain choice of words. Language barrier? Shady tactics? This article suggests the latter, but I’m just taking it for what I think is really happening: The licensing chokehold is coming loose. I could also be wrong, and I don’t really care about licenses, but I think accusing Kunos of lying is a bit of a stretch.


    1. I think defending Kunos like this is a bit of a stretch when they claim it to be exclusive, language barrier? mother fucker they’re over 40 years old, have spoken english for atleast 20 years, what fucking barrier are you talking about, the one in your brain that keeps you stupid?


      1. They claimed that they have special agreement with Porsche and that EA still have their Porsche contract up to 2016 or 2017, show me evidence that this isn’t correct.


  5. The special deal between Kunos and Porsche is that Kunos will provide Porsche with a business version of the software that will run VR stations in Porsche salespoints, shops and on promotion events. To that degree, the deal is special indeed.

    Also note that AC will get Porsche in the running incarnation of AC (announcement is autumn this year), while PC seems to get it not before PC2.


  6. Certainly Kunos have a special deal with Porsche, because just licensing doesnÂŽt include providing a personal simulation-software for the license-giver. Certainly Porsche doesnÂŽt use EA-games for their simulators and have some back door inside the EA-contract for this kind of software. So Kunos doesnÂŽt have to wait till the EA-deal expires which is probably this year, maybe even before the DLC comes out.


  7. ^ This.

    And it may tell something about AC’s quality that Porsche did not chose PC, rF2 or any other game or simulator for that, but AC. Because one thing is certain: Porsche does in no way depend on some little license fees paid by Kunos, they are one of the very most valuable car brand in the world.

    For what Porsche wanted, they picked the best qualified competitor there is. Porsche’s wishes correlate rwith right those qualities of AC where it is explcitly strong: car modelling both exterior and interior, and driving for the mere sake of enjoying the convincing illusion of actually driving.


  8. Porsche can’t save the disaster that PCars 2 will be, as the fuckboys at SMS are too busy banning people and ignoring criticism to make a competent racing sim.


  9. “Kunos Simulazioni staff member Aris Vasilakos bragging about a “special agreement” with the brand in a Facebook comment. This has now proven to be almost entirely incorrect – it’s not much of a special agreement at all when the head of your competitor’s studio basically comes out and says they’ll be getting Porsche as well.”

    well you heard it here first, just like Turn10 buying Kunos out

    The Clear Bias against anything Kunos does is clear, admit the agenda that we can all see


      1. If he’s the shill you’re the hater? If we are working with extremes, then that’s what makes of you. You can’t have fanboys on one side and nothing on the other. So if we have fanboys, we have haters on the other end (Spotted the Kunos hater).
        Pretty sure the real amount of true fanboy/hater are low, but there’s a trend with people calling each other fanboy(or shill) and hater a lot just because one likes the game and the other doesn’t.
        When in reality people who like the game also recognize and ask for improvements, and those who say they dislike the game entirely, they might ‘secretly’ like and even play it, otherwise they wouldn’t lose time constantly talking about it.


  10. I realize the word “proven” has become watered down, but I don’t think it’s lost so much meaning that a vague facebook comment constitutes proof of anything.


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