Reader Submission #104 – Race2Play Changing Things Up?

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And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

It’s not just us here at noticing that the car count in pretty much any organized online race is less than stellar, and the elephant in the room is finally being addressed over at Race2Play, an organization service I personally use and endorse thanks to how it improves on the already fantastic format offered by iRacing. NewtypE Productions has sent us in a quick Reader Submission to kick off the week, drawing attention to a thread within the official Race2Play forums discussing the “death” of sim racing in North America – and what can be done about it.

SR Dead.jpg

Hey PRC, just wanted to send this in since you guys are the ones who brought me to this website, but apparently it looks like major changes will be made to Race2Play, and guest accounts appear to be in trouble.

Grid sizes are at an all-time low, holding events with any sort of satisfactory turnout is basically not happening anymore, and league organizers who have stuck with the site through thick and thin are wanting changes to be made – and fast. In short, they want to shrink the site to accommodate only the paying members, returning to the “roots” of McArthur’s endeavor.I’m really tight on money and can’t afford to throw money at them, so I’m currently using a “guest” account, but with how things are going, it looks like the elite want to cut out people in their userbase who “abuse” the most basic level of membership.

I have a feeling those small rosters you were talking about are going to get even smaller. They want to get rid of guest play, and more or less use the site as a small sanctioning body for the six or so leagues that still manage to reel in more than fifteen cars. What do you think about this?

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Well let me start by introducing Race2Play for some of our newer readers.

Race2Play is a site essentially acting as an equivalent to iRacing for racing simulators that most certainly aren’t iRacing – mostly titles powered by the isiMotor engine, as well as Assetto Corsa. The stat tracking and scheduled start times that have turned iRacing into a juggernaut are faithfully replicated and in some aspects improved, even churning out automated race recaps following each event, and allowing for much more customization of your user profile. Not only can you use the site to merely enter races, if you’re not happy with the current crop of events, you can actually create your own, get all your buddies to join the site, and run your own private league through the website without having to worry about server hosting and all that – it’s automated, and the site does it for you. Provided you can get people to show up, the service is awesome and works 100% as advertised. It’s one of the few products on the current racing simulator market that has virtually no issues to speak of whatsoever.

But as mentioned above, car counts have been absolutely disastrous. For all of the various forum personalities across places like r/SimRacing and RaceDepartment, who claim to love rFactor, Automobilista, rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, or Assetto Corsa, when it comes time to actually hit the track, it’s a fucking ghost town. And I’ll demonstrate why this is occurring in just one attachment.

Lap Difference.jpg

To close out the weekend, I jumped into a 30 minute Stock Car Brasil race at Imola on Race2Play, signing up only a few hours before the event started. These cars aren’t entirely difficult to drive, and setup-wise they’re pretty hard to get wrong – you’ll just be subjected to varying levels of understeer – but the shot above displays precisely why online racing is dying a slow and painful death. Less than five minutes into the race, and everyone is running in their own zip code. Sure, I had a fantastic battle with Nunes Pereira of Portugal for the win, but most of the field had dropped off the face of the earth. For all the hardcore sim racers who love to brag about their hobby as being more demanding than your average Need for Speed title, most of the field couldn’t even keep the leaders on the horizon for longer than a race usually lasts in EA’s old Burnout games.

I obviously can’t say for certain but think about it – there are guys who are hardcore enough to be comfortable purchasing a niche title like Stock Car Extreme, most likely putting down some serious cash for fancy toy steering wheels of a higher build quality than my bummy Driving Force GT, and in two laps their entire investment has been invalidated because they outright suck at the game. It’s understandably demoralizing, and those are just the guys confident enough to sign up for a race in the first place.

Results Analysis.jpg

Eighteen people made the conscious decision to sign up for this race. Six simply didn’t show up for various reasons. Of those who did, more than 50% of the field was so far off pace, they either wrecked out, got lapped, or weren’t on anybody’s radar at all – and as a driver, that’s not a whole lot of fun. Two of them were slow, but competent enough to finish somewhere behind the leaders – so I’ll label them “gentlemen drivers.” The final two got to slug it out for the win. I might as well have been in a private Grid Autosport session with Dustin driving against a field of AI cars.

GSC 2016-05-15 15-33-05-18.jpg

Car counts are down across the board because as sim racing evolves and becomes more complex, a whole lot of people are finding out that driving cars in a competitive environment isn’t exactly easy. Three races into the season driving shitboxes at my local short track, and I can safely say this applies to real life as well – there are some people out there who just don’t get it. So while it sucks that Race2Play will most likely be re-structuring themselves and taking away a bit of the magic that made it this hidden oasis of sim racing, I can’t say I really blame them. If barely anybody is using the service, and those that do are a non-factor in any race they enter, the logical step from a business perspective is to instead accommodate your remaining diehard fans who have stuck with the service from the start. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea, the site just needs a slick YouTube video and some promotional push on places like VirtualR or RaceDepartment to bring in a whole flock of users, but that’s easier said than done.


80 thoughts on “Reader Submission #104 – Race2Play Changing Things Up?

  1. Some general stuff:

    Pure simracing is going to die. But nah, really. Look at the software usage; how many people uses the good, “old-fashioned” and improved sims? rF2? Automobilista? Both have great features, but for the people there’s only 2 options:
    – the simcades stuffs like AC, pCARS
    – and the expensive-hardcore sim: iRacing

    5 years ago, there were rFactor/RACE 07/GTR2 and iRacing – every single software is pretty great. iRacing really gave and give you nowadays a very realistic simulation, while the gMotor based games are for the bigger part of the users, who can’t pay every single month for iRacing, BUT, they were both gave a very good simulation.

    Right now, what we have? In AC and pCARS, everybody thinks that they are born Schumachers. That’s why there’s not enough competitive people in a race like the StockCar with Automobilista. People think ‘ahh I can’t set a very fast time in Automobilista or rF2, it’s a shit’, and then they going to load AC and believe that they are really Schumachers, because after 2 laps they beat the WRs.

    Who should we blame for it? The tons of console players. Because I’m 99% sure many former console-player switched to PC gaming when AC & pCARS appeared….

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    1. Join some random populated servers in AC and see how many are on top pace with top lap times.. then we can discuss on your proposition that random casual racers in AC beat or even get near WRs in 2 laps, not even in 50. First, the random casual racers aren’t knowledgeable enough to make a top competitive setup, second, even if they got one from someone, they would still be off pace.
      I’m sorry, but your preconceived thoughts about AC and its playing community aren’t adequate. A person who is a very fast and good racer in AC is the same in rf2, iracing, raceroom. Because these guys know how to treat the car and the setup, so they have the best chances of adapting better to different sim’s handling. A player who is average in AC will continue average in the other sims. Although always the chance that this player could be faster in a different sim if somehow it fits him better the different handling in the other sim game.

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    2. First things first:

      A very difficult driving game, needs lot of training to be good at. It only remotely reasambles driving a real car though. After few thousand hours you will eventually learn to make the exact inputs the engine requires. Dozens of real race drivers giving paid testimonials does not make the game any better, but the iRacing Aliens being several seconds off pace when given the chance to drive IRL does give a hint…
      Assetto Corsa:
      A driving simulator, used by several car manufacturers, one of which is Porsche.
      You just get in and drive, it is as real as it gets
      Simcade, lots of features, lots of cars, all the bells and whistles.

      Are these titles aiming at the same audience? Hm, not really
      very expensive expensive, so unless you are serious you will not join in. By todays standards the driving experience is underwhelming and flawed, but if you want competition, it is the only option.
      Assetto Corsa:
      Excells in pure driving, if you want to be serious, you need to use thrid party tools like SimRacingSystem
      Is great fun, and attracts 10fold the people that iRacing and AC do.

      RACE07, GTR, GTR2, are simcade, just like pCars

      rF and rF2 are decent simulators in their own right


      1. Why do you take that crap from Kunos? Just because they have official licenses, and some of them use the software in their exhibitions, that doesn’t mean it’s great.

        Do you know guys which software used by the Formula 1 teams? I whisper to you, it’s not AC…

        AC = driving sim = 60% simulation, 40% arcade style.


        1. “Do you know guys which software used by the Formula 1 teams? I whisper to you, it’s not AC…”

          And it’s not any consumer simulation either. Some of them use rfpro for their low latency graphics streaming but actually plug in an in-house simulation software.
          All the articles I’ve read about rfpro being used in F1/Ferrari, they only talk about using the graphics part and their laserscanned tracks.


        2. Some teams use rF2, but not rF2 physics code dude

          Manufacturers use AC because they can now showcase their cars in a realistic manner, which was not possible before.

          If you do define simulation by how realistically the handling of the cars is recreated, then Assetto Corsa is 100% simulation. Neither rF2 nor iRacing comes even remotely close.
          if you want to deduct points for features missing, and that makes it arcade for you, I’m still with you.


            1. Yea.. because there’s an exact and precise science behind tire temperatures for all type of tyres, asphalt, and ambient conditions.

              Either way, kunos announced for 1.7 an improvement between tyre temperature and pressure. In the future brake temperature will also influence tyres.


                1. Sure sure… don’t like don’t play. But I guess you’re happy as long as you’re ruining everyone’s else experience by trying to convince people they’re playing a bad game/sim. When in fact you’re trying to find reason to play [your favorite older sim] but you can’t seem to find any. So by bringing down and shit talking other games or sims, or the companies behind them, you’ll enjoy more [your favorite older sim]? A resounding no. Shit talking other sims won’t make [your favorite older sim] more interesting, better, or with more active players.


                  1. My main problem is not that. Okay, I agree with you, if you don’t like it don’t play with it, that’s right.

                    BUT, since Kunos makes ‘good’ (or bad, depends on which side you watch it) advertising, they are able to sell it as a sim. Secondly, as I said, there are many people who came from console to PC, and for example, Kunos want to serve them, instead of the those community who want to play with that kind of sims, which are closer to reality, like rF2, Automobilista, etc.

                    Look at the stats: the simracing community broke apart for 2 main sides: AC/pCARS and iRacing. Those people who want to play with real stuff, went to iRacing, while those who don’t care about a little arcadish style, went to the other way. Many people joined to the AC queue in the beginning; but, what is more painful, much more joined into that queue since they had to choose: pay a lot for iRacing, or get a less lifelike physics, with many interesting stuff, but with DX11 graphics…

                    To be honest, I didn’t use iRacing in the previous years, because I don’t like the business model, but in the past few months I was really thinking of that to join to iRacing. (And I’m a good example: I want to race with a real sim, but I couldn’t, because there’s no player (rF2, Automobilista).

                    So yeah, second option for me, to turn my back all of this after 10 years in simracing…


                    1. Anyways….

                      Before somebody will suspect me I’m against only AC: no, I’m not against only AC, I’m against everything which leads to this breaking apart situation…


                    2. I still don’t see how this is AC/Kunos fault. Whether AC existed or not, most sim racers would be in iracing, then smaller groups distributed in rf2, stock car extreme, rfactor, raceroom, live for speed, older simbin titles (race07/gtr2), and maybe another group would still be playing netkar pro.
                      Then the rest of the racing game players would be playing gran turismo, forza series, codemasters games.
                      I think without AC, sim racing would have been the same unknown niche genre. At least now is a known niche genre of racing games. And is growing thanks to Kunos work in bringing bigger audiences of players to sim racing and to other companies related to car manufacturing, peripheral companies (wheels and other hardware), which are looking sim racing with other eyes more willing for partnerships.


      2. People call simcade everything that isn’t iracing/rfactor… but have you guys stopped to think how much babysitting the “hardcore simracers” receive in iracing from the voice spotter during the entire race?
        I doubt such thing happens in real life motorsport. And don’t bring the excuse that irl people can move their head and look around, in sim racing you can do the same, more so when iracing simulates mirrors behavior like irl.


            1. Not as intense as in oval racing, but yes, teams and drivers are in constant contact (time splits, gaps to other cars, fuel targets etc.)


    3. What a bullshit. Cars are build to drive well, not to crash and most people like more to drive than to be a setup-engineer. pCars-default setups in the GT3 are evil like in the R8 and needs the same amount of tuning like in rF2 to get the car settled for a track. In AC the defaults are better and with most cars there´s no need to go into the bump and springs settings, which i appreciate. I lower the break bias like always, maybe rear ARB, maybe tire pressure a bit, maybe camber, adjusting aero and most cars are working good enough with that.

      In rF2 and iRacing, even pCars most cars needs a much better setup. The setup in pCars is the most complicated and all the sliders change the behavior. Try to keep a LMP2-car 15 laps on a track like Sonoma without a spin. pCars is the best LMP-simulator today and driving LMP1 at Le Mans you need exactly the same breaking points than in RL and you loose grip with every shadow on the track. GT3 is much better in AC with exact breaking points, corner and top speeds than in RL and lap times. iRacing is bullshit compare to AC.


  2. NO! Today people are getting wiser and play other games or rather have quality times with their rl jobs,gf,bf or families then getting involve with stoopid dream i want to be the next G Huttu .Also sim racers community are full off ASSocholes.! These rFactor/RACE 07/GTR2 and iRacing are shitty guesswork GAMES! Lead by shitty rfactor where u have to edit files like .plr,.aiw,more plugins,etc showing that ISI devs are lazy people to release a PROPER game and finally that full of half ass shitty mods.


    1. Hey pitcock we were just talking about ppl like you, you learnt to drive in a decent sim yet ( any sim will do actually) Im always looking for you online, been on AC a bit lately, the driving quality online is for the most part fucking dreadful, what server you play? cause the amount of comments you leave would suggests you are a active player, yes?


        1. “Are you that dense to respond seriously to a painfully obvious troll post?”

          No thats pitcock and his 100 per cent real opinion, dont trash ppls opinions as trolling please, thats not very nice or clever.


          1. The def ffb in rf1 is mostly canned so u must set it lower in the setup – Simpit Shaun Cole.
            Why FFB in Simulations Does Not Work – Leo Bodnar

            AC da best.


      1. Ive seen video’s of you driving , and before slagging other people i suggest you practise some more yourself hashpipe….


        1. “Ive seen video’s of you driving , and before slagging other people i suggest you practise some more yourself hashpipe….”

          Iam a fairly terrible back marker,in a skilled race,but Ive been playing lots of AC online lately and feel like a champion, just stay on the track, top 5 from rear of grid guaranteed, show a bit of consistency past 5 laps, you top 3, pretty sad.

          anywho Im 99 per cent confident I could tear apart these regular spastic commentators, I know the good drivers who also comment because I see them online with various sims, and surprise surprise ppl you see online regularly tend to have far more grounded views.


          1. Being top 5 in a race with casual players in public servers doesn’t make you a top racer. We will talk again when you join a serious league or happen to find strong opponents in public servers, or with sim racing system. I really doubt you will find the same easy life in AC as you possibly find in some public servers with random players.


            1. Do you even read brah? top 5 from the rear simply staying on track,its almost unsporting to TRY to race in AC pubs, its like setting AI to lowest, lot less pub games of rf2 or AMS,but at least when do get to race, 99 per cent of the ppl are respectful, and even if off pace like myself a lot of times, they still know their racecraft.

              I wont be joining leagues for AC sorry, it just aint got whats needed for that, its pick up and play stuff, RF2,AMS or even Iracing if I was thinking about anything other than a 5 lap pub race or pub nords run.


              1. Well, anyone competent enough can finish high on the leaderboard in a race with average/below average racers.
                If AC had a small user base, most likely you’d find the same strong opponents every where and you wouldn’t feel like a champion.
                Is the same if rf2 or ams, if they had a big user base, more chances that only a small group would be the better drivers, but since they don’t, you are always put against them.

                Iracing is an easy example, they have a sizeable base of users. Pretty sure anyone competent enough and already with experience in sim racing can get past the lower levels easy peasy, and you’d feel like a champion… but basically smurfing ( Now if we put Hash against the higher tier of iracing, rf2, ams, assetto, then he won’t feel like a champ anymore.


  3. Yeah, it’s because R2P is full of shit drivers. That’s why no one shows up to those races anymore, there’s no quality drivers. There used to be a few really good PX1 guys for rF2 Multiclass races, including myself, but I guess they stopped showing up for whatever reason and I no longer care to race at R2P because the drivers there just aren’t any good.

    Since I’m an iRacer, I don’t care for an “iRacing away from iRacing” format, so whatever, just would be nice to race the PX1 without having to commit to VEC.


    1. Bingo. R2P is basically iracing for people that got banned off iracing. There’s not exactly much of a market there.


  4. Games like PCars and AC have completely ruined sim racing, and those two games have the most active online users along with iRacing which is very sad considering that the physics of these games are similar to GT and Forza, yet GT and Forza has a MUCH more larger online userbase than PCars and AC. I miss the days of RACE 07, GTR2, and rF1 being the main sims, since now, people rather shill for power hungry retards like Ian Bell and Stefano. Only the shills have themselves to blame for the destruction of sim racing.


    1. Not even all the hardcore sim racers prefer rfactor or use it. Steamspy shows ~6k players in the last two weeks for rfactor2 (out of ~18k owners). So how did pcars and AC ruined sim racing when games like rfactor2 were already lowly used before AC and Pcars existed and continue the same now?


    2. Id say people who hate everything that isnt an ancient isi sim are ruining simracing with their toxic attitude towards anything remotely more popular than their dinosaur sims.

      It will come to the point that noone will ever want to try to make another sim because you cannot do anything right in the eyes if these people.

      Don’t cry when that time comes…


      1. THIS!

        Yes, a couple of years ago, rFactor and GTR were good
        Yes, iRacing was great

        …but time has moved on. Its not 2008 anymore, and we are on DX12 already.
        iceRacing aka “GPL on steroids” can not hold a candle to modern games now.
        Not with its physics, not with its graphics.
        iRacing is still on top with regards to its multiplayer system though, so it’ll be the last of the dinosaurs to extinct, but its hay days are long past. As long as there are enough subscribers though, who are fine with how it drives and looks, it will live on!

        Today one starts up pCars for its a great game with fantastic graphics and just about every car and track imaginable, easy gameplay, day&night cycles, rain, its all in there.
        If one is after a raw simulation, he chooses Assetto Corsa. No rain, no nights, many cars, few tracks, and a pure awesome driving experience.

        Its a great time for being an open minded simracer, but the community really is in a toxic state because of few, who can not accept anything new, and not accept that new things most of the time are better then old things.
        Instead they are butthurt that a soon to be console mainstream title with over 300k copies sold for PC allone so far, blows their preferred ancient sim out of the water.

        Heck I always tend to think my car is great, until I buy a new car every 4 or 5 years, and then it takes me a few weeks to realize, that its more quiet, more refined, has better ride, more MPG, and better seats. Am I jealous because of that? Of course not, I’m happy for having the new car!
        Developement never goes backwards, that goes for real cars, and for games as well.


      2. People like you who accepts any type of garbage that is thrown at them is one of the main reasons why sim racing is dying, and it’s laughable that you try to place the blame on people who want to see this niche genre improve. Sorry that we don’t accept a bug filled racing sim called Project CARS that had a disastrous console release, has simcade physics, and its lead guy behind the game can’t handle any type of criticism at all. Sorry that we don’t accept a racing sim called Assetto Corsa that has an inferior physics model compared to older sims (and even current sims), missing essential features that are prominent in most other racing sims, and also has another nutcase running the development of the game just like PCars. The current quality of sim racing games have regressed compared to the mid 2000s, and you can continue to enjoy the two simcade racers that led to the fall of sim racing, while I enjoy the older sims that are much more realistic, more feature complete, and that has more content than the current sims.


        1. Even if no one accepted those sims you don’t consider worthy, the sims you consider worthy would still be lowly active. If the people like him wouldn’t accept pcars or assetto corsa, they would be playing gran turismo, forza, codemasters games. What makes you think they would turn to the older sims?


          1. Which is why sim racing is dying. We shouldn’t be at a point were we have to turn back to the older sims to get what we want. The current games should’ve offer much more content, features, and more realistic physics at this point than the older sims with how much technology has advanced since then, but PCars and AC has failed to do that, and we are stuck in sim racing hell as a result. rFactor 2 could’ve been the next great sim, but the developers don’t give a fuck about the game, and let it fall into shovelware territory.


            1. AC has much better physics, rf2 has much more “racing” features (driver swaps etc.) is it really a surprise to you that most people will take the best physics over the feature list that you can’t use unless you’re playing 6 hour sessions?


            2. Sorry dude, but AC didn’t fail in realistic physics. I’d like you to prove somehow. And if you’re asking me that I have to prove, remember that you’re the one attacking with that proposition, so you have to come forward.

              And how much more content and features? You do know that sim racing companies have much lower funds to develop a game than other companies. So your requests are unrealistic and inappropriate for the reality behind these sims.

              For how much you’re complaining and demanding from others, what do we see from you? In what way have you helped sim racing besides being an armchair commentator that believes he knows all the keys to success.


              1. If money is such an issue for these developers, then why do the older sims have more features than the current ones? All of the sim devs seemed to be fucked up nowadays. rF2 has the most realistic physics, however the content and modding support is piss poor garbage. AC still has a poor tire model, AI is garbage, and still lacks essential features, and PCars is basically NFS Shift 3, except that it’s more broken than the previous Shift game.


                1. “If money is such an issue for these developers, then why do the older sims have more features than the current ones?”

                  Because game design choices. For example Kunos always planned a simple casual sim racing game, where the focus was always cars and tracks. That was and still is the base for user experience. Then people came in more and more numbers and started using AC a lot for offline, online (public and leagues). So only then the need for more features and customizations appeared.


  5. Not sure what they are talking about overlapping times. From what I see when I look there are maybe a half a dozen races a day, spaced out across the day. I am not that great a driver, but when I do race at R2P I make sure I know the track and can handle the car. I wouldn’t do a pay membership because it wouldn’t have enough value for me to pay, and I don’t have much cash around anyhow. I think part of the grid problem is that a lot of the races require you to be a member of so-and-so league to race, which may just let you join if you ask, but not everyone thinks of that so they just skip the event.

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  6. Guys, please remember this post: .

    Yeah, I’m one of the shit drivers on R2P. I’m dead slow compared to a lot of the other people and the thing I do best is avoid crashing while everyone else is going on offroad adventures (but I fail at that too sometimes). The truth is some of you people are just very quick, but let’s not draw the line like “oh this guy is slow, screw him, we only want fast people”. The races are going to have both quick and slow drivers everytime if there is no way to split them based on performance. But then again, how many splits can you make for 8 people?


    1. When I was playing LFS regularly I was a shit driver. Bad setup/laptop and frankly no time to practice – job/family/house/commitments means maybe a half hour a night. But it was fun to pick a server somewhat at random and go online and try a few laps.

      Now, however, I find a few things with recent simulators: Difficulty finding pick up races, most servers are password protected. Intolerance for newbies, even if the newbie is careful to avoid accidents and respects blue flags. Spend 30 seconds scanning servers, then back to hotlapping until boredom sets in.

      There’s also an element of too much choice. Too many default cars & tracks, not even taking mods into account. The number of people who *feel* competent on a given software, track & car combination is potentially really tiny, given today’s proliferation.

      I miss the days when Live for Speed was relevant and had a huge userbase. That software did a lot of things right, starting with netcode.

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      1. I feel the same way about pick up races. I find it hard to commit to a league or even r2p because I fit play time between many responsibilities, so it’s hard to stick to a specific time for play. In R3E for instance, going into the server browser and trying to find a race sometimes works well other times does not. I went online one night and found at most 20 people playing and the only servers I could join were on Amateur difficulty.

        Another night I jumped straight into a GT3 race because quali time was over and had some good fun. There were people much faster than me, people much slower than me and people I could battle with. Unfortunately most of them quit by the end of the short 15 minute race. What gives?


        1. I think this is why iRacing has been successful.

          Their series structure allows you to fit clean races into a busy schedule, yet still compete for a series championship in a high quality environment.

          That said, according to various sources, building that infrastructure cost anywhere from $8-20M USD, and wouldn’t have been possible without an angel investor (John Henry).

          There’s a reason other sims haven’t created similar services. It’s expensive.

          Of course, if GT Sport can provide a similar, but slightly less hardcore experience to console racers, I think it could be a game changer.

          I’m not sure virtual racing/sim racing can ever become the spectator sport necessary for e-sports supremacy, but I think it could be an incredibly successful sim racing MMO.

          I think the most difficult aspect will be massaging the learning curve such that the competition & driving quality is exceptional, without sacrificing the masses necessary for game changing success. Becoming iRacing on consoles, while nothing to sniff at, wouldn’t be that significant.

          Offering that same experience to even 10x the people (so, 500K give or take) certainly would.


  7. Well, its happening everywhere…some people are too fast, but most people are just normal, what do you expect when you can fuck them with 2 seconds in a lap?


    1. Im in if time suits, one of my biggest issue in sim raing is timezones, these fellers think they have it bad in NA or euro times you should check out NZ/oz time, anywho checking it out now.


  8. The probelm with R2P is that it’s essentially a league hub, with races scheduled at set times over a weekend/evening. Just not something I can commit to, and even if I did I’d effectively be an also ran.

    Casuals/shitters are where the numbers/money is at, and R2P isn’t really geared towards them, hence the low numbers compared to AC/Pcars etc.

    Modern games (including single player ‘simcade’ titles) are very much ego-stroking excercises; you can be rewarded for simply playing the game, not matter how badly. Hardcore online/league sim racing is very much the opposite of that. When you have limited free time, people will go for the former.

    At least on iRacing, the larger playerbase means I can be matched to people of similar skill level, for competitive racing with full grids; often hourly for the more popular races. Expensive AF though.

    I want to try SRS, but I can’t seem to get signed up for some reason.

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    1. “I want to try SRS, but I can’t seem to get signed up for some reason.”
      Read the instructions before signing. You need a first and last name (even there´s only one name-field) and this must match with the one in the Sim. Grids could be bigger in the moment, but can be very competitive.


      1. I made that mistake the first time, but subsequent attempts yielded the same result. The downloadable parts on my end worked fine, it just didn’t recognise me as a user.
        I’ll definitely try it again though.

        Unfortunately I think neither of these systems have the marketing budget to rival their bigger counterparts, but with a decent sized userbase (especially with the direction R2P has now taken) it could work.


  9. Could you explain “lower the red light threshold to 10 or 15” for those of us who don’t r2p? Does that mean a max of 10 or 15 drivers without paid subscriptions?


    1. Exactly what that means. Usually we get about 5 redlighters that have to back out the race because they are either 1) penalized for their racing behavior or 2) signed up for a few races and never did them.


  10. Personally I prefer to spend time arguing and trolling on various simracing forums and sites rather than behind the wheel.


  11. Yup. Gave up online racing years ago. Too slow to race near the front, which usually means a private online lapping session. Not to mention all the races that ended early by getting plowed into or purposely wrecked. Racing is tough and with real life and no engineering degree limiting my practice and setups I doubt I’ll ever get any faster. Personally I’d rather battle the lackluster AI in GTR2 or Rfactor or SCE for an hours worth of racing. At least the cars are in the same timezone.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. @James
    -> most likely putting down some serious cash for fancy toy steering wheels of a higher build quality than my bummy Driving Force GT, and in two laps their entire investment has been invalidated because they outright suck at the game. <-

    Do you seriously suggest that you do feed your ego on beating supposedly better off guys who are using supposedly better equipement, with an old DFGT and some spunge cord enhanced shitty old pedals. Man, how ill are you?

    Not rivalling you for pace invalidates their "investment"?

    What kind of bitter human being and neglected personality are you

    I used to come here to have a laugh at you and the BS you put down, looking for the pieces of real information in between, but lately I can not help but feel sorry for you and nodding my head in disbelief


    1. He uses a Leo Bodnar cord and G27 pedals. That other article was a help guide for those that do have the plastic pedals. Pay attention.


    2. I think his point was that better equipment =/= better drivers.
      I’m aware if a number of top guys still rocking stock G25s.

      There’s also the fact that the same guys spending shit tons on DD/OSW wheels and the like still can’t drive for shit, but that doesn’t stop them commenting on the ‘realism’ or ‘simulation value’ of a game as if them spending money makes their opinion any less meaningless.


      1. Nor does it appear to detract from their enjoyment, which is where James’ argument went awry. That James may be laps ahead running a DFGT isn’t an issue.

        I really wish iRacing hadn’t banned James, as I’d love to see how competitive he’d be against some of the top road racers.

        As an aside, I wonder if I’m the only sim racer who is less competitive at arcade, or even simcade, racers? Although I haven’t revisited consoles, I started out on GT and Forza, and was mediocre at best.

        Even driving leaderboard cars at tracks (I thought) I knew on Forza, I was never a top 100, or even top 1000, driver. I think I was probably 4 seconds off pace, minimum.

        Although I did beat up on the AI in Forza 2, I actually had to lower the difficulty to something like Normal when playing Codemasters F1 games.

        Of course, I’m no iRacing alien, but my iR is usually around 3K, and I’m only 1-1.5s off WR laps in the MX-5 Cup, and win about 5% of my top split races. In non-SOF races, I’m almost always top 5.

        Spending all my time in one car, and purposefully practicing has clearly been the difference, and I’m curious if I’d be any more competitive on the Forza leaderboards these days.


  13. If you want serious online racing then you have to do iRacing. The only way sim racing actually works is if there are repercussions for acting like a tool during a race. The iRacing price point keeps a lot of trolls out, which is a good thing. Yeah iRacing isn’t a perfect engine but it is worth putting up with when the racing can get so good. Check out some of my awesome league races. Can’t get this kind of stuff in other places, which is very unfortunate.


    1. Comeon guys, what the fuck with this article? are you fucking destroyed? that easy? like cowards? im not going to be better? i surrender? i gave up? James rekt me? WTF!?

      Wake up! how many hours did you guys put into simracing? do you know that becomes a master in something requires more than 10.000 hours into it practicing? How many hours into simracing do you have James? tell that people…how many hours did you read about cars, setups, how many time watching and analysing races and cars?

      Understand that this is the hobby of people for lot of years now, more than 15, you can not expect to buy a wheel today and win a race tomorrow, its going to cost you like 6 burned wheels to beat the most fastest aliens in the planet, not even beat, just to gain the hability to follow them, overtake them its going to be another task.

      Deal with it, be good requires practice, VR set or aids are not going to save you, aids makes you slow and weak, not going into online leagues because you lose and you can not tolerate it…this is stupid. “I dont jump into online races because im not even near” how the fuck are you going to win without first lose, explain me…

      Lot of people into simracing comunity should stop acting like little pussys…get rid of damn aids now, and start act like mans! Change gears properly even if the sim does not simulate it ok. What a world, looking at the responses of this article, now i can understand why people in simracing comunity dont care about features, they first need to understand how the fuck a .txt works (FACEPALM) we are fucked up…



  14. “a whole lot of people are finding out that driving cars in a competitive environment isn’t exactly easy”

    it’s not that fun when you are running at the back of the pack and others are just disappearing.
    the equipment isnt cheap, and buying used is dicey. Then you add the price of software, and worst of all the pseudo/placebo products being advertised, claiming to ‘increase realism’, therefore making you a better driver.’


    then i see james in his fucking lawn chair and shitty table and g27 running circles around me.

    fuck sim racing.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. i would be in the “offpace” category.

    i cant speak for others but i won’t even think about joining a league, forum, website or service if they require me to race with my fullname.

    i understand the arguments behind those that host these systems. however, one could get the same assurances if one saved the steamid of every registree and saved it with the nickname. thats how the esl solved the problem with proffessional counterstrike players. you can play and get permanently banned with information about nickname and steam account.

    no srs, rd or iracing for me. privacy first. steam does not know my full name, the linked email address does not link to a fullname, and i fund steam with paymentcards or directly with keys


    1. A “real name” can be a fake name. They aren’t asking for your ID or CC. So you can write a fake real name. Only in iracing you sign up with a bank card.


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